The Best Mouse For Drag Clicking In 2022

Choosing the best mouse for drag clicking out of the several options that are available on the market can be a daunting task. Not only for novice PC builders and gamers but also for seasoned builders as well, the question of the best mouse for drag clicking can be a bit complicated. This is mainly due to the fact that drag clicking is a specialized technique and not all mice are capable of performing it. Therefore, you can’t expect even the best gaming mouse to be a drag clicking champion. For this specialized clicking technique, you need a special mouse that can handle multiple clicks in a single movement and one that has a high CPS (click per second) metric. If you want to learn how to drag click, we have a separate guide on that based on program levels.

Now you might be wondering, what does one do with a drag clicking mouse? Since this is a technique that is not commonly used in all games, it is not really commonly known in the gaming space generally. Drag clicking is used in games in which you need to register a high number of clicks per second in order to gain a competitive edge. This is not typically the case in your standard FPS shooter games, but drag clicking comes in handy in other types of games with repetitive actions. One such popular game is Minecraft which involves a lot of clicking when you’re building and breaking down objects as we noted in Minecraft Castle Ideas

  • Grip: Drag clicking works best with a palm grip and trying to perform it with a claw grip or fingertip grip can be really uncomfortable. More often than not, you might not be able to perform the action at all. Look for palm grip gaming mice for drag clicking purposes.
  • Debounce Delay: Drag clicking mice minimize the debounce delay, which is the time the click takes to jump back to its original position after being pressed. Always look for mice with low debounce delay for drag clicking. Some mice also allow customizable debounce delay, such as the Glorious mice.
  • Shape: This is a bit of a personal preference, but the shape of the mouse in question can be really important to the success of your drag clicking. Drag clicking often works best with mice that have flatter clicks as it is easier to drag your finger across them.
  • Your Games: This one is really important. You should always take into consideration the games you play before you decide to buy a drag clicking mouse. The drag clicking technique is only usable in a few games such as Minecraft. It can also be that your choice of drag clicking mouse might not suit the other games that you play, so you might end up regretting your purchase.

Best Drag Clicking Mouse You Can Buy Today

As we eluded to before, you can’t just pick any mouse and try to use the drag clicking technique on it. Drag clicking requires the mouse switches and buttons to be designed a specific way. Most modern mice do not allow the switches to be activated multiple times a second but that is exactly the effect you want from a drag clicking mouse. Therefore, you must look for specific mice that are known to support the drag clicking technique in order to improve your game. All things aside, these are the seven best mice for drag clicking that money can buy in 2022.


Best Overall Mouse for Drag Clicking


  • Excellent 16K DPI Sensor
  • Great Build Quality
  • Comfortable Ergonomics
  • Ideal For Drag Clicking
  • Attractive Lighting


  • Relatively Expensive
  • Heavier Than Competitors

[amazon fields='B07YCFZJN4' value='reviews']

[amazon fields='B07YCFZJN4' value='star_rating']

Sensor: Owl-Eye Optical Sensor | DPI: 16000 | Weight: 130g | Max. Speed: 250 IPS | Connection: Wired | Programmable Buttons: 23

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If you have been looking for a drag clicking mouse for a while, then chances are you have come across the ROCCAT Kone series of mice. There is a good reason that these mice are sort of like the gold standard when it comes to drag clicking mice. The reason being, that they are specifically designed with the action of drag clicking in mind. This is why you will come across multiple ROCCAT offerings in this roundup as well, but our top pick is the ROCCAT Kone AIMO.

The Kone AIMO is a relatively newer addition to the arsenal of ROCCAT when it comes to drag clicking mice. It offers substantial advantages such as the excellent 16K DPI Owl-Eye Optical sensor, which makes it an excellent gaming mouse regardless of the drag clicking functionality. The mouse weighs 130 grams and measures 4.92 x 3.35 x 1.57 inches in terms of dimensions. Furthermore, the Kone AIMO offers 23 customizable buttons that can be assigned to different tasks and macros. This is helpful especially in games in which you might want to equip different items or perform different tasks with different individual buttons.

Best Drag Clicking Mouse

Aesthetically, the Kone AIMO is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to design. It looks quite similar to the shape we noted in our Corsair M65 Pro Gaming Mouse Review. The mouse itself feels well-built and the materials used are decent, but the design just does not feel contemporary to the newest gaming mice out there. At first glance, it might look a bit cheap and a tad old-fashioned. It does support lighting with the help of 5 customizable lighting zones, so that is a big plus, especially in the modern ecosystem. However, the mouse is just for right-hand use and is not ambidextrous so you might want to look elsewhere if you are a left handed user.

Conclusively, while the ROCCAT Kone AIMO is a relatively expensive offering, it does feel well worth the cost if you are looking for a high-quality drag clicking mouse built for this purpose. This might be the best mouse for drag clicking on our list, and its placement there is entirely justified. It is certainly the best ROCCAT mouse for drag clicking, and they are pretty much the gold standard when it comes to this clicking technique.

2. Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex

Best Premium Mouse For Drag Clicking


  • Solid Delta Zero Sensor
  • Fanastic Build Quality
  • Several Programmable Buttons
  • Beautiful RGB Lighting
  • High DPI and IPS


  • Quite Pricey
  • Very Heavy

[amazon fields='B00TKFD51M' value='reviews']

[amazon fields='B00TKFD51M' value='star_rating']

Sensor: Delta Zero Optical Sensor | DPI: 12000 | Weight: 204g | Max. Speed: 300 IPS | Connection: Wired | Programmable Buttons: 6

Last Update on [amazon fields='B00TKFD51M' value='last_update'] using Amazon Product Advertising API

You simply can’t curate a list of the best gaming mice without mentioning a Logitech offering at least once. They have produced some of the best wireless gaming mice and peripherals when it comes to gaming and they still continue to do so. Our pick as the best premium drag clicking mouse is the Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex. Unorthodox name aside, this is one of the best mice for the fastest drag clicking speeds that you can buy.

Perhaps the strongest feature of the Logitech G303 is its excellent optical sensor, the coveted Logitech PMW3366. The sensor is one of the best you can find in Logitech’s range and it has a DPI of 12000 which is very respectable among gaming mice. The mouse is also really durable according to Logitech’s testing which also included 20 million clicks of the side buttons alone. Practicality is also acceptable with 6 available programmable buttons that allow you to set macros or different actions depending on your preference. There is also a metal spring button tensioning system that can alter the feel of the clicks, which can be helpful in drag clicking as well.

best premium drag clicking mouse
Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex

As far as the looks of the mouse go, they are a bit unusual but certainly nothing to alter the purchase decision. The mouse is certainly good-looking but the structure is a bit unconventional as the sides and the lower end taper to a point which is not something you see often. The RGB lighting is well implemented and gives a very attractive look to the mouse. The lighting is also customizable so you can have it synchronized with your peripherals and the look of the setup. There is certainly nothing to critique when it comes to the looks of this mouse.

All in all, we can safely say that the Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex is one of the best high-end mice options for drag clicking. The price may be a bit steep, but the mouse package as a whole is certainly worth it if you look at the bigger picture. The sensor performance, the looks, the practicality, and the drag clicking functionality make it one of the top picks on our list today.

3. Glorious Model O

Best Lightweight Mouse For Drag Clicking


  • Great Sensor Performance
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Nice RGB Lighting


  • Controversial Design
  • Difficult To Clean
  • Some Durability Issues

[amazon fields='B07LDH3TWM' value='reviews']

[amazon fields='B07LDH3TWM' value='star_rating']

Sensor: PMW-3360 | DPI: 12000 | Weight: 68g | Max. Speed: 250 IPS | Connection: Wired | Programmable Buttons: 6

Last Update on [amazon fields='B07LDH3TWM' value='last_update'] using Amazon Product Advertising API

Another manufacturer that is rightly popular among enthusiasts is the Glorious PC Gaming Race (yes, that is their name). They have delivered some really exciting gaming mice in the past that are focused on being lightweight first and foremost. The Glorious Model O is our pick for the best lightweight drag clicking mouse for this exact reason. Not only is it one of the best gaming mice out there, but it is also an excellent option for the drag clicking technique due to its design.

The Glorious Model O (and its brother, the Model D) is focused on saving weight, and that is obvious as soon as you lay a glance at the mouse. The body of the mouse is riddled with carefully engineered holes that save weight without compromising the structural rigidity of the chassis. This is a controversial approach among enthusiasts, but one that is very popular in the current market. The sensor is a 12K DPI Pixart 3360 which is also very respectable as a top-tier sensor for gaming. The mouse also has Omron switches that are rated for 20 million clicks and is equipped with 6 programmable buttons.

best lightweight drag clicking mouse
Glorious Model O

The looks of the Glorious Model O are a bit subjective due to the pattern of holes in the body. Not everybody likes the approach that Glorious has taken here, but it should not be a factor that completely changes your purchase decision. Moreover, the build quality is actually really good and there are other cool features as well. The mouse comes with premium G-skates and a braider ascended cable that gives it a more premium feel. The weight of the mouse is only 68 grams which is perfect if you want to rank up in CSGO after you’re done with Minecraft. The switches and clicks of the mouse are also great for multiple different clicking actions, including drag clicking.

Overall, the Glorious Model O is one of the best options out there for drag clicking. Its unique combination of versatility and lightweight body make it an excellent gaming mouse overall, and its support for drag clicking is merely a cherry on top. The aesthetics might be a bit controversial, but the overall experience and feature set certainly overpowers the unorthodox looks.

4. Razer Deathadder Elite

Best Razer Mouse For Drag Clicking


  • Industry Leading Razer 5G Sensor
  • Very Comfortable
  • Great Ergonomics
  • Razer Chroma Lighting


  • Only For Right Handed Users
  • No On-Board Memory
  • Fewer Programmable Buttons Than Competitors

[amazon fields='B01LXC1QL0' value='reviews']

[amazon fields='B01LXC1QL0' value='star_rating']

Sensor: Razer 5G Optical Sensor | DPI: 16000 | Weight: 105g | Max. Speed: 450 IPS | Connection: Wired | Programmable Buttons: 7

Last Update on [amazon fields='B01LXC1QL0' value='last_update'] using Amazon Product Advertising API

There is hardly ever any conversation about gaming mice without mentioning Razer, and the Deathadder series specifically. The Deathadder has been with us for years now and has only gotten better with each iteration. The Razer Deathadder Elite is our pick as one of the best mice for drag clicking you can buy right now due to the fact that it is simply one of the best gaming mice out there that supports drag clicking. The Deathadder Elite is probably one of the most well-rounded mice on the market as well.

Starting off with the excellent Razer Optical Sensor that supports a DPI of 16000 and tracking precision of 450 inches per second, the Deathadder Elite simply positions itself among the top gaming mice out there. The switches of the Elite are Razer Mechanical switches which are durable for 50 million clicks, as opposed to the 20 million clicks that other plebian switches are rated at. The mouse also features 7 programmable buttons and the ergonomics are among the best in the business. The Deathadder is so popular for a reason; it does all the basics really well and provides a simple, streamlined, premium overall experience that is hard to get right.

Best Drag Clicking Mouse
Razer Deathadder Elite

The Razer Deathadder is also one of the better-looking mice in our roundup. In fact, the Deathadder continues its trend of excellent simplicity when it comes to design and aesthetics. Firstly, the build quality is excellent thanks to the braided cable, the excellent scroll wheel, and the rubber grips. Moreover, the mouse also supports Razer RGB Chroma lighting in the Razer logo and the mouse wheel, which gives it a distinct appearance. The RGB can be synchronized with other peripherals and components in your setup, so you can have a harmonious lighting experience as well. There is nothing really wrong with the aesthetics of the Razer Deathadder Elite.

Perhaps one of the more well-rounded options on our list, the Deathadder Elite is also perhaps the best Razer drag clicking mouse you can buy. The sensor performance is excellent, the ergonomics are top class, and the drag clicking feature works well, which makes the mouse a definite candidate for your shortlist. It might not be suitable for small hands, though, which is something you should keep in mind.

5. ROCCAT Kone Pure Owl Eye

Best Value Drag Clicking Mouse


  • Great Owl-Eye Sensor
  • Easy-Shift Key
  • Comfortable Ergonomics
  • Attractive RGB Implementation


  • Plain Looks
  • Unremarkable Build Quality
  • Not For Left Handed Users

[amazon fields='B06XJW6HZ8' value='reviews']

[amazon fields='B06XJW6HZ8' value='star_rating']

Sensor: Owl-Eye Optical Sensor | DPI: 12000 | Weight: 88g | Max. Speed: 250 IPS | Connection: Wired | Programmable Buttons: 17

Last Update on [amazon fields='B06XJW6HZ8' value='last_update'] using Amazon Product Advertising API

As we eluded to before, ROCCAT is a recurring name when it comes to drag clicking mice. They have some of the best mice for this purpose and one of them is the ROCCAT Kone Pure Owl-Eye. This mouse is a bit older and a bit cheaper than the Kone AIMO we mentioned before, but that makes it a better value in the grand scheme of things. The Kone Pure Owl-Eye is also heavily customizable which is one of its key features.

The sensor on the ROCCAT Owl-Eye is accurate and fast with a DPI rating of 12,000 which is quite respectable. Furthermore, the ROCCAT Owl-Eye has 17 programmable buttons which makes it a very versatile mouse. You can program the buttons to various tasks and use the buttons using the Easy-Shift key. The buttons are not physical, rather the Easy-Shift key allows you to alternate the features of each button. Moreover, the ROCCAT Owl-Eye is also lighter than its bigger brother, the AIMO, as it only tips the scales at 88 grams. The key feature, however, remains the drag clicking ability.

Best Drag Clicking Mouse
ROCCAT Kone Pure Owl Eye

In terms of design and aesthetics, there is not a whole lot going on. The ergonomics are nice and comfortable, while the build quality is also passable. The RGB implementation is quite smart and also quite attractive. The ROCCAT logo towards the bottom portion of the mouse supports RGB lighting and can be customized in various colors and effects. This is a nice touch on an otherwise plain and simple mouse. The ergonomics are also biased towards the right-hand side so left-handed users should keep this in mind before making the purchase decision.

Overall, the ROCCAT Kone Owl-Eye is another solid drag clicking mouse that should be on your shortlist. In fact, due to its reasonable price tag, we have labeled this option as the best value drag clicking mouse on our list. Its excellent sensor performance, solid drag clicking ability, and decent aesthetics make it a well-rounded choice at a reasonable price point.

6. Logitech G502 Hero

Best Drag Clicking Mouse For Big Hands


  • 25K DPI Hero Sensor
  • Lots Of Programmable Buttons
  • Nice Ergonomics
  • Great For Palm Grip


  • Very Heavy
  • Double Clicking Issues
  • Not Ambidextrous

[amazon fields='B07GBZ4Q68' value='reviews']

[amazon fields='B07GBZ4Q68' value='star_rating']

Sensor: HERO 25K Sensor | DPI: 25,600 | Weight: 258g | Max. Speed: 400 IPS | Connection: Wired | Programmable Buttons: 11

Last Update on [amazon fields='B07GBZ4Q68' value='last_update'] using Amazon Product Advertising API

You might be surprised to see the venerable Logitech G502 Hero make an appearance in this list, but yes, the G502 is indeed a drag clicking mouse. The G502 and its Hero variation are some of the most popular gaming mice in existence, and it is also the bestseller of Logitech. The specialty of the G502 Hero is indeed its sensor, but our concern today is with its drag clicking ability. The G502 Hero is possibly the best drag clicking mouse for big hands that we have come across. This mouse is also ideal for users of the palm grip due to its size and ergonomics.

Now, the sensor is what makes the Logitech G502 Hero special. The Hero 25K optical sensor has a mind-boggling DPI of 25600 which is more than any other mouse currently out right now. It also offers a low click latency, a customizable CPU range, 11 programmable buttons, and much more which makes it an excellent all-rounder when it comes to large-sized gaming mice. Due to its design and size, the G502 Hero is appreciably biased towards large hands and palm grips, which is exactly what you need if you plan to use a lot of drag clicking. These design features, coupled with the excellent switches and clicks, make the G502 Hero an ideal choice for drag clicking.

Best Drag Clicking Mouse
Logitech G502 Hero

Speaking of the design, the G502 Hero design has now become iconic in its own right. The mouse is quite large and heavy, tipping the scales at 258 grams, however, the weight is adjustable with the 3.6 grams of removable weights. In terms of aesthetics, the G502 Hero is one of the better-looking mice out there. It is not exactly beautiful, but it is quite burly and striking in its appearance due to its size and angled buttons. The Logitech G Hub application can be used to program the eleven buttons and other settings, including the RGB lighting on the logo and the CPI indicator. Overall, not much to complain about in terms of design and aesthetics and you should be comfortable while exploring Minecraft building ideas with your drag clicking ability.

There is not much to discuss about the Logitech G502 Hero as it is one of the most well-known and most popular gaming mice out there. It does have its issues such as the weight and the occasional double-clicking issue that pops up in Logitech mice, but all in all, it is a pretty solid package. If you use a palm grip, or if you have large hands in general, then you should give the Logitech G502 Hero a shot.

7. ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra

Best Budget Drag Clicking Mouse


  • Affordable
  • Very Lightweight
  • Decent Sensor Performance


  • Plain Looks
  • Not Ambidextrous
  • Unremarkable Build Quality
  • Few Programmable Buttons

[amazon fields='B07Z33RNW4' value='reviews']

[amazon fields='B07Z33RNW4' value='star_rating']

Sensor: Pixart 3389 Sensor | DPI: 16000 | Weight: 66g | Max. Speed: 400 IPS | Connection: Wired | Programmable Buttons: 7

Last Update on [amazon fields='B07Z33RNW4' value='last_update'] using Amazon Product Advertising API

We are still not quite done with ROCCAT as we have one more offering for the budget-oriented users out there. If you are looking for the best cheap drag clicking mouse, then the ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra should definitely be on your list. Not only is it one of the best mouse for drag clicking out there, but it is also quite lightweight and affordable when compared to the other options on the market. The lightweight design separates this mouse from the other ROCCAT offerings we have viewed so far.

What is interesting about the ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra is its simplistic approach. ROCCAT has opted for a quite simple and minimalist approach while designing this mouse, and this certainly shines through in the end result. The mouse does not have any extra bells and whistles, but it also does not compromise on the essentials. The sensor is the Pixart 3389 with a DPI of 16,000 which is quite respectable for a modern gaming mouse. The weight is just 66 grams which makes it one of the lightest gaming mouse options out there. It is also packed with useful features such as the 2D Titan wheel, enhanced click dynamics, thinner cable, thick anti-wear coating among others.

Best Drag Clicking Mouse
ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra

As far as the design language goes, the Kone Pure Ultra is quite similar to the Kone Owl-Eye in its approach. The mouse looks pretty basic and there is nothing really head-turning about it, but the ergonomics and build quality are quite good. The RGB implementation is also attractive, and the lighting in the logo is well-diffused and easy to control. The ergonomics tend to bias towards right-handed use so left-handed users should look at other options rather than this one.

The ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra is one of the best budget options out there as far as drag clicking mice go. The excellent sensor performance, solid design, lightweight body, and comfortable ergonomics make it a really attractive buy, especially at its price point. For this reason, the ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra might just be the best budget drag clicking mouse on our list.

What is Drag Clicking?

If you are not familiar with the concept of drag clicking, the premise is pretty simple. Drag clicking is another clicking technique just like butterfly clicking and jitter clicking. It is a technique that is employed to maximize the number of clicks that are registered per second. The CPS (click per second) count is pretty important when it comes to drag clicking. This technique comes in handy in games where you need to register a lot of clicks really quickly in order to gain a competitive advantage. Minecraft is a common application of drag clicking since it involves building or breaking down objects using successive clicks.

The technique of drag clicking might not be as easy to learn as some other mouse techniques since there is a bit of a complicated learning curve to it. In order to drag click, you must drag your finger across the mouse button in a seamless fashion in order to activate the click multiple times in a second. Even if you have the best drag clicking mouse, this technique still needs a bit of practice to get right. Drag clicking also works best with a palm grip, and with specific mice that allow the clicks to be activated in a successive manner. Safe to say that drag clicking is not supported on all mice so the choice of the mouse for drag clicking becomes really important.

Drag Clicking Mouse vs Normal Mouse

So far we have established that drag clicking is not possible on all mice, so now we need to understand the reason why most mice do not support drag clicking, and what makes a drag clicking mouse better than the other. Firstly, most mainstream mice do not support the feature of drag clicking and the reason for that is pretty simple. Since drag clicking requires the mouse button and subsequently the mouse switch to be activated multiple times in a second, the mouse would need to be capable of this action to support drag clicking, and most mice on the market don’t support this. This is because most mouse buttons on modern mice do not snap back fast enough in order to register successive clicks. This is sort of a protection mechanism in order to avoid accidental double clicks.

If you do want to buy the best mouse for drag clicking, you need to find a mouse that does not protect against accidental double clicks as modern mice do. The “debounce delay” is a metric that you should definitely consider when shopping for a drag clicking mouse. A good drag clicking mouse will allow its button to jump back quickly after registering a click, in order to be available for the next click in a very short time. Failure of the click to jump back quickly would mean that the mouse is simply not capable of the drag clicking action. Unlike jitter clicking or butterfly clicking, drag clicking cannot be performed on all gaming mice.

And so concludes our guide on the best mouse for drag clicking available out there. As with any purchase, you should always take into consideration the factors mentioned above to get the ideal product for your use. Drag clicking is a complicated technique for beginners, but if you keep practicing you can get better at it with due time.

Best Drag Clicking Mouse - FAQs

What is drag clicking mouse?

Drag clicking is a clicking style in which you slide your finger across a mouse button to activate it multiple times a second. This translates to more clicks which in turn means that more actions are performed in the game in a short period of time. Not all mice are capable of drag clicking, however, and the ones that are capable, are known as drag clicking mice. This technique is often used in Minecraft and similar games, in which you need to click the mouse button multiple times to perform actions like building etc.

How to make the mouse not drag when clicking?

If you are dragging your mouse along with your finger when trying to drag click, then you might need to change your approach a little. Firstly, you need to try applying less pressure so there is less friction between your finger and the click. Secondly, you might want to clean the surface of the click and your finger so they are not sticky. The texture of the mouse click might also be altered with appropriate material if you are still unable to perform the movement seamlessly.

Can all mice drag click?

No, drag clicking is a selective feature that not all mice support. For drag clicking, the mouse switch and the button must be able to activate multiple times in a second, all under one continuous movement. Most mice do not support this feature by design, since the switches that are used in those mice are not meant to be activated multiple times a second. Specific drag clicking mice are needed for this purpose, like the ones we have picked in the roundup above.

Why is my mouse so bad for drag clicking?

Your current mouse can be bad for drag clicking due to a number of reasons. Firstly, not all mice are made for drag clicking. Your particular mouse might not support the feature by design. Furthermore, the tension of the button and the underlying switch might be too much to activate the drag clicking mechanism. Your grip style and the texture of the mouse surface also might not be ideal for drag clicking. All of these can be the reasons why your mouse is not great for drag clicking.

Is drag clicking bad for your hands?

The action of drag clicking can have a negative impact on your wrist and hand if we view it from a health perspective. Since drag clicking places your hand at an unnatural angle and applies strain to the wrist and palm muscles, you can experience some sort of fatigue if you do it for prolonged periods without rest. Therefore, it is always ideal to use the drag clicking technique in a sporadic manner so your hands and wrists stay in a healthy condition.

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