Bayonetta 3: How To Obtain All Bewitchments

Learn how to obtain all Bewitchments in Bayonetta 3 for a satisfying and complete gameplay experience.

Bayonetta 3 features various Bewitchments that players can complete to gain the maximum completion rate for the game. Various chapters have different achievements, and enthusiastic players like you would want to gather as many as possible. Our Bayonetta 3 bewitchments guide would list all bewitchments and how players can get them in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • A total of 60 Bewitchments are available in the game for players to complete by performing specific tasks.
  • The completion of these bewitchments results in a higher completion rate of the game.
  • A total of 14 Chapters each has its own number of bewitchments available for players to perform and complete.
  • Taunt An Enemy, Avoid Kraken’s Ink, and Do Not Touch The Clouds Of Erasure are some of the bewitchments found in the prologue of the game.
  • Bewitchments found in some of the chapters are as follows:
    • Take A Hamburger (Chapter 1)
    • Stop Asperatus 3 Times By Using Your Massive Web (Chapter 2)
    • Do Not Get Hit By Train Cars (Chapter 3)
    • Visit The Lotus Field In Ginnungagap (Chapter 4)
    • Do Not Get Hit By Obstacles and Extinguish The Fire (Chapter 5)
    • Defeat 3 Small Golems (Chapter 10)
    • Search For The Hidden Item (Chapter 11)
    • Destroy 5 Buses (Chapter 12)
    • Do Not Get Hit By Dark Adam’s Large Attack (Chapter 13)
    • Watch The End Of The Story (Chapter 14)
  • There are also 3 total side missions available for completion.

Collecting All Bewitchments

Players can complete various Bewitchments by completing certain actions. Players can collect over 60 bewitchments in Bayonetta 3 for satisfaction and fulfilling gameplay. While some of these bewitchments require techniques to obtain, You can get better with practice.


Do not touch the Clouds of Erasure during the first battleOne of the earliest Bewitchments in the game that players can obtain during the game’s opening battle. Players must be careful not to get in contact with the clouds that surround Bayonetta.
Gomorrah gripping bite on CumulonimbusTo get this bewitchment in Bayonetta 3, players must use the Gommorah bite 3 times during the battle with Cumulonimbus. This can be done by pressing R once you summon Gomorrah.
Avoid Kraken’s InkA round pool of ink surrounds Kraken during the battle; players must avoid it as much as they can. Occasionally, Kraken would also shoot up beams of Ink that you need to watch out for.
Taunt an enemyYou can use the taunt button on any enemy to get this bewitchment
Attack Kraken’s tentacles using Gomorrah 5 timesDuring the battle with Kraken, use Gomorrah to attack Kraken’s anchor tentacles five times to get the bewitchment. Players can summon the infernal demon to attack Kraken.

Chapter 1

Bayonetta bewitchments
Chapter 1 bewitchments (image credit : Exputer)
Defeat 5 stratuses while you are in the train carDuring the chapter, while you are in the train car, you would need to beat 5 stratuses to obtain the bewitchment in Bayonetta 3.
Break 3 obstacles while sliding with GommorahWhile you are sliding on the falling debris of buildings, you must destroy three obstacles that come your way with Gomorrah.
Head towards the top of the Shibuya landmarkYou can spot this landmark near a building destroyed by a train in verse 7. Climb onto the train stuck in the air on one of the buildings. Then head right and climb the top of a circular structure.
Take a hamburgerIf you destroy a burger shop found in the chapter, you can pick up the hamburger. The burger shop can be found near the fourth checkpoint.
Defeat one Pannus before it splitsThe Pannus tend to split the more you land attacks on them. The key to getting this bewitchment is finishing them off as fast as you can with rapid attacks during witch time.

Chapter 2 

Mc Enzo show
Chapter 2 bewitchments (image credit : Exputer)
Scare stray cats with your Infernal demons a total of three timesWhen you are near the temple, You will spot malphas sitting on cliffs. You must use your infernal demon to scare them away
Ride Phantasmaraneae without falling in any pits or touching Clouds of ErasurePlayers must watch out and not make contact with any clouds of erasure or falling into pits.
Use your Massive web to stop Asperatus 3 timesTo obtain this bewitchment in Bayonetta 3, During your battle with Asperatus, you have to use your web attack a total of three times.
Ride Phantasmaraneae in a particular pathPlayers are required to travel through a specific path while riding on Phantasmaraneae. To get to this path, players can head left on the twisting highway.
Look at MC Enzo’s show on the monitorThis bewitchment can be obtained at the start of the chapter of Bayonetta 3. Once you are done defeating enemies. Look across the side of buildings to spot a monitor that would be displaying the Mc Enzo’s show.

Chapter 3 

bayonetta 3 how to obtain all bewitchments
Chapter 3 bewitchments (image credit : Exputer)
Break Iridescent Core at least onceYou can break the Irisdecent core by summoning your infernal demon and smashing the boss to the ground repeatedly
Collect the Halos Hidden in the giant lanternIn the Tokyo Taito area, Smash the red lantern that you can spot in between traditional structures.
Do not get hit by train carsYou must be careful to not get hit by any of the train cars during the tunnel scene to get this bewitchment
Use Gomorrah’s flame attack on Iridescent three timesDuring your battle with the Arch Iridescent, make sure to use your Gomorrah’s flame attack a total of three times.
While following Irisdescent kill 3 Homunculi While you are following Iridescent and traversing various buildings. Make sure you kill a total of three homunculi

Chapter 4

Virga bewitchment
Chapter 4 bewitchments (image credit : Exputer)
Use Infernal demon attacks on Mediocris three timesMake sure to summon your Infernal Demon and hit Mediocris three times with the Infernal Demon attacks during this boss battle.
Break Virga one time during battleDuring your battle with Virga, make sure to use your crimson rim ability to break him down.
Visit the lotus field in Ginnungagap The Lotus field is located in one of the higher plateaus that players can reach during the Chaos rift part of the chapter. 
Use Phantasmaraneae Masquerade and move through lavaYou might want to use your Phantasmaraneae Masquerade to pass through lava easily.
Do not use Congetus’ time control and head forwardYou must complete a time challenge within the chapter without using Congestus’ time control. To do this, you must not activate the congestus homunculus’ time ability and just head forward. 

Chapter 5

Bayonetta 3 acheivements
Chapter 5 bewitchments (image credit: Exputer)
Do not get hit by obstacles and extinguish the fire.This bewitchment can be obtained during the part of the chapter when Viola accidentally sets herself on fire and goes rushing for water. You must be careful not to run into any obstacles on your way.
Complete a bare-handed combo on one of the enemiesYou must be good at combos in Bayonetta 3 to get this bewitchment. Make sure you are bare handed while executing an enemy during the chapter.
Head towards the top of a three-story traditional buildingYou will spot a traditional-looking building with three or more floors stacked up. You must climb to the top of this structure to get the bewitchment.
Break Volutus one time during the battleYou can use your Infernal Demon abilities to break down Volutus.
Reach the ladder holding soldier before LucaWhen you are chasing Luca during your chapter, make sure to beat him to it and reach the NPC who possesses a ladder holding soldier.

Chapter 6

Bayonetta 3 get all bewitchments
Chapter 6 bewitchments (image credit: Exputer)
Keep standing on the lava wheel for at least 5 secondsThe Lava wheel can be found at the beginning of the chapter. Keep moving right from where you started to spot it and stay on it for five seconds.
Dash through the crumbling path without falling down to hot lavaDuring the chapter, you will be required to cross a crumbling path. You must traverse through quickly or you might fall into the lava. It’s recommended to use infernal demons that are faster in movement.
Do not get hit by shattered debris thrown by PyromcumulusWhile you are engaged battling Pyromcumulus, make sure to avoid the debris he throws your way during the fight.
Deflect Arch-Pyrocumulus’ staff attack 3 timesDuring the boss fight with Archpyrocumuls, Make sure to press the correct buttons as prompted to deflect it’s attacks. 
Knock Pyrocumulus off the wall with PhantasmaraneaeSummon Phantasmaraneae during the Pyrocumulus fight and use combat techniques to knock him off.

Chapter 7

Bayonetta 3 buried treasure
Chapter 7 bewitchments (image credit : Exputer)
While traversing through the desert, make contact with Cheshire three timesWhile you at the beginning of the chapter. Move through the desert and touch any Cheshire that you run into. 
Look at Enzo’s Mural for three secondsThe Mural of Enzo can be found deep within the desert in one of the temples.
While riding Cheshire, dig up all the treasureYou will come across various dig points in the desert, Dig up all the treasure at a particular point while you are riding a cheshire to obtain this bewitchment. 
Do not fall in the quicksand riverWhile you are traversing through the quicksand river, be careful and avoid falling.
Defeat 3 Uncinus when they emerge from the quicksandWhile you are moving across the quicksand, you might spot these enemies. You are required to beat three of them to obtain the bewitchment in Bayonetta 3.

Chapter 8

Reach the top of the windmill towerYou can spot the tower during the beginning of the chapter, It can be climbed easily in your spider form
Annihilate 5 Baal statues in the templeThe statues can be spotted inside the main temple, you are required to destroy five of them. They appear to be frog-looking. 
Find the secret room in the templeDuring verse five of the chapter, summon Baal and have it get on top of all the pillars in front of you. A secret staircase would unlock that would lead you to the room.
Hit a Castellanus core when it is not destroyed completelyThe Catellanus boss consists of various segments. Make sure you don’t destroy all of them. Hit on the core with at least one of them still in shape.
Use Baal’s poison rain on MurusDuring the battle with Murus, trigger Baal’s poison rain at the right moment when the boss is not moving around.

Chapter 9

Frighten 20 MalphasNear the temple, you will spot many crow-like demons. You have to scare them all off by attacking them to get this bewitchment in Bayonetta 3.
Do not get touched by clouds of erasureWhen you reach a certain part of the chapter, you would be chased by clouds of erasure. You must escape without contacting them. 
While sand sliding, do not get hit by obstacles similarSimilar to the above quest, you must avoid hitting any obstacles during sand sliding. 
During the battle of scales, do not make contact with clouds of erasureDuring a certain battle in this chapter, you must look out for the scales, so the clouds of erasure won’t gang up on you. It’s recommended to do that with strong combos and infernal demons. 
At the tower of pacts, carry out five torture attacks.You must be familiar with torture attacks which is an iconic feature of the Bayonetta games. During the battle on the Tower of Pacts, make sure to carry out torture attacks five times for epic combat.

Chapter 10

Step on 10 shattered pieces of glass on the floor When you start this chapter, you will spot glass shards on the floor. You are required to step on 10 of them to get the bewitchment. 
Head to the top of the stone towerReach the top of the tower that is found during verse 1 of this chapter
Do not fall while traveling through GinnungagapDo not fall during the chaotic rift part to obtain the bewitchment.
Avoid Strider’s attacks in his domainDuring your battle with Strider, do not get hit by him when he brings you into his special field.
Defeat 3 small GolemsYou can spot Golems during verse 2 of chapter 10.

Chapter 11

Search for the hidden itemIn the underground tunnel, Look for a hidden item. You can find this item when you are using your demon abilities to pulse the area. You would be able to find a record.
Get a secret item after attacking Rosa’s armor attackAttack Rosa during the flying part of this chapter to get the item. 
Kill 50 Lacunosus while flying on MictlantecuhtliYou are required to take down 50 Lacunosus while you are flying in this chapter.
do not get hit by obstacles in the dark whilst riding MictlantecuhtliWhile you continue to fly, you would be required to pass through a dark area. Do not get hit by any obstacles to get the bewitchment. 
Find Rosa in the correct doorDuring your encounter with Rosa in Verse 8. She will hide herself among many doors. You must pick the correct door to get the bewitchment.

Chapter 12

Destroy a total of five busesDuring the chapter, you would come across a lot of buses, destroy any five of them.
Defeat the alternate world’s Bayonetta while you have Umbran Clock Tower equippedMake sure you have the Umbran Clock Tower ability equipped before you head to the battle
Do not take any damage during Baal Zebul’s performanceBe careful not to get hit by any attacks during this part.
Kill all enemies in the underground tunnelMake sure to kill all enemies found inside the tunnel.
Destroy a helicopter while riding GomorrahWhen your ride Gommorah, Destroy one of the helicopters to get this bewitchment in Bayonetta 3. 

Chapter 13

While you are in Ginnungagap, gather five lotusesYou will spot several lotuses inside Ginnungagap, make sure to grab any you see on your way.
While you are on Madame Butterly, use perfect witch a total of five timesYou have to carry this out during your battle with Aureole.
Do not get hit by Dark Adam’s large attackDuring the second phase of the battle, be wary of Dark Adam’s enlargement attack
Use Madame’s butterfly flutter kiss on AureoleIt is suggested to get the bewitchment during the start of the battles, as Aureole is much weaker in the early stages of the boss fight.
While Ginnungagap is collapsing, defeat an enemy along your wayYou will spot multiple enemies on your way, make sure to take one of them down.

Chapter 14

Complete the singularity chaos battle without getting any damageMake sure to avoid all attacks by opponents that come your way.
Use crow within on Singularity 5 timesWhen you are using the first Bayonetta, make sure to attack the singularity definition with crow within at least five times.
Watch the end of the storyYou will automatically receive the Bewitchment when you finish Bayonetta 3.
When the Singularity summons a Homunculus, defeat any one of itKill the summoned Homunculus by the Singularity.
Use Madame Butterfly to attack singularity 5 timesYou can get the bewitchment effortlessly during verse 3 of the chapter. If you successfully land hits with the Madame Butterfly.

Side Mission 1

  1. While traversing through the flooded area, do not take damage.
  2. Search for one hidden waterway.
  3. Carry out three successful stealth skills.
  4. Search for and defeat Affinity.
  5. After transforming into Cutie J. defeat 3 homunculi.

Side Mission 2

  1. Gather all Halos that can be found behind closed doors.
  2. Do not take damage while wading through water.
  3. Do not get hit by Cumulonimbus’ pursuing attacks.
  4. Obtain a Rocket Launcher.
  5. Search for and beat Affinity.

Side Mission 3

  1. Obtain a teapot.
  2. Do not stop in the elevator.
  3. Kill more than one enemy at a time with a shotgun.
  4. Kill an enemy during stealth and hurl it towards another enemy.
  5. Search for and defeat Affinity.


That’s all for our Bayonetta 3 bewitchments guide. With the help of the guide, you would be able to gather all bewitchments effortlessly. Challenge yourself to gather all Bewitchments for a fun and complete gameplay experience.

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