Dislyte Berenice Guide: Skills & Best Relic Sets

This Berenice Dislyte guide will showcase her skills, ascensions, recommended relics, and overall playstyle in combat!

With many characters to choose from, Dislyte has quickly started to rank as one of the most popular games worldwide. Characters existing from Greek and Norse mythologies give the player base something to grab onto. The controller, support, defender, and fighter Esper aspect adds even more fun to the game. Amongst these Espers, Berenice in Dislyte happens to be one of them, who we will uncover everything there is to know about! Get more information on how to get an excellent main DPS to pair with Berenice by following our Dislyte Reroll Guide!

Key Highlights
  • Berenice is a 3-star support character in the game Dislyte and is easy to acquire from the gacha “Echo”.
  • She is not meant to be a fighter or main DPS, but rather a supporting character who grants a shield to other characters before the fight.
  • The shield is based on her max Health Points and lasts for 2 turns.
  • Berenice can also apply “Def Down” debuff on enemies, making them more vulnerable to attacks.
  • She has the ability “AP Down” debuff ability which is effective against bosses and story content.
  • Has 3 main skills: Feline Grace (Attack + Def Down), Instant Combo (Attack + AP Down), and Moon Dance(Shield + resistance buff).
  • Captain Ability: Increase resistance of the team by 20%.

Berenice’s Role In Dislyte

Dislyte Berenice Esper

If you are completely unaware of her, Berenice is 3-star support which is quite easy to acquire from the gacha known as “Echo.” Keep in mind that she is not meant to be a fighter, neither is she meant to be a main-DPS unit, and she is solely there to be on the sidelines while the main DPS does the damage. 

She can grant her fellow Espers a shield with her support capabilities before the fight even begins. The shield is solely based on her max Health Points, which greatly helps keep the main DPS and other supports and controllers alive in combat, and it lasts for 2 turns before disappearing. 

One of her stronger abilities is that she can apply the “Def Down” debuff on enemies, which makes them a lot more vulnerable and susceptible to Esper attacks, which helps gain victory even faster. Berenice in Dislyte is surely an underrated character, and she is slowly starting to rise the charts. 

With her “AP Down” debuff ability, she shines against bosses like Fafnir and story content while also being able to do admirably well in the Cube Miracle. Let’s discover more about her! If you want to build more 3 star Espers that are viable in combat, then our Dislyte Tang Yun guide is the one for you!

Dislyte Berenice’s Skills 

Three main skills accompany every Esper, also reiterated as S1, S2, and S3 skills, alongside there being a Captain ability too, which allows them to give the entire party a combinative buff. Berenice also has these three main skills, as seen below: 

Feline Grace 

Dislyte Feline Grace
Feline Grace Skill

One of the first Berenice skills includes Feline Grace, which entails her attacking the enemy a total of 3 times, and each attack will inflict damage that is equivalent to 25% of her base attack. There is a 30% chance that she will also apply a “Def Down” debuff to enemies for a total of 2 turns.

Level 2 will increase the damage output by 35%, while level three will enhance the trigger chance to 25%. At level four, the damage output will be buffed by 40%, while maxing out the skill will increase the trigger chance to 30%. Jacob is another character that is highly reliable in gameplay, so you might find our Dislyte Jacob Guide interesting!

Instant Combo 

Dislyte Instant Combo
Instant Combo Skill

With instant combo in hand, this is considered her S2 skills, which grants her the ability to unleash attacks against enemies a total of 3 times, all of which will inflict damage that will equate to 50% of her base attack. There is also a 30% chance that she can reduce the opponent’s AP by 15%. The cooldown for this is 4 turns. 

Level 2 will bump up the damage output by 55%, while level 3 will enhance the trigger chance by 50%, solid. Levels 4 and 5 will increase the damage output by 60%, while level 5 will max Berenice in Dislyte out in terms of her S2 and reduce the cooldown by 1 turn(s). 

Moon Dance 

Dislyte Moon Dance
Moon Dance Skill

Last but not least, her last skill offers her and her fellow Espers a shield that will absorb damage based on 15% of her max Health Points. The shield itself runs out after 2 turns, which is enough for the main damage dealer to obliterate opponents by them. If any other fellow Esper is already buffed up, the shield strength will be enhanced by 30%. 

Level 2 will offer a shield strength by 17%, while level 3 will increase it up to 19%. Levels 4 and 5 will increase shield strength by 22%, and level 5 will reduce the cooldown for this skill by one whole turn. Make sure to read up on our Dislyte Tier List and learn about the ranking of all Espers in the game.

Captian Ability 

Dislyte Captain Ability
Berenice Captain Ability

Now, if players decide to make her the captain of their five-Esper team, they can expect the overall Resistance of the team to increase by 20%. Just like Berenice, Gabrielle is also another excellent Esper, and you might want to check out our Dislyte Gabrielle Guide in order to build her!

Berenice Ascension Phases in Dislyte 

As for the ascension phases, Esper Berenice has six main phases that players can level up to get a certain amount of buffs that can help them out in combat. Below listed are the phases: 

  • Phase 1: Upon ascension one, Berenice in Dislyte will be able to experience an HP increase by 950, which can be seen as a recurring theme in other Esper’s phase one as well. With this HP increase, she can benefit even more as she can give extra shielding to her fellow Espers. 
  • Phase 2: For phase two, if players decide to build her and ascend her to this phase, they will see a defense increase by 70. This is crucial for Berenice as she needs to survive when acting as one of the main shielders and supports the main DPS. This will require a few basic waves. If you’re having difficulties farming waves, then follow our Dislyte Waves Guide!
  • Phase 3: The ascension three is known to be one of, if not the most important, ascensions of them all. With this in hand, players will see that her skill “Moon Dance” gets buffed, and she will now be able to provide recovery for a few of her fellow Esper’s HP, allowing them to survive for longer in combat. 
  • Phase 4: Her phase four is also pretty important since it grants her an HP enhancement by 10% and allows her to become an even tankier shielder. Berenice will require 5 Elite Wind Waves and 10 Advanced Wind Waves, which can be acquired from the Windrunner boss in Sonic Miracle for this specific ascension. 
  • Phase 5: As for the fifth ascension, players might want to look into it since it grants Berenice extra Resistance while she is on the sidelines on the battlefield. Her Resistance is increased by 15%, allowing her to tank more enemy attacks and be the sole protector of the party. 
  • Phase 6: Lastly, her phase 6 maxes out her ascensions, which buffs up her HP even more by 20% and allows her to just become an absolute beast of a shielder in combat. 

Recommended Relic Sets For Berenice in Dislyte 

Another important aspect of building any Esper includes gearing them up with the best of the best relic sets that they need to min-max their kit. Players who want to use Berenice as support in Dislyte for their party will require a solid set, which they can check below in the three most popular recommended relic sets. 

First Most Popular Relice Set

Dislyte Wind Walker
Wind Walker Set

One of the most popular Berenice Relics sets is the Wind Walker Set x4, which grants Berenice 25% extra speed as it’s a four-piece set bonus. With this in her arsenal, she can perform pretty well in combat and help her main fighters win the battle. 

  • The first UNA I piece will always have a flat attack as it’s the main stat since she needs a few combat abilities. Players can’t fully rely on her support abilities; she should be able to hold out on her own, therefore the need for the flat attack as the main stat. 
  • For her second UNA II piece, players are advised to place HP% as the main stat since it increases the overall Health Bar of Berenice, which makes her even more of a beast when she is faced with tougher enemies. Players can consider placing in anything from HP flat, HP%, or speed even for the sub-stats. 
  • For UNA III, it will always have a flat defense since if any Esper does not have any defense, there is no use in building her as support if she can’t survive one heavy enemy attack. For that reason, flat defense, alongside HP%, flat HP, and resistance substats, are highly recommended. 
  • Lastly, she can go with Speed or HP% as her main stat for her UNA IV piece. Since the four-piece set bonus provides her with ample speed, it is really up to the player’s preference what they require in battle. The same goes for the substats. 
Dislyte Adamantine Set
Adamantine Relics

Perhaps the most used 2 piece set is the Adamantine Set x2 for Berenice. With this in her hand, she can provide all fellow Espers with a starting shield that will be able to absorb damage that is equivalent to 15% of her overall HP. 

  • For her MUI I piece, the main stat really can’t be changed, and it will always remain flat HP. This is an excellent flat stat for her since it makes her stronger as support to Esper and allows her to guarantee victory for her main fighter. Substats can range anywhere from flat HP to flat defense even. 
  • For her second piece, the MUI II piece, however, players are recommended to place either speed or hp% as the main stat. If Berenice lacks the extra speed, then place in speed as her main stat; if not, just stack up HP% and make her a God as support. 

Second Most Popular Relic Set

Dislyte Ocean Waves Set
Ocean Waves Relics

Subsequently, another important set that players can work with is the Ocean Waves Set x4, which gives Berenice the chance to get rid of cooldowns for all abilities by one turn. This allows Berenice and other Espers to cast down their abilities onto opponents and render them useless. 

  • UNA I, as mentioned before, will have a flat attack, and it is unchangeable. Berenice needs to have a bit of flat attack if she wants to stand a chance in any battles, whether against smaller practice stages or harder bosses like Apep, Kronos, etc. 
  • As for the second UNA II piece, players can go for HP% as the main stat, which will probably be the best-in-slot. However, if players want to change the main stat, they can also go for an attack, but this is strictly for those players who want to mess around with her build and have her deal damage too. 
  • For the third UNA III piece, players don’t have the freedom of choosing the main stat as it will remain flat defense, which is again deemed crucial for Berenice in Dislyte. However, players have the freedom to choose the sub-stats, for which they should go for anything that buffs Berenice in her HP or Resistance. 
  • For UNA IV, HP% is highly recommended as the main stat as it is her best placement, and anything else as the main stat would be useless since she is not a fighter but rather support. Players are advised to go for speed, Resistance, and HP for the sub stats. 
Dislyte Master Grove Set
Master Grove Relics

As for the second most popular set, players can go for the Master Grove Set x2, which will buff up Esper Berenice’s HP by 25%, which is important because she can take in as much extra HP as possible. 

  • For the MUI, I relic is unchangeable and will be flat HP. 
  • However, the second piece goes for either speed or HP% as the main stat. Speed because she needs to be on her feet and give turns quicker, while HP is essential for stronger shielding. Check out our Dislyte Relic Guide to get more information on how and what to farm for each character!

Third Most Popular Relic Set

Dislyte Abiding Panacea Set
Abiding Panacea Relics

The final most popular set that Dislyte Berenice can use is the Abiding Panacea Set x4. While it is not the best relic set for her, it can be a last resort for when players do not have any others, and essentially what it does is that it will increase the overall Healing Efficacy by 30%. This allows her phase 3 ascension to come even more handy in battle. 

  • UNA I will be yet again flat attack. 
  • UNA II can be anything in the sub-stats as long as the main stat is HP%. the MUI II piece really can not afford to use any other main stat, specifically for an Esper like Berenice, who is so dependent on her HP%. Therefore make sure to stack up as much HP as you can on her. 
  • UNA III will be once again flat defense, which helps her self-sustain in combat, and she won’t die out so fast. 
  • UNA IV is advised to be HP% for the main stat since nothing else works on her. If you are in a real bind, then perhaps you can go for speed but for her main priority, always go for HP%. for the sub-stats, however, feel free to prioritize speed or Resistance. 

As for the final relic set, the Sword Avatara Set x2 is not a bad option either. Essentially what it will provide for Berenice is that it will give her a 25% chance to counterattack anytime an opponent launches an attack against her. 

  • MUI will be flat HP. 
  • MUI II can be speed or HP%. 

Berenice Performance and Ratings 

Since Esper Berenice is three-star support Esper, there are certain places where she will shine, while there are also areas where the Berenice Playstyle will not suit some people’s preferences. However, overall she is a solid character that deserves a chance on everyone’s team. If you are a complete beginner at Dislyte, then educate yourself on how the game works by reading our Dislyte Beginner Guide!

  • Story Content: For areas of the game where she is being put in the party for story content and practice stages, she is a pretty good support Esper and can provide imminent shielding capabilities. She is ranked as an A+ Esper in the story content department. 
  • Cube Miracle: For players that don’t know, Cube Miracle is a dungeon with 2-3 rooms that offer certain buffs, Espers to put in your party, and runes along the way. In the Cube, Berenice does pretty well as she is tied up as an A- unit. 
  • Kronos: Kronos is one of the more end-game content bosses. Therefore players will typically wait while they are leveled up to face the harder levels. While Berenice is not the best Esper here, she can still help the party clear the boss fights. 
  • Apep: Berenice will get the same ranking as when fighting Kronos, a B- Esper. Again, while not being able to outdo some of the other four or five-star supports, she is not the worst and is worth checking out. 
  • Fafnir: Now, Fafnir is where Berenice absolutely dominates the battlefield! She will outdo some other Espers by a mile and is able to guard and protect the party until the end and ensures that no one dies out. This makes her have an S+ ranking for fighting the Fafnir and is a must-have in your formation. 
  • Temporal Tower: Now, for the Spatial/Temporal Tower, Berenice is not the best. However, you can still put her on your team if you truly do not have any better units. 
  • Point War (Defense): No, just no! Her defense is not good, she is not able to protect herself in battle when other players are attacking, and she is better off being replaced by any other Espers in the defense department of Point Wars. 
  • Point War (Attack): As for the attack, Berenice is ranked as a B- unit, which is not that good, to be completely honest. As we mentioned before, only add her for attacking if you do not have any other better Espers to replace her. Also, read our Dislyte Point War guide and learn about the best farming methods.

With that, we will wrap up our Dislyte Berenice guide! We hope you enjoyed it! If Berenice is not to your liking, then you might want to read up on our Dislyte Li Ling Guide, as he is one of the most overpowered DPSes available!

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