26 BEST Horror Games On Xbox Series X

Do you like to make your skin crawl and heart run faster than a marathon sprinter? Then you need to play these best horror games on the Xbox Series X/S

The Horror genre is popular across all mediums. Whether it be horror movies, series, or even creepy horror music, there’s just some sort of attraction towards it and the adrenaline boost that one gets after a scare. Therefore, it’s no surprise that horror games are also quite popular, and that is also why this list will discuss some of the best horror games (traditional, survival, and multiplayer) out there that can be played on the Xbox Series X and Series S!

Before we begin, it is worth pointing out that the games are in no particular order; these are just some of the best and most popular horror games that you can play right now. With that said, let’s dive right into the list!

Resident Evil Village

best single player horror xbox series x games
Resident Evil Village
Our Ranking1st Horror Game
AwardsWon Ultimate Game of the Year at Golden Joystick Awards 2021
Release DateMay 7, 2021
Developers & PublishersCapcom
Gameplay TypeFirst-person survival horror

The Resident Evil series is perhaps one of the oldest and most iconic series in the horror genre. They always managed to introduce extremely creepy characters, enemies, and just overall scenarios and environments that constantly made you shriek.

A Horrifying Plot

Resident Evil Village is a sequel to Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. You play as Ethan Winters from the prequel, and after finally being with your wife, you start a family and have a daughter. But eventually, she gets kidnapped, and you’re led to a creepy village filled with mutants. So, throughout the game, you’re on a quest to find your daughter while also falling into the weird stuff of the Eastern European-styled village.

Although Resident Evil Village does slightly tone down the horror elements from the previous game, it has more than enough moments to keep you on your toes. Throughout the game, you’ll mostly be solving puzzles, shooting enemies, and taking part in boss fights.

Similar to RE7, each big boss tends to have their own area that completely differs from other areas. Almost like an amusement park with different themed areas. And the village serves as the main hub, which you can return to after defeating different bosses. And, of course, all of these areas are overlooked by a giant castle as well.

Buffed Up Ethan

Since the first game, Ethan Winters has received military training, making him more capable and efficient in combat. You’ll have access to many weapons and different ammo types and will be able to defend yourself quite well. Despite that, you’ll still have a constant feeling of desperation whenever you run out of ammo, lack resources, or need to find a way to heal yourself.

The game also takes inspiration from previous titles, such as Resident Evil 4, by introducing a merchant. Although his intentions are questionable and he mostly remains mysterious, the merchant can help upgrade your gear, make your guns better, and overall give a great feeling of progression.

Better Upgrades

Because of the merchant, exploration feels rewarding as you find new parts for upgrades or totally new guns to try out! But besides that, the environment design in itself is good enough to keep you immersed. And the new enemies and an interesting big bad also add a lot to the experience.

In general, if you’re a fan of Resident Evil games, then you’ll enjoy Resident Evil Village, especially if you played RE7. Although, if you’re a veteran of the series, then you might want to pump up the difficulty to have a better challenge!


Visage hallway
Our Ranking2nd Horror Game
AwardsNominated for Best Horror Game Global Game Awards
Release DateOctober 28, 2021
Developers & PublishersSadSquare Studio
Gameplay TypePsychological Horror

Visage is a psychological horror game that’ll not just make you question so many things but will leave you creeped out and likely too scared to even go to the bathroom. It is heavily inspired by the P.T demo and game that we never got and is on par with games such as Outlast and Resident Evil in terms of horror.

Starting With A Blast

The game literally starts off with a bang as you observe a man shooting his wife and children and then committing suicide. And then you wake up in a creepy room in a suburban home in the 1980s, the same home where the murder happened. Eventually, you realize that the man in the opening was Dwayne Anderson, the same person that you play as throughout the game.

But that is not the only thing that you realize; you’ll also start noticing paranormal activities such as lights flickering, hearing noises, and a lot more. The house that you lived in is tormented by supernatural activities that affected not only you but also those that lived there before. Therefore, throughout the game, you explore what happened to the previous 3-4 inhabitants of the house while also trying to escape from it.

The house acts as a central hub as you explore the lives of the different residents, which are split into different chapters. But as you go through these chapters, you explore many different areas, such as a creepy house, abnormal labs, dark areas, abandoned hospitals, clustered tunnels, and uninviting forests.

You’ll Never Feel Easy

The gameplay consists of a first-person view where you solve puzzles to get to different areas and progress in the story. Unlike many other games, Visage doesn’t hold your hand throughout. It often offers just one or two clues that you must use to problem solve, which makes it extremely satisfying when you do get through.

Additionally, the game does a great job of continuously making you feel uneasy. Even in areas that you might’ve visited a dozen times, you’ll never feel safe. That, combined with the sanity system that is affected by dark areas, will keep you hooked on the game if you truly love scaring yourself.

Visage is one of the best horror games on the Xbox Series X and on its game pass, simply due to how amazing the story is, the different areas that are extremely creepy, and the paranormal aspects that are always lingering over you. All of these factors make it a must-play game for any horror lover. And if you like single-player story-based games, then perhaps you might enjoy: BEST Story Mode Games On Xbox One.

The Quarry

the quarry story based
The Quarry
Our Ranking26th Horror Game
Awards-None as of yet-
Release DateJune 10, 2022
Developers & PublishersSupermassive Games
Gameplay TypeInteractive Story Horror

If you’re a fan of interactive storytelling games where your decisions greatly impact the outcome of the story, then The Quarry is the right game for you! Brought to you by the same developers of many other horror storytelling games, such as Until Dawn, The Quarry also throws you on a spooky adventure with an entire group of teenagers.

Not An Ideal Summer

Nine different teenagers with their own distinct personalities are spending summer camp at Hackett’s Quarry. But as soon as their last night arrives, they begin to notice some supernatural forces/creatures as well as some violent locals that definitely don’t want the teenagers around. It is up to you to control all nine of these characters in different chapters and ensure they survive their last night!

But survival won’t be easy. Most of your gameplay will require you to walk around, interact with items around you, analyze clues and evidence, make decisions, and complete quick time events (QTEs). And all of these directly or indirectly tie into deciding whether your character survives or not.

Every Decision Matters

Choosing the right dialogue, picking the right items, and successfully (or sometimes unsuccessfully) completing all the QTEs can all help you survive. And sometimes, decisions made several chapters ago can come and haunt you again later. However, you’re not completely clueless, as you can see your fate by reading Tarot Cards in the game.

As for horror elements, you can expect to get a good scare from the game. Whether it is the jump scares, being chased by monsters, or the sheer fear of making a wrong decision in an intense moment.

All of these factors, backed up by the fact that you can’t go backward and all deaths are permanent, make for a really unique horror game. And because of how fleshed out each character is in the game, especially due to the amazing voice cast, you truly feel a sense of loss upon losing them. However, there is one way to rewind to ensure that a certain character doesn’t die. You can learn more about it here: The Quarry Rewind System.

Supermassive Games have been making such types of interactive horror games for quite some time now, and they’ve really polished up their formula. Therefore, you can’t really go wrong with playing The Quarry!

The Medium

Medium game
The Medium – Promotional Art
Our Ranking14th Horror Game
AwardsWon Original Adventure Game at NAVGTR Awards 2022
Release DateJanuary 28, 2021
Developers & PublishersBloober Team
Gameplay TypeThird-person psychological horror

The Medium is a psychological horror by a studio that has been making horror games for quite some time. You play as Marianne, in a post-Communism Poland, who is a spirit medium and can help spirits pass on to the afterlife.

Split Between Realities

Because of these powers, she can shift herself between the real and the spiritual world. The spiritual world is almost a parallel of the real world but a lot spookier, gross, and filled with things right out of a nightmare world.

Marianne gets a call from a person informing her that he could explain the source of her powers to her if she comes to a facility known as the Niwa Workers’ Resort. But as soon as she enters the facility, she realizes that something is awfully wrong with the place and starts discovering things about the Niwa Massacre while also encountering an unkillable hostile entity known as the Maw.

The game has a really engaging narrative that doesn’t shy away from discussing various topics. But besides just the story, the gameplay is quite unique and offers elements, unlike any other game. The biggest and most iconic gameplay element is the split screen view between the different realms.

Because the spirit world is a parallel with slight differences from the real world, it leads to some interesting moments of discovery that help you solve puzzles. In fact, there are many puzzles to be solved in the game. You can even say that puzzle-solving is the majority of the gameplay, as The Medium doesn’t have any combat.

Parallel Puzzle Solving

Throughout the game, you’ll be either sneaking around and avoiding enemies, mostly Maw, and trying to solve puzzles, collect items, unlock paths, and a lot more. The game also has some really good scripted moments and chases that’ll leave you out of breath, literally!

When you’re in the spirit world, you can have an out-of-body experience where your spirit counterpart can move around without affecting the real you. Such a mechanic offers unique problem-solving while you go to an area that you couldn’t reach in the real world or perform an action that can affect things in the other world.

And unlike many other horror games, The Medium doesn’t rely on jump scares but focuses on constantly keeping you tense and on edge as you either escape from enemies or are in a rush to solve a puzzle as quickly as you can.

Furthermore, the game was initially an exclusive game for the Xbox Series S and Series X, making it one of the forerunners for the best horror games for the platform and definitely worth a try! And if you’re interested in games that are a little bit more tactical, then you might enjoy our list of BEST War Games PS4.

Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes

Dark Pictures
The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes
Our Ranking15th Horror Game
AwardsNominated for Outstanding Game, Franchise Adventure at NAVGTR Awards
Release DateOctober 22, 2021
Developers & PublishersSupermassive Games
Gameplay TypeThird-person interactive horror

We’ve already mentioned one Supermassive interactive game in the list, but because their games are so good, another one of their titles deserves mention on the list of best horror games on the Xbox Series X/S.

Friend Of An Enemy Is A Friend

Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes, better known as just the House of Ashes, is the third installment in the Dark Pictures Anthology series, after Man of Medan and Little Hope. All of the games in the franchise are interactive games that are focused on decision-making with a multilinear narrative and permanent choices.

Like the previous games in the series, you get to experience the story and control five different characters. House of Ashes is set in the 2003 Iraq invasion. Four of the controllable characters are US Armed Forces, whereas the fifth character is an Iraqi working for the Republican Guard of Iraq.

During an ambush that was meant to counter a US military raid, the five characters fall into a subterranean Akkadian temple. Soon they all discover that they’re not alone in the temple, and bat-like monsters, aka vampires, are on a hunt for them. They decide to put their differences aside and work together to find a way out of the temple!

Each Step Matters

The gameplay mainly consists of wandering around, discovering new items, performing QTEs (quick time events), and choosing dialogue in a limited time slot that can greatly affect the way that the story turns out and even affect your relations with other characters.

Additionally, you can’t go back to a previous save, meaning any change or decision that you’ve made is permanent. This also means that any death that happens during the game is also permanent. In fact, unlike other games, you can end up with all of the characters dead as well.

The permanent death of a character adds a lot more to the stakes and definitely makes each moment feel scarier or more stressful. That, combined with the environment design for the game, makes for some really good horrifying moments.

The narrow tunnels mixed with a tight field of view ensure that you never know what’s coming. And when the creepy music comes in, you can bet that you’ll be scared to take even a single step forward.

So, if you liked games such as Until Dawn or have never tried a game by Supermassive Games before, Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is a great game to play on the Xbox Series X! And if you’re looking for some more single-player experiences, consider checking out: BEST Single Player Xbox Series X Games.

Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight cover
Dead by Daylight
Our Ranking16th Horror Game
AwardsNominated for Game of the Year at Canadian Videogame Awards
Release DateJune 14, 2016
Developers & PublishersBehaviour Interactive
Gameplay TypeAsymmetric Multiplayer Horror Game

Dead by Daylight isn’t a traditional horror game. In fact, it is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game that lets you experience a horror movie for yourself. The main premise of the game is that there are four survivors, and one player acts as the killer on the hunt for these survivors.

Horror Movie In A Game

For the survivors, it literally feels like a typical horror story where they’re trying to hide, run away, and escape from a murderous monster. As for the killer, you get to feel how the villains of all the horror movies feel as they catch up to the different survivors.

Essentially, two different game modes are happening at once in a single match. The objective of the survivors is to perform tasks that help them escape. These primarily include turning on a number of generators that allow them to open the gates to escape.

Whereas the killer’s objectives are to try and catch all of the survivors and put them on “hooks” that help sacrifice the killers to a demon-like being known as “The Entity.” There are several characters that you can choose to act as the killer.

Iconic Characters

And as Dead by Daylight takes a lot of inspiration from horror movies, there are even iconic characters such as Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and even the Ghost Face Mask killer! If you want to learn about an interesting mechanic of the game, then you should read: Dead by Daylight Prestige.

The Different Modes

Usually, the killer is much stronger and faster than the survivors. So one-on-one, they have no chance of survival. In fact, they most definitely will die if they don’t pull off some ingenious move. However, because there are four survivors, if they coordinate well, they can usually outsmart the killer and even help hooked survivors escape.

The constant pressure of time running out tends to affect both the killer and survivors and makes for some really great gameplay. Although the game is old and the graphics seem outdated, it’s still relevant to this day. So, if you’re looking for one of the best co-op or multiplayer survival horror games that you can play on Xbox Series X or Series S, then Dead by Daylight is the game for you!

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Outlast 2

best horror games on xbox series x
Outlast 2 Cover Picture
Our Ranking3rd Horror Game
AwardsNominated for Best Use of Sound at the Nation Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers
Release DateApril 25, 2017
Developers & PublishersRed Barrels
Gameplay TypeFirst-person survival horror

If you’re a fan of the horror genre in video games, then it’s quite unlikely that you’ve not heard of the Outlast series. In fact, Outlast is so popular that even gamers that don’t play horror games have heard the tales of how frightening it is to the point that players struggle to get to the end of it.

Crazy Cults Everywhere

And fortunately (or maybe, unfortunately), all of these claims are true because Outlast and even Outlast 2 do a really great job of scaring you out and putting so much pressure on you that each movement feels like an act of desperation.

In Outlast 2, you play Blake Langermann, a journalist who is investigating the murder of a pregnant woman known as Jane Doe in the Arizona desert. He is accompanied by his wife, Lynn, but soon the both of them get separated after a helicopter crash.

Blake begins searching for his wife but soon comes across a village that is filled with a deranged sect that performs many cult-like activities and believes that the end of days is upon them. There are also a lot of other religious and catholic cult-like activities that the sect is into.

In fact, there’s not just one cult but multiple in the game, and they all tend to oppose each other. But in general, everything that they do will definitely freak you out. Especially the gameplay!

Better Hold Your Breath

In Outlast 2, you don’t have access to any weapons, and you can’t fight anyone. In fact, you’re so weak that you can get taken out with just one hit. So, your main way of dealing with enemies would be by hiding or sneaking around. But the gameplay fully embraces those mechanics by providing you with many areas to hide in, the ability to hold your breath, and even crawl under areas.

As Blake is a journalist, he has access to a camera which you’ll use throughout most of the game. You can use the camera’s night vision mode to see properly in the dark or use the microphone to predict where your enemies are. However, the camera works on batteries.

And when you run out of them, the screen begins to flicker, and the vision gets all blurry. That’s when you truly feel desperate as you try to find more batteries so that you can properly navigate in the dark!

Bigger The Design, Greater The Danger

Furthermore, Outlast 2 has a more open design, allowing you to explore bigger areas. Because of that, you can escape a lot easier from your enemies, but they can also sneak up on you too, so it’s a win-lose situation.

The game explores many different topics, throws you into many life-threatening situations, and keeps pushing you to the limits of what you can handle. If you’re a true fan of horror games, then without a doubt, Outlast 2 needs to be in your collections! 

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observer game
Our Ranking17th Horror Game
AwardsNominated for Best Use of Sound and New IP at NAVGTR Awards
Release DateAugust 15, 2017
Developers & PublishersBloober Team
Gameplay TypeFirst-person psychological horror

If you’re looking for a game that doesn’t rely on cheap tricks such as jump scares or creepy combat to scare you, then Observer might be the best horror game on Xbox Series X. Observer is a psychological horror game that will leave you wanting more.

Futuristic Detective

Set in a futuristic cyberpunk-styled city in 2084, you play as Daniel Lazarski, a Krakowian detective from the Observer police unit. In this futuristic city, the human race is undergoing a digital plague that causes people to use drugs, alter their bodies, and a lot more.

But after a megacorporation took control of Poland, they introduced the Observer unit that is able to hack into people’s minds for interrogation purposes, and that’s exactly what you do throughout the game.

After you get a call from your estranged son, Adam, you get taken to his apartment. But over there, you notice a body with a severed head, and you begin investigating. Most of the game revolves inside the impartment, where you try to get to the bottom of the murder mystery.

Sherlock Meets Horror

However, as you can hack into the brains of people, whether they’re dead or alive, you usually get taken to different areas as you access their memories. The majority of the gameplay consists of you analyzing different clues, hacking into different people, and trying to piece everything together.

But the creepiness and the true horror of the game build up with the beautiful yet eerie environment designs. From creepy visions to cramped areas, you’ll always feel uneasy as you investigate foreign areas. All of that is backed up with music that builds up great tension.

Because there’s no combat in the game, the enemies that you do encounter tend to be in stealth sections, observer truly is a great sci-fi horror game that you can try out, especially if you’re tired of the typical horror elements. And if you’re a fan of racing games, then you definitely need to check out: BEST Need For Speed Games.

Little Nightmares 2

indie game little nightmares
Little Nightmares 2
Our Ranking5th Horror Game
AwardsWon Outstanding Character Design at NAVGTR Awards 2022
Release DateAugust 25, 2021
Developers & PublishersTarsier Studios
Gameplay TypeIndie third-person 2.5D survival horror

There are many indie games out there. Amongst all of those amazing games, there’s a “little” gem known as Little Nightmares 2. It is the sequel to the first game, Little Nightmares, and you play as a new protagonist, Mono, who is accompanied by the protagonist of the previous game, Six.

Just A Small Boy

You play in a 2.D world where everything else is significantly bigger than you. Whether it be simple items such as a football, or other NPCs in the game, they’re all more sized up, and you’re just a small being in their world.

Your main objective is to simply get across the different areas of the game without getting caught or killed by environmental hazards or the hostile humanoid creatures in the game. Whereas in the first game, the protagonist doesn’t have any means to defend themselves, this time around, Mono can pick up items and attack certain enemies.

Stealth Is Your Ally

However, the majority of the gameplay will consist of you sneaking around, as no matter how much swinging and attacking you do, you’ll never be able to harm the much bigger enemies in the game. And you’ll also have to solve puzzles as well to progress further. These can be stuff like figuring out how to get from point A to B or retrieving certain items.

The game has enough horrific moments to keep fulfilling your desires. From creepy arms sticking out of walls to mobs of small enemies suddenly creeping up on you, you’ll always have to be vigilant. But the tensest and most stressful moments are when you’re faced with giant humanoid creatures, as you can never be too sure of what they’d do. Little Nightmares 1 was a great game, and it’s safe to say that Little Nightmares 2 did not disappoint!

The Evil Within 2

best horror games for xbox series x/s
The Evil Within 2
Our Ranking13th Horror Game
AwardsNominated for Best Action Franchise at NAVGTR Awards
Release DateOctober 19, 2017
Developers & PublishersTango Gameworks
Gameplay TypeThird-person survival horror shooter

The Evil Within 2 is a sequel to the original The Evil Within game and is a survival horror game played in the third person. The game continues from the events of the previous game by letting you play as Sebastian Castellanos, who is still undergoing the trauma from the previous games.

Simulation Madness

After discovering that your supposed dead daughter, Lily, is actually alive and is lost in a simulation-type experiment, you head out to where the experiment is being held in hopes of saving her life. In general, the game has a pretty straightforward and easy-to-understand plot, unlike the first game, where things would get confusing.

The game takes a slight departure from the original by incorporating a semi-open world design, allowing you to look for items in hidden areas and even take part in side-quests.

The game is riddled with monsters and different types of zombies. And at times, it gives a Resident Evil 4 vibe with the inventory management and the way the gunfire and combat work. But it manages to add its own spin by offering different skills and upgrades. In fact, these upgrades, such as gun crafting or skills, are good enough to encourage you to explore the open world.

Bigger, Better World

Additionally, like many other horror games, Evil Within 2 does a great job of making you feel uncomfortable throughout the game. Despite having an open-world design, even when you’re exploring, you never truly feel safe.

That’s partly due to the survival aspects of the game, where either you’re running low on resources or running low on skills because you used resources elsewhere. If you’re just getting started and need help surviving, then you should perhaps read: The Evil Within 2: Survival Guide.

But the game truly shines with its different bosses and creature designs. It usually falls into a more linear approach during the boss fights, and they work quite well in constantly keeping up the tension. From intense chases, gunfights, and nightmare-styled moments, there’s enough to keep you coming back for more.

Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water

maiden of black water
Fatal Frame/Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water
Our Ranking24th Horror Game
Release DateOctober 28, 2021
Developers & PublishersKoei Tecmo
Gameplay TypeSurvival horror

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is the fifth entry in the Fatal Frame series. It was initially released for the Wii U but then later got remastered for the current generation consoles. Fatal Frame (Project Zero): Maiden of Black Water is a third-person survival horror game that has some unique elements that we haven’t seen much in other games.

Captivating Plot

You get to play as three different protagonists in the lands of Hikami Mountain, which is filled with ruined buildings and dark forests. The place is also known for paranormal activities and is a hotspot for suicides.

Despite playing as three different protagonists, Yuri Kozukata is essentially the main character. She has the ability to connect people from the spiritual world to the real world. The characters are on a quest to discover a missing person in the Hikami Mountains and to control the Black Water while trying to survive all the paranormal dangers ahead.

The majority of your gameplay will consist of you avoiding all sorts of different ghosts while trying to complete different objectives that get you closer to the endgame. Although the story is great, the gameplay is what makes Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water stand out from the rest of the games.

You don’t have access to any typical weapons, and if you want to avoid getting caught by ghosts, you can dodge or try to break free from their grips. But you have access to a Camera Obscura that you can actually use to harm the ghosts by taking their pictures.

Photo A Day, Keeps The Ghosts Away

When taking a picture, you can focus on different parts of the ghosts, and when you focus on the ghost’s weakness, you perform a Fatal Frame that causes a lot of damage. The game takes the concept of Camera Obscura further by providing you with different films that act differently.

They’re capable of performing varying damage and even altering the reload times, letting you decide which film is best for different scenarios. All of these make for some interesting combat systems.

Additionally, the game focuses on environmental effects, especially wetness. Most of the areas in the games will be damp and watery. And if you get wet, you’ll attract more ghosts toward you. But luckily, you’ll also be able to deal more damage depending on how wet you are, so it’s a balanced mechanic.

If you’re a fan of the Fatal Frame series or are looking for a great entry point, then Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is a really good game to start off with. With the remastered version, it’s the most modern way of experiencing a Fatal Frame game! The Fatal Frame series is quite old. If you want to try some other old-school games, check out: BEST Sega CD Games.

Maid Of Sker

best horror games xbox series x
Maid of Sker
Our Ranking20th Horror Game
AwardsWon TIGA Game Industry Award 2020
Release DateJuly 28, 2020
Developers & PublishersWales Interactive
Gameplay TypePsychological Horror

Maid of Sker is a first-person horror game that includes certain types of enemies that we’ve seen in other games, but it manages to incorporate them so well that it feels like a fresh take.

Quiet, Or They’ll Get You

You play Thomas Evans on a fictional island known as Sker Island. It’s the year 1898, and you get a call from your lover, Elisabeth Williams, asking for help. She says that something odd is happening in the Sker Hotel, and her family has been acting strange.

As soon as you get to the place, the general atmospheric vibe is enough to indicate that something is definitely wrong. Soon you encounter cult followers known as “The Quiet Ones,” that have taken over the Sker Hotel, and it is up to you to help Elisabeth get out of there.

These cult followers have been blinded and only rely on sound to move around and detect you. And as you don’t have any means of completing taking them down, your main option is to sneak around while creating as few disturbances as possible to avoid drawing attention. Especially considering it only takes 3 hits for you to die.

The game takes a lot of inspiration from games such as Outlast and Silent Hill. You can move around, hide in areas, and, more importantly, hold your breath to avoid detection. But you have to be careful of how you use that mechanic. If you hold your breath for too long, Thomas will gasp for air, causing enough noise to make the enemies suspicious.

Sound Can Be Your Friend Or Your Foe

The game also introduces environmental effects, such as dusty areas that can cause Thomas to cough. In such instances, holding your breath can be quite useful. And performing certain necessary actions like opening a door or pulling a lever can also cause noise which you have to be cautious of.

But the sound isn’t a totally bad thing in the game. You can use it to distract enemies often by creating sound elsewhere. There are many objects that let you perform distractions, such as a counter bell.

When low on health, you can look for tonics, but due to how limited they are, you’ll always be on the run from enemies. Additionally, the map is split into different areas that you gain access to after completing puzzles and unlocking keys.

The game also includes a manual saving system like Resident Evil, but instead of typewriters, you save at gramophones. These gramophones also shed some light on the story. So, if you’re looking for a unique blend of Outlast, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill, then Maid of Sker perhaps deserves a spot in your collection of horror games for the Xbox Series X!

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best horror games xbox series x
Our Ranking11th Horror Game
AwardsWon Best Game at Expo EVA 2022
Release DateJuly 8, 2022
Developers & PublishersBloodious Games
Gameplay TypeFirst-person psychological horror

The P.T demo caught a lot of attention when it came out. In fact, it was so popular and well-received that it helped shape a lot of future horror games. MADiSON is one of those first-person horror games that take inspiration from P.T and nails the general vibe.

Trouble From 30 Years Ago

You play as a 16-year-old boy, Luca, who receives an instant camera for his 16th birthday. However, that camera belonged to a serial killer 30 years ago, and through the camera, the killer contacts Luca and causes things around him to go haywire.

One day MADiSON wakes up to find that no one is home. In fact, he is stuck inside his home as paranormal activities are happening around him. And now, it’s up to Luca to perform and put an end to a macabre ritual to successfully escape all the horrors.

Most of your gameplay will revolve around puzzle-solving while avoiding enemies, as you have no way of harming them. As you move around the big creepy house filled with blood-spattered walls, you’ll uncover items that can help you in solving puzzles. And the majority of the time, you have to backtrack to find new items to solve certain puzzles.

Constant Paranoia 

Additionally, the house does a great job of keeping you alert. As you move from one area to another, you can never be too sure of what you’ll encounter as the house keeps shape-shifting. Did you see a door behind you? Well, by the time you get back to it, it might be completely gone.

Or, if you’re about to enter a basement, you can either get extremely unlucky and end up at a murder scene or just a regular creepy basement. Because of this, the game always feels fresh and doesn’t get too boring.

The game incorporates the polaroid camera quite well into the story and gameplay. You can use it to reveal hidden items or texts that are usually smeared in blood. But the camera also does an equally good job of scaring you, as using it can also summon demons ready to jump-scare you.

And the jump scares are also unpredictable and keep changing the way they scare you so that you don’t get immune to them. That, combined with all the scary sounds, such as creaking, footsteps, or static noises, is enough to keep you looking over your shoulder.

With great puzzles that never get boring by constantly challenging you, a creepy environment design and a house that doesn’t want you to escape, MADiSON is among the best P.T inspired horror games that you can play on the Xbox Series S or Series X. 

Are you a fan of anime and all sorts of different anime games? Well, we compiled some of the great games that explore different animes, such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and a lot more. You can learn all about them in our list of BEST Anime Games PS4.

Tormented Souls

Tormented souls art
Tormented Souls
Our Ranking18th Horror Game
Release DateAugust 27, 2021
Developers & PublishersDual Effect, Abstract Digital
Gameplay TypeThird-person classical horror

Classic horror games had a certain vibe to them that was enough to scare you for days. From the low lighting to the camera angles that restrict you, keeping you oblivious to whatever is ahead, all these factors helped make such games creepy.

Classical Horror

Tormented Souls adapts all of those philosophies in an attempt to create a modern classical horror game, and it definitely nails it. You play as Caroline Walker as she investigates the disappearance of twin girls in a creepy hospital that used to be a mansion.

As you explore the mansion, you begin to discover creepy elements and supernatural enemies that try to hunt you. The blood-splattered walls, creepy paintings, and off-putting items in the game are enough to scare you. But that, combined with the restricted camera angle, makes for some really intense moments.

Taking inspiration from games like Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark series, resource management is a huge part of the game. You do have access to weapons such as a gun, but you cannot always just run and gun your way through levels, as you’ll eventually run out of ammo. Because of the scarcity of resources, even the simple act of healing requires a proper strategical approach.

Clustered Spookiness

The environments have a great design, with dimly lit corridors and clustered hallways that give you a sense of urgency of just getting to the other end. The game makes the darkness a mechanic by hurting the player if they remain in the darkness for too long.

You can deal with the darkness by using a lighter. But when equipped, you can’t have anything else, such as a gun, equipped, making you feel utterly defenseless.

Although the puzzles can be hard at times, the pacing of the game is pretty good to keep you engaged for a really long time. So, if you’re tired of typical modern horror games, then Tormented Souls is the best classical experience that you can have on the Xbox Series X/S. 

Horror games are usually fun to stream and watch. In fact, many horror games, such as Amnesia, got really popular after YouTubers started posting their own gameplays. If you’re looking to start a streaming career and want to know which games you should play, you should check out: BEST Games To Stream On Twitch.

Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel

Fobia Dinfa Hotel
Fobia – St. Dinfa Hotel
Our Ranking21st Horror Game
Release DateJune 28, 2022
Developers & PublishersPulsatrix Studios
Gameplay TypeIndie Horror Game

Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel is an indie horror game that takes a lot of inspiration from the modern Resident Evil games. You play an amateur journalist, Roberto Leite Lopes, as he writes a piece on mysterious sightings in the town of Treze Trilhas.

Just A Journalist In A Mad World

Roberto decides to stay at St. Dinfa Hotel, where he begins to notice supernatural activities, even a sort of cult, human experiments, apparitions roaming the hall, and a lot more. So, it’s now up to him to not just write a piece but also find a way out of the creepy hotel.

The majority of the game is spent solving various puzzles and using gun combat to fight enemies. The puzzles can be used to progress the game and also to get certain rewards such as ammo or upgrade materials.

The game isn’t too on the survival horror side, as you’ll usually have enough ammo to deal with most enemies. And if you shoot them in their core, you can usually take them out with one shot.

Sci-fi Elements With Horror

Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel also incorporates the idea of different timelines and dimensions. These are used for problem-solving in certain designated areas that let you peek into the other dimensions. Although it’s not as intricate as The Medium’s dimension-hopping, it still provides some unique moments.

So, if you’re looking for an indie game that captures a resident evil vibe while also adding its own spin, then Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel is worth trying out! Some of the most memorable games tend to be adventure games. If you want to know which games you should play in that genre, then check out: BEST Adventure Games.

Alien: Isolation

best stealth games on xbox series x
Alien: Isolation
Our Ranking12th Horror Game
AwardsNominated for Best Game at BAFTA Games Award
Release DateOctober 7, 2014
Developers & PublishersCreative Assembly
Gameplay TypeFirst-person survival horror

Horror games that tend to put you up against a strong enemy that can’t be killed tend to be the best because you truly feel dreadful and scared as they approach you. And that’s exactly what Alien: Isolation is all about.

You’re Not Alone

A lot of other games on the list have also incorporated such a mechanic by stripping away your combat abilities. But Alien: Isolation makes you feel helpless despite arming you with weapons such that you can take out low-level enemies, but when it comes to the main monster of the game, you usually have no chance against it.

Alien: Isolation is based on the original Alien movies and lets you play Amanda Ripley, who is on a quest to discover what happened to her mother on the space station Sevastopol. But as soon as Amanda gets onboard the space station, she soon discovers that it has been taken over by a hostile alien creature and must find a way back to Earth.

So, throughout the game, you’ll be completing objectives and puzzles that you get one step closer to getting back home, all the while avoiding the alien. However, avoiding the alien is not as easy as it sounds.

Single Sound And You’re Doomed

The alien can detect you through sight, but more scarily, through the noises that you make. Whether it be running around, bumping into objects, or even using devices that make noises, such as the alien detector, it can detect you through almost any noise. So, when the alien is on the hunt for you, you have to be extra careful by hiding under objects, sneaking into vents, or remaining hidden in empty lockers.

Besides just the alien, there are other enemies on board, too, such as hostile human survivors and androids. But you’re not useless against them as you’ll have weapons such as a revolver, shotgun, and even a stun baton that you can use to eliminate them. And if you do get hurt in the process, there are a limited amount of med kits that you can use to survive.

But the main focus truly is on avoiding the alien. There are certain instances where you can hurt it using its weakness, fire, but for the majority of the game, you’ll be on the run. So, if you love sci-fi horror games, then perhaps Alien: Isolation might be part of the best available games on the Xbox Series X for you to try out! 

Alien: Isolation sometimes heavily encourages you to use stealth in certain scenarios, especially when faced with the Alien itself. If you like such scenarios where stealth is the prime focus, then perhaps you’ll enjoy the BEST Stealth Games For PS4.

Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game best multiplayer horror game xbox series x
The horror multiplayer Evil Dead: The Game
Our Ranking10th Horror Game
Awards-None yet-
Release DateMay 13, 2022
Developers & PublishersSaber Interactive
Gameplay TypeOnline survival horror

It’s hard to nail a co-op horror game, but Evil Dead: The Game does a good job of capturing everything that the movie got right and also creating an enjoyable game in the process.

Straight Out Of The Movie 

Evil Dead: The Game is an asymmetrical survival horror game that is mostly focused on PvP, where you can either play as one of the survivors or the demon hunting the survivors. The game also features a single-player mode that requires an internet connection.

Although the single-player mode isn’t anything special and mostly makes you live out certain scenes from the movie, the PvP mode is where it truly shines. The survivors that you can play can be characters from the movie, such as Ash Scotty, Lord Arthur, Kelly Maxwell, or Pablo Simon Bolivar. And the demon is the Kandarian Demon, who’s trying to possess the survivors.

The Various Objectives

The gameplay feels solid as you take out enemies, perform melee attacks, finishers, and a lot more. Each hit feels powerful, especially when bits of enemies, such as zombie meat or skeleton bones, fly in different directions.

The main objective of the survivors is to find a map that’ll reveal the location of the Necronomicon pages and the Kandarian Dagger that can be used to banish the dark ones. This leads to an all-out skirmish as you group together to take out the different enemies.

Evil Dead: The Game really focuses on teamwork and sticking together. The further you get from each other, or the more you go into darkness, the faster your fear meter gets filled up, which can result in you getting possessed by the demon. Additionally, when you stick together, you can explore more freely to find different upgrades to boost attributes as health and damage dealt.

Haunt Your Friends As A Demon

As for the demon, their job isn’t a walk in the park, either. They have to be really active on the map, set traps, and find different ways to increase the fear meter of the players. This can be done by possessing different items in the game, such as trees to give jump scares or even the survivor’s getaway vehicle to torment them. And the more time passes, the stronger you get as the demon.

If you love playing with your friends and want to experience a horror movie in a game, then Evil Dead: The Game is the best multiplayer horror survival game on the Xbox Series X and Series S! Sometimes, you might even get to snipe in the game. But if you want games that are solely focused on sniping, then check out: BEST Sniper Games PS4.

Alan Wake: Remastered

Alan Wake remastered
Alan Wake Remastered cover artwork
Our Ranking9th Horror Game
AwardsNominated for Classical Revival at NAVGTR 2022
Release DateOctober 5, 2021
Developers & PublishersRemedy Entertainment
Gameplay TypeShooter horror game

Brought to you by the same developers as Control, Alan Wake is a psychological horror game that focuses a lot on elements of light and darkness. You play Alan Wake, who visits the small mountain town of Bright Falls with his wife in hopes of getting over writer’s block.

Get Back What’s Yours

But eventually, his wife gets taken by a mysterious force, and the town’s people get possessed by something called the “darkness.” All those that are possessed get referred to as the “Taken,” and they’re all trying to take down Alan Wake.

So, it’s up to you to defend yourself from all of these “Taken” enemies while also trying to find your wife. The game is mostly a linear experience split into many episodic chapters. Your adventure leads you through many different areas, such as forests, national parks, and even farms, during the night.

The Light Shall Guide You

And your main enemies will remain the darkness-possessed enemies that tend to have a shield of sorts around them, making them immune from taking any damage. However, you can use light sources to chip away their shields and then follow up with gunshots to take them down permanently.

The game never lets you feel safe, especially in darker areas, as even objects can get animated and try to harm you. And using things such as flashlights to help you out is all fine and dandy until you run out of batteries or need to recharge. In those moments, you have to rely heavily on your environment and utilize things such as streetlamps, searchlights, and a lot more.

The game has a really good narrative and even follows a subplot where you discover manuscripts from a book that is supposedly written by Alan Wake, but he doesn’t remember any of it. If you want to experience a linear horror game, then Alan Wake is can be considered the best-remastered game that you can play on the Xbox Series X!

Original Alan Wake was quite an old game. If you want to try out some other classic games, then check out: BEST SNES Games of All Time.


Agony game
Our Ranking22nd Horror Game
Release DateMay 29, 2018
Developers & PublishersMadmind Studio
Gameplay TypeThird-person horror

Do you know what makes for a good setting in a horror game? Hell. The damned souls, and the creepy atmosphere it’s enough to give you the chills. That’s exactly what Agony tries to achieve by letting you play as a tormented soul in hell without any memory.

Just A Memory Less Being

The only thing that you know is that you need to find and follow a red goddess while surviving the horrors of hell. Besides that, there’s absolutely no background story of your soul. The game achieves a lot of stressful and tense moments with its environment design and different types of enemies.

In terms of visuals, the game truly is stunning as you explore the linear yet really big levels of the game. There’s a wide variety of areas, from dimly lit to trippy colorful areas.

Solving puzzles is an intricate part of progressing into further areas of the game. These can be challenging as the game doesn’t hold your hand too much, and you have to figure out most of the things on your own.

Extreme Puzzle Solving

You can’t really fight enemies, but you have the ability to possess other souls. This can be useful in solving certain puzzles or even coming back to life after you die. And there’s a chance that you’ll die quite often because there’s a good number of enemies out to get you.

In fact, the enemies in the game give a lot of amnesia-styled vibes as you hold your breath when they get too close. You can also upgrade your character by finding items known as the forbidden fruit.

The game keeps you on your toes with a lot of edgy visuals that definitely will make you feel gross enough to shower. And the game is definitely for mature audiences, as the visuals can get a little too much at times. So, if that sounds like your type of game, then Agony is perhaps the game that you’ve been looking for!  If you’re looking to mix up your games collection, then perhaps you should read BEST Ace Attorney Games.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

re7 cover photo house All resident evil games ranked
The cover photo of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Our Ranking4th Horror Game
AwardsWon Gold Prize at PlayStation Awards
Release DateJanuary 24, 2017
Developers & PublishersCapcom
Gameplay TypeFirst-person shooter, survival horror

Resident Evil 7 is the first game that made a major change in how Resident Evil games were played. Instead of a third-person view, you’d now play in first-person. And instead of taking on hordes of enemies and gunning down them, things got a lot desperate, ammo became scarcer, and fights became more intense.

A New Resident Evil Formula

You play Ethan Winters as he searches for his missing wife in the Derelict Estate. But as soon as you reach there, you begin to notice weird things, especially with the estate’s inhabitants, the Baker family. Not only that, but a weird sort of fungus has taken over the entire estate and creates “molded” creatures and takes over humans to take you down.

Unlike the previous protagonists of Resident Evil games, Ethan has no combat training and is just a typical civilian who picks things up on the fly. Horror is the primary focus as you avoid hard-to-kill enemies and try to solve puzzles to progress toward different areas of the game.

Despite the lack of combat training, you still have access to various weapons that you can use to defend yourself and even partake in epic boss fights. These weapons range from handguns and shotguns to even explosives, chainsaws, and flamethrowers.

Resource Management Is The Key To Survival 

Inventory management is also a vital part of the game, as you can’t carry everything that you want with you. So, sometimes you have to choose between having more healing power or attacking power, which truly gives survival horror vibes. If you want guidance on how to manage everything and survive in Resident Evil 7, then you should read Resident Evil 7: Survival guide.

The pacing in Resident Evil 7 is perhaps one of the best pacings in any video game. It’s slow enough to make sure you’re not too overwhelmed but is always pushing you in such ways that you can feel just as tense as Ethan Winters himself.

Whether it be solving a puzzle before an enemy catches up to you or trying to land that final killing blow on an enemy, you’ll always have something to keep you pumped with adrenaline. So, if you’re a fan of first-person survival horror games, then perhaps Resident Evil 7 is one of the best Resident Evil games on the Xbox Series X for you to try out!

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice
Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice
Our Ranking8th Horror Game
AwardsWon Best Action and Adventure Game at Independent Game Developers’ Association Awards 2017
Release DateAugust 9, 2021
Developers & PublishersNinja Theory
Gameplay TypeFirst-person shooter, survival horror

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice is a linear experience that effectively combines elements of action adventure, psychological horror, puzzle solving, and melee combat. The game is heavily inspired by Norse mythology and Celtic culture, as it creates a dark fantasy world.

All For Love

You play as Senua, a Pict warrior who is on her way to Helheim in hopes of saving the soul of her dead lover. Along the way, you face many challenges and encounter otherworldly entities that definitely don’t want you around. The game has a really good environmental design and creates the perfect horror atmosphere by making the world around you all gross and gloomy.

There is a huge emphasis on puzzle solving, roaming around to discover story elements, and combat. To progress the story, you’ll usually have to solve different puzzles. They can be quite unique when they incorporate Senua’s “focus,” which allows her to notice patterns that others can’t, allowing her to solve puzzles efficiently.

As for the moment-to-moment combat, it’s structured quite well. You have access to a sword that you can use to take out malformed representations of Norsemen. These can be either in the form of regular enemies or big boss fights needed to be cleared to progress in the story.

It feels satisfying to use light or heavy attacks. And when you get knocked to the ground, the tension of getting finished off is enough to get a good amount of adrenaline pumping.

Don’t Fall For The Voices

Things get even weirder when you realize that Senua has psychosis, which causes her to hear a lot of voices that even you can hear as well. The voice acting in such moments is phenomenal, and with a pretty intricate 3D sound design, it almost feels as if the voices are in your head as well. And that’s one reason why you need to play the game with headphones on!

The voices and the entire world do a great job of making you feel uneasy. Especially in cases where you might be doing some sort of puzzle or going in a different direction, the voices start to make you doubt yourself and induce a lot of anxiety. So, if you’re looking for one of the best linear horror games, then definitely give Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice a chance!

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Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale Innocence best horror story game xbox series x
A Plague Tale Innocence
Our Ranking19th Horror Game
AwardsWon Outstanding Story-Rich Game at Steam Awards
Release DateMay 14, 2019
Developers & PublishersAsobo Studio
Gameplay TypeAction-adventure, stealth

Unlike every other game on the list, Plague Tale: Innocence isn’t exactly a horror game. You don’t have a lot of weird monsters, and there’s no post-apocalyptic world, no haunted house, or any demon trying to get to you.

Diseases Everywhere

Plague Tale Innocence is about a French sister, Amicia de Rune, and a brother, Hugo, whom both are trying to survive during the war between England and France. All of this is also takes place during the black plague, which has been slightly exaggerated for the purpose of the game.

The black plague is what really makes the game feel creepy and borderline a horror game. The plague is spread through rats, and the game does a fantastic job of showcasing hordes of rats. It’s almost mind-blowing to imagine how the developers managed to fit so many rats on the screen at once, but they somehow made it work really well.

Stay Clear Of The Rats

Many sections of the game will consist of hordes of rats surrounding you as you use light sources to clear yourself a path or solve some puzzle to get to a safe place from the rats. But sometimes, these rats can be useful for dealing with other enemies in the game.

The other enemies are the English and French soldiers. Your main way of facing them is by either using a slingshot or simply stealthily moving past them. But in certain cases, you can actually use the hordes of rats to attack the soldiers too!

Overall, the dark and gloomy atmosphere mixed with the rats that just make your skin crawl makes for an interesting game. If you enjoy story-based linear horror games, then you’ll definitely enjoy Plague Tale: Innocence! And sometimes you can get it on the Xbox series X game pass, too, making it truly a great horror game with an amazing story on the next-gen consoles.

The world of Plague Tale isn’t as open as some other games. If you want to experience such games, then check out: BEST Open World Games Xbox One.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Xbox Series X
Metro Exodus cover art
Our Ranking8th Horror Game
AwardsNominated for Best Storytelling at Golden Joystick Awards
Release DateFebruary 15, 2019
Developers & Publishers4A Games
Gameplay TypeFirst-person shooter

If you’re a fan of Metro games, then you’ll definitely like Metro Exodus as it expands upon the typical Metro elements while adding things of its own. But if you’re new to the game, then you’ll find yourself in a pretty great first-person survival horror shooter game.

All Aboard The Aurora

The continues from the events of Metro: Last Light by taking place in the year 2035, one year after the previous game. After a nuclear war, most of the survivors live in a post-apocalyptic world filled with all sorts of monsters.

Artyom, the protagonist, leaves the safe areas from the previous games in hopes of finding other survivors in the world. He eventually finds himself on a train known as the Aurora. Things go wrong, and you find yourself being on a rescue mission instead.

The train is a vital part of the game as it takes you to different areas and helps with the pacing of the story, which is set out throughout multiple seasons. It still maintains the typical Metro vibe, but instead of people living in cramped tunnels, they’re now in the cabins of a train.

Departure From Previous Games

Metro Exodus made a slight adjustment from previous Metro games by incorporating a semi-open world. Although some were concerned that it might cause the tension and stressful situation to get dilated, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Metro Exodus.

There are big enough scripted moments to keep you on edge constantly. And the sound and environment design are well-made. It’s really one of those games that you have to play with the lights turned off.

And the open world ties in nicely with the game as well. You can explore certain areas, such as caves and camps, in hopes of finding upgrades that can help improve your weapons and character as well. The world follows a day-and-night cycle that changes the way enemies work and when the creepy monsters come out at night.

If you’re a general fan of Metro games then you’ll definitely, enjoy Metro Exodus. And if you’re interested in survival shooter horror games, then Metro Exodus is certainly worth trying on the Xbox Series X. 


Best horror sci fi games on ps5
Our Ranking25th Horror Game
AwardsNominated for Best Storytelling at Golden Joystick Awards 2017
Release DateMay 5, 2017
Developers & PublishersArkane Austin
Gameplay TypeFirst-person shooter, survival horror

Prey isn’t exactly a horror game. In fact, it isn’t any one genre as it combines different things such as RPG, action-adventure, sci-fi, and light horror. Taking place in an alternate timeline, mankind has excelled at space travel and has gained access to its own orbital stations.

Space Is Never Safe

You play as Morgan Yu on the Talos I space station. The space station is holding and researching Typhon, an alien force that exhibits physical and psychic powers. They eventually break free, and now you have to survive on the space station all alone.

Prey takes a lot of inspiration from games such as BioShock, Deus Ex, and Dishonored, and it reflects a lot in the gameplay. You’ll have access to a lot of different sci-fi weapons with their own different quirks and mechanisms.

But gunplay is not the only form of combat. In a similar fashion to how powers worked on BioShock, you’ll have access to different powers that you can steal from the Typhoon and use for yourself. These powers consist of telekinesis, kinetic powers, and a lot more.

Space Can Be Lonely

But as you progress through the game, the loneliness truly starts getting to you. Especially when you’re constantly being bombarded with different alien enemies, these enemies can morph into regular objects, making them hard to detect. Whereas it gets a lot easier for them to get the jump on you and startle you at times, even when you’re at a higher level.

Using your brain to tackle many situations is highly encouraged by the game. The weapons can be used alongside others and have a lot of layers of complexity in their usage. The deeper you go, the more enjoyable the game gets.

So, if you’re looking for a great sci-fi horror game on the Xbox Series X, then you definitely need to try out Prey. From the different aliens to the creepy atmosphere, you’ll never feel easy walking through the space station’s hallways. 

Prey certainly feels lonely at times, making it not the best multiplayer horror game on Xbox Series X. However, if you want to try out certain games with a lot of unlockable characters and enjoyable multiplayer modes, then you should definitely visit our list of BEST Gacha Games.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

re2r wallpaper for best horror games xbox series x
Promotional image for Resident Evil 2 Remake
Our Ranking6th Horror Game
AwardsWon Ultimate Game of the Year at Golden Joystick Awards 2019
Release DateJanuary 25, 2019
Developers & PublishersCapcom
Gameplay TypeThird-person Survival Horror

If you were a fan of the 1998 Resident Evil 2, or never experienced a single Resident Evil game, then Resident Evil 2 is perhaps one of the greatest starting points in the series. Resident Evil 2 is a total remake and takes everything that was great with Resident Evil 7 and implements it into the game.

Huge Revamp

With better inventory management, smoother gameplay, good item placements, and absolutely stunning graphics, Resident Evil 2 is perhaps one of the greatest-looking Resident Evil games. All of this, combined with a third-person view, makes for a really good survival horror feel, sometimes even better than the first-person view of the modern Resident Evil games.

Resident Evil 2 does a great job of being a survival horror by constantly making you feel like you don’t have enough healing. And at most times, it feels like there are way more enemies than the number of bullets. That, combined with the new mechanism of knives breaking after use, can sometimes leave you totally defenseless and helpless.

Relentless Zombies

And the zombies in the game are extremely well-designed. They feel like some of the most realistic zombies in any game thus far. Their relentless and unpredictable behavior makes them quite tough to deal with, and at times you have to rely heavily on stealth, especially when you’re running low on ammo.

And let’s not forget the iconic Mr. X! He’s always chasing you, and even when you can’t see him, you can hear his footsteps which are enough to make you grip your controller out of fear.

Don’t Get Lost In The World

The level design is amazing, and the entire world feels like a Rubix cube as you solve puzzles, backtrack to get different items and progress further in the game. The game also offers a lot of replayability as there are lots of secrets and sometimes even alternate scenarios with completely different dialogue and narrative.

If you want to experience and discover why Resident Evil games are usually considered the best games in the survival horror genre, then you need to play Resident Evil 2 on the Xbox Series X! Resident Evil 2 has some of the greatest zombies. But if you want to explore other games with just as good zombies, check out BEST PS5 Zombie Games.


Best horror sci fi games
Chernobylite Main Cover
Our Ranking23rd Horror Game
Awards-None as of yet-
Release DateJuly 28, 2021
Developers & PublishersThe Farm 51
Gameplay TypeAction-adventure, stealth

What started out as a simple Kickstarter ended up becoming one of the greatest survival sci-fi games with certain elements of psychological horror involved. You play in a post-nuclear setting as Igor Khymuk, who is in search of his wife who got lost in the Chornobyl Exclusion zone.

Radiation Never Leads To Anything Good

In fact, the entire game is based on the Chornobyl disaster with addition fictional elements, interesting weapons, and a lot of monsters known as Stalkers. The game also delves into sci-fi topics such as wormholes, radiations, portals, and a whole lot more.

The game has an interesting methodology of slowly creeping you out through its sanity system. In the plot of the game, Igor is a simple man, a scientist at most, and definitely not some sort of combat-trained veteran.

Question Your Sanity

So, whenever Igor kills any enemy, it affects his sanity and slowly makes him insane to the point where he begins to hallucinate. And these hallucinations can get really trippy and enough to make you question everything around you.

The game also relies on survival-styled gameplay. You’ll constantly be looking for materials and ammo. And when you don’t have anything for combat, you’ll have to rely on stealth. The world of Chernobylite is progressive. Meaning each time you sleep and the next day arrives, things change around the world, new objectives appear/disappear, and a lot more!

Chernobylite truly is for those that love sci-fi elements and post-apocalyptic settings. Therefore, if you want a good mix of stealth, survival horror, shooting, and a lot more, then Chernobylite is among the best survival horror games on the Xbox Series X/S.

With that, we’ve come to an end to our picks for some of the best horror games on the Xbox Series X, whether they be survival horror, multiplayer, or other types! As always, it’s worth considering that there are just so many amazing games out there, and if your favorite pick didn’t make the cut, that doesn’t declare it as any lesser than the games on our list!

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