Bayonetta 3 Best Skills [All Characters & Weapons]

The plethora of skills available in Bayonetta enhances the combat in meaningful ways, and we have filtered out the best ones you should unlock for every weapon and character.

The third entry in the Bayonetta franchise expands the combat further in meaningful ways, with a brand new demon slave system and more skills, bewitchments, and weapons to unlock than ever before. Bayonetta and Viola have their own distinct character skill trees, while the demons and weapons you unlock have their own, allowing you to amplify any demon or weapon you mostly use separately. In this guide, we discuss the best skills you can unlock for every weapon, demon, and character in Bayonetta 3.

Story Highlights

  • There are distinct and unique skill trees for every weapon, demon, and character in Bayonetta 3, each bringing something new to the table
  • The weapons and demons can be unlocked through story progression and completing Phantom Remenants.
  • The character skill tree for Bayonetta is independent of the weapon she uses and carries over to her every weapon.
  • Viola only uses one weapon and demon, and all of her character, weapon, and demon-related skills are found under one single skill tree.

Best Bayonetta Skills

Umbra Witch
Bayonetta after finishing a battle (Image Credits: eXputer)

Bayonetta’s fast-paced combat filled with spectacle and valor speaks for itself. The combos you can land with each weapon or chain using different weapons have no limit. But as you progress and start facing stronger enemies and bosses, combos alone won’t be enough, which is where Bayonetta’s hard-hitting skills come in, which not allows you to deal devastating damage, but also further extend your combos.

Bayonetta’s skill tree is available after chapter 1 and below we have discussed the best skills for Bayonetta.

Bat Within

Command: ZR after getting hit

As the variety of enemies increases and their attacking animations get faster, you are bound to mess up Witch Time timings. Fortunately, you are not permanently doomed for making this mistake, since Bat Within allows you to still avoid the damage completely.

Bat Within can be activated by pressing ZR as soon as you are hit. Upon activation, Bayonetta will turn into a flock of bats and avoid the damage completely.

Wink Slave

Command: ZL at the end of the combo

In addition to demon summon, Bayonetta can finish off her combos with new demonic attacks. Wait for the flash at the end of your combos and press ZL to summon the demon you have equipped to land a finishing blow. 

The timing for demonic finisher attacks can be tricky, and it is recommended to practice these finisher attacks with your most commonly used combos in the Training room.

Assault Slave

Command: ZL before an attack

By pressing ZL, just before the enemy attacks hit you, Bayonetta’s currently equipped demon will rise from the ground to counter-attack the enemy. The timing of Assault Slave is similar to Witch time.

Additionally, Assault Slave only works against physical attacks, so don’t counter projectiles or attacks similar to it using this skill.

Dodge Offset

Command: ZR while holding the Punch or Kick button

Enemies with high poise or bigger enemies in general, can easily interrupt your attack before you finish your combos, and force you into dodging the incoming blow. This can be quite frustrating at times since the final blow of every combo hits the hardest. 

But if you hold your Punch or Kick button while dodging, your combo will continue from where you left off before dodging. A highly useful skill for keeping a consistent momentum for your combos and avoiding any disruption.

Best Viola Skills

Mab Dachi
Viola during a cutscene (Image Credits: eXputer)

The young Umbra Witch, Viola, is a newcomer to the Bayonetta franchise. She is a major supporting character and has her own playable sections, with entirely different moveset. She wields a huge katana, Mab-Dachi, for slashing through her foes.

Additionally, Viola can switch between two fighting styles, Sword style, and Barehanded. Some of her combos or skills allow her to throw her sword at her enemies, and as long as she doesn’t have that sword, her attack and skills change and are replaced with brand-new animations. While the amount of skills you can unlock for Viola is huge, below we have discussed some of the best skills you should acquire as soon as possible.

Syncopated Growl

Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Punch

Syncopated Growl is an excellent attack that allows Viola to hit multiple enemies at once by spinning Cheshire’s head and biting everyone near her. An excellent attack that allows Viola to have crowd control.

While bare-handed, executing this command will let Viola perform a spinning lariat attack.

Hungry Hi-Hat

Command: Up + Down + Kick

Viola summons Cheshire’s head beneath the enemies and makes it bite them like a bear trap. While bare-handed, the Viola performs an AOE shockwave punch that damages all nearby enemies.

Chromatic Moon

Command: (Hold R) Analog Stick Down + Kick

Viola throws her Katana in an upward diagonal manner, that spins around and deals continuous damage. Holding the Kick button charges up the attack, wrapping the katana in flames while adding Cheshire claw assist, which results in a devastating attack, depleting a massive amount of the enemy’s HP.

Using this command while Viola is bare-handed, will allow her to perform a backflip attack.

Windmill Pete

Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Kick

Viola makes her katana spin and revolves around her, damaging any nearby her. While this skill is active, Viola goes into her barehanded fighting style and can attack, inflicting additional damage. 

Using this command, while she is in barehanded mode, will let her perform a roundhouse kick.

Best Weapon Skills

Bayonetta can wield a plethora of weapons with each of them having unique skills and demons tied to them (excluding the guns she uses at the start of the prologue). The feel of the weapons and the combos you can execute with each weapon is totally distinct and unique. The weapon skill trees of each weapon are unlocked after you acquired the weapons via story progression.

Below, we have discussed the best skills you can unlock for each weapon in Bayonetta 3:

Color My World

Madama Butterfly
Bayonetta holding Color My World (Image Credits: eXputer)

Color My World is Bayonetta’s starting firearms in Bayonetta 3 and essentially serves the same role, as Scarborough Fair and Love is Blue. The demon affiliated with Color My World is Madama Butterfly and is available for use during the Prologue. Below, we have discussed the best skills for this weapon:

After Burner Kick

Command: Jump + Kick (immediately)

Despite being firearms, Color My World is through and through a weapon, best suited for close-quarter melee combat. After Burner Kick allows you to launch humanoid enemies in mid-air and obliterate them with aerial combos.

Bullet Climax or Chrysalis

Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Shoot

Command: Hold Shoot

Aside from normal shooting, special skills allow Bayonetta to unleash much more powerful and charged variants of bullets at enemies. Bullet Climax allows you to unleash a barrage of charged bullets at enemies. Even if you don’t have the nearby enemy locked on, Bayonetta will automatically take aim and shoot at the nearby opponent, after the command is executed.

However, if you find the command for Bullet Climax, a little hard to execute in the midst of battles, Chrysalis is a good alternative. Aim and hold the Shoot button until the gun is charged and release it to fire a laser beam.

Gut Wrench Heel

Command: Up + Down + Kick

Bayonetta summons Madama Butterfly’s leg to instantly stomp on the targeted enemy and stuns human-sized ones.

If you hold the Kick Button, Bayonetta will begin a dance animation and will unleash a barrage of merciless demonic stomps on the enemy. Keep in mind, the animation is easily interruptible, so make sure you are at a safe distance before you begin the Hold Kick attack of this skill.


Bayonetta holding G-Pillar (Image Credits: eXputer)

G-Pillar is a huge demonic club that can also serve the role of an anti-material high-caliber rifle. The weapon is made up of Gomorrah’s tissue and naturally, is affiliated with the said infernal demon. G-Pillar is unlocked after Chapter 2.

Prideful Flame

Command: Jump + Punch (immediately)

Bayonetta temporarily transforms into Gomorrah and performs a rising drill attack.

Intruder Palm

Command: (Hold R) Analog Stick Up + Punch

After locking on to an enemy and holding the attack button, Bayonetta will temporarily take the form of Gomorrah and unleash a charged palm thrust after releasing the button. The longer you hold the buttons, the more she charges.

Dragon Burst

Command: Hold Shoot

After holding the Shoot Button, Bayonetta sits in a more stable and fixed position and shoots high powered shell. The shells have a high range and Bayonetta can keep firing shots if the Shoot button is pressed again during this state.

Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo

Bayonetta holding Ignis Aranaea Yo Yo (Image Credits: eXputer)

Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo is a set of firey Yo-Yos and the newest addition to Bayonetta’s arsenal. It is affiliated with Infernal Demon Phantasmaraneae and allows for mid to long-range combat. Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo is unlocked after completing chapter 3. On a side note, while you have this weapon equipped, Bayonetta’s shoes are replaced with demonic skates and the animation is replaced with skating animation.

The best skills of this weapon are:

Blaze Sword Dancer

Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Kick

Executing this skill basically turns Bayonetta into a Fiery controllable Beyblade, inflicting heavy damage to everything she touches.


Command: (Hold R) Analog Stick Down + Kick

Bayonetta performs a jumping backflip while attacking the enemies with her Yo-Yos. Holding the Kick button will keep the Yo-Yos spinning for a longer duration.

Dead End Express

Wartrain Gouon
Bayonetta holding Dead End Express (Image Credits: eXputer)

Dead End Express are dual chainsaw weapons, that are a huge upgrade over Bayonetta 2’s Salamandra. This weapon is affiliated with Wartrain Gouon. Dead End Express and the demon bound to it are unlocked after completing chapter 6.

One thing we would like to point out about Dead End Express before we head to its skills is that Dead End Express heats up and loses its steam if you overcharge it too much, so make sure you don’t overdo it while doing charge attacks.

Nightmare Swing

Command: Up + Down + Punch

Bayonetta transforms into Wartrain for a moment and charges toward enemies while swinging massive chainsaws around multiple times.

Inferno Wheel

Command: Hold Shoot

Hold the Shoot Button to charge up your chainsaws and release a giant bladed wheel that is much more brutal than normal Shooting attacks. However, if you charge it too much, the weapons will overheat and the attack will fail.

Ribbit Libido BZ55

Bayonetta holding Ribbit Libido BZ55 (Image Credits: eXputer)

Ribbit Libido BZ55 is a demonic microphone stand, introduced in Bayonetta 3. This weapon works both as a spear and a mic, which Bayonetta uses for quick long-range attacks and blasting demons away via her beautiful voice respectively. Ribbit Libido BZ55 is bound to Infernal Demon Baal and is unlocked after Chapter 9.

Balloon Horn  

Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Shoot

Bayonetta temporarily transforms into a demon and spins around, firing sonic blasts in all directions, making Balloon Horn an excellent attack for crowd control.

A Capella

Command: Up + Down + Punch

Bayonetta stands and shouts in front of the mic, which results in a wide frontal sonic blast attack, blowing away anyone in front of her.


Bayonetta holding Simoon (Image Credits: eXputer)

Simoon is a pair of traditional paper fans, that are lighter than paper and harder than steel, crafted from the feathers of Infernal Demon Malphas. Bayonetta uses the paper fans to unleash a flurry of balded attacks and uses the talon blades attached to her feet for kicks. Simoon is unlocked after completing Chapter 9.

Iiesar Khopesh

Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Punch

Bayonetta transforms into her demonic form and creates a vicious whirlwind, that launches all nearby enemies into the air, inflicting massive AOE damage.


Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Kick

Executing this combo allows Bayonetta to launch enemies into the air with a vicious talon kick, and slam them into the ground afterward.


Umbran Clock Tower
Bayonetta holding Tartarus (Image Credits: eXputer)

Tartarus is a pair of thick, spiky weapons, with a gatelike design introduced in Bayonetta 3. It stores the Infernal Demon Umbran Clock Tower within, with the ability to open demonic gates, giving Bayonetta the ability to drill holes inside her enemies via a Gatling gun and spiked arms. This weapon is unlocked after finishing Chapter 11.

Nemean Roar

Command: Hold Punch & Hold Kick

What really sets Tartarus apart though, is its ability to shield Bayonetta, which very few weapons have been capable of in the whole franchise. This skill allows Bayonetta to block incoming attacks by holding Punch and countering the enemy with a devastating blow by releasing the button.

Should you decide to hold the Kick button instead, Bayonetta will tackle and block all incoming enemies and attacks while charging forward.

Chain Of Megaera

Command: Jump + Punch (immediately)

Bayonetta creates a spiked ball and spins upwards, launching and carrying any enemy that falls in her attack radius.


Bayonetta holding Abracadabra (Image Credits: eXputer)

Abracadabra is a demonic magician’s gear, that lets Bayonetta unleash attacks resembling circus magician tricks. It is bound to Infernal Demon Mictlantecuhtli and is unlocked after Chapter 12.

Tesla Coil Command:

Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Kick

Bayonetta splits apart and creates rotates horizontally, creating a large hitbox and dealing high damage to all nearby enemies via connective bioelectricity.


Command: Hold Kick

By holding the Kick button, Bayonetta summons a huge, powerful, purple-colored bat from her hat that travels and explodes after hitting any nearby enemy causing AOE damage as well.

Cruel Altea

Bayonetta holding Cruel Altea (Image Credits: eXputer)

Cruel Altea is a quartet of gauntlets and protective boots, that Bayonetta can detach herself from to attack enemies from a medium distance. Additionally, the gauntlets can spew icy breath freezing any nearby enemies for a certain amount of time. Cruel Altea is affiliated with Infernal Demon Labolas and is unlocked after completing the game.

Frost Leo

Command: (Hold R) Analog Stick Up + Punch

Bayonetta transforms into Labolas and unleashes ice crystals at her enemy, then slashes it afterward. This is an excellent mid to long-range attack for keeping humanoid enemies at bay.

Quad Gatling  

Command: Up + Down + Punch

Bayonetta launches all four of the demonic units and performs a long-range multi-hit combo. Pressing Punch repeatedly increases the amount of blows Bayonetta lands.


Bayonetta holding Cassiopeia (Image Credits: eXputer)

A demonic anchor born from absorbing the energy of the Infernal Demon Kraken’s, that is slow but deals heavy damage and occasionally summons Kraken’s tentacles for dealing single target or AOE attacks. Cassiopeia is bound to, you guessed it, Kraken and is unlocked after finishing Chapter 14’s Phenomenal Remnant.


Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Shoot

Bayonetta transforms into the weapon’s demonic form and spins Kraken’s tentacles around, covering a huge area and damaging most nearby enemies.

Torpedo Wave

Command: (Hold R) Analog Stick Up + Kick

Bayonetta submerges into the ground and approaches an enemy, launching it into the air. This attack works well against humanoid enemies if you want to throw quickly throw them into while covering a moderate distance and then perform an aerial combo by switching to a different weapon.

Best Demon Skills

With the third entry, Platinum Games has introduced a brand new demon slave system, that allows you to summon various demons acquired through the main story. Each demon has its own unique fighting style and set of skills that need to be unlocked.

Bayonetta can equip three demons and summon only one of them at a time. While there is a plethora of skills you can unlock for the Infernal Demons according to your liking, these are some of the most useful demon skills in Bayonetta 3:

Madama Butterfly

Umbra Witches In Bayonetta have contracted a demon and Madama Butterfly is the Infernal Demon Bayonetta has contracted with, who is the source of most of Bayonetta’s power and is affiliated with her signature gun, Color My World.

Bayonetta occasionally summons her limbs for dealing devastating blows in most of her combos. Now that she is a summon, she is no longer just there to occasionally assist Bayonetta in combos or climax, but also can be summoned as a demon slave to fight Bayonetta’s enemies as per your needs. 

Madama Butterfly’s skill tree is unlocked after Chapter 1.

Flutter Kiss

Command: R

Madama Butterfly blows a magical kiss toward her enemies that charms them for a set amount of time or in other words, makes them dizzy. This skill gives you an ample amount of time to deal a heavy blow to the dizzy enemy. 

This skill can be further enhanced by unlocking Infatuation I & II.

Rapture Vortex

Command: Rotate Analog-stick 360 Degrees + Kick

Madama performs a spinning kick attack from a headstand position that covers a vast area due to her large size and hitbox


Devourer of the Divine – Gomorrah (Image Credits: eXputer)

Akin to Madama Butterfly, Gomorrah is also a recurring demon that has assisted Bayonetta in the past entries, now a demon slave in the third entry with its own unique moveset and special combat sections. Its appearance resembles a demonic dragon and is one of Bayonetta’s most favored summons. 

Gomorrah is unlocked after completing Chapter 2.

Gripping Bite 

Command: R

Gomorrah clutches an enemy in its massive jaws and follows up with distinct attacks depending on the enemy type. Although enemies above a certain size cant are bitten at first but become vulnerable to this attack after being stunned.

Enemies that resist the Gripping Bite can be made susceptible to a ground slam and launch an attack by pressing any action button.

Super Demonium Ray

Command: Up + Down + Shoot

Gomorrah charges and releases a super powerful bioenergy laser beam, excellent for destroying huge enemies and depleting the boss’s health.


Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo
Twister of Flame – Phantasmaraneae (Image Credits: eXputer)

Phantasmaraneae is an arachnid Infernal Demon that nests above the sea of magma. This demon has appeared both as an ally and an enemy to Bayonetta. Known as the Twister of Flame, Phantasmaraneae shares much of its characteristics with the spider, even giving you the ability to assume its form and climb various structures as well, once you have it unlocked.

Phantasmaraneae is unlocked after finishing chapter 3.

Slingshot Rush

Command: Up + Down + Punch

Phantasmaraneae uses its web as a slingshot to launch itself toward the enemies, blowing them away and knocking them off their feet. Holding the Punch button will charge the attack, resulting in more damage and feedback.

Heaven or Hell

Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Punch

Heaven or Hell is Phantasmaraneae’s self-destruct attack that has huge utility but comes with its own set of restrictions. Activating this attack will deal massive explosive damage to all nearby enemies. However, doing so will de-summon Phantasmaraneae and will make it unavailable for a time being.

The best time to use this attack would be when the magic bar is close to complete depletion.

Wartrain Gouon

Dead End Express
Wartrain Gouon – Charger of the Crimson Rim -Wartrain Gouon (Image Credits: eXputer)

Wartrain Gouon is a demon that is introduced in Bayonetta 3. It was originally designed for national defense but later got consumed vengeful spirit, turning it into an Infernal Demon. Unlike other slave demons, the movement of Wartrain Guon is different, and controlling it can take quite a bit of practice since it moves only in specific directions.

It is also known as Charger of the Crimson Rain and is unlocked after Chapter 6.

Infinite Signal

Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Punch

Wartrain creates an infinity or 8 signal on the ground and charges through all enemies that are in front of it.

Assist Signal

Command: Up + Down + Kick

Wartrain summons and deboards two demons from the train that assist you during combat. This attack is highly useful for keeping the attention away from you, while you perform other charged attacks.


Ribbit Libido-BZ55
Empress of the Fathoms – Baal (Image Credits: eXputer)

Empress of Fathoms, Baal, is a large toad-like Infernal Demon, descending from Inferno’s royalty. While Baal’s movement is generally slow, its endlessly extending tongue can easily reach any adversary in the battlefield. Baal is unlocked after completing Chapter 9.


Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Punch

Baal repeatedly lashes the enemy with its tongue and ends the attack with a heavy slam that kicks the enemy off balance.

Brisé Volé

Command: Up + Down + Kick

Baal flips and attacks the enemy up and down with a kick while spraying poison at the same time. Tapping the Kick button repeatedly will allow you to land additional hits.


Harbinger of Finality -Malphas (Image Credits: eXputer)

The Harbinger of Finality, Malphas, is a crow-like Infernal demon who is yet another demon slave who assists Bayonetta to fight the foes she faces in the third entry of the franchise. Malphas excels in aerial, tornado, and wind-type attacks, and is unlocked after completing Chapter 9.

Tales of Solomon

Command: R

Malphas clutches the enemy in its talons and can perform a wide variety of attacks like, pecking, slamming into the ground, rising, and throwing it away, depending on the player’s input. Larger enemies can’t be grabbed, although they are vulnerable to one when they are stunned.

Enemies that resist the clutch can be grabbed by tapping any action button repeatedly.


Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Shoot

Malphas creates a whirlwind that draws in all nearby objects and enemies then spins them around before sending them all flying. 

Umbran Clock Tower

Spire of the Forbidden – Umbran Clock Tower (Image Credits: eXputer)

Umbran Clock Tower is a manifestation of the clock tower that once symbolized the Umbra Witches back in their hometown. Destroyed during the war and getting mixed with the souls of dead witches, it is now reborn as a cursed Tower that houses various different weapons inside it.

Due to it being a tower, it won’t move from its place after being summoned, although it’s a nigh-impenetrable fortress. This demon slave is available for use after completing Chapter 11.

Umbran Armor Summon

Command: R

Remember the cool mech sections from the previous games, where you could ride a robot and destroy your enemies with brand-new attacks? With this skill, you can summon the mech anytime you want and fight your enemies via the mech Bayonetta rides. Tapping R again will transform the mech back into the clock tower.

It is also recommended to invest in Fuel Efficiency II and III in order to improve the magic energy efficiency of this skill.

Hermit’s Gaze

Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Kick

Since the tower is an immovable fortress, you cannot always bring it to the enemy, although you can bring the enemy to it using this skill. Hermit’s Gaze enrages the enemy and makes them attack the clock tower, bringing the enemy into the clock tower’s attack radius.

Executing this command while piloting the Umbran Armor, begins a firing barrage from the Armor’s legs that goes both forward and backward.


Presser of Destruction – Mictlantecuhtli (Image Credits: eXputer)

Mictlantecuhtli is a bat-like infernal demon that is comprised of two demon brothers in one body. While executing some of the skills or attacks, the brothers even separate themselves from the body in order to attack. Additionally, Mictlantecuhtli has 2 modes you can switch between, which changes the attack pattern of its combos. Mictlantecuhtli is obtained after completing Chapter 12.

Twin Beacon

Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Punch

Mictlantecuhtli separates into two bodies, and quickly circles around the arena, attacking all nearby enemies.

Storm Stinger

Command: Up + Down + Shoot

An attack similar to Super Demonium Ray. Mictlantecuhtli concentrates all of its bioelectric energy at one point and releases it together in the form of a super-powerful laser beam.


Cruel Altea
Destroyer of Fates – Labolas (Image Credits: eXputer)

Animals that accidentally make their way into the inferno and transform into a demon are known as Labolas. The demon Bayonetta made a pact with, is the consciousness of five cats, that can split itself apart during combat sections by pressing the right command. Labolas has a chilly breath that can freeze its foes for a certain duration. Labolas is unlocked after completing the game.

Maneuver: Cyclone

Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Punch

Labolas splits itself and charges circularly in the arena, knocking down any enemy upon contact. The attack finishes with Lablaos merging back and plunging into the enemies with a lunging bite

Maneuver: Crescent

Command: Up + Down + Shoot

Labaloas splits itself and lines all of its variants horizontally and continuously fires ice shots before merging back, making it one of the best attacks to push back a huge crowd of enemies.


Despot of the Sullen Maw – Kraken (Image Credits: eXputer)

Kraken is a demon that Bayonetta initially faces during the prologue but is later unlocked as a demon slave after completing a special challenge in Chapter 14. Kraken uses its numerous attacks to land multiple blows at the enemies. while spraying black colored ink that slows them down. 

Onyx Stamped

Command: Up + Down + Punch

Kraken charges at his enemies swinging its huge tentacles around, pushing the enemy back, and ends the attack with a ground slam.

Spinning Spinel

Command: Rotate Analog Stick 360 Degrees + Punch

Kraken spins around his anchor-tipped tentacles widely, and finishes off his attack with a jumping splash, spreading its black ink all over the place.

Wrap Up

Every unlockable skill has its own utility and expands the gameplay in its own way, with some having higher effects on the gameplay than others. Our recommendation would be to unlock all the skills of the weapon you usually main in order to unlock its true potential.

This concludes our guide on the best skills in Bayonetta 3. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Disclaimer The best skills listed in this guide were according to our own experience with the game. Every skill available in the game is highly useful under the right circumstances, but these skills stood out the most for us.


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