Axton In Borderlands 3: How To Find The Commando

Quick Guide on Finding Commando

Axton in Borderlands 3 is something that many players had been looking forward to since before the game came out in 2019. He’s been a fan favorite Vault Hunter since his introduction in the second game of the Borderlands series.

Many players, myself included, expected him to appear in the base Borderlands 3 game as an NPC, in much the same way that the original Vault Hunters made an appearance in Borderlands 2. But alas, this never actually happened.

We did get to meet most of the other playable characters from the second game, like Gaige, Krieg, Maya, and Zer0, but two characters were always missing from this list.

Axton, the Commando and Salvador the Gunzerker never made their official return.

How To Find Axton In Borderlands 3?

Axton In Borderlands 3
Arms Race.

However, all of that changed when the Season Pass 2 for Borderlands 3 was announced last year. And whereas the first Season Pass included access to four completely new and unique story expansions, this one added new Skills Trees, missions, modes, etc.

One of these new modes is called Arms Race, which is a single-player Battle Royale scenario. Players are dropped into an area where they have to collect loot while trying to stay alive as long as possible to fight a boss at the end.

The entire event is also narrated, with the commentators being none other than Axton and Salvador themselves. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see them personally. They exist as omnipresent voices in the mode.

While it’s a genuine shame that we don’t get to meet them, they do have lots to say about your performance in the arena. Their dialogue is extremely funny as well, which makes the entire game mode a bit more entertaining.

There is another small appearance of Axton in Borderlands 3 as well, but it’s hardly safe for work. A skin for Moze’s Iron Bear can be purchased from Crazy Earl’s shop in Sanctuary III, and it features the character and his Turret in some suggestive poses.

If this doesn’t interest you, may I suggest that you look outside Earl’s door for a unique vending machine instead. This is the only shop in the game that sells Anointed Gear, which are some of the best weapons in the entire game.

This has been eXputer’s Axton In Borderlands 3 Guide.

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