Bayonetta 3: Best Weapons [Top 5]

There are multiple weapons in Bayonetta 3, and after countless hours with each of them, here are the top 5 weapons in Bayonetta 3.

The third entry in the Bayonetta franchise introduces a plethora of weapons, that have their own unique feedback and moveset. Almost every weapon encourages a different approach to combat and enemies, which keeps things fresh for the entire runtime. Among the weapons available in the game, there were some that stood out to us, that had an excellent feel and attacks. Whether you are new to the franchise or a long-time fan diving into the franchise, these are some of the best weapons in Bayonetta 3 that you should definitely try out.

Story Highlights

  • Weapons in Bayonetta 3 are unlocked with story progression and completing Phantom Remnants.
  • Each weapon encourages a unique playstyle and has a completely different skill tree and a demon affiliated with it.
  • Among the weapons available in the game, the weapons that stood out were Dead End Express, Cruel Altea, Mab-Dachi, Color My World, and Simoon

5. Dead End Express

Wartrain Gouon
Bayonetta Holding Wartrain Guuon [Image credit: eXputer]
As soon as I got my hands on Dead End Express, it kind of reminded me of Devil May Cry 5’s Cavaliere, a weapon I absolutely loved just because of its creative design and moveset. The dual chainsaw can combine into a motorbike and allow Bayonetta to steamroll over enemies.

Despite being huge chainsaws, the controls or the animations don’t look sluggish or slow, which is exactly something you would expect from a game like Bayonetta. Aside from the basic combos, holding the punch, kick, or shoot allows you to perform special-charged attacks that even stun some enemies as long as the chainsaws are running through their bodies. 

Transforming into a demon bike isn’t the only cool thing about this weapon since some skills allow Bayonetta to transform into a mini train with two chainsaws coming out of it left and right, herself. An excellent weapon overall for both melee damage and crowd control.

4. Cruel Altea

Bayonetta holding Cruel Altea [Image credit: eXputer]
Cruel Altea is a quartet of protective boots and gauntlets, which despite looking like a brawler-type weapon, is actually a medium-ranged weapon. For a game where you have guns as weapons of close-quarter combat, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

To perform attacks, Bayonetta detaches the gauntlets from her body and mimics the punching from a safe distance while the gauntlets hit the enemies. Another stand-out ability of Cruel Altea is its ability to freeze opponents by holding the shoot buttons.

However, this is not the only use of these gauntlets, as they can shoot laser beams after getting detached after certain skills and can freeze your adversaries for a limited time by holding the shoot button. It’s overall an exceptional weapon if you want a ranged weapon that has the same fun factor and cool animations as a melee weapon.

3. Mab-Dachi

Viola with Mab-Dachi hanging from her back [Image credit: eXputer]
Mab-Dachi is the main weapon Viola wields, which feels inspired by Vergil’s Yamato, as both weapons feature a similar playstyle: fast but deadly. Another major change that comes with this weapon is that Witch Time is now activated by parrying and not dodging, further encouraging a close-range approach.

Aside from the combos, the damage from Mad-Dachi’s charged attack, especially Chromatic Moon, is absolutely monstrous. Most basic enemies outright die just from a single execution of Chromatic Moon. Even though it’s a sword, that doesn’t mean it lacks in terms of crowd control or AoE attacks.

The demon affiliated with Mad-Dachi, Cheshire, gives Viola and her weapon the crowd control and huge AoE she needs for faring against a massive crowd of enemies. Using Syncopated Growl allows Viola to summon Cheshire and spin around, pushing back and throwing away all nearby enemies.

2. Color My World

Madama Butterfly
Bayonetta holding Color My World [Image credit: eXputer]
Color My World is Bayonetta’s starting weapon and essentially serves the same role as Scarborough Fair and Love is Blue. But despite that, it’s a weapon, so fun to use you could literally end the entire game without even feeling the need to switch to another. The attacks are swift and hard-hitting, giving you the best of both worlds: high speed and decent damage.

At the end of normal combos, Bayonetta summons Madama Butterfly’s limbs to deal a devastating final blow or blows that can keep a single huge or multiple smaller enemies at bay while dealing great damage. And as far as crowd control is concerned, there are multiple skills that allow you to instantly summon Madama’s Limbs and deal devastating damage to multiple nearby enemies.

And lastly, the aerial control Color My World provides is easily one of the best, allowing you to continue long combos in the air without touching the ground even once.

1. Simoon

Bayonetta holding Simoon [Image credit: eXputer]
When it comes to character action games, there is nothing I love more than a weapon that allows me to be as fast as the game mechanically allows me to, and in Bayonetta 3, Simoon was that weapon for me. When it comes to overall playstyle, their overall functionality is comparable to Color My World.

Fast and hard-hitting attacks come out of Simoon, with animations fast enough to almost keep up with your input. Crowd control is done by utilizing skills that transform Bayonetta into Malphas and making AoE attacks in a circular direction. The aerial control is as good as you would expect. The enemies can be launched into the air, and a barrage of deadly attacks can be unleashed upon them.

One thing that sets Simoon apart from Color My World is its ability to generate distance between you and your enemies. Such as the skill, Sahib, allows Bayonetta to fly into the air and unleash a downward X-shaped wind slash that instantly puts distance between you and the enemies. 

This is great to give you some breathing room in unfavorable situations.


As we have discussed multiple weapons in our guide, where skills are necessary to unleash their full potential, we highly recommend going through our guide on Best Bayonetta 3 skills afterward. Furthermore, each weapon in the game has a wide variety of combos for both single-target and AoE damage, and for that reason, we recommend our guide on Best Bayonetta 3 combos.

This concludes our guide on the best weapons in Bayonetta 3. The weapons entailed here were in accordance with our experience with the game, and depending on the situation and enemies, other weapons can prove to be highly useful as well. But if you are looking for weapons that can be useful for most situations, the weapons above are what we would recommend.


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