The Best AUG Class Cold War: AUG Loadout Guide [Season 6]

Ever since season 6 kicked in, the multiplayer lobbies of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War are swarmed by players running with SMGs. Many of these guns, which previously were nerfed, received adequate balancing in season 6. However, not everyone realizes the potential a tactical rifle, like AUG, can have in the field. Our best AUG class cold war loadout guide entails how players can dominate the fights using this weapon. We curated season 6 MP5 and AK74u sub-machine gun loadouts to dominate fights in COD Black Ops Cold War.

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Since AUG tactical rifle is the center of attention for this loadout, we have mentioned tried and tested attachments for the weapon. By equipping the weapon attachments mentioned below, you will be taking out targets in at least two bursts of rounds should the bullets hit the chest, shoulder, or head region. We have also suggested the secondary weapon, perks, wildcard, and equipment that also make this the best season 6 AUG loadout.       

How To Unlock AUG In Cold War

Before creating the AUG season 6 loadout in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, you must first unlock the weapon. AUG unlocks after reaching level 28 in the game. Since the progression system of COD Warzone and COD Black Ops Cold War have been synced together officially, reaching level 28 should not take much longer regardless of playing either game. So, all you have to do is hit that level 28 golden number, and AUG will become accessible in your weapon’s inventory.

Base Stats

When it comes to the weapon’s base stats, AUG does not impress in the field or on paper. The weapon has 54 base damage and comes with a base magazine of 30 rounds. Other than that, AUG has 857 RPM (rounds-per-minute), and a 2.7 magazine reload time, regardless of how empty the mag is.

Best Attachments For AUG Loadout

As a tactical rifle, AUG has made a comeback in season 6, but only if you use the right attachments that go hand in hand with each other. This weapon is a miles better weapon in Season 6 as compared to the previous one. However, even though AUG is a tactical rifle and is not an SMG per se, its rate of fire, RPM, and overall damage, in many ways, is much better than MP5 and AK74u. This may have to do with AUG’s 3-round burst firing system that allows this weapon to take out targets in max two bursts if you slot in the right attachments.

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Optic: Quickdot LED

The first attachment you should go to while creating the best AUG class Cold War loadout is by equipping the Quickdot LED. This attachment offers 1.25x zoom magnification and is a low-profile red-dot kind of optic. Alternatively, you can also go with Microflex LED, as both share a typical zoom magnification level.

Muzzle: Agency Silencer

As a tactical rifle, AUG does come with a tad bit of vertical recoil. So, to increase the vertical stability, we recommend going with the Agency Silencer. This attachment unlocks at weapon level 46 and significantly increases the muzzle flash concealment by 100% and 15% vertical recoil control. However, it penalizes the bullet velocity by 30%.

During our field testing of the Agency Silencer in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, we found out that the trade-off was worth it. Even though the bullet velocity was slightly noticeable before and after equipping the attachment, the other two pros this attachments offer weigh more and benefit the player.

Barrel: 19.8’’ Task Force

The barrel is a necessary attachment in creating a season 6 AUG loadout. Equipping the 19.8’’ Task Force significantly increases the overall damage of the weapon. This attachment offers a 12% damage and 40% effective damage increase after slotting into the AUG, and unlocks at weapon level 48.

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The downside of achieving mighty high damage is that this attachment also takes a hit on vertical and horizontal recoil. The vertical recoil control drops by 20%, and horizontal recoil control by 15%.

Body: Tiger Team Spotlight

For the body attachment, we recommend going with the “Tiger Team Spotlight”. It unlocks when you reach weapon level 40, which will take up a good enough time in grinding. Other than that, the good thing about this attachment is that it offers a 40% reveal distance increase at the cost of 10% sprint to fire time, which is marginal.

Underbarrel: Field Agent Foregrip

The underbarrel in Call of Duty Cold War, or any other game for that matter, is the second most important attachment. The Field Agent Foregrip is by far the best one for AUG that we recommend going with for the season 6 tactical rifle loadout. It can be unlocked while playing with AUG and reaching the weapon’s level 41. This attachment offers 40% horizontal and 10% vertical recoil control, which is why this one is by far the best underbarrel for for the best AUG class Cold War loadout. However, it also comes with a -16% loss of shooting move speed.

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Magazine: Salvo 54 Rnd Fast Mag

The Salve 54 Rnd fast mag significantly increases the round count of AUG from 30 rounds/mag to 54rounds/mag. However, unlocking this attachment will require a lot of grind as it can become available after reaching weapon level 51. Moreover, this attachment offers a 35% increase in reload time and 80% in magazine ammo capacity, max starting ammo, and overall ammo capacity. All these pros come at the expanse of one con; -25% aim down sight time.

Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap

Like the magazine attachment, the handle also unlocks after grinding a lot with AUG. The Airborne Elastic Wrap can be accessed after reaching weapon level 53. This attachment recovers back the lost aim down the sigh time and offers other pros of using it. For starters, the Airborne Elastic Wrap comes with +30% aim down the sight time, and 90% flinch resistance. It also improves the aim while going prone. However, all these benefits come at the cost of a -15% reduction in shooting movement speed and sprint to fire time.

Stock: Raider Pad

Unlocks at weapon level 54, the Raider Pad is an excellent attachment to equip with AUG. It is because for two reasons, 1) it recovers the lost sprint to fire time by granting a 30% increase, and b) the player gets 40% aim walking movement speed. Both pros come with a marginal cost of -30% reduction in hip-fire accuracy. But that is fine since our loadout focuses heavily on ADS and not hip-fire accuracy.

Secondary Weapon Loadout With AUG

For the secondary weapon we recommend going with Tiny Comrade or Sunburst. The reason for putting two suggestions instead of one is that the former is a blueprint and must be bought before using, and the latter weapon can be unlocked by progressing in the game. So, if you have already bought the Tiny Comrade, you must go with it; otherwise, the Sunburst is an excellent secondary weapon you should go with while creating AUG season 6 loadout. Here are the attachments for Sunburst weapon.

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  • Muzzle: Sound Suppressor
  • Barrel:2” Reinforced Heavy
  • Body: SWAT 5MW Laser Sight
  • Magazine: Salve 30 RND Fast Mag
  • Stock: Dual Wield

Best Perks & Wildcard For AUG 

Since we already suggested eight weapon attachments, that means you need to go with the Gunfighter Wildcard because this is the only Wildcard that allows players to equip up to eight weapon attachments instead of the standard five.

Best AUG Class Cold War loadout
Gunfighter Wildcard

Other than that, here are three perks you should go with while creating the best AUG class Cold War loadout. All three perks go hand in hand and therefore provide an edge while taking the fight head-on in the field.

Tactical Mask

Under the Perk 1 tab, we recommend picking up the Tactical Mask. Equipping this perk allows you to have significant resistance build-up towards the blinding and stunning effects caused by the tactical grenades. This is pretty much the useful perk out of three perks that you will need to equip.

Best AUG Class Cold War loadout
Tactical Mask Perk


Even though the weapon can store more rounds after equipping the magazine attachment but still the 3-round burst fire will quickly deplete the ammo. In that case, you must keep the ammo supply replenished, and that is why Scavenger is an excellent perk for that purpose. Your character will get back some amount of ammo from the fallen players after equipping this perk.

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Best AUG Class Cold War loadout
Scavenger Perk


From the Perk 3 tab, the Ghost is a befitting perk that goes well with the AUG season 6 loadout. The perk allows the player to remain invisible from the enemy’s radar and Spy plane. This increases survivability significantly and allows you to take out enemies by surprise since you’d be invisible on the radar.

Best AUG Class Cold War loadout
Ghost Perk

Best Equipment to Select for AUG Loadout

Besides picking the best perks for AUG season 6 loadout, you must also get the equipment that synergizes with the overall class setup. So, on that front, we have suggested the best equipment you should go with while running the above-mentioned loadout.


Stimshot is the most useful equipment we recommend equipping for the AUG season 6 loadout. It allows the player to kick in the healing process and replenish the lost health faster within a few seconds. So, always pick Stimshot if you want to have a playstyle that favors offense more than defense. 

Best AUG Class Cold War loadout


Semtex is the perfect explosive device that a) does relatively decent damage than most explosives and b) detonates whenever an enemy comes into its proximity. So, preferring this one over other explosive devices is a much better choice, and we also recommend going for Semtex than a grenade or Molotov.

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Trophy System

The Trophy System is an excellent pick for the field upgrade as it can disable an enemy’s thrown equipment towards you. Also, it works in a 10-meter radius which is a decent range for a field upgrade that can defend you and increase the overall survivability.

Best AUG Class Cold War loadout

Season 6 AUG Playstyle In COD Cold War

The AUG season 6 loadout that we have suggested does not favor a run and gun playstyle. You still can do it, but the end results will not be satisfactory as you may get eliminated more than take out others. In order to not disrupt the balance of K/D, you must go with the playstyle we suggest for AUG tactical rifle.

Since the weapon has a 3-burst round capability, shooting down an enemy while moving and sprinting will be difficult. It is because controlling the horizontal and vertical recoil components simultaneously will prove to be a strenuous effort. So, keeping that in mind, you must pick a room or space, reserve three to four corners, and strafe between each one of them momentarily. In this way, you will remain at a distance from the enemy and, most of the time, will be aiming down the sight, waiting for the enemies to run out of the cover and eliminate them. This playstyle is must different than camping in a way that you will be spraying enemies quickly since you have set up multiple vantage points and will strafe between them.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the best AUG class Cold War. Which is your go-to primary weapon in season 6? If it is AUG, then do you find our season 6 AUG loadout useful? Have you used Pelington sniper rifle in season 6? Let us know about it in the comments section below. Also, if you are into other similar games, like PUBG, check out PUBG Best Weapons: Tier List.

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