Atomic Heart: Everything We Know So Far

Curious About Atomic Heart? We have got you covered with everything we know so far.

Atomic Heart is one of the most upcoming anticipated games of 2023. It is a first-person visceral shooter game set in the Utopian AI world of the USSR, which comprises deadly robots and engaging combat to help you progress the story. Below, we have compiled everything we know so far about Atomic Heart before its release based on early leaked footage of the gameplay.

Key Takeaways
  • The game is set in a fictional AI world of the USSR where a perfectly working mechanism of AI turns into a destructive one
  • You start the story at the launch of Collective 2.0, and the event is attacked by these robots.
  • You play as agent P3 with the aim of defeating these robots and discovering the root cause of this disaster.
  • The world of Atomic Heart is divided into 5 zones, and the known locations are Pavlov Complex, VDNH,  Sakhalin, Neptune, and Vavilov
  • You will have a myriad of different weapons to defeat a number of enemies, including rogue robots and scientific plants.
  • Crafting is very important, and you can use it to craft more than 30 weapons and ammunition using collectibles.
  • The Polymer Glove is a key element for combat and exploration.
  • Mundfish is the lead developer, while Focus Entertainment is the publisher of Atomic Heart. Moreover, the famous Mick Gordon will be composing the soundtrack.
  • You can get access to the game on February 21st, 2023, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One Series X and S, and PC via Steam and Microsoft Store.
  • The atomic heart will release in three different versions Standard, Gold, and Premium.

Setting Of Atomic Heart

Image shows landscapes of Atomic Heart
Image shows landscapes of Atomic Heart (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The game has a very unique and compelling setting. In Atomic heart, you will be playing in a 1955 fictional AI world in USSR, at the time of the innovation of a special material called Polymer in 1936. A widespread network of AI which was known as the Collective, was launched by Scientist Dmitry Sechenov. With the aim of automating human lives, the system worked perfectly for 2 decades before it became a destructive mechanism.

Open World And Exploration

The world of Atomic Heart is divided into 5 zones which can be explored by means of a car or an aerotrain. Each zone comprises grueling enemies to take down. Moreover, there are a lot of puzzles to solve in each zone, each of which can take up to 15-60 minutes to crack. Based on early previews, these puzzles have an important role to play in gameplay. 

Locations of the game include 

  • Pavlov Complex – Once a military hospital turned into a platform for organic biomolecular chemistry
  • VDNH
  • Sakhalin
  • Neptune
  • Vavilov

At the moment, info is only available on Pavlov Complex, and you can follow our page for more descriptions about other locations in the future.

Story Of Atomic Heart

You start the game with the launch of Collective 2.0 and a new device called Thought that would allow humans to control the AI networks with just their minds. However, the launch was vandalized as robots attacked, leaving behind 100s of people dead.

You play as Sechenov’s best agent Major Sergey Alekseyevich Nechaev, also known by the code name P3. He was named after a laboratory explosion nearly took his life. Since the explosion was of Plutonium, a radioactive element, it caused P3 fragmented memory and PTSD, which made him equip metal prosthetics.

Moreover, the game has 2 endings that are not confirmed yet. However, we expect them to be based on the interpretative choices you make in the story.

You will take up to 25 hours to beat the game in which you have a lot of weapons to fire. Furthermore, it is difficult to say the exact number for 100 percent completion, but we can estimate up to 35-40 hours.

Facility 3826

Picture shows abandoned lab in Atomic Heart
Picture shows abandoned lab in Atomic Heart (Picture Credits: eXputer)

As P3, you are assigned to investigate the incident and restore the neural network at Facility 3826. The purpose of the base is to manufacture robots and conduct experiments.

Unlike any typical laboratory, facility 3826 is a massive ecosystem with numerous facilities and living entities. Also, it includes rogue machines, failed lab experiments, along with patches of greeny everywhere.


Picture shows User Gunning An Enemy Atomic Heart
User Gunning An Enemy Atomic Heart (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The atomic heart is a first-person shooter-style RPG. From everything we know so far about Atomic Heart

, your arsenal includes a plethora of different weapons and equipment, from melee to ranged weaponry from Facility 3826, which includes

  • Sharp axe
  • A modified electric rifle that can charge an electrostatic ball
  • AK
  • Rail Gun
  • Polymer glove.

Since the robots are all interconnected by the AI of the Collective, you will find the robots very challenging to deal with as they can communicate and repair each other. You can use this feature to gain the upper hand over your foes because you can hack to gain information from other robots.

However, not all enemies are AI-controlled metallic structures. You will also be facing scientific plants that have the ability to transform into human bodies. You can expect tough combat from them as they can be highly damaging.

The combat of the game originates from games like Souls Genre. Unlike typical shooter games, running and gunning are not required. With patience, you wait for the right moment to strike your foe. 

Recently, the developers revealed 3 difficulty settings in atomic heart that include easy, medium, and hard. To defeat your enemies, you can use the crafting system to enhance your weaponry for a specific playstyle. You can upgrade your weapons with different scopes, magazines, barrels, grips, and elemental ammo.

It is important to note that you would have to perform stealth attacks on your enemies due to the limited number of ammo. Also, robots can call for reinforcements if not taken down on time, so you have to be careful. All of these factors make your combat very exciting.

Polymer Glove

Picture shows Polymer Glove in Atomic Heart
Picture shows Polymer Glove in Atomic Heart (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Polymer glove is the heart of the game in combat and exploration. Similar to games like Bioshock, you use the glove for specific powers like shooting fire, electricity, and ice. An AI sidekick is incorporated inside the glove. This feature allows you to initiate the story and the objectives. Furthermore, you can scan the area and hack other robots using this tool.

The game also includes a polymer bomb to facilitate electrocution and a polymer shield to defend and freeze enemies. Moreover, you can also lift your enemies using these.


Picture shows Crafting In Atomic Heart
Crafting In Atomic Heart (Picture Credits: eXputer)

For crafting, you will be using materials that can be collected around the environment. Using the tool Chika 3.0, you will be able to craft 30 different types of melee weapons and guns. Using the Cassette Module, you can upgrade your guns too i.e., range, damage, etc.

If you find crafting ammunition tiresome, you can also loot it. Moreover, melee combat allows you to accumulate energy that can be used as ammunition for special energy weapons.


The game has a myriad of civilian robots that are designed to help people rebel against their creators. These giant-blood thirsty machines will require you to use everything you have in hand, including the polymer glove, heavy weaponry, crafting, and hacking skills.

For each enemy, you must possess different tactics to overcome them using both your defensive capabilities and attacking skills. From everything we know so far about Atomic Heart, below is a list of enemies.

MFU- 68

Picture shows MFU in Atomic Heart
Picture shows MFU-68 in Atomic Heart (Picture Credits: eXputer)

A bipedal machine with saw blades on top.

RAF -9 

Picture shows RAF-9 In Atomic Heart
Picture shows RAF-9 In Atomic Heart (Picture Credits: eXputer)

A human look alike but has a powerful grip for slicing up enemies,

VOV A6 Lab Tech

Picture shows VOV A6 In Atomic Heart
VOV A6 In Atomic Heart (Picture Credits: eXputer)

A tall robot with self-repairing capabilities

MA9 Belyash

Picture shows MA9 Belyash
The picture shows MA9 Belyash (Picture Credits: eXputer)

A strong, durable opponent capable of firing flames and moving very fast


The Picture Shows Hedgie In Atomic Heart
The Picture Shows Hedgie In Atomic Heart (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Unlike other robots, Heji is a boss. It is a large ball-like robot that moves extremely fast and bounces around, creating shock waves that can burn the players around. At some moments, it stops which can be used to attack it

Developers And Publishers

The Atomic Heart is a game developed by Mundfish, known for the VR game Soviet Lunapark, and published by Focus Entertainment. According to Mundfishe’s website, the game was in development for almost 6 years. The development took \time due to some controversies. Moreover, the music in the game is created by Doom 2016’s Mick Gordon. In a recent interview, the game’s director Robert Bagratoni described the game’s soundtrack as Soviet Style Pop combined with Juicy Doom Style Remixes.

Release Date And Platforms

The game will be released on February 21st, 2023, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One Series X and S, and PC via Steam and Microsoft Store. The price of the game will vary for different platforms; for example, the price for consoles will be 10 Dollars higher. Also, Gamepass users would not have to pay as it will be available on one day service.

The game comes with the following three packages.

  • Standard –  You will have access to the digital copy.
  • Gold – You will get your hands on the game along with a Polymer Glove Skin (exclusive) and an Atomic Pass consisting of all 4 DLCs.
  • Premium – You will have all the perks of the Gold package along with the addition of 2 other exclusive skin weapons and a digital artbook that contains further info about the game.

Furthermore, if you preorder the game, you will be getting 2 additional weapons skins.


We hope you found enough information through our article. We have compiled all the information everything we know so far about Atomic Heart at the moment. This will surely help you make a decision to purchase the game. Furthermore, you can follow the developer’s official Twitter account for further updates.

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