CS:GO – BEST Grenade Spots in Dust 2 [2023]

Grenades in CS:GO are something that can turn the situation in your favor and the best grenade spots in Dust 2 can help you do that.

Grenades in CS:GO is one of the most useful utilities. There are multiple types of utilities available in the game, and all of them work in different ways. They can help you with gaining an advantage during various stages of the game. And today, we are going to talk about the best grenade spots in Dust 2.

Key Takeaways
  • Grenades in CS GO are versatile throwable that can take off a good chunk of health from your enemies.
  • Each map has different angles from where grenades can be thrown.
  • In Dust 2 map, there are 15 different places and angles that can end up in elite plays. These spots include:
  • From the Terrorist’s spawn point, you can throw a grenade at A long.
  • You can throw a grenade through the mid-section of Skylight while making a running jump.
  • After securing A long, you can throw a grenade from the roof of the house at The Cross.
  • After securing A long, you can also opt to throw a Molotov at the New Car.
  • When heading to A Short from Mid, throw a grenade while running at A Short.
  • When rushing B, you can throw the grenade from the narrow checkpoint.
  • In Lower Tunnels, throw a flashbang in the hallway to blind enemies on the other side.
  • On the CT Side, You can throw a Molotov at the B Main side to halt the enemies from rushing.
  • If you want to enter B Site without flashing your teammates, you can throw and repel it from both sides of the walls.
  • A Site is where players love to hardscope using AWP, also called the goose spot, you can throw a Molotov at the goose spot to eliminate any enemy there.
  • To ensure that enemies don’t rush from B Main, you can throw a flash there.
  • Just like the Goose Spot at A Site, there is also a Back Platform where you can throw a Molotov.
  • When playing on the T side, you can throw a grenade from above the building found at the entry of A Site.
  • When on the CT side, first get the B site secured and then throw the Molotov at the far right of the white van.
  • You can opt to throw a Molotov at the short staircase found in A Short.

For instance, a smoke grenade can be used to block the vision of snipers looking at you from the corner of the map. Similarly, you can blind your enemies before walking through a door by using a flash grenade.

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

To make sure that you throw your grenades effectively, we will list down the best Dust 2 grenade spots

From T Spawn

First off, we have A long. This place can help the Terrorist team with establishing a strong position over the A site. But that is only if you learn how to throw a flash from T-Spawn over the A Long entrance.

The annoying part is that the walls of A Long entrance are a little higher, something that can make it extremely difficult for you to throw a flash over it.

But what you can do is throw a standing or running flash through the lower section seen in the image below. If that doesn’t work for you, then you can also stand up on the car right in front of you and make a jump throw.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

From The Skylight

The second grenade spot in Dust 2 is when you’re walking out of the door. Previously, players used to throw a flash through the skylight while running, which does not work anymore. But what you can do is make a running jump throw at the middle one, and it will go straight down to hit everyone present in the area.

This is something that can prevent your enemies from seeing you properly as you walk out of the door.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

The Cross

The third grenade spot comes in handy when you have taken control of Long A and now want to smoke out the cross. Some players make the mistake of thinking that they can create a perfect smokescreen by using a single smoke grenade. However, the cross is a little too wide for this.

But what you can do is stand next to the barrel and then aim the grenade, as seen in the image below. Then make a running throw, and the grenade will then pass the roof of the corner house only to bounce over to block off the cross. Afterward, your teammate can throw another smoke to fill the gap.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
The Cross

New Car

The new car has slowly become a popular position in Dust 2 for players to hold. They are even prioritizing it over Long A. This is why you need to clear it out to eliminate the risk.

You need to stand on the barrel and throw a Molotov from the angle seen in the below image. This will spread the fire around the car and will eliminate any player hiding behind the car.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
New Car

Mid to A Short

Going from Mid to A Short is one of the most crucial parts of Dust 2. One wrong mistake can get you killed instantly here. This is where the Xbox smoke becomes useful. You need to stand back to the wall and then point the grenade to the exact position as in the image below.

Then, do a running throw to create a smokescreen at A Short accurately. You will then be able to walk towards the door without worrying about getting eliminated by a sniper.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
A Short

Rush B

For rush B, what you can do is stand in the middle of the pillar at the narrow chokepoint and then throw a smoke grenade while pointing it towards the top.

This will help you with rushing B without worrying about getting eliminated from a far-away sniper. You can also instantly throw a flash grenade from the same location to blind everyone outside the chokepoint.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
Narrow Checkpoint

Lower Tunnels

In the lower tunnels, you can throw a flash over the top wall to blind anyone on the other side. What you need to do is aim the flash grenade at the top of the tower and it will hit the left side mid.

If any enemy player is hiding or running through the spot, then their vision will instantly get ruined and you’ll get the chance to rush towards them. 

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Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
Lower Tunnels

Molly and HE Grenade at B Main

If you’re someone who belongs to the CT side and is tired of the enemy team rushing from B main again and again, then this spot is for you. What you can do is stand at the door that allows you to aim directly at B main and throw a molly at the spot seen in the picture below.

This will prevent the enemy team from rushing through B main. To put them at a greater disadvantage, you can throw an HE grenade at the same spot after the fire goes away. This way, if an enemy player thinks that the coast is clear after seeing the fire is gone and tries to rush, they’ll pay for their mistake. 

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
B Main

B Site

If you’re trying to get into the B site, then you can use a flash and bounce it off the walls present on both sides of the site. You can even throw it over the wall. If you do a standing throw on the right side, the flash won’t hit your teammates.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
B Site

A Site

The goose is the favorite spot to camp for those who use the AWP. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure this area is clear of enemies. You can find goose at the top corner of A site.

Unlike most of the other grenade spots where you have to throw the grenade from either the top of a building or through some door, this one is pretty simple.

All you need to do is aim towards the goose and throw the molly at it. This way, if any AWPer is hiding there, they’ll get eliminated. But even if someone isn’t there, it will prevent others from camping there since the place will be on fire. 

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

B Main Flash

Another way of preventing B main rushes is by throwing a flash at it. What you need to do is stand at the spot seen in the picture below and throw the flash directly at B main.

This way, if anyone is trying to rush B main, they’ll instantly get blinded. You can then take them out as they won’t be able to get to any cover. 

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
Flash at B Main

Back Platform

Next up in our best grenade spots in Dust 2 list is the back platform. Just like Goose, the back platform is yet another location where you’ll find enemy AWPers camping and targeting your teammates. What you can do is throw a molly at the spot shown in the picture below. The enemy AWPer will crawl out from the spot and you’ll be able to shoot them down.

Or, if they end up getting caught in the fire created by the molly, they’ll burn to death. However, keep in mind that you’ll be out in the open while throwing the molly. If you don’t act quick, then you’ll most likely end up becoming a target of the AWPer.

To prevent this from happening, we’ll suggest you throw a smoke a B main as this will provide you with the chance of throwing the molly without worrying about getting killed.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
Back Platform

A Site Entry 

If you’re on the T-side, then this one is for you. What you need to do is throw a flash grenade from just above the building, as shown in the picture below.

This way, you’ll be able to send your grenade directly to the enemy players hiding at the default plant site. Thanks to this, you’ll make them either leave the plant site or panic.

Either way, you’ll get your chance to rush to their location without worrying about getting killed in the process. 

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
A Site Entry

CT Spawn 

This is yet another amazing spot in our list of best grenade spots in Dust 2 as it can help you put the enemy team at a great disadvantage. However, keep in mind that in order to make this work, you’ll first need to get B site under your control.

Once you do that, you can throw a molly at the spot seen in the picture below and it will prevent the enemy team from moving freely around CT Spawn.

They will either need to wait for the fire to go away or walk through it and take some damage in the process. Whatever they choose, you’ll be able to push to their location easily. 

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
CT Spawn

Short Stairs 

The final spot we would like to mention is the short stairs located in A short. This one is for the T-side as it can help you prevent the enemy CT players from pushing through this location. What you need to do is throw a molly at the exact spot in the picture below.

However, keep in mind that the enemy players might try to push through the fire, so make sure you’re prepared for a fight as well. Otherwise, the situation will turn against you. 

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
Short Stairs

These were some of the best grenade spots in Dust 2 for CS:GO. We hope that it will help you out. There exist different types of grenades in the game and all of them are meant for different situations. For instance, a molly will help you prevent players from passing through a specific location, while a flash will help you blind them.

Therefore, no matter which spot you’re targeting, make sure to choose the right type of grenade for the situation. Also, keep in mind that some of these throws are not easy.

Therefore, you will need to practice a lot in order to make them land accurately.

What Are Grenades In CSGO 

One of the best classified weapons that can be used in the different spots on CSGO, especially on the Dust 2 map is grenades. They are available alongside other weapons and equipment that you can get in the Buy Menu. The players in CSGO can get a maximum of four grenades so it is important to use them in the best way possible if you’re playing on extensive maps like Dust 2.

When you have thrown a grenade, you will be able to switch to your primary weapon immediately. In case you have no primary or secondary weapon you will switch to your knife.  

Types Of Grenades 

There are different types of grenades and each grenade is best at performing a specific function and can be used and the different spots of the Dust 2 map in CSGO. Following is a list of all kinds of grenades you can get in CSGO. 

  •  Snowball 
  •  Diversion Device 
  •  Fire Bomb 
  •  Tactical Awareness Grenade 
  •  Molotov 
  •  Incendiary Grenade 
  •  Decoy Grenade 
  •  Smoke Grenade 
  •  Flash Bang 
  •  High Explosive Grenade 
  •  Frag  Grenade 

Different Ways Of Throwing A Grenade  

There are five best ways by which you can throw a grenade in CSGO in the different spots of the Dust 2 map. 

Left Click- The first and the best way to throw a grenade in a spot of the Dust 2 maps is by using a left click in CSGO. If you want to through your grenade in a long-distance range then you should do so by using a left click on your device. Generally, you will have to do a small run and jump and then throw a grenade. 

Right Click- If you don’t intend on throwing the grenade as far as possible and just want to give your enemies nearby some damage then you can use the right click button to do so. It requires minimal movement and it’s great for short distances. 

Left And Right Click At The Same Time-  Another great way of throwing a grenade if you find one of the best spots in the Dust 2 map it’s to click the right button and left button simultaneously. Doing so will allow you to throw the grenade midway and attack any enemies that are at a decent range. It is recommended that you only perform the throw when you are standing perfectly still otherwise there will be a chance to miss the spot where you want your grenade to land. 

Left First Then Right Click- In case you find yourself in an extremely heavily guarded area, then it is recommended that you throw the grenade by releasing left first and then right. Thus, you will be able to land near the middle spot. 

Right, First Then Left Click- Another great way of throwing the grenade is to release the right click first and then the left click. You should use the throw only when there is a tough situation where the space is cramped up. A good place to use this type of throw is when playing Shadow On Mirage. 

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