COD Modern Warfare 2 Battle Rage [Explained]

Learn about the Battle Rage feature & what it offers in COD MW 2

A new meta Field Upgrade currently equipped by most of the COD players is known as the Battle Rage Field Upgrade In Modern Warfare 2

Key Highlights 

  • Battle Rage is one of the new meta Field Upgrades currently being used by the top players of the game.
  • Its ability is to enrage you, which makes your tactical sprint indefinite, and you get prone to tactical equipment.
  • The main feature it has is to replenish your health constantly while you are in battle. 
  • It is most powerful when rushing opponents that are camping, as it makes you invulnerable to their traps.

 The Battle Rage Field Upgrade

The Battle Rage Field Upgrade In Modern Warfare 2
COD: Modern Warfare 2: Battle Rage Ready To Use – [Image credit: eXputer]
Battle Rage in Modern Warfare 2 can be basically called a stimulant that provides players with a sort of boost during the match. What it does is that it helps regenerate your health constantly, and you are now more resistant to Tactical Equipments. Also, your Tactical Sprint will be refreshed indefinitely as you continue to activate the equipment. 

You can probably tell Battle Rage is a very powerful Field Upgrade since it contains three main aspects that most field upgrades cannot compete with. Even some equipment’s ability is to help regenerate your health but not quite like what Battle Rage in Modern Warfare can do. With the help of the Battle Rage Field Upgrade, you can obliterate your enemies within seconds. 

How To Use Battle Rage 

Choosing Battle Rage In Lobby
COD: Modern Warfare 2: Equipping Battle Rage – [Image credit: eXputer]
After selecting the Battle Rage in Modern Warfare 2 as your field upgrade before a match, you get into the battle. You have to simply wait for the Battle Rage ability feature to get to full before entering a battle and getting those kills. The field upgrade lasts about 20 seconds, so you have to be quick. It is best if you have an aggressive playstyle when using the Battle Rage field upgrade. 

Battle Rage is an amazing field upgrade to get a lot of kills and unlock weapons. You can get the kills required to gain XP for your weapons which in turn helps upgrade weapons. Those XP points will also help you level up through ranks and stay ahead of your friends. 

While using Battle Rage and entering a battle, you do not have to be careful about the tactical abilities. The enemy will throw that at you, but you are invulnerable to them. What you do need to worry about is the game plan because foolishly running into places will just get you killed. 

Gameplan While Using Battle Rage

Battle Rage being used
COD: Modern Warfare 2: Battle Rage Activation– [Image credit: eXputer]
As previously mentioned, your strategy with the Battle Rage field upgrade is to rush and play aggressively. You have to keep in mind that the healing factor is amazing, but it does not make you invincible. As you take on damage more and more, you will get killed, so you have to have a plan of attack before entering a battle. 

You have to look for both the points of entrance and exit for your rush since you could get overpowered by the enemies and die. Aimlessly going into battles is pointless, so you can strategize using the Battle Rage in two ways.

The one is an offensive attack Launching devastating blows against adversaries hiding behind cover, or a group of enemies clustered together is made possible by the ability to run indefinitely. You can easily get past their defense and tactical equipment attacks and finish them off. The incredible attack is powerful enough to be compared to a trio attacking together. 

If you are overpowered by opponents, and there are good players countering you, you use a defensive retreat. You can make a run for it with the help of the indefinite tactical sprint ability from the situations you are compromised in.

The combination of both can help you achieve an amazing amount of kills. You can engage in a battle and dash when the Battle Rage is about to end. The 20 seconds will be enough to either hold off opponents for your team or conquer them alone where you are running solo. 

Class Setup While Using Battle Rage

MX9 Class Setup And Loadout
COD: Modern Warfare 2: MX9 Class Setup – [Image credit: eXputer]
The plan of attack requires a loadout best suited for rushing and engaging with multiple enemies at a single time. The best class setup would be the MX9 Class Setup since you can literally demolish your opponent with its quick fire rate and incredible mobility.

The Secondary weapon should be the Lachmann-556. It is best used in mid to close ranges with good amounts of ammo in it. You could run equipment such as the Semtex and Flash Grenade to give the enemy the element of surprise. These best complement the Battle Rage Field Upgrade and can give you the upper hand. 

Advantages And Disadvantages 

While Battle Rage In Modern Warfare 2 has its advantages, it also has some disadvantages. But the advantages overshadow the disadvantages as they are much more. You basically have the strength of an entire squad, making a  one-man army. With the game plan sorted out, you can fight the opponent with your quick sprinting ability and constant health regeneration. 

Whatever projectile they throw at you will have no effect whatsoever, failing their strategy toward you. Although, as said before, you are not invincible. If you take more damage, then you could heal the opponent can kill you. If you fail to kill off the entire team after 20 seconds, you will be in big trouble. It takes up quite a time to charge too. 

But still, even after all of that, it is more than a balanced Field Upgrade and is one of if not the best Field Upgrades. None of the Field Upgrades help you to sustain tremendous amounts of damage and walk away. Even after being cornered up by enemies, you can make easy escapes without dying. 

How To Unlock Battle Rage 

Unlocked Battle Rage
COD: Modern Warfare 2: Battle Rage Unlocked – [Image credit: eXputer]
After gaining lots of XP by playing different matches and getting kills, you can unlock the Battle Rage. You have to grind to Rank 24 in order to unlock the Battle Rage Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare 2. It means it does not require that much time to get the Battle Rage and try it yourself in-game. The JOKR launcher will also be unlocked alongside it, and you can take that as a bonus.

Final Words 

All in all, you can probably see why the Battle Rage is an important addition to your class setup. Just make sure to time your Battle Rage well in order to get those kills you so want. If you want to check out another Class Setup you want to run with the Battle Rage, we suggest the Lachmann 762 Class Setup.

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