MultiVersus Attack Decay: How To Remove It

Our guide explains how attack decay works in MultiVersus and what you can do to remove it.

What Is Attack Decay In Multiversus?

MultiVersus Attack Decay
About Attack Decay

Attack Decay occurs during fights when you keep spamming the same move against your enemy. Continuously using an ability against an opponent reduces the damage inflicted on your enemy with each attack. Once Attack decay is active, it will greatly reduce the hit stun damage.

Key Highlights
  • In MultiVersus, Attack Decay occurs when you use the same move over and over again, against your opponent.
  • Once active, Attack Decay is indicated by a visual cue over your character and the damage inflicted by that move is greatly reduced.
  • Attack Decay is put in place in order to discourage players from spamming, and instead opting for a variety of moves and combos.
  • You can remove Attack Decay from your character by avoiding using the move that caused Attack Decay altogether, for a set amount of time.

You will be notified of its activation, as a visual cue will indicate Attack Decay over your character. The visual indicator over your character will also disappear when the debuff ends. An example of attack decay is when you play as a Batman and use the punch attack only. Each punch will deal less and less damage with every time you use it. 

Purpose Of Attack Decay

The purpose of Attack Decay in the game is to discourage players from using the exact same move over and over again. It is there to help players rely on different combos and moves to fight the enemy. As it is easy to spam move and keep using the same move against your opponent, players in MultiVersus usually get into Attack Decay.

While Attack Decay can sometimes be annoying, which we will discuss later in the guide, it somehow helps in making players stand out in the game by experimenting with new combos every time. You may also find MultiVersus Trophy Guide a helpful read.

How To Remove Attack Decay In Multiversus

How to remove attack decay
How To Remove Attack Decay

Players try to avoid attack decay, as it can hinder their success chances in the fight. The character dealing with less damage usually ends up losing the fight, and this is what an Attack decay is causing. However, Attack decay is not something permanent, and you can get rid of it by following a few simple and easy steps, as mentioned below. 

  • You can get rid of attack decay by switching moves. For example, Using your punches can make attack decay activated. You can now try kicking, jumping, diving, or any other move but punches. 
  • The words “Attack Decay” over your character will not immediately disappear when you start using a different move. 
  • The trick here is to not only switch the move but stop using the move that was causing Attack Decay. If your punches were the reason for Attack Decay, then stop using your punches for a while and rely on other moves. 
  • You will know when to attack decay ends, as you will no longer see the words over your head. It will not be wrong to say that this visual indicator is definitely a lifesaver. 

Is Attack Decay Good Or Bad

Attack decay review
Is Attack Decay Good Or Bad

The like and dislike for an in-game mechanic highly depend on the players’ reviews. Attack Decay received a lot of criticism, as players had some varying concerns. They thought the mechanic Attack Decay was useless because various characters in the game have limited moves. It becomes extremely difficult to come up with combos and different strategies while using such characters.

The risk/reward ratio for such players was a great concern, as they had to face the enemies using the same moves repetitively. In return, they were left with no option but to counter those attacks with the same moves.

On the contrary, there were a lot of players supporting Attack Decay. They noticed that it is giving players the ability to experiment with new moves and combos every time they are in a fight. This is true that Attack Decay is an important mechanic discouraging players from spamming moves.

If you are able to avoid attack decay and your opponent is stuck in it due to the same moves, you will get an edge in the fight. 

There are tons of mixed reviews about Attack Decay, but the fact that it has proven to be extremely useful in winning fights cannot be avoided. You just need to use combos and mixed moves against your opponent, and you will be good to go for a fair fight. Besides that, consider reading our guide on Multiversus GameCube Controller.


All the fighting video games have specific features, so attack decay MultiVersus is a specific feature for the game. You may find it annoying once it is activated, but avoiding attack decay and removing it is not a difficult task. We have explained the steps to remove it in the guide above. Our guide will be helpful in making it easier for you to understand this feature.

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