Madden 21: Teams With The Best Defense [Top 15]

Our best defense in madden 21 entails top 15 teams that have perfect defense play and can win matches easily as opposed to offensive teams.

When making a team or choosing one in Madden 21, players usually select teams or sports stars based on their favorite players or the best offensive players. They ignore the importance of a great defense and later pay the price in the game. So, here are the 15 teams that have simply the best defense in Madden 21.

Key Takeaways
  • Defense is a crucial factor in any sports game and Madden NFL 21 is no exception.
  • A team with solid defense is sure to make it much further than a team that only has solid offense.
  • There are a plethora of teams to choose from in Madden NFL 21 and each with its own unique traits. For this list, we are looking at defense as the major trait.
  • Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Chargers, Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, and Chicago Bears are some of the teams listed.
  • Each of these teams excels in defense with players having overall ratings ranging from 80 all the way to 99.

Madden 21 Best Defense Teams

We have come up with the top 15 teams from our experience with the game and what Madden 21 players usually pick for defensive plays. Here’s a comparison between the 15 Best Madden 21 Defenses:

RankTeam NameOverall RatingDefense RatingBest Defenders (Rating, Position)
1Chicago Bears82.089.0- Khalil Mack => (97, LOLB)
- Eddie Jackson => (89, FS)
- Akiem Hicks => (88, LE)
2San Francisco 49ers89.087.0- Richard Sherman => (91, CB1)
- Nick Bosa => (89, RE)
- Fred Warner => (87, MLB)
3New Orleans Saints93.086.0- Cameron Jordan => (96, LE)
- Demario Davis => (89, ROLB)
- Marshon Lattimore => (86, CB1)
4Baltimore Ravens87.086.0- Calais Campbell => (95, RE)
- Marlon Humphrey => (89, CB2)
- Brandon Williams => (86, DT1)
5New England Patriots79.085.0- Stephon Gilmore => (99, CB1)
- Dont'a Hightower => (88, MLB)
- Jason McCourty => (85, CB2)
6Detroit Lions75.085.0- Trey Flowers => (86, RE)
- Jamie Collins => (83, LOLB)
- Desmond Trufant => (83, CB1)
7Pittsburgh Steelers84.084.0- Cameron Heyward => (90, RE)
- Stephon Tuitt => (87, LE)
- Minkah Fitzpatrick => (87, FS)
8Buffalo Bills83.084.0- Tre'Davious White => (91, CB1)
- Micha Hyde => (88, FS)
- Jordan Poyer => (85, SS)
9Denver Broncos79.084.0- Von Miller => (97, LOLB)
- Justin Simmons => (90, FS)
- Kareem Jackson => (88, SS)
10Tampa Bay Buccaneers85.083.0- Lavonte David => (90, MLB)
- Vita Vea => (87, DT1)
- Ndamukong Suh => (86, RE)
11Los Angeles Chargers81.083.0- Joey Bosa => (91, LE)
- Casey Hayward Jr. => (89, CB1)
- Derwin James Jr. => (89, SS)
12Dallas Cowboys86.082.0- DeMarcus Lawrence => (89, LE)
- Gerald McCoy => (85, DT1)
- Jaylon Smith => (83, ROLB)
13Los Angeles Rams78.082.0- Aaron Donald => (99, RE)
- Jalen Ramsey => (94, CB1)
- John Johnson III => (84, SS)
14Minnesota Vikings83.081.0- Harrison Smith => (95, SS)
- Danielle Hunter => (89, LE)
- Eric Kendricks => (89, MLB)
15Tennessee Titans80.081.0- Kevin Byard => (91, FS)
- Adoree Jackson => (83, CB1)
- Harold Landry III => (82, ROLB)

15. Tennessee Titans

With superstar defenders such as Jonathan Joseph, Kevin Byard, and Adoree Jackson, The Titans are fairly covered when it comes to the defense department. Their weaknesses in attack aren’t a mystery and something they look to improve each year, but their 81 rated defense seems to be enough to give them an overall rating of 80. This, however, is lower than what they were rated in the last game.  

14. Minnesota Vikings

Rated 86 in defense last year; this certainly wasn’t a season up to the Vikings’ standards. This year EA has given them an overall rating of 83 and 81 in defense. With 95, 89, and 89 ratings, Smith, Kendrick, and Hunter lead the defense and ensure nothing gets past their brick wall.

The Vikings have never been an easy opponent, and it seems as if they are once again looking to strengthen their team, which will hopefully give them good results, both in real life and the game.

Minnesota Vikings Smith and Kendrick
Minnesota Vikings Players

13. Los Angeles Rams

As Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsay lead from the front, it’s no understatement that there is no other defender in the team who can hold out the back on his own. These two players have been solid picks and have saved the Rams countless times from dire situations.

Their experience and the ability to organize the defense isn’t much spoken of, but those who truly know the game understand their worth. The Los Angeles Rams got 82 ratings in defense and 78 overall which is less than what they got last year.

12. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are famous for their offensive players. Years go by but the trend of Cowboys picking star attackers hasn’t changed. This year too, they are stacked with quality offensive players. When it comes to defense, they’re pretty average, meaning the team is balanced and isn’t rated higher because of a couple of players, but is based on teamwork.

Logically, the Rams should’ve gotten this spot because they have two great defenders, but the 86 overall rating and a balanced defense awards the Cowboys this place. Dallas Cowboys’ defense is rated 82, making them the 12th-best defensive team in Madden 21.

11. Los Angeles Chargers

Another LA team makes the cut, deservingly! With a defense rated 83 and OVR 81, the LA Chargers grabbed the 11th spot. With a decent bench and a great defensive line, the Chargers have managed to maintain stability despite a few ups and downs. The last season wasn’t up to mark, but it seems the team has learned from the experience and is looking to forget the ghost of the past and return to their glory days.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A team that consists of the likes of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in attack is enough to send a shiver down the spine if you’re the opponent, but lucky you if you support them. When it comes to defense, the Bucs are fairly balanced and have covered every part of the defense line. Their bench is half-decent and reliable if a starter injures himself or needs rest.

They have an OVR of 85 and a defense of 83, which gives them 10th place when it comes to defense. If it was an offense, it would’ve been a different story. They have their fair share of competition and could potentially lose their spot in the future list of the best defense in Madden 21

Best Defensive teams in Madden 21-Tom Brady
Tom Brady in Madden 21

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9. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos are one of the few teams that heavily rely on their defense. This also comes with a price. They made their defense so good but had to sacrifice their attack. In Madden 21, The Broncos are rated 79 overall and an impressive 84 in defense. Von Miller and Justin Simmons are honorable mentions as they are the veteran defenders of the team who manage the backline.

8. Buffalo Bills

Slightly stronger than the attack, it is a known fact how compact the Buffalo Bills’ defense is. They received an 84 rating in the defensive department and 83 overall. The Buffalo Bills had a very good season last year and are hoping to continue their run of form and win more trophies. Madden 21 was not a good year for the defense department, but Madden 22 might give fans something to cheer for. 

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburg Steelers are a team that has its own presence. Attack, defense, you name it! They have been consistent with their performances and have played very well in recent years. EA decided to give them an overall defense rating of 84.

6. Detroit Lions

Although the Lions don’t have many stars in attack or defense, their teamwork, especially in defense, has rewarded them with an outstanding defensive rating of 85. EA wasn’t too kind when it came to OVR, as they received 75. Their excellent understanding of each other has earned them the number 6th spot.

5. New England Patriots

New England Patriots is one of the most consistent teams in recent past years. They have taken the number five spot as we enter the top five; 85 in defense and 79 overall is pretty decent. Although fans disagree with the OVR, well, that’s a discussion for later. The Patriots have got one of the best in the business, i.e., Stephon Gilmore, who received an excellent rating of 99.

4. Baltimore Ravens

Coming in at number four are the Ravens. One of the toughest teams to play against and a team that can defeat any team on any given day. When you have stars like Marlon and Humphrey, and Calais Campbell, it is expected that you’ll receive ratings like 86 in defense. With great defense, they also have brilliant offensive players which have earned them an overall rating of 87.

Baltimore Ravens Calais Campbell defense
Calais Campbell: the best of Baltimore Ravens

3. New Orleans Saints

The Saints are the highest-rated team overall as they received 93 ratings, 86 in defense, and 96 in offense. Pretty mind-blowing, right? But this team has one of the best defenses in our Madden list, and in this line of the field, they get the number three position.

Cameron Jordan is the best they’ve got in the defense as he was awarded 96 ratings. New Orleans Saints are the most dominant team in the game and have fine stability making them an almost invincible foe to play against.

2. San Francisco 49ers

The second-best team overall with 89 ratings and managing to secure the 2nd spot in defense as well is quite a feat. The San Francisco 49ers have been a formidable team for a while now, but their rise to the top is what makes them so admirable. They managed to be 87 in defense and 84 in the offense in Madden 21.

1. Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears are the undisputed winners when it comes to defense. They may be one of the weaker sides when it comes to the offense, as their rating is 73, but defense is a different topic. They have made their defense almost unbreakable, making sure no one goes past them. You can play with the biggest players you want, but it will be a hard task to get past them.

As cool as it sounds, some players hate the fact that whoever plays with them sits back and does all the defending while the other player is constantly tiring their players out by attacking. You can either hate it or love it, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are the top defensive team in Madden 21.

These teams are the best defense in Madden 21. What are your top picks for offensive or defensive play in Madden games? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

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