6 BEST Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Items

Learn about the best items you should purchase first in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope

In Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope, you get the luxury of using different items. These items can be purchased from shops found on each planet, but you need to invest only in the right ones. Today, in our guide, we will discuss the best items in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope, so you don’t waste your coins on the wrong ones.

Key Takeaways
  • There are plenty of items available in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope.
  • Items can be purchased from different merchants by using Mario Coins or Planetary Coins.
  • Every item is situational, as one item might increase your character’s health while the other will let him move around freely. 

Best Items In Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope

Super MushroomRestores 30% of a character's health
Super Mushroom BagRestores 50% of a character's health.
Pow BlockThrowable item dealing around 615
Cooldown ClockRefreshes all Sparks and Techniques
Move BoostAllows starting a new move phase after
Immunity CharmGrants immunity to Super Effects for three
Star PotionPurchased with Planetary Coins, instantly
upgrades Sparks without using Star Bits.

It is important to remember that there are plenty of other items available in the game, and our list is only based on the items we think are worth getting. 

Super Mushroom 

The first item that we would like to mention on our list is the Super Mushroom. It was already expected from the developers to add mushrooms into the game, as Mario based game is incomplete without them.

In the game, it is important to keep all of your characters alive, especially your DPS characters like Edge and Mario. However, at the time of writing, there is only one healer available in the game, Rabbid Peach. As you can not always rely on her healing abilities, you need to get yourself some Super Mushrooms.

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Best Items
Super Mushroom – Image Credits [Exputer]
These Super Mushrooms cost 70 coins each, and they are a lifesaver. Each mushroom can restore 30% of your character’s health. As they are not expensive, you can keep plenty of them in your inventory. Thanks to them, you don’t have to worry about keeping Rabbid Peach on your team all the time.

If you’re looking for something better, you can opt for the Super Mushroom Bag. This bag can restore 50% of your character’s health. However, they are more expensive than Super Mushrooms, so you will need plenty of coins for them. But it will be wise to keep one or two stored in your inventory for times when you are fighting a powerful boss like Midnite or Giant Wildclaw

Pow Block

Another item we would suggest you keep in your inventory is the Pow Block. This is a throwable item that can help you deal a massive amount of damage. When thrown, the Pow Block unleashes a powerful wave that deals damage to anyone caught inside its radius. 

The Pow Block can deal around 615 damage. In other words, it can either instantly eliminate a regular enemy or drain half the health of a powerful one. But in any case, it is the kind of item that can help you out in different situations.

Pow Block
Pow Block – Image Credits [Exputer]
Considering it sends out a shockwave, you can use it to target multiple enemies at once. Furthermore, you can also use it during boss fights, as the amount of damage it deals is great. Besides, it only costs 100 coins, so you can keep a bunch of them in your inventory, especially if you are playing with characters who aren’t as aggressive as Edge, Mario, and Bowser.

Cooldown Clock

Sparks offer various added effects. For instance, they can help you deal different types of elemental damage, such as Fire or Shock damage. Furthermore, they can also help you become more aggressive on the battlefield. For example, the Starburst Spark can increase the amount of damage your attacks deal by 40%.

While Sparks are amazing and all, they have a cooldown period attached to them. Before you can use a Spark again, you usually have to wait two to three turns. This can put you at a great disadvantage, especially when you’re relying a lot on the Spark during a fight. This is where the Cooldown Clock comes in.

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Best Items
Cooldown Clock – Image Credits [Exputer]
As the name suggests, the Cooldown Clock refreshes all your Sparks and Techniques and gets them ready for use again. In other words, by using this item, you can use your Spark or Technique instantly after you have used them.

However, keep in mind that it will close you on one of your turns to use the Cooldown Clock. Despite this, the item is extremely useful and can help you in critical situations. 

Move Boost

Move Boost is arguably one of the best items to use in the game. If you have played the game, you already know how difficult things can get during a mission where you have to reach an area quickly. Such missions usually involve large groups of enemies, and they can take you down instantly if you’re not quick enough.

Now, after your character uses their main weapon, you can no longer move them. This can make it difficult for you to attack and move simultaneously. For this purpose, you need to get the Move Boost. By using it, you can start a brand new move phase from wherever you are on the battlefield. In other words, it allows you to escape quickly after performing an attack.

Move Boost
Move Boost – Image Credits [Exputer]
There is also a certain Spark called Ethering that can help you with movement as well. The Spark can turn you invisible for a total of two turns, and you can freely move around during these turns without worrying about getting detected.

However, you won’t always have the Spark equipped, so it’s better to keep a couple of Move Boosts in your inventory all the time. You never know when you’ll need them.

Immunity Charm

Immunity Cham is yet another amazing item on our list that can help you receive less damage from your enemies. Throughout the game, you will keep encountering new and powerful enemies that will use different elemental attacks on you. To stay safe from them, you need the Immunity Charm.

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Best Items
Immunity Charm – Image Credits [Exputer]
By using this charm, you can become immune to Supper Effects for a total of three turns. However, keep in mind that it won’t get rid of the existing Super Effects and will only work on the new ones. These can prove to be super useful in situations where you are fighting against multiple types of enemies and can’t handle all of them at once. 

Star Potions

Finally, the last item that we would like to suggest is Star Potion. Now, there are two types of currencies in the game; Mario Coins and Planetary Coins. The former is pretty easy to get, as you will find it as common loot everywhere, while the latter is a bit difficult to obtain. Unlike the other items mentioned on our list, Star Potions can only be purchased using Planetary Coins.

The reason why Star Potions are expensive is that they can help you out greatly. By using them, you can instantly upgrade your Spark without using any Star Bits. In other words, they can help speed up the process, and you can make your Sparks powerful in an instant. 

Star Potion
Star Potion – Image Credits [Exputer]
Each Star Potion costs one Planetary Coin, and you will only find two of them on each planet. Therefore, make sure you spend your Planetary Coins on them if you’re serious about making your Sparks even more powerful.

It is also important to remember that Star Potions can also be earned as a reward for completing different quests. You can also receive a Planetary Coin and a Star Potion for completing the Sunrise Temple Puzzle

These were some of the best items in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope. As you can see for yourself, each item is unique and meant for different situations. It will be wise to keep some Super Mushrooms in your inventory all the time. These don’t cost a lot but can keep your characters alive and healthy. 

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