12 BEST Monster Hunter Rise Bows

Our best bows in monster hunter rise guide details 12 top-tier bows that you should use if you like a ranged playstyle in the game.

It’s possible that you’re considering diversifying your playstyle by choosing one melee build, such as Dual Blades or Great Swords, and one ranged class, such as light or heavy bowguns, to secure all of your areas. You can also come to the conclusion that a strong Gunlance is the best option to fulfill both requirements. However, with Monster Hunter Rise, the newest addition to the series, things have been taken to another level.

On the other hand, a traditional hunter may feel more comfortable with a bow and arrow. Not only may bows provide inherent elemental bonus stats, but many of them also have the ability to shoot a variety of different kinds of arrows.

Key Highlights
  • Bows are a great weapon that the players can use in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Players can use bows for long range fights. Players can use bows most effectively when you need to take down a great number of enemies.
  • There is a great variety of bows that are available in the game so, choosing a bow suitable for one is difficult.
  • The Heaven’s Glaze and the Flying Kadachi Striker, the Demon’s Guidance, Herald’s Battlebow, Beastking Thunderbow, Abyssal Gale Bow and Tyrant Bow are some of the best bows that players can use in a game.
  • Prominence Bow 2, Dark Filament, Night Flight, Despot’s Earlybolt and Flaming Rage Bow are also great choices for the players.
  • Players need to choose a bow keeping in mind its different style and combination of skills. 
  • Each bow has its own benefits and has certain drawbacks. Players can use the bow that best suits their playstyle.

Each bow has its own distinct style thanks to the many skill combinations available, and some of them even have more than one parlor trick to showcase, all while maintaining the traditional gameplay of the hunter class.

The use of bows in Monster Hunter demonstrates that there is no substitute for the tried-and-true method of killing, particularly when it comes to taking down enormous creatures in Monster Hunter Rise. Even though the Bow was not necessary a weapon that was included in the very first Monster Hunter video game, the debut of the Bow in future versions established the attractiveness of such a formidable weapon in the Monster Hunter series.

The Bow continues to live up to its fame as being quite the dependable long-range weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, particularly when employed against the most difficult monsters in the title.

Fans who are interested in trying out Bows for the first time, on the other hand, may find it difficult to select a particular weapon for use in their hunting expeditions. Which Bows distinguish themselves from the rest of their weapon class, and which of those Bows are absolutely necessary to acquire in order to take on the majority of the game’s enemies?

Heaven’s Glaze

monster hunter rise best bow heavens glaze

The Heaven’s Glaze bow is easily one of the best bows in Monster Hunter Rise. The Heavens Glaze is an elemental bow whose element is ice. It carries 50 ice, which is one of the highest base elements of a bow.

Not only this, but the bow also has 190 raw attacks, allowing players to deal insane amounts of ice damage to enemies vulnerable to ice while also having good raw damage. Its Rampage skills include Attack Boost 3, Ice Boost 2, and Element Exploit. These skills make it a powerful enough bow, allowing players to clear most content easily, let alone its stats.

The only thing that slightly lets it down is that the Heaven’s Glaze bow can only fire a maximum of level 3 rapid shots. It means that players can only fire a  maximum of three shots instead of four. However, the damage which it deals with alone covers up this fact.

Moreover, the bow also uses power coating; the ability further boosts the damage output of the bow. All these stats and skills make the bow a top pick among many players. The bow also has a level three slot.

Flying Kadachi Striker

monster hunter rise best bow flying kadachi striker

The Flying Kadachi Striker is a bow for players who enjoy using the thunder element. The bow is from the Kadachi tree. The bow has great stats for a bow and is easily one of the strongest and best bows in Monster Hunter Rise.

Like the Heaven’s Glaze bow, the Flying Kadachi Striker also has 190 raw damage, which is exceptionally good. It has 23 thunder elements, which is not as strong as Heaven’s Glaze base element but is still strong enough to defeat enemies vulnerable to thunder with a breeze.

Moreover, the bow has great consistency since it has access to only rapid shots, meaning it can constantly deal great damage without any buffs.

Compared with Heaven’s Glaze, this bow has the edge over the former bow because it has a maximum of level 4 rapid shots. Moreover, it also has 15 affinities, the affinity stat stacks very well with weakness exploits, and the super important power coating.

On top of that, it has a power coating, further boosting your damage output. Not only this, but it also is good for creating an opening on any monster as it barely takes a few seconds to build status on a monster.

Prominence Bow II

The prominence Bow 2 is found from the Rathalos tree. The Element of The Prominence Bow II is Fire, and it has 21 elemental damage, which is average. However, it does have a very high attack of 200. When combined, these two stats make Prominence Bow II a great choice and the bane of enemies vulnerable to Fire and Raw damage. Its higher charged shots fired to a max of spread level 3.

However, keep in mind that it also has access to Rapid level 4 shots, which cope with its rather lower spread charged shots level. This also means that it shoots a maximum of 5 arrows, which most players seem to care about.

Moreover, on top of the stats the bow has and the utility it provides, the bow also has a level 1 jewel slot, which players can get creative and insert a fire jewel, i.e., if the monster is prone to fire damage.

Another reason the bow is so good, and is often considered one of the best bows in Monster Hunter Rise, is its access to a decent variety of coatings, including power coatings. Furthermore, the bow possesses the Rampage skill, which covers up any limitation the Prominence Bow II has from having a spread shot of level 3.

Dark Filament

No Hunter will ever find defeating the Apex Rathalos a simple task, but those who do manage to do so will be able to utilize its body parts to craft the potent Dark Filament. This 23% Affinity has a slotting of 1, along with the Fire Element, to suit the violent aspect of the character.

Its uncompromising construction is continued to its Rampage Skills, with the focus being placed on enhancing assaults, Charge Shots, which either prioritize speed or spread, and Compatible Coatings, which stresses power.

Night Flight

monster hunter rise best bow night flight

The Night Flight Bow is an extremely powerful pierce bow. It is associated with the Naga Cougar tree. It has 210 raw attacks, which is very powerful. It has no element, as it is only a piercing bow. However, its raw attack is not what earns it a spot on our list.

The main reason the Night Flight is on our list is that it has 40% affinity, which is groundbreakingly high. The bow is detrimental by the fact that it has no access to any power coating at all; however, it does make up for its high-level piercing shots.

Despite its shortcomings, the Night Flight bow is easily considered one of the best bows in Monster Hunter Rise.

Despot’s Earlybolt

The electrified Zinogre is fashioned into a stunning Bow, which serves as the Despot’s Earlybolt. Due to its 0 Affinity, Affinity Arc Shot, and one slotting, this Bow is a rather neutral weapon. Hunters that seek to destroy enemies with lightning-fast retribution will like the Bow.

Its Rampage Skills, which are designed to make use of Thunder’s strengths against marine enemies, fit its Thunder Element well. It is possible for its Charge Shots to go from Rapid to Pierce shots, and Compatible Coatings may put more of an emphasis on either raw damage or sheer power.

Demon’s Guidance

The legendary Chameleos are transformed into the primary component of the exquisite Demon’s Guidance; this item is an absolute necessity for anybody who appreciates beautiful artwork. Regardless of the fact that it does not possess Affinity or Element, it does have three slots and Compatible Coatings, both of which accentuate the player’s total offensive.

It possesses Recovery Arc Shot, which makes it a fantastic supporting Bow, and availability to neutral Rampage Skills, which grant general increases to attack and defense. Together, these two features make it a strong all-around Bow.

It is the sole possible upgrade for the Genie’s Grimoire I Bow, which, in and of itself, is an appropriate complement to the mysterious motifs that run throughout this collection of armaments.

Herald’s Battlebow

The power of the Herald’s Battlebow is a tribute to the Goss Harag, and it is a strong match for the Alloy Set because of its alloy-based construction. Despite the fact that it does not have any Elements or Affinities, its one-slotting and Brace Arc Shot make it a good match for its strong Charge Shot, which develops from being Spread-based to being Rapid-based, and Rampage Skills, which improves total damage.

These components are an excellent match to its Compatible Coatings, which allow the Hunter to get up close and personal with the prey it is pursuing.

Beastking Thunderbow

The Rajang is still a dangerous and terrifying opponent, and the Beastking Thunderbow is a fine demonstration of Hunter’s ability to vanquish it. Regardless of the fact that it does not have an affinity and its slots are 3, the thunder-based aspect skills and rampage skills provide Hunters a significant advantage against foes that are vulnerable to thunder.

Aside from this specific elemental affinity, the Bow is also fiercely developed based on its Pierce Charge Shots and Compatible Coatings. Both of these aspects contribute to Bow’s overall design.

Abyssal Gale Bow

In light of the divine nature of the Wind Serpent Ibushi, it is a tribute to Hunter’s ability that they were able to eliminate them while also crafting the Abyssal Gale Bow in the process. It makes up for the fact that it does not have an Affinity or a slotting preference by having the Dragon Element and favoring attacks that do the most damage possible.

This is shown by its Brace Arc Shot and its developing Charge Shot, which includes both Pierce and Rapid Shots in its arsenal. In addition, the Rampage Skills cause the Bow to have a preference for defense against flying monsters, particularly dragons, as well as protection against other types of dragons.

Tyrant Bow

The Diablos may be a scary adversary for the majority of Monster Hunter Rise Hunters, but even more frightening are the Hunters, who are tenacious in their pursuit of the Tyrant’s Bow by hunting the Diablos. It’s possible that this Bow is missing an Element, has a -20% Affinity penalty, and only has one slotting.

On the other hand, it makes up for its lack of a destructive Brace Arc Shot and Rampage Skills that place a strong emphasis on defensive play. In addition to it, its Charge Blast may change from a fast to a more powerful shot, which pairs well with its lethal selection of Compatible Coatings, which enable Hunters to destroy enemies from a close range.

Making the Tyrant Bow requires 70,000 Zenny, two Horns of Origin, and one Diablos Medulla. It is possible to obtain the Tyrant Bow using this method. The Diablos Coilbender weapon tree begins with the Diablos Coilbener I and continues with the Diablos Coilbender II. 

Flaming Rage Bow

monster hunter rise best bow flaming rage bow

The Flaming Rage bow is associated with the androgynous tree. It “technically” is an Elemental bow, with its element being Fire. The reason it’s technically a fire bow is that it does deal fire damage; however, its elemental stat is only 9.

What makes the Flaming Rage bow so good if its elemental stat is so low? Don’t worry; you may go on and invest all you have on the bow because its real damage does not come from its fire damage but its extremely high attack of 240. So, this is more of a broken raw bow than a fire bow.

It has great consistency since it has Rapid charged shots up to level 4. Not only it, but the reason why it is the best out of all other raw damage bows is also the fact that it has access to power coating. This allows it to deal with even higher numbers with minimal effort.

However, it does have -20 affinity but worries not, as it has access to heavy-hitting strikes due to its Rampage skill. Not only does the rampage skill boost its attack, but it also sometimes deals increased damage in stacks, further balancing the fact that it has -20 affinity.

It has a total of 2 slots, one level one and the other level two. The level two slot is pretty useful for sliding in a stamina surge or anything else you want, same goes for the level one slot.

Final Words

Because of the current meta, players that utilize bows are having a blast in Monster Hunter: Rise: Sunbreak. This is due to the fact that ranged weapons are very potent. You’ll need the greatest Bow build, just as you would for any other class in Monster Hunter if you want to be successful in taking out the game’s most fearsome creatures.

Because Sunbreak has several armor sets, each with its own unique set of abilities, the expansion offers a wide variety of possible builds.

Nevertheless, players are able to follow the rules for some of the best pieces of armor, Decorations, and general abilities. The time and work put in to get all of the essential equipment will be well worth it, although it may take some time.

That is pretty much everything players need to know about the best bows in Monster Hunter Rise; if you think we missed any important detail about the bows listed above or didn’t include your favorite bow, then please do let us know in the comments down below.

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