BEST Gotham Knights Red Hood Skills

Although he can be slow at times, Red Hood can destroy his enemies in seconds with the right skills!

Red Hood, aka Jason Todd, is the powerhouse and the tank out of all the best characters in Gotham Knights. With his guns and brawler-styled skills, Red Hood excels at taking down multiple enemies while maintaining great distance. That, combined with using the best skills for Red Hood, will make you feel unstoppable in Gotham Knights.

Key Takeaways
  • Red Hood is the more DPS-focused character in Gotham Knights.
  • His skills related to his guns and melee combat are some of the best in the game.
  • There are three skill trees to focus on while upgrading the Red Hood in Gotham Knights, these include:
    • Marksman.
    • Brawler.
    • Vengeance.
  • Within these skill trees, there are plenty of Skills that stand out among the rest.
  • With his guns, he can pick off enemies from afar and deal significant damage by using the Focused Fire+ skill.
  • Using grab throw, Red Hood can damage multiple enemies using a concussion mine and the Human Bomb skill.
  • Red Hood can increase his damage up to 15-25% across all enemies with the Vengeance Tree.

Here is all the information on the best Gotham Knights Red Hood Skills: 

SkillSkill TypeAP CostDescription
Critical ExpertiseMarksman Skills1 APIncrease in critical damage on critical hits
Focused FireMarksman Skills1 APFocus on an enemy long enough to get 4 times increase in dmg
Focused Fire +Marksman Skills2 APGet 4 times increase in dmg with 50% less focus time than Focused Fire
Lucky RoundsMarksman Skills2 APGet a 5x damage boost on one of your shots
Human BombBrawler Skills3 AP- Throws the enemy while attaching a concussion mine with them
- The mine explodes when shot
Large GrabBrawler Skills1 APUse the ability to be able to grab Larger Enemies
Iron GripBrawler Skills2 APRed Hood won't let go of the enemy even while getting attacked
Human Bomb EnhancedBrawler Skills2 APDamage and Radius of the concussion mine explosion is increased
Freak JusticeVengeance Skills1 AP- Dmg Increase: Plus 15%
- Crit Dmg: Plus 5%
- When fighting the freak faction
Regular JusticeVengeance Skills2 AP- Dmg Increase: Plus 15%
- Crit Dmg: Plus 5%
- When fighting the regulators
Mob JusticeVengeance Skills2 AP- Dmg Increase: Plus 15%
- Crit Dmg: Plus 5%
- When fighting the Mob Faction
Unrestricted FireVengeance Skills2 APUse the two fisted reload and get unlimited shots for a short period of time
Double VortexVengeance Skills2 APUse the two fisted reload and get 2x rounds for a short period of time

Marksman Skills

Gotham Knights Red Hood Best Skills
Marksman Gameplay [Captured by eXputer]
Faced against single enemies, you’ll usually be able to overpower them and even stun them with your heavy attacks. But you also need to consider your defensive abilities and definitely need to utilize your ranged weapons to get the most out of Red Hood.

The first skill tree in Red Hood’s skills is the Marksman tree. As suggested by the name, it mainly focuses on his shooting abilities and making them more efficient, especially when holding down the aim.

Despite being mainly focused on shooting, the main benefit of the Marksman skill tree is the amount of percent increase that it offers in terms of critical damage. This is why the skills that offer more critical should definitely be targeted alongside other skills that can make it easier to maintain a good distance from enemies.

Critical Expertise

Critical Expertise Skill [Captured by eXputer]
As suggested by the name, Critical Expertise increases your critical damage. Although the chances of landing the critical are the same, the fact that while playing as Red Hood, you’ll often use your guns, you’ll definitely be able to land a few critical hits. Therefore, the increased damage is quite helpful.

The skill becomes more apparent when you’re trying to use your guns against bullet sponges such as the mini-bosses. They don’t get too phased by Red Hood’s gun, but a critical hit with more damage can certainly help out.

Focused Fire And Focused Fire+

focused firing skills
Focused Fire and Focused Fire+ Skill [Captured by eXputer]
Even a 20% increase in damage, in the case of critical damage, can be quite huge. But getting your damage increased 4x for simply aiming at an enemy for longer is a huge game changer and a must-have ability for Red Hood.

Focused Fire on its own is unfortunately not enough, as aiming time can be quite sluggish. It can also leave you open in scenarios where you’re surrounded by enemies. That’s why you need to consider acquiring Focused Fire+ in order to reduce the time taken to activate the focused mode by 50%. The Focused Firing mode is indicated by the outer ring that loads in after you aim at the same enemy for long enough.

Lucky Rounds

otham Knights Red hood skills best marksman skills
5x Damage with lucky rounds [Captured by eXputer]
The fourth skill for the Marksman tree is more of your own choice. The better choice might be Lucky Rounds due to the fact that you’ll definitely be shooting so many times during one encounter that you’re bound to activate the 5x boost.

But if you want to have a more definite increased chance, then you could opt for the other skills such as Precise Strikes or Quickfire Expert, which will increase the chances of your critical hits. However, if you want to save your skill points for another tree, then Lucky Rounds is the way to go.


Brawley skills
Brawler Gameplay [Captured by eXputer]
Besides just using his guns, Red Hood is great at simply beating up anyone that crosses his path. With his huge bulky size and his heavy fists, most of the time, enemies get stunned after one or two heavy attacks. But perhaps the best skills for Red Hood in Gotham Knights are those that are related to grabbing attacks.

Human Bomb

Human Bomb Gotham Knights Red Hood
Human Bomb Skill [Captured by eXputer]
The first ability in the Brawler Skill Tree is the Human Bomb. Although it costs three points, it’s definitely worth it. Once an enemy’s health is low enough, Red Hood can grab them and throw them, like every other character, but there is a twist.

With Human Bomb, when Red Hood does throw the enemy, he attaches a concussion mine to them, which can be exploded by shooting at it. The enemy will likely already have low enough health to get killed by the throw and the shot. But the bigger advantage of the skill is that it can hurt enemies close to the concussion mine as well, making it a great skill for fights with big groups.

Large Grab

best skills of Red Hood Gotham Knights
Large Grab [Captured by eXputer]
One issue with the larger enemies also referred to as mini-bosses, is that you cannot grab them and toss them about. But when you’re playing as Red Hood, that won’t be an issue, as using his Large Grab ability, you can do just that.

It might not seem useful at first, but when you combine grabbing with the throw, it becomes quite useful. Sometimes, you’re trying to deal with a specific enemy (such as interrogating them), but the large enemies keep getting in the way. Throwing them can give you that little window and also a chance to interrogate the larger enemies too.

Iron Grip

Iron Grip Grab
Iron Grip Skill [Captured by eXputer]
You don’t realize how often your grab gets interrupted by a random enemy shooting at you or approaching you with their bat until you’re trying to interrogate someone but keep failing. That’s where Iron Grip comes in handy, allowing you to be unphased by enemy attacks while holding another enemy.

Furthermore, because you’ll be using the grab quite often for the concussion mine, it makes sense to ensure that you can execute the grab and throw perfectly.

Human Bomb Enhanced

Better Human Bomb
Human Bomb Enhanced [Captured by eXputer]
We already mentioned how useful the Human Bomb skill is due to its effect on nearby enemies. Adding Human Bomb Enhanced will allow you to target even more enemies and overall be great for crowd control.


Bet Skills Red hood vengeance Gotham KNights
Vengeance Skill Tree Gameplay

The final regular skill tree for Red Hood is Vengeance. There are mainly two parts to the skill tree. The first four skills of the tree focus on increasing the overall damage against the different factions throughout Gotham by around 15%.

Whereas the second part of the skill tree, the bottom three, focuses on co-op and the efficiency of your gun. If you’ve got absolutely nothing else that you want to get in the other trees, then perhaps investing throughout the tree could be useful.

Faction Damage Skills

faction skills
Coup De Grace – First of Faction SKills [Captured by eXputer]
The first four skills are focused on increasing the damage to the different factions, with the first being a 10% increase to all enemies with 30% or less health. And the other three increased by 15% damage across the Regulators, Freaks, and Mob factions.

The first ability in the tree is a must-have because it’ll help you finish off enemies quicker, especially the bigger enemies. The other three are also useful because, essentially, you’re increasing your damage by 15% across all enemies, which can be a significant increase.

In short, Freak Justice, Regular Justice, and Mob Justice are one of the best skills of Red Hood for increasing his overall damage.

Double Vortex And Unrestricted Fire

Gun skills
Strong Gun Skills [Captured by eXputer]
Double Vortex and Unrestricted Fire are great abilities if you truly love using Red Hood’s guns. The only unfortunate thing about them is that they’re right at the bottom of the skill tree, and you have to spend 2AP on a not-so-great skill that is more focused on co-op than regular gameplay.

Therefore, you certainly should consider getting the two skills, but only after you’ve got some of the essentials of the other skill trees. When you have extra points to spare or have gotten most of the skills, you should move on to using Double Vortex and Unrestricted Fire, which can truly make your guns feel unbeatable for a short period.  

Red Hood Playstyle

It’s great to know which skills work well with Red Hood, but it’s even better to have a bit of an idea of how to make them all work together with Red Hood’s playstyle.

Red Hood lacks the speed of other characters, especially when compared to Batgirl or Nightwing. His dodge doesn’t take him far. Therefore, you need to make up for that lack of speed with raw strength.

Fortunately, where Red Hood lacks speed in moving around, he makes up for it by having powerful ranged attacks. Meaning you don’t even have to move around that much and can damage enemies from a fair distance. This is why you need to rely heavily on your guns and get in the habit of using them and not just mashing the light and heavy melee attacks.

One of the greatest uses of the guns is to either interrupt another enemy that is aiming at you or get out of their sights and punish them by using your focus aim on them. Because the enemies are usually stuck firing, you’ll have plenty of time to load up the focus aim.

As for melee combat, heavy attacks and grabs are your best options. Spamming heavy attacks might not be the best idea, but starting a combo or ending it with a heavy can be useful. Especially with larger enemies as Red Hood stuns them with a heavy, allowing him to land more hits.

Many of Red Hood’s skills favor grabbing attacks by offering more damage. But by far, the best option is to use the throw and concussion mine in order to target multiple enemies at once passively.

With that, you know everything about the best skills of Red Hood in Gotham Knights and how you can adapt them to his playstyle to get the best out of his character!

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