Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Bernadetta Guide

This guide explains how you can recruit Bernadetta in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes along with her skills, classes, abilities, and more.

Recruiting Characters in Fire Emblem Warriors

The base set of characters available in the game can be unlocked through four different methods. Some methods are easier than others, but it all depends on the type of character you are unlocking.

-For example, recruiting Byleth and Ashen Demon are a couple of the trickiest characters making it difficult to recruit. 

Choose Your Faction

Right at the start of the game, you will have the option of choosing a character. All other heroes in that faction will automatically unlock. 

Strategies in Main Mission

Some main missions allow you to unlock characters of other factions by using strategy. To unlock characters through this method, you will have to do side quests first. Strategy in the game can be earned by completing side quests before doing any main mission.

When Byleth Defeats the Target

Fire Emblem Warriors: Byleth
Byleth in Roster

You can recruit Byleth towards the ending missions. These missions will give you a disclaimer that the outcome of the story will be greatly impacted by your actions throughout the battle. Depending on the faction you picked in the beginning, recruiting Byleth can be complicated. The option will unlock during Chapter 10’s main mission.

In case you picked Golden Wildfire, initiate a lightning strategy while securing the strongholds. Byleth will change position once you capture the northwest stronghold. When that happens, ignore Arval at all costs and do not engage in the fight.

When the bridge starts building, go towards Alois and Rodrigue. You will see Byleth trying to return, but the bridge will destroy. If you are successful in defeating Alois, you will recruit Byleth.

However, if you picked Azure Gleam in the beginning, you will need to defeat Fleche while doing the initial objectives. When that happens, it will cause Byleth to appear. Now, you will be getting Arval’s call to kill Byleth. Don’t do that! Instead, complete the main objectives and kill Randolph to put an end to it and have Byleth in your army.

If you chose Golden Wildfire in the beginning, escort Claude to the map and back again. You will come across Byleth and once again continue doing the main task. While you are escorting Claude, move one of your most powerful units to the northwest section of the map.

Once Claude gets back, there will be a new objective saying Byleth is engaging with a new enemy. When that happens, switch to the unit you placed on the northwest.

You will see the new enemy there, defeat it before Byleth does, and you will successfully recruit her. No matter which faction you choose, Jeralt will join alongside Byleth when the mission is completed,

Using Renown for Post-Game Characters

Once you complete the main objectives and missions, you will get Renown which is a currency. Once you get Renown, go to the player tent and purchase Arval, and Rhea, each for 60 Renown.

Who Is Bernadetta

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Bernadetta
Bernadetta in Roster

Now that you know about the recruiting methods in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes let’s see how we can recruit Bernadetta. She is the eldest daughter and heir of someone who happens to be the son of the Count of Varley. Bernadetta was born on the twelfth of December – Ethereal Moon.  

She is an introvert with extreme shyness towards strangers. She feels comfortable only in her home and her room in the dormitory, and she is hard to approach because of this.

Life of Bernadetta

Bernadetta in Fire Emblem Warrior
The introverted Bernadetta

Her solitary life has been that way due to the extensive trauma she lived with during her childhood caused by her very own father. Count Varley’s mission was to make Bernadetta a perfect wife, so he subjected her to harsh training. He would force her to be quiet and submissive for hours, and sometimes he would tie her to a chair.

Bernadetta did not like this at all, and she would do anything to avoid these training sessions. She would often scream and kick to avoid it, and so she always found peace while being alone. Since her father always thought badly of strangers, he would not let her talk to them.

She had a friend once about whom her father found out. He took her home by force, and the next day her father’s friends found the boy and almost beat him to death.

As bad as his father may sound, the boy was Yuri, who got hired by a third party to assassinate Bernadetta for her Crest of Indech. Due to his assassination attempt, Bernadetta, like her father, also started thinking badly about the strangers.

The next parts contain spoilers till Crimson Flower. If you haven’t completed Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, then scroll down so that you can experience the game in the best way possible.

Academy Phase

In the Imperial Year of 1180, she was sent to the Garreg Mach Monastery Officers Academy after getting kidnapped. The kidnapping order was given by none other than her mother. However, her mother’s order to send her to the academy was solely for her safety.

During her time in the academy, she joined the Black Eagles. Apart from attending lectures, she would stay in her room, always busy with her hobbies.

War Phase

Bernadetta gets defeated during her academic phase in classic mode, and she lives a solitary life after the battle of Garreg Mach as she falls terribly ill. She fails to go to the reunion which was promised to happen after five years, leaving her future as a mystery.

Silver Snow

Bernadette decides to fight against the Empire by joining the Resistance Army. Her former professor and students of Black Eagles accompany her in this quest. Once Enbarr is taken, she is happy as there will be no war in the Empire. However, she is scared as her father is under house arrest because of Edelgard.

Verdant Wind/Azure Moon

In case Bernadetta did not get recruited into the army, then she will appear during Chapter 17, “Blood of the Eagle and Lion,” alongside her Black Eagles allies. However, she might get killed in a three-way battle among all three houses. She will be a part of the fire attack and positioned on a ballista on the central hill. The location will be ignited once enemies attack it. Edelgard claims that her sacrifice will not go in vain once she dies.

Crimson Flower

If she chooses the Black Eagles route, Bernadetta will be assigned to the Black Eagles Strike Force in Imperial Year 1185 at Garreg Mach.

Bernadetta’s Preferences

She likes reading, knitting, embroidery, writing and illustrating novels, music, drawing, stuffed animals, unusual creatures, and solitude. Her favorite gifts are Watering Can, Armored Bear, Pitcher Plant, and Dapper Handkerchief.

However, she does not like imposing figures, overbearing fathers, and talking to people. Her disliked gifts include a Ceremonial Sword, Training Weight, and Hunting Dagger. She also lost items which are Still Life Picture, Hedgehog Case, and Needle and Thread.

Bernadetta’s Stats

She has a starting class of a Fighter (bow). Her default class progression is Sniper and Archer with Iron Bow, Axe, and Gauntlet as starting weapons. However, her best class is considered as Archer. Her Crest is the Minor Crest of Indech, which occasionally allows weapon attacks to strike twice. Moreover, her personal ability is Persecution Complex which grants +5 Atk when the unit is not at full health.

Her health points are 2700 with a strength of 9, which can be a cause of that harsh training. She is fast with a Speed of 10 and a Dexterity of 11. Luck and Charm also favor her in aspects of life with 8 and 9, respectively.

However, her Movement needs to be worked on as it is only a 6. Moreover, her Defense, Magic, and Resistance are 7, 7, and 8, respectively.

Proficiencies and Skills of Bernadetta

Among all Bernadetta’s abilities, the preferred ones are Lance and Bow. Her Budding Talent is Riding, and her other abilities are Flying, Authority, Faith, and Reason. However, she would not be considered effective with a Sword, Brawl, Heavy Armor, and Axe.

Merits and Demerits of Bernadetta

Each character in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes has its own pros and cons, and Bernadetta is no exception. Depending on your strategy, you can minimalize her demerits and use the merits in the most effective way.


  • For Combat Art-heavy playstyles, you can use Bernadetta’s Minor Crest of Indech with Armsthrift.
  • Among Black Eagles, Bernadetta is the best candidate for an Archer.
  • The Master of Concealment makes her quite good at defending.


  • Based on her unique abilities, she cannot be considered a strong unit against clearing enemies.

Bernadetta’s Unique Abilities

Bernadetta has a total of three special abilities in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, each ability of a different type.

The first special ability is the Action type which is called Personal Space. You can use it by pressing ZR. Pressing it will create a zone of Ice which increases the critical hit rate. However, its cooldown takes a long time.

The second special ability is the Support type which is called Persecution Complex. When you are hit by an enemy’s attack, it will grant you a temporary increase in damage dealt with enemies. However, the chances of this are very low.

The third special ability is Master of Concealment, which is of Tactical type. When there is an order to defend, the damage dealt with enemies will increase by 30%.

Bernadetta in Archer Class

As mentioned earlier, in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Bernadetta will be most useful in archer class. Therefore, you need to know about Archers in the game and how you can use combos to defeat enemies effectively.

Ability 1

This one is a basic attack; all you need to do is hold the ‘X’ while targeting an area with the left joystick. Once you leave the button, the class gauge will be charged. It will rain arrows right where you pointed out with the left joystick; however, if you see enemies in large numbers advancing toward you, press and hold ‘X’, which will reduce the charge time for your next class action.

Ability 2

By pressing ‘Y’ and ‘X’, you can use the combo. Upon launching, it will hurl a bunch of enemies into the air with a sweeping attack and then shoot them down.

Ability 3

By pressing ‘Y’ ‘Y’ ‘X’ you will be able to shoot regular arrows in a series and end with a burst arrow shot. This will be helpful when a herd is rushing towards you as it will take down maximum enemies. Do not use it if the enemies are far and spread as it will only get a few of them.

Ability 4

Press ‘Y’ ‘Y’ ‘Y’ ‘X’, and which will rain arrows in the surrounding area. After that, the archer will do a series of regular arrow attacks. You can lure enemies into surrounding you all over as the damage is all directional.

Ability 5

By pressing ‘Y’ ‘Y’ ‘Y’ ‘X’ you will be able to jump and shoot a spread arrow attack. However, before doing that, you will shoot a series of arrow shots in front of you. The attack is most effective when you are surrounded by all sides.

Ability 6

Keep pressing ‘Y,’ and you will be able to do a series of regular arrow attacks and two sweeping arrow attacks. However, this combo will only kill the enemies in your direction.

Recruiting Bernadetta

If you want to recruit Bernadetta to a house different than Black Eagles, you will have to impress her. It can be done with a high bow skill and a high-strength stat. Get a minimum of C Support Rank with Bernadetta, which might decrease the threshold of recruiting her.

Moreover, remember her lost items that we mentioned earlier. They are Still Life Picture, Hedgehog Case, and Needle and Thread. Find them to improve the chances of recruiting her.

Later, when you are in a battle against Ferdinand, your main objective will be to stop Ferdinand from retreating. However, Bernadetta will be fighting against you. You will see a change in the mission, saying defeat Bernadetta.

Defeat Bernadetta
Main Mission: Defeat Bernadetta

No matter what you do, do not kill Bernadetta. You may weaken her but focus on stopping Ferdinand from retreating. During the fight, Lysithea realizes the nature of Bernadetta.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Bernadetta Surrender
Make Bernadetta Surrender

Once Lysithea says that the mission will change, and now you will have to give enough damage to Bernadetta that she is ready to surrender. 

Fire Emblem Warriors: Bernadetta Surrendering
Bernadetta Surrendering after dealing damage

When this happens, she will surrender soon; just don’t kill her. Rather, focus on stopping Ferdinand from retreating.

Bernadetta Successfully Recruited
Recruiting Successful

After this, you will have Bernadetta on your roster. Train her to improve her stats and try to use her as an Archer as that is her best class, and she will be most effective in it.

That is all from our side, and you will be able to recruit Bernadetta in no time if you follow these steps. Remember that she is an introvert and will avoid interacting as much as she can. So impress her with higher class units, her lost items, and weapons.

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