Battle Bit Remastered Twitch Drops [Week 5]

Battle Bit Twitch drops are exclusive rewards for players willing to participate in the developers' seven-week promotion.

Battle Bit Twitch Drops is a sort of seven-week promotion for Battle Bit Remastered that is being hosted by the developers. Players who participate can get their hands on some exclusive skins for their weapons; therefore, one must know about all the available rewards, what’s the time limit for these rewards, and how to actually acquire them.

Important: At the time of writing this article, Battle Bit Remastered Week 5 Twitch Drops are available and will be available to unlock till July 20.
Key Takeaways
  • First things first, players will need to connect their in-game account with their Twitch account.
  • Watch Battle Bit Remastered videos with the tag “Drop Enable.”
  • After watching the videos for a specific amount of time, rewards will become available to claim one by one.

Battle Bit Twitch Drops

twitch drops battle bit
Week 5 Drops [Image Credit: BattleBit]
First things first, let’s get into all the awards that are available for the players in Week 5 of this promotion.

Weapon NameView Time
FAMAS45 minutes
MP4431.5 hours
M2002.5 hours
HK4193.5 hours
MP55.5 hours
AK747.5 hours

Obtaining these awards is incredibly straightforward. If your in-game account is already connected to your Twitch account, then there are a few things you need to perform. I have summarized the entire roadmap in points so you can understand it more easily.

  • Go to the Battle Bit Remastered category on Twitch.
  • Once you are presented will all the streams, look for the ones that have the tag “Drop Enable.”
  • Start watching the stream for the amount of time required for the award you are trying to unlock. The view time needed for every award is listed above.
  • Once you have crossed the time threshold of your reward, the Twitch drops will become available to claim.
  • Claim the award, and it will automatically be deposited in your account.

In case your in-game account is not connected to your Twitch account and you don’t know what to do about it, then I got you covered as well.

  • Access your Twitch profile by clicking on your icon at the top right corner of Twitch.
  • Go into your account settings  by selecting “Settings.”
  • Go to the “Connections” tab and look for the Steam option. After you spot it, click on the connect button, and your Steam account should connect with Twitch automatically.

Remember, you only have until July 20 to claim these Week 5 rewards. 

Former Battle Bit Remastered Twitch Drops

twitch drops battle bit
Former rewards

We are currently in week 5 of this promotion; therefore, here I will be listing all the awards that were available in the previous weeks.

Week 1

Weapon NameView Time
M4A145 minutes
USP1.5 hours
M1102.5 hours
SSG693.5 hours
G36C5.5 hours
MP77.5 hours

Week 2

Weapon NameView Time
SCARH45 minutes
MSR1.5 hours
GLOCK182.5 hours
L86A13.5 hours
FAL5.5 hours
GROZA7.5 hours

Week 3

AK1545 minutes
M91.5 hours
ASVAL2.5 hours
SVD3.5 hours
SV985.5 hours
ACR7.5 hours

Week 4

M24945 minutes
UMP451.5 hours
UNICA2.5 hours
AUGA33.5 hours
MK205.5 hours
PP197.5 hours

And that neatly wraps up my guide on Battle Bit Twitch Drops. I hope my guide helped you out in figuring out how to participate in the current promotions and unlock all the exclusive skins. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

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