8 BEST Baseball Games On PS5 In 2023

Play these top-tier 8 MLB games by harnessing the next gen power of PlayStation 5.

Iconic games have become more common across all of the main gaming systems in the decades that have passed since their introduction. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in video game franchises, and as a result, baseball video games are some of the most played sports games to date. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the top baseball games on PS5 that you should play if you own that console.

Key Highlights
  • Baseball is a game that belongs to the sports game genre that is widely played by players belonging to different age levels. Sports games, in general, are very popular in today’s gaming industry.
  • We are going to be listing down the 8 Best Baseball Games that are available on the PS5. Games like Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, MLB the Show 21, Super Mega Baseball 3, and many others.
  • Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The game not only allows you to play Baseball but also allows you to enjoy a plethora of other sports as well. 
  • Little League World Series Baseball 2022: The LLWSB 2022 is a simulation game that is almost identical to in real life baseball. The gameplay is easy to understand and can be played by players of any age.
  • MLB The Show 21: The game is extremely fun as it allows a lot of different customizations that the players can choose from. A new thing added to this is the two-way role which allows a character to play more than one position.
  • R.B.I Baseball 21: This game allows players to Create Their Own Characters and use them in the Franchise Mode however they like. The gameplay is where it fails to deliver quality with having simple problems and bugs that if fixed could have made this game a Top 1 Contender for this list.
  • MLB The Show 20: The game developed by San Diego Studio now comes with a bunch of new features added to the game from New Game Modes, Mechanics, and Gameplay Features.
  • Super Mega Baseball 3: This game not only provides players with realistic gameplay but also provides them with different customization options as well as the Cartoon animation and art style that are added to the characters. 
  • MLB The Show 22: The MLB Show 22 allows players to experience better gameplay and playing style than its previous versions with Enhanced Graphics, New Modes, and a few other things.
  • MLB The Show 19: The game allows players to customize their characters to their liking. With its improved defense and problem fixes it has become a very fun game to play. 

The advent of baseball-themed video games may be traced back to the arcades of the early 1970s; subsequent titles, such as Home Run and Baseball, were published by Atari and the Nintendo Entertainment System accordingly.

Here is a summarized table of 8 best baseball games on PS5 in 2023:

GameAwardRelease DateDeveloperPlatform
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020NoneJune 22, 2021SegaNintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia, and Xbox Series X, and Series S
Little League World Series Baseball 2022NoneAugust 17, 2022IguanaBeePlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X and Series S
MLB The Show 21NoneApril 20, 2021San Diego StudioPlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S
R.B.I. Baseball 21NoneMarch 16, 2021MLBNintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X and Series S
MLB The Show 20NoneMarch 17, 2020San Diego StudioPlayStation 4
Super Mega Baseball 3NoneMay 13, 2020Metalhead Software Inc.Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Cloud Gaming, PC, and Amazon Luna
MLB The Show 22NoneApril 5, 2022San Diego StudioNintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming
MLB The Show 19NoneMarch 26, 2019
San Diego StudioPlayStation 4

8. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
  • Developer: SEGA
  • Release Date: June 22, 2021

In contrast to previous Olympic competitions, the schedule of events is not mostly comprised of athletics competitions. You will be able to experience full-fledged competitions in baseball, tennis, football, and boxing, in addition to the more classic button mashing that will be included in the 100-meter dash and the relay.

In particular, we dedicated a lot of time and effort to aim for the gold medal in baseball. Even more surprising was the level of skill shown by the CPU competitors. In the latter rounds that are involved in winning the gold medal, the computer-controlled pitcher will throw a number of different pitches, and powering up with the left bumper to score a solid hit for a home run with full bases was tremendously thrilling to pull off.

However, what’s strange about these competitions is the ascending difficulty curve. Within the “Olympic Games” mode, each individual sport is divided up into three separate rounds. The artificial intelligence opponents in the initial round of the vast majority of sports are utterly clueless and provide a very low level of difficulty. In the next round, they play at a somewhat higher level.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is not just the best baseball game on PS5, but it has the potential to be much more. There are a total of 46 games that you can actually play in this single video game. 

The artificial intelligence becomes merciless by the third round, which determines your medal placing. In games like baseball and table tennis, where there is more to the game than just mashing buttons, there were moments when it was difficult, but we didn’t feel like it was anything that couldn’t be overcome with enough practice. But anything that required constant button pounding was a whole other ballgame.

The design is also impressive, including vivid visuals and showy announcers. There are some pretty cool graphics that show you launching the hammer throw or spiking the ball in beach volleyball. This is the type of game where strong performances will see your avatar quite practically burst into a ball of flames.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game serves as a testament that SEGA is still the king when it comes to flashy sports games in an age when arcade releases are few and far between. This game was released in 2019.


  • Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 allows you to experience up to 46 different sports.
  • The AI in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is very good, especially in baseball.
  • The replay reel of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is incredibly well-executed.
  • The visual design and graphics of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 are great.
  • The loading screens offer you very cool and useful information about the real-world Olympics.


  • Some of the sports in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 are not as good as some others.
  • Many of the sports feel incredibly awkward and clunky to play.
  • Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 does not do a good job of explaining some of the game mechanics to you.
  • The AI, while amazing in the final round, is very bad in the first and second rounds.

7. Little League World Series Baseball 2022

Little League World Series Baseball 2022
  • Developer: IguanaBee
  • Release Date: August 17, 2022

The baseball video game Little League World Series 2022, which was developed by IguanaBee and published by GameMill Entertainment, has arrived with the potential to accomplish far more than just portray junior sports.

With its debut comes the opportunity to fill a need in the world of video games that have been left unfilled by other arcade baseball games. This year’s release is the first Little League World Series video game in more than a decade, and it has a refined blend of contemporary gameplay trappings and customization, along with enormous possibilities for gaming.

Whether you play in Quick Play or the actual tournament bracket for the Little League World Series 2022, you will have a great time. Because fundamental accessibility for players of all skill levels is the goal, the button prompts have been kept deliberately straightforward and easy to understand from the get-go.

The act of pitching involves selecting the kind of pitch to use, positioning the ball, and responding to a timing-based command shown on a flow meter.

The same thing happens in the batter’s box: accomplishing it requires accurately targeting where the swing passes over the plate and correctly timing it. This is in no way a simulation-heavy technique like that of MLB The Show, nor is it even the intention of this method.

The landscapes aren’t particularly spectacular or realistic, but they do a good job of complementing the cartoonish feel of the game. Every location is vibrant and, at the very least fascinating, and prominent props like enormous balloons in the air go very well with the setting.

Players have the ability to pick whether a game takes place during the day or night, which may drastically alter the visual presentation. In addition, there are far more locations than were originally thought to be included in the game.

The game supports local multiplayer for a maximum of four players and just a few different game types overall. The strategy makes a great deal of sense when one considers that the primary focus will be on multiplayer interactions in the same physical location.

This video game looks and feels very different from the others we have included in the list. It probably has to do with different developers other than San Diego Studio, who are known to have developed MLB The Show games for quite some time. The unique playstyle makes Little League World Series Baseball 2022 the best baseball game on PS5 to play in 2023.


  • The UI and menu in Little League World Series Baseball 2022 are very well-made and welcoming.
  • The graphics of Little League World Series Baseball 2022 are great and have a cartoon aesthetic to them that appeals to a younger audience.
  • The gameplay mechanics are relatively easy to understand and there is not much of a learning curve to them.
  • The tutorial of Little League World Series Baseball 2022 is great.


  • Little League World Series Baseball 2022 can be incredibly unresponsive sometimes.
  • The fielding camera can be horrible at times and the mechanics can be weird.
  • Little League World Series Baseball 2022 can start to get incredibly repetitive after a while.

6. MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 game
  • Developer: San Diego Studio
  • Release Date: April 20, 2021

In 2021, MLB The Show 21 had been in the news for reasons that had little to do with the actual game itself. The game, which was developed by Sony and is now accessible on Microsoft platforms in a move that has never been attempted before, marks the end of a 15-year exclusive period for PlayStation.

MLB The Show 21 upholds the series’ high standard of quality once the ball is in play, which is a radical transformation for a series that is also entering its premiere on next-gen platforms. 

Your possibilities are restricted when you only have access to a single Ballplayer since you are unable to design more than one unique character. It is still possible to create many saves in order to generate characters who play in various positions, but you will have to use the same player in each one. In addition to this, there is a brand new loadout system that enables you to create many unique loadouts for your characters.

Because MLB The Show has always been among the aesthetically pleasing sports games, the jump in graphical quality that comes with the PlayStation 5 version is not a particularly substantial one. Lighting has been enhanced, and in particular, managers now seem to have a more genuine appearance than they did previously.

However, the incorporation of hundreds of new animations has had a considerably more noticeable effect on the game’s aesthetics, contributing to the smoothness and feeling of realism of the experience. The haptic feedback feature of the PS5 controller is also put to excellent use, as it simulates the sensation of the ball being hit off the end of a bat or caught in the glove of a fielder by transmitting sensations through the player’s hands.

Fielding has also been made much better with the addition of more fluid animations and enhanced indications. Check swings are also totally dependent on player skill now, eliminating an element of randomness that was previously there even if the player discipline characteristic had an influence. This change was made despite the fact that check swings were previously affected by player discipline.

This new pitching interface is the most difficult one in the game, and how accurate you can rely on whether or not you can properly execute it. Following the selection of the pitch type and its position, you will need to make precise movements with the right analog stick in order to sketch a pattern that is determined by the pitch you have chosen.

Once you cross the foul line, MLB The Show 21 maintains its status as one of the top sports games currently on the market, just like the games that came before it. All of these elements help to mitigate the disappointment caused by the game’s missing features, commentary, and changes to Road to the Show and Franchise, or the lack thereof.

Even if it’s not the finest premiere the series could’ve had on new technology, MLB The Show is still the uncontested champ when it comes to simulating nine innings of baseball, which is America’s favorite pastime.


  • There is a very good stadium creator introduced in MLB The Show 21.
  • MLB The Show 21 allows you to play in a 2-way role, which means you can play the role of both the pitcher and the striker.
  • There are over 100 new animations added to MLB The Show 21.
  • There is haptic feedback available on the PlayStation 5 version of MLB The Show 21 through the PS5 controller.


  • While the stadium creator in MLB The Show 21 has a lot of depth, the customization menu can be incredibly confusing to navigate and lead to a lot of confusion for some players, as the UI is not very intuitive.
  • There is a lack of realistic changes to the time in MLB The Show 21.
  • The story mode in MLB The Show 21 is still incredibly dull and does not offer you anything new to keep you engaged throughout the story.
  • There are many glitches present in MLB The Show 21.

5. R.B.I. Baseball 21

R.B.I. Baseball 21

RBI Baseball 21 is the game that, if ever there was a compelling argument for shelling out the additional cash to get MLB The Show 21, it would be this one. RBI Baseball 21, the newest game in the RBI Baseball series developed by MLB Advanced Media, aims to provide players with a more realistic experience while retaining the arcade-style gameplay of previous entries in the series.

Even if it is capable of doing certain tasks adequately, the majority of it is contained in packaging that is not even worth handling. Let’s have a conversation about what we can accomplish before we get started with the activity on the field. Play Now, Home Run Derby, Postseason, and Franchise Mode are all a part of RBI Baseball 21.

There is also a brand-new option called “Create-A-Player,” which gives you the freedom to construct the players you choose, even yourself. It is a rather extensive suite for a first-time presentation, and you can take the players that you design into Franchise Mode to utilize any way you want to use them there.

The franchise mode is where you’ll invest all of your energy as you try to turn your club into a contender for the World Series over the course of up to ten seasons. The mode provides you with a variety of parameters that you may adjust, much as in previous iterations of the game, but there is not much there that you have not seen before.

The gameplay is where RBI Baseball 21 really fails to deliver in a variety of different ways. The animation, artificial intelligence, and simple basic problems are rampant in this flawed video game. R.B.I Baseball games have always stood their ground and feel quite something special and polished baseball games. Still, there are some flaws attached to this game; otherwise, it could have been the number one best baseball game on PS5 for MLB players.

The gameplay does have a few redeeming qualities, which is a relief. Hitting does feel better than in previous entries since the game is more responsive overall, and this applies to all of the controls. And pitching is simple to understand and offers a satisfying balance between the straightforward arcade gameplay and the high-stakes simulation experience.

The visual presentation of RBI Baseball 21 is one of the game’s strongest points. The player models are excellent, and the arenas are well designed. It’s a very pleasant transition when you move from a bright afternoon sky to a setting sun at nightfall, thanks to the new advancing day & night cycle, which contributes to the game’s sense of realism and makes it seem more like real life.

Fran Charles of MLB Network will do play-by-play for the first time throughout the series. This will be a first for the series. But if we’re being honest, this is a feature that should never have made it out of the locker room. Even while the inclusion of play-by-play commentary was something that a lot of fans, including myself, wanted, it doesn’t seem like it was a feature that was completely developed.

RBI Baseball 21 is a title that may be worth acquiring if you truly want a mobile MLB game for the Switch or if you have a little kid who probably won’t worry excessively about the issues that are there in the game.


  • The models of the players in R.B.I Baseball 21 are very well designed and so are the stadiums.
  • R.B.I Baseball 21 has real day and night cycles that add more immersion to the gameplay experience.
  • You can create your own custom character in R.B.I Baseball 21 in the Create-A-Player mode.
  • The graphics in R.B.I Baseball 2 are great and do a great job of creating the look of a real baseball broadcast.


  • The gameplay of R.B.I Baseball 21 is one of the most horrible aspects of the game.
  • R.B.I Baseball 21’s audio design is not that good.
  • The gameplay can be incredibly laggy in R.B.I Baseball 21.

4. MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20
  • Developer: San Diego Studio
  • Release Date: March 17, 2020

Fielding and defense have been given a lot of attention in MLB 20, and as a result, the game has a few new twists without significantly upsetting the status quo. The difference between outfielders of the Gold Glove class and those of ordinary humans is now a little clearer, especially when the Ai is in charge of the game.

This year, the top outfielders in the game are considerably more tuned in than they were last year. They are responding to the ball as it comes off the bat with genuine precision and a reliable first step.

In addition to that, there is a brand new feature called the Extreme Catch Indicator, which recognizes bloop singles and hard-sinking line drives that are almost on the cusp of being catchable. If, on the other hand, an average defender is rushing towards the ball, you could find it prudent to play it safe and position yourself in such a way that you can collect the ball after it has bounced.

MLB The Show 20 video game tried to introduce many new in-game mechanics, and some of those were actually appreciated by the fan base. Still, there are some downsides or un-polished areas that could have been done better. Don’t get us wrong, and this video game is still the fourth-best baseball game on PS5 to us. However, we just think it could have done much more.

This is all connected to the newly implemented Perfect system, which optimizes your chances of having a successful at-bat to the greatest extent possible. The first stage of this new gameplay element is denoted by the appearance of three dots in the middle of each player’s PCI.

In terms of new game modes, MLB 20 adds a handful of new features to the Franchise mode, which improves the overall experience. You may now replace an existing team in your Franchise with one of your own created teams, giving you the flexibility to establish unique teams.

Again, Online Leagues are a baby step in the right way, and it’s wonderful to be able to play in tournaments with a bunch of friends, but one would expect that Online Franchise would make a comeback in some form in the future edition of The Show.

A new game option called Showdown has been added, and it’s kind of like a combination of Moments and Battle Royale. You begin the game by choosing a core team of players, and then you proceed to go through a series of events that are frequently modeled on pivotal occasions in the history of baseball.

You will have the option to select more players to better your squad, obtain unique benefits, and add runs to your final score if you successfully complete each task along the road. This will allow you to lower the deficit that you need to battle back from.

MLB The Show 20 does not take any significant steps forward, opting instead to concentrate on polishing aspects that were lacking in MLB The Show 19, which was the previous installment in the series.


  • The outfielding in MLB The Show 20 has been drastically improved.
  • MLB The Show 20 has introduced minor league rosters that boast 100s of real baseball players.
  • MLB The Show 20 allows you to transfer all of the rewards you earn in Diamond Dynasty Mode, such as your equipment or experience points, into other modes.
  • There is a completely new mode introduced with MLB The Show 20 inside the Diamond Dynasty Mode, called showdown mode.


  • MLB The Show 20 has made little to no changes to the Franchise Mode.
  • While MLB The Show 20 gives you a lot of in-depth customization options for your custom character and team management simulator, there is still no mode in the game that allows you to create your own stadiums.
  • Many players had been excited about the custom league mode, but it failed to deliver the depth players expected from the mode and the execution was horrible.
  • There are still no multiplayer options for Franchise Mode.

3. Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3
  • Developer: Metalhead Software
  • Release Date: December 16, 2014

It’s weird to think about it today, but there was once a stage when baseball fans had access to a diverse offering of different games to pick from. You could get baseball games that included robots, tiny kids, or even live bobbleheads to play if you didn’t want a detailed recreation of the actual thing, like MLB The Show. These games were all available.

Not only does Super Mega Baseball 3 provide a less serious choice, but it also brings back some old favorites in the form of retro-style pick-up-and-play gameplay and features. This is how the game “throws it back.”

The baseball gameplay in Super Mega Baseball 3 is more simulation-like than arcade-style, continuing the series’ heritage of realism and polish while maintaining straightforward controls that even novice players can easily understand.

Everything that we enjoyed about the gameplay of Super Mega Baseball 2 has been carried over into Super Mega Baseball 3, including the highly configurable difficulty level and the player confidence that is dependent on their success. The option to employ powerful swings and pitches has been reinstated, and some good changes have been made to raise both the risks and the benefits of timing your moves well.

The runners in Super Mega Baseball 3 leave the base as soon as the steal button is pushed, making for an exciting timed mini-game that replicates the tense situation that occurs while stealing a base in the actual sport. This small tweak truly makes taking a bag a lot more enjoyable and involved, particularly since circumstance and time now decide whether or not theft is successful.

The over-the-top, cartoony player designs from Super Mega Baseball 2 are returning, although the game’s reception to them has been mixed. Although I like the variety and scope of the players, too many of them seem to have been pieced together in an unnatural way from random components.

Super Mega Baseball 3 is a wonderful-looking game. Players have a lot of characters because of the hilarious and unique animations. The stadiums have been outfitted with stunning new lighting choices like dusk, mist, and summer haze, among others. It would seem that all of this comes at the expense of somewhat increased loading times.

The very user-friendly customizing options, including what is perhaps the greatest logo designer available in any sports video game, are also worthy of mention. It is not difficult at all to design inventive and entertaining logos that may be used on the baseball caps of even the lowest level of professional baseball.

After being restricted to single seasons in Super Mega Baseball 2, the new multi-year Franchise Mode is a highly welcome addition to the game and maybe the single most significant update. Although it won’t be able to match with the level of complexity seen in games like MLB The Show, I like how this simplified perspective places a focus on discovering and cultivating individuals with their own distinct styles.

The sound design continues to be mediocre, just as it was in the previous two games in the series. The background music and walkup music are rather unremarkable, but the loudness of the crowd at the gameday adds the ambiance.

The gameplay of the third installment of the Super Mega Baseball series is unaltered from previous installments, and it continues to be accessible to players of all skill levels. In spite of this, upgrading grants access to a plethora of new features that make the investment in time and money worthwhile.


  • Super Mega Baseball 3 allows you to have varied and customizable difficulty options.
  • The matches in Super Mega Baseball 3 are incredibly realistic and have no special abilities or power-ups that can make baseball complicated.
  • Every single aspect that made the predecessor, Super Mega Baseball 2 has been added and improved upon in Super Mega Baseball 3.
  • The AI in Super Mega Baseball 3 is incredibly well-designed and acts naturally.


  • The sound design in Super Mega Baseball 3 is not the best and is notorious for having incredibly awkward music.
  • Many players have complained about Super Mega Baseball 3 not being based on skill.
  • Super Mega Baseball 3 has a lot of glitches.
  • The UI is not the best.

2. MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22
  • Developer: San Diego Studio
  • Release Date: April 5, 2022

While MLB The Show 22 ticks all the boxes that make it a true next-generation baseball game experience, we still think the 2019 iteration of MLB game is still better.

The process of fielding the ball in MLB The Show 22 is much easier because of the addition of a myriad of new animations, which also contribute to the game’s overall smoother feel. There is a greater disparity between strong fielders and poor fielders, with Gold Glovers executing superior routes and responding more quickly to fly balls than their less-than-superior peers, who are more prone to make mistakes and misplay the ball.

Before the first pitch, there are some snazzy new visuals in the outfield that have an augmented reality-like quality to them, but the new commentary team has the most significant influence on the game.

Chris Singleton is the most recent color commentator to come to the series. There is, unfortunately, more duplication than there ever was in the past since there are not 15 years’ worth of built-up lines to take from. You will hear many of the same lines repeated again and over, often within the same game.

When it comes to the different game modes, MLB The Show 22 expands the March to October option so that players may play through numerous seasons rather than just a single season and be done with it. This gives the gameplay more complexity.

Prior to the game’s release, improved trade logic was hailed as an essential addition, although the computer opponent still has a tendency to trade their best stars for rather little rewards. The Show’s Franchise mode is still many steps behind that of some of its contemporary competitors.

The career mode of MLB The Show 22, titled Road to the Show, is similar in that it does not include anything that is enticingly fresh or fascinatingly distinct from what has gone before. There are additional live-action podcast pieces that take place in between the action that takes place on the field.

These experiences are entertaining, but they aren’t always relevant, and they don’t actually contribute anything noteworthy to your progression from the minor leagues to the show. To everyone’s relief, the rate of player advancement is far quicker than it was a year ago.

Additionally, Diamond Dynasty is back, and it continues to be one of the most compelling illustrations of the Ultimate Team notion. Mini Seasons are a brand new addition to the single-player portion of MLB The Show 22, which also has the most generous card-collecting option currently available in any sports video game.

Co-op is one of the new game modes that has been added to the Diamond Dynasty suite of options. If you do wish to compete against other players, you may do so. You are able to form alliances with one or two other players and compete against other human players in head-to-head, two-on-two, or three-on-three battles.

It is tough to deny how conservative the series has become for the last two years; nonetheless, there is still a load of things to dig into, and MLB The Show 22 will make you occupied throughout the winter months. This is another great sports game in the vein of MLB The Show 21, which was a lot of fun. The issue is that there are fewer and fewer reasons to update, and this is becoming an increasingly problematic trend.


  • The graphics in MLB The Show 22 are amazing.
  • MLB The Show 22 introduces a new broadcast crew with Jon Boog Sciambi and Chris Singleton who have successfully replaced the voices of the previous announcers in the series.
  • The gameplay in MLB The Show 22 is both simple and complex at the same time.
  • MLB The Show 22 also features a new online mode in the form of co-op that allows you to team up with your friends or other random players online in either 2v2 or 3v3 formats.


  • While the new 2v2 and 3v3 formats are incredibly fun, the execution falls short since you cannot pick and choose your opponents.
  • While MLB The Show 22 has successfully introduced cross-platform play, the online servers are very bad.
  • The umpire AI in MLB The Show 22 is notoriously horrible.

1. MLB The Show 19

MLB The Show 19

Fielding has gotten the most major changes out on the field in MLB The Show 19, with the Defensive Runs Saved statistic being at the center of the spotlight. Now any player sporting a clothing glove is more proactive than they were in the past. This includes sprinting to field balls that are hit weakly, rebounding fast from dropped catches, and employing a multitude of new animations that offer you greater control over the defensive aspect of the game.

It also depends on the outfielder’s traits and how they respond to the ball flying off the bat, and a new interface makes it easier or harder to interpret balls that careen off the outfield wall depending on the skill level of the player who is defending. 

This year, it seems like the pitcher will give you a little bit more leeway while you’re at the plate. There is now a clearer contrast between the many kinds of contact that may be made with the ball, and having more ways to make contact with the ball makes batting a more fun experience.

In terms of the game’s modes, the most noteworthy new feature is March to October, which functions in essence as a condensed and more automated version of the Franchise Mode. March to October was included as a result of player demand.

Nevertheless, as you go through the blocks of the season, a certain degree of alienation will inevitably come about as a natural consequence. The fact that games are played from March to October means that individual players’ performances have an effect on the overall form of their teams, even if they are only participating in games for two or three innings at a time.

It takes around 10 to 15 hours to finish a complete season in MLB 19, and if you win the World Series at the end of the March to October portion of the game, you will get prizes for the card-collecting mode known as Diamond Dynasty. This isn’t going to be an incentive that piques everyone’s interest, and because the period from March to October still takes up a significant amount of time, the game doesn’t have any replay value.

Moments is yet another new update that places you in vital circumstances, albeit the primary distinction, in this case, is that the events in question were historically significant. It does not provide an accurate replica of the history of baseball since it includes a large number of preset players in addition to modern commentary and visual overlays.

In addition to offering you the chance to take on the roles of legendary players in Diamond Dynasty before you obtain their playing cards, Moments also gives you an additional way to rack up prizes for your efforts in the game.

Road to the Show adds a few extra role-playing game features this year to provide the much-requested effect that players are looking for in their conversation selections. During the process of creating your character, you will be presented with redesigned archetypes and will be required to choose one of them. Each archetype will serve as a physical blueprint for the kind of player you want to be.

Concerning the Franchise Mode, there isn’t all that much more to say. Contracts now more accurately reflect their real-life equivalents in terms of both the number of years and the amount of money. This gives the financial aspect of Franchise Mode a more realistic feel, but other than that, the mode is exactly the same as it has been for the last several years.

MLB The Show 19 thrives when it comes to the variety of single-player content that is offered. Additionally, big improvements to fielding round out the on-field package, trying to make this one of the best baseball games ever made.


  • MLB The Show 19 has greatly improved the defensive aspects of the game.
  • Road to the Show has been upgraded a lot in MLB The Show 19, it now allows a wide variety of customization options for your character that are not just visual.
  • You can enjoy MLB The Show 19 to its max potential without having to face any paywalls.
  • The UI in MLB The Show 19 is great and there are many new widgets added to the game that show very useful information in a clean and easy-to-understand format.


  • There is little to no skill ceiling in MLB The Show 19.
  • Many players believe that MLB The Show 19 is not worth the price tag.
  • Controlling a fielder in MLB The Show 19 can feel very awkward and clunky.

Wrap Up

The sport of baseball is played and watched by millions of people all around the globe. It has fanbases that span many generations and famous athletes. With the intensity that will have you on the edge of your seat, it should come as no surprise that baseball has been turned into a video game so many times. Because there are so many various variations of baseball games, it might be difficult to choose which ones are the finest.

Players of baseball video games, like fans of real-life sports, are searching for a variety of various experiences to have when playing these games. It’s possible that all you want to do is bash dingers all day long with the press of a button. Or maybe you’d want a realistic experience.

Taking on the position of manager and using your negotiating skills to lead your team to victory could be more appealing to you. There is a baseball game out there that caters to every possible preference, so look around. Also, let us know which top 3 games from our best baseball games on PS5 guide are your favorites. 

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