10 BEST Gotham Knights Nightwing Early Skills

The detailed list of the best skills that players can acquire for Nightwing in Gotham Knights

There are various different abilities to invest in while playing as Gotham Knights’ 4 different iconic characters Among them is Nightwing, also known as Grayson. Players can unlock a wide variety of the best skills for Nightwing while grinding in Gotham Knights, which can improve his arsenal substantially and can also help you decide the perfect play style for him.

Key Takeaways
  • Nightwing is one of the four main characters in Gotham Knights who has three different skill trees to invest in.
  • These skill trees are aptly named:
    • Raptor.
    • Acrobat.
    • Pack Leader.
  • Players can improve their cooperative synergy through Pack Leader or focus on their stylish high-flying moves through Raptor,

Best Skills For Nightwing In Gotham Knights

We will be discussing a few of the best skills from each of the three main trees called the Raptor, Acrobat, and Pack Leader while entailing how they can become helpful while playing as him. So without further delay, let’s look at each of the skill trees and their best options to choose from.

Skill TreeSkillAP CostDescription
Raptor SkillTrampoline1 APAfter using the pounce ability it is followed up by a high jump on the enemy
Aerial Bounce2 APBounce off an enemy following with an aerial attack to help him back in the air
Assassin’s Mark1 APIncreased the dmg dealt on the marked enemy by 10%
Acrobat SkillMomentum Gain+1 APMomentum Gain: +15%
Evade Chain3 APPerforms an evade chain by doing a quick succession of back jumps
Evade Chain Momentum 2 APEvade chain during combat restores momentum
Mind And Body 3 APMomentum abilities restores HP
Pack Leader SkillFamily Ties 1 APDefense and Resistance: +10%
Shared Skill2 APEach of the following are shared at a 50% value to their allies:
- Damage
- Crit Chance
- Defense
- Momentum
- Ultimate Cooldown
Elemental Smart Darts2 AP- Darts deal elemental effect build up
- Heals allies over time


The Raptor skill tree of Nightwing is entirely focused on damage and gameplay-enhancing abilities that will enhance his overall potential in combat encounters. Some are pretty much essential if you want to upgrade your offense and utility during the beginning stages of the game. The following are the best skills that you can use for him in this skill tree.

Upgrade Raptor Skill Tree Ability Point Cost
Trampoline Pounce Ability is followed by a high jump on the enemy.  1 AP
Aerial Bounce Nightwing bounces off an enemy following an aerial attack to propel himself back into the air.  2 AP
Assassin’s Mark Marks an enemy, increasing Nightwing and his allies’ damage to the foe by 10%. 1 AP


The trampoline skill Nightwing
Trampoline (Image credit: eXputer)

As shown in the image above, the Trampoline skill is easily one of the essential options that you will want to pick as soon as possible. The obvious reason being is that it bridges the gap between your basic pounce attack and allows our former circus performer to jump high into the air when he does it. While in the air, you chain that jump and follow it up into an additional pounce attack to deal extra damage to a nearby enemy.

Just keep in mind that the skill is not going to work in enclosed spaces where you will be negated by a ceiling, so it should be optimally used in open-world environments.

If you are confused about whether to pick either Critical Expertise or Trampoline, then we would obviously suggest the latter because later on in Gotham Knights, once you get done with beginning portions, the game will constantly surprise you with heavy-enemy situations where downsizing large groups will be crucial to survival. So having Trampoline right from the get-go will prove to be one of the best early-game skills for Nightwing.

Aerial Bounce

Th best early game skills Gotham knights
aerial bounce (Image credit: eXputer)

Aerial Bounce is as effective as Nightwing can get in combat because, as shown in the image above, the skill allows you to perform aerial jump attacks in quick succession up to three times. It is the skill that brings out your inner circus acrobat of Grayson to the full extent, one that will aid you a ton against a gang of enemies in the streets of Gotham.

We recommend starting off fights with this skill in conjunction with Trampoline as there is nothing more satisfying than pummeling the health bar of enemies just by constantly latching onto them and then proceeding to jump into the air with grace. Be mindful of your camera because not landing correctly on an enemy may break the chain, so you will have to trigger the combo again.

Assassin’s Mark

The assassin's mark skill
Assassin’s Mark (Image credit: eXputer)

As you can see from the image above, Assassin’s mark is a unique skill as it allows Nightwing to tag an enemy for you and your nearby allies, the best part being that you can apply 10% extra damage to that targeted foe. It is an excellent skill if you’re running a co-op play style of the character, and if you plan on playing with a squad of friends, then we highly recommend picking it up and using it on powerful enemies to dish out an efficient DPS.

The skill is pretty much situational, so in the chance that you prefer to play the game solo, then we suggest moving on and investing in the other useful skill trees of the character.


There is no denying the fact that Grayson is skilled in every single way when it comes to his martial arts, but when you notice that he combines it with his stylish acrobatic moves, it becomes simply epic. The Acrobat skill tree focuses on a few helpful maneuverability skills which will give you an edge during hectic fights in the city.

Upgrade Acrobat Skill Tree Ability Point Cost
Momentum Gain+ Increases Nightwing’s Momentum gain by 15% 1 AP 
Evade Chain Nightwing chains evades by performing a quick succession of back jumps.  3 AP 
Evade Chain Momentum  Performing an evade chain during combat restores a portion of Nightwing’s Momentum. 2 AP 
Mind And Body  Using Momentum Abilities restores a portion of Nightwing’s health.  3 AP 

Momentum Gain+

The best early game skills Gotham Knights
Momentum gain+ (Image credit: eXputer)

The first one in the Acrobat tree is pretty straightforward, which is Momentum Gain+, and as you can see from the image above, it increases the momentum gain of Nightwing by 15%, which may not seem as big but trust us when we say that it’s a must-have skill no matter how basic it may seem at first glance.

Momentum is used to generate special moves that you can dish out at the cost of the Momentum bar, and recharging it repeatedly can become tiresome. So if you are looking to boost that rate of charge on it, then feel free to invest in this skill whenever you have the spare Ability Points (AP) for it. Furthermore, in tougher battles, consistently pouring momentum abilities on enemies will give you the win with ease.

Evade Chain

The evade chain skill
Evade Chain (Image credit: eXputer)

Nightwing is a hero that relies on evasive maneuvers most of the time, which is also easily apparent by the jump-focused skills we mentioned previously in his Raptor tree. But as you can see from the image above, Evade Chain can be an excellent addition to your kit, as Nightwing will dodge multiple times if you hold down the dodge button, making it an imperative skill to have to escape tricky situations where you’re pinned against the wall.

It will allow you to catch a quick breathing room before you jump back into raining down the hurt on your foes. It is worth suggesting that you should time it perfectly in the correct direction because you may just end up evading right back into the action instead of strafing away from it. It is hands down yet another best early-game skills that you can pick up in Gotham Knights.

Evade Chain Momentum

The best skills Nightwing
Evade Chain momentum (Image credit: eXputer)

Another skill you can pick up, which will be beneficial in the long run, is the Evade Chain Momentum. As you can see in the image above, it enhances your evade chain skill so that whenever you execute it, you will also gain a small burst of momentum alongside it. If you are a player who emphasizes using the evade ability as Nightwing, then we strongly suggest picking this up whenever you get the chance.

Mind And Body

The mind and body skill
Mind and Body (Image credit: eXputer)

Towards the late game, you will want to pick up Mind and Body because, as shown in the image above, it will heal a portion of Nightwing’s health when you unleash momentum abilities. The skill can become insanely useful toward the late game and even more so if you prefer playing the game in solo experience. The self-healing can keep negating most of the heavy damage you suffer, making you unkillable if you play the cards right with it.

So at the end of the Acrobat tree, we highly recommend pouring your valuable AP into Mind and Body since sustaining most of the damage will become the ultimatum to getting the upper hand in the most challenging battles of the game towards the end. It lives up to be one of the best skills for Nightwing in Gotham Knights.

Pack Leader

The following skill tree is unique for one specific reason: Pack Leader aims to provide cooperative-related skills that will help you and your teammates out if you’re ever in a pinch. We have detailed our favorite skills from the tree, so you can pick them if you wish to help your other Bat-family squad.

Upgrade Pack Leader Skill Tree Ability Point Cost
Family Ties  Increases Nightwing’s defense and resistance by 10%. Working with allies also grants him additional bonuses.  1 AP 
Shared Skill Passive skills increasing damage, critical chance, defense, Momentum regeneration, and ultimate cooldown are shared with allies at 50% of their value.  2 AP 
Elemental Smart Darts Nightwing’s darts inflict elemental effects build up on enemies or heal allies over time.  2 AP

Family Ties

The Family Ties skill
Family Ties (Image Credit: eXputer)

One of the unique starter skills for Nightwing lies here called Family Ties, which increases his defense and resistance by a total of 10 percent. But most importantly, the skill provides a unique set of bonuses when working together with your allies in cooperative multiplayer, which is the following:

  • Batgirl Melee Damage: 15%
  • RedHood Ranged Damage: 15%
  • Robin Stealth Damage: 15%

So if you’re looking to efficiently allow your teammates to dish out the optimal DPS during most battles in multiplayer, then this skill is viable to pick up and use. It won’t alter your play style too much, but it is worth keeping in mind that the true potential of Family lies will only be felt noticeable once you play with a group of different characters or if someone is synergizing with Nightwing.

Shared Skill

The best early game skills Nightwing
Shared Skill (Image Credit: eXputer)

As you can see from the image above, Shared skill is easily a situational-based skill that will boost the effects of your teammate’s existing skills. Whether it’s anything from raising their critical rate or increasing their damage output, the effects of these will be shared between your characters altogether with a value of up to 50 percent.

It can become consequential to use the skill during dire encounters, or you can also use it to turn the tables on your swarming enemies, as whenever a teammate is about to activate their ability, you can use shared skill and apply the bonuses to all squad members and destroy your enemies. We recommend picking it up only if you are getting accustomed to multiplayer gameplay and want an equalizer ready to even out the odds at any second.

Elemental Smart Darts

The elemental smart darts skill
Elemental smart darts (Image Credit: eXputer)

You can now apply a unique elemental effect when shooting Nightwing’s darts at the opponents, but most importantly, he can now heal his teammates during combat via them. It adds a fantastic layer of versatility to Nightwing, especially in multiplayer, and allows players to set him up as a support/utility character perfectly.

However, keep in mind to continually analyze the battlefield and see what your team may need, whether it’s the extra healing or status effect buildup; Nightwing will become a force to be reckoned with during the cooperative experience of the game if you focus on these best skills in Gotham Knights.

However, this wraps up our detailed guide to the Best skills you can grind for Nightwing in Gotham Knights. If you find these skills useful, then let be sure to let us know; also, are you enjoying the game so far? Who is your favorite Bat-family character to play? Let us know all about it in the comments section below!

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