Atomic Heart: How To Unlock Nora & Craft Gear

Meet the flirty girlfriend, Nora in Atomic Heart!

Atomic Heart is a utopian game that provides players with a wide set of skill trees and weapons. This game is based on the Soviet Union era of 1955. Nora, a giant red machine with which players can interact to buy skills and craft weapons. Players can think of Nora as a computer in Atomic Heart that has been introduced as a flirty character. She sure does like to flirt with the main character.

Important: To craft or upgrade weapons, players should have the required blueprints and resources available. For skill purchase, Neuro-Polymers are required in a specific amount for each skill.
Key Highlights
  • Nora is a giant red fridge-looking crafting machine in Atomic Heart.
  • Players can use Nora to craft the available weapons and upgrade them.
  • There are a total of 12 different weapons that can be crafted using Nora.
  • Nora can also be used to purchase new skills and add them to your skill set.
  • Atomic Heart provides a total of seven different skill trees and all of the best skills in these trees can be purchased by interacting with Nora.
  • All extra items are sent directly to Nora if one’s inventory is full.


As you spend nearly one hour in Atomic Heart, you will meet a fridge-looking robot named Nora. The first interaction with Nora, we could say that it is weird. Because just like other robots she is fed a false algorithm by Viktor Petrov that makes her see humans as intruding hostiles.

Nora the computer
Nora [Image Credit: eXputer]
To be precise Nora is not just a fridge-looking robot but is a crafting machine that can be used to craft new weapons and even upgrade them. But this is not the end of what Nora can provide. She provides different skill trees that players can use to purchase and equip new skills.

Interacting With Nora

As players interact with Nora then they are presented with three different options. Selecting the first option will lead players to the weapon section where they can craft new weapons. For a weapon to be crafted and upgraded, players must have the blueprint available for that weapon along with the required resources.

Nora Interaction
Interacting With Nora [Image Credit: eXputer]
Upon selecting the second option players will be led to the skill section where seven different skill trees are provided. Players can use Neuro-Polymers to buy new skills and add them to their skill set. The third option allows players to leave without interacting with Nora.


For now, Atomic Heart provides 12 different in-game weapons. All of these weapons can be crafted and upgraded by going to the Weapons Tab in Nora, using the required blueprint and resources. These weapons are listed as under:

  • Fox
  • Electro
  • Swede
  • MP
  • KS-23
  • Dominator
  • Pashtet
  • Zvezdochka
  • Snowball
  • Kalash
  • Fat Boy
  • Railgun
in-game Weapons
Weapons tab accessed through Nora [Image Credit: eXputer]
However, new weapons are to be introduced in the game along with DLCs that will be coming in the near future. One more benefit that Nora provides is that if you run out of space inside your inventory then all the extra items that you pick will be sent directly to it. Now to add them to your inventory you have to visit a Nora in a safe spot.


Atomic Heart provides a vast number of skills that can be purchased by Neuro-Polymers through Nora. All the skills bought from the skill trees can be added to your skill sets according to your requirements. Atomic Heart provides seven different skill trees and all of them can be accessed through Nora. The Seven Skill Trees are listed as under:  

  • Shok
  • Character
  • Frostbite
  • Mass Telekinesis 
  • Polymer Jet
  • Polymer Shield
  • Energy Management
Skill Tab
Skill Trees provided by Nora

There are two types of skills displayed when you access the skill trees using Nora. The Hexagon-Shaped skill is the skill that you need to install inside your character. However, the Square-Shaped nodes are upgrades that can be attached to the pre-existing/ installed skills. You can call them buffs that upgrade the installed/existing skills.

Wrap Up

At the end of this guide, we conclude everything that players need to know about Nora. However, it should be kept in mind that for weapon crafting and upgrading, blueprints and some other specific resources are required. As for purchasing the skills from skill trees, players should have the required amount of Neuro-Polymers which is different for each skill. 

In Atomic Heart, players enter a world of blissful perfection where humanity coexists peacefully alongside their loyal robots. But good things never last long. Viktor Petrov a traitor, hacks into the Kollektive’s Central Hub and causes civilian robots to attack humans. Players have to use the combat abilities granted by the Power Glove to fight for their lives in explosives and frenetic encounters. 

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