17 BEST Merge Games To Play In 2022

We have listed the best Merge Games for iOS and Android players should experience in 2022.

There is a subgenre of puzzle games called merge games, and many people believe that this category is also the most successful type of mobile game genre. Within this sub-category, players are required to drag things that are not unique but similar in some aspects so as to combine them. After this has been completed, the two objects will then become brand new items and enhanced versions of individual pieces. This action rewards the player, and the satisfaction of playing lives on. That is why we have curated a list of the 17 best Merge games for iOS and Android to play in 2022.

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Merge Magic

Best garden Merge Game
merge magic

The game Merge Magic combines features of matching and merging with those of resource planning. Players have the remarkable ability to combine anything that they see, whether it be trees, riches, constellations, or even pixies! This could be one of the starting best merge games for you if you have never played games from this genre. 

This ability is at your disposal for the whole of the game. As you make your way through the enchanted realm, it is up to you to liberate the mythological beasts from the horrible spells cast by the sorcerers that inhabit the countries where they reside and also to break the spell that cast the affliction in the first place.

Over the course of the game’s 81 hard stages, players will find up to 500 unique amazing things that they may combine and connect with. The gameplay of Merge Magic consists of dragging things across the playing surface to try to form matches of at least three items in a row in order to combine them into larger wholes.

After the items are joined, a new object will be created that is essential to your growth. This new object will be produced. You can even combine eggs in order to hatch into a mythological figure in order to incorporate items like plants and magic flowers.

The area will be filled with idle wandering by fantastic beasts that have just emerged from their eggs. You may tell certain Blessed Trees to harvest Blessing Orbs by double-tapping on the tree in question. When the orbs have been successfully gathered, the mythological creatures will abandon them on the ground for you to pick up and utilize.

When you use one orb, the evil on one grid of ground will be lifted. Furthermore, if you combine three Blessing Orbs, you may get an improved form of the orb that will lift the plague on even more ground.

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Merge Bakery

Best cooking Merge Games
merge bakery

The most recent version of the merging game known as Merge Bakery for Android was made available on November 22nd, 2021. Created as a game in the merge genre with amazing playability and aesthetics, delivering a compelling gaming experience and exquisite aesthetic style.

Merge Bakery is a new idle game that is available for the iOS and Android platforms. In this game, your objective is to combine existing dishes in order to produce new delicacies, which you can then utilize to offer to your bakery’s clients.

You have the ability to mix more and more meals in order to raise your coin revenue and to meet the more complex requests of your clients. It will allow you to gain likes, coins, diamonds, and other rewards.

To earn cash and likes from your clients, just like in a lot of other bakery and restaurant games, you have to drag the cuisine over to them using your finger. This game, on the other hand, is not a stress management game, which means that clients will never lose their patience with you, and you will never be penalized for taking a long time to serve a client.

That way, you may eat as rapidly or as gradually as you choose, depending on your capabilities and preferences. However, you can only serve a certain sort of food to a client if you have it on a plate; if you merge it away, you will need to merge toward it once again in order to bring it back to your repertory. There are occasions when a client will ask for a culinary item that you have not yet prepared for them.

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Merge Matters: Home Renovation

Best matter Merge Games
merge matters home renovation

Interior design and match-3 puzzles are two of the most popular types of mobile video game genres that are combined to produce Merge Matters: Home Renovation. The game is an adorable and amusing casual game that combines the two genres. You will absolutely love this game and will list it among the best merge games if interior designing is your thing. 

As a player, your objective is to provide Elis with the assistance she needs to repair the family house that was bequeathed to her by her grandpa so that she and her family may move in.

In addition, in order to be able to fix the ancient home, you will have to solve a series of riddles in which the objective is to get building supplies by combining a variety of things in the correct order. The following is an explanation of home renovation: in order to make progress in the remodeling of the house, you will need various construction equipment and supplies.

The way these riddles are supposed to be solved is as follows: there will be a board filled with tools that are locked. When you make your initial move, a toolset will be created for you that, if you touch on it, will allow you to construct things at level one.

If you combine two screwdrivers, you will end up with a knife; if you combine two cubes, you will end up with a cube that contains water, and so forth. Every improvement you make to the home will need the creation of a new tool, which you may do so by assembling the jigsaw pieces. You will eventually be able to unlock all of the things that are on the board and get access to more tools so that you may go on with the renovation.

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Merge Dragons

Best dragon Merge Games
merge dragons

Merge Dragons is a mobile puzzle game developed by Zynga, in case you were unaware of its existence. They are most recognized for their casual games, such as Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, among others. Despite the fact that it fits well within the casual genre, it is quite a different experience from the majority of their game library.

In the years since its first release, Merge Dragons have seen several improvements. Zynga has just included some additional customization options for the inside design of your dragon’s lair. As a result of this consistent support, I decided it was time for me to give the game a try for myself. It took me by complete surprise that it was really passable.

The puzzle-solving in Merge Dragons isn’t very complicated. The fundamental idea is that each level is comprised of a grid, and inside each grid are numerous items and goals to accomplish. The primary objective of the game is often to combine three statues, which you may achieve by dragging the statues such that they are next to one another.

The problem is that many of the artifacts are located on land that is considered to be “dead.” Nothing that is currently positioned on a dead tile may move while it is there. Rather, you will have to first “heal” the land before proceeding. This is yet again another excellent addition to the best merge games for Android and iOS you should experience in 2022.

This is achieved by tapping on the heart containers throughout the game. You also have the option to combine three or more items, which includes those that are on the barren wasteland.

Another requirement is that the things being compared must be of the same kind. For instance, the player is able to combine goods like wood, stones, flowers, dirt mounds, gold, treasures, dragon eggs, and a wide variety of other things while playing the game. When they get together, the thing they were working on becomes an improved version.

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Ever Merge

Merge games

EverMerge would not be the first merge platformer to appear in the world of mobile gaming, but the game has a sufficient number of innovative elements to ensure that it remains new and intriguing. Even if you’ve never played a game like this before, you’ll have no trouble picking up the basics of the gameplay in EverMerge since it’s so intuitive.

On the board, you will find a variety of things, each belonging to its own distinct family. These objects may be acquired via a variety of methods, such as through cutting down trees and unlocking chests, as well as by making purchases in the shop or following recipes.

You may combine three things of the same kind in order to produce a new item that is one tier higher than the previous one in the same category. However, waiting to combine five similar things into two new higher-level items is usually always the best course of action since doing so requires the usage of one fewer item than if the combination were performed immediately.

This match-and-merge action is by no way original, but the free-to-play puzzle platformer from Neskin Games and Big Fish Games contains the hero system, which distinguishes it from its competitors and sets it apart from other games in its genre.

The protagonists of Ever Merge video game are drawn from a variety of well-known children’s stories and fairy tales. In spite of the fact that they are classic characters, we have given them a contemporary spin in terms of both their physical look and their personalities.

Sea Merge

Best water Merge Games
sea merge

Sea Merge is a game about merging in which the progression of the story is determined by how you choose to play each round. Elements must be merged in order to produce objects of a greater degree. In this area, you have the ability to combine everything that you see, including Floating Seeds, Water Sprigs, Water Flowers, and a great many other things.

The magical environment will simply react to each and every action that you do. It is necessary to clean up the sea floor and combine the Sea Totem’s main ingredient in order to accomplish the levels. Plan your actions in advance, alter the look of the ocean floor, and breed your fish to become more evolved.

The game gives players the opportunity to explore the depths of the ocean below and develop a maritime base camp by amassing materials and erecting structures such as Fish Houses, Mines, and Stone and Jewel storage.

If you want to go through the game and uncover not only the wonderful landscape but also the new fish species, you will need to solve several hard challenges. Players will have to transform barren ocean floors into a lush underwater paradise. It is up to you to go to the undersea fish kingdom and rescue it from the clutches of the villainous sea villains so that the world of amazing marine animals may be restored.

You will need to uncover the mysteries of ancient sea magic, find solutions to tough merging riddles, and observe the behavior of a wide variety of fish and other marine organisms for yourself in order to succeed.


Best agriculture Merge Games

There is something lacking in the Topsoil game, and not even the seamless gameplay can make it more exciting than it already is. Topsoil is a really smooth and simple game to start up and experience, but there is something lost here. Topsoil is a unique take on the merge video game genre, and that is why it deserves to be accredited in the best merge games hall of fame.

When you are confronted with a problem that has a bare-bones appearance, you hold out hope that if you peel back a few of the surface layers, you will discover something more substantial.

The game Topsoil is a puzzler in which you attempt to match up different kinds of flora, such as pine trees and wheat stalks, with one other. Because it is a free-to-play game, the number of turns you may take at the beginning is capped to five. You will get three more if you view a commercial for thirty seconds. Therefore, it’s hardly the worst thing ever.

Your potential harvests will be shown at the very top of the display, and the crop that you are now selecting will be marked on the very left. At this point, your plan should start to come into action.

The color of the ground will alternate from yellow, blue, and green as you gather various types of crops. To amass larger combinations, you must ensure that the cropping and the color are compatible with one another.

The fact that there is no melody in the videogame is the very striking thing that impacts you as odd about it; as a result, the atmosphere is dismal and eerie. After a few attempts, you’ll realize that there’s a little too much silence in the environment, even if, at first, it may not be totally evident.

There are some sound effects to help carry the game, but not nearly enough just to make a significant impact on the overall experience. The second and more serious issue is that the gameplay becomes monotonous much too soon. It is the most deadly flaw.

You won’t feel like you’re making progress toward anything if there are no levels for you to finish; the only things that matter are beating your personal high score and collecting achievements.

Even when you’re having success, you grow bored very fast and frequently sabotage your own efforts simply so you can quit and start again.

The game Topsoil isn’t exactly terrible. When you break it up into smaller chunks, it can be rather entertaining. It’s a shame that a lot of people won’t be able to maintain the level of focus required to get the highest scores and unlock all of the milestones, but that’s just the way it is.

The game is something that does not demand an excessive amount of concentrated attention, which means that it is perfect for playing on the way home or while you are sitting for your drink, at the very least.

Merge Mansion

merge mansion

In Merge Mansion, you’ll find yourself immersed in a creative house design and remodeling environment that mixes the familiar gameplay of merging games with a unique twist. For all the house designers who are obsessed with making every corner perfect, Merge Mansion will definitely be the best merge games title for you in 2022.

Merge Mansion is an excellent option to take into consideration if you are looking for a game that is easy to pick up and play, has a high potential for addiction, and allows you to unwind while doing so on your mobile device.

The new player experience in Merge Mansion kicks off with a very in-depth tutorial process that has been designed to guide players through the fundamentals of the game. In this session, you will learn almost everything you could want to understand to become an expert at Merge Mansion mobile game.

It covers topics like how you are intended to merge objects, how to upgrade the mansion, and anything else that falls anywhere in there. We strongly advise that you devote the introduction as close attention as possible for the entirety of its runtime in order to avoid having difficulty with the game’s fundamentals later on.

Considering how much the tutorial has to teach you about the game, it is essential. The content of Merge Mansion is pretty fun and can effectively be broken down into two major components: the merging gameplay and the mansion repair.

The gameplay of merging is based on the tried and true fundamentals that have become commonplace in games of this type, so it centered around trying to match together the same items in order to unlock those of a level higher and then repeatedly doing this method in order to keep advancing in Merge Mansion.

You won’t need a lot of instruction to get the hang of the game’s merging mechanic, but since it’s also quite fun and keeps you on your toes, it’ll keep you captivated for a significant amount of time.

Triple Town

triple town

Similar to Topsoil, Triple Town is also a unique take on this genre, and therefore we had to rank it nicely in the list of the best merge games for Android and iOS users.

It may look like a town-building simulation, but Triple Town is actually full of surprises and an addicting puzzle game. Within a grid that is six by six, players install elements such as trees, shrubs, and grass. When three of the same item come into contact with one another, they combine into a single new leveled construction.

This not only awards players with additional points but also frees up the important estate. When a player makes excellent arrangements, their turn will go on for significantly longer. If you execute it correctly, you’ll be able to line up three mansions in a row and pile up a lot of points.

However, a single error might result in the scattering of churches, houses, and other structures over the playing surface, rendering it difficult to advance. The seemingly straightforward premise of Triple Town belies an incredible amount of gameplay complexity, much like the best merge iOS puzzle games.

The wind is gentle and brisk at first, and the grass quickly transforms into shrubs and the bushes into trees. But because of all the multiplying, in order to construct, say, a palace, you need 243 grass. This is the reason why professional planning is required.

The game of Triple Town is fine-tuned to the point of perfection; whenever the situation appears to be getting out of hand, enabling the round to progress. The matching action at the heart of Triple Town is highly addicting, but the whole experience is let short by a scarcity of both complexity and variety in the game’s offerings.

One layout and a table to keep track of top scores are all that each participant receives. The most disappointing aspect of Triple Town is developer Spry Fox’s choice of monetization strategy for the game. The application may be downloaded for free, but there is a daily cap on the number of turns that can be taken by players.



The mechanics behind how the game 2048 is played are difficult to articulate. You will be given a tile with either the number 2 or 4, and you will need to merge the two of them. When you add two together, you get four, and when you add four to four, you get eight.

This continues piling on top of itself. It may seem like a fairly simple task, but you need to keep in mind that wherever you place the new tile, the rest of the board will shift in the same direction. 2048 doesn’t do miracles and is pretty much a simple yet challenging merge game, and for this reason alone, it should be on your list of the best merge games ever!

If you do this, it is possible that you will prevent yourself from winning by eliminating some particularly essential low numbers. The strategy entails continually merging your top numbers, which is a task that is somewhat more challenging than it may initially appear.

After playing the 2048 game a few times, we finally were able to create a tile with the number 2048 on it, albeit doing so required a great deal of effort. I’m curious as to whether or not it would be feasible to combine two of them together.

The fact that it’s so easy to play is what makes it so appealing not only in terms of the game’s mechanics but also in terms of the way the app itself is laid out. The app’s minimalist design makes it appear stunning, and you won’t even need to worry about seeing a welcome screen when you first use it.

Although there is no tutorial in any way, shape, or form, you will immediately grasp the feel of how the game is to be executed the moment you start playing it. You can discover straightforward play-by-play training in the options menu, but I can assure you that you won’t want its assistance.

The game does not include any sounds of any kind, but you are able to listen to your own music while playing it, and you will be playing it a lot since it is quite addicting!

Merge Airplane

merge airplane

You’ll have a lot of fun in Merge Airplane as you build planes that are both more advanced and more effective. The money keeps coming in, purchasing new items doesn’t cost very much, and having to watch advertisements in order to get incentives doesn’t seem too tedious. 

Then everything continues to stagnate, creating higher-level planes takes longer, and the cost of additional airplanes to combine starts getting astronomically expensive. You will rapidly find that you have no option other than to quit the game and either wait for the money to come in or view advertisements in order to acquire new airplanes.

This is a problem that frequently arises in free-to-play video games. They give off the impression that they honestly believe that they have sufficient happening on that gamers would just continue to come back, but they fail to do enough to deserve that.

The action is so monotonous that even the constructive nature of merging planes becomes old fairly soon because of how redundant the gameplay is. Merge Plane puts in a few more items in an effort to try to keep things fun.

The game’s developers hope that it will encourage people to play the game more, view advertisements, and spend money. To begin, the money used within the game is not the only one available. If you want to accelerate the procedure of merging, you will need to spend them on planes that have a higher price tag.

Despite the fact that completing missions can get you a few of them, their availability is extremely restricted. Also, all the players who love to flaunt their knowledge regarding planes will find Merge Airplane game as the best merge games of all time. 

Hexagon Dungeon

Hexagon Dungeon is a puzzle game with elements of strategic management in which players construct their own dungeons and wage battle with enemies that are attempting to break into their kingdoms. Gamers can design their own dungeons.

In order to engage in combat with them, you will need to place monsters on a hexagonal grid in an effective way. The gameplay of Hexagon Dungeon is quite similar to the gameplay in other puzzle games such as Triple Town.

The concept is straightforward: in order to produce a new component at a higher level, you need just bring three of the same unit type together on the same level. You are able to level up all of your armies, up to a maximum of eight, using this method.

Having said that, the hexagonal puzzles make up only a small portion of the overall gameplay in Hexagon Dungeon. The construction and administration of your dungeon are also key aspects of the game. You are able to purchase more rooms with the money you win by completing the riddles.

When you complete one of the riddles in the future, you will receive a number of bonuses from each of these. Hexagon Dungeon is a fantastic puzzle game that adds a number of highly creative ideas to a concept that was already a lot of fun to play.

In addition to that, it features really appealing retro aesthetics, and there is a wide variety of levels.

Merge Town

merge town

Merge Town utilizes that notion and develops it further to the point that you won’t be able to figure out the solution. It is a bit too monotonous and perhaps a little repetitious to catch you in any deeper than the impression that you are making progress towards anything.

For a game that’s mostly about erecting homes, Merge Town has a lot of charm. The images are endearing, and there is an atmosphere that is almost reminiscent of a cartoon. The idea is simple and straightforward, making it simple to grasp as well.

Similar to Merge Mansion, the Merge Town game is the same thing but done on a bigger or town scale, and you will find yourself immersed in it for most of the time. This is why we rank it higher in the best merge games guide. 

A new container containing a structure will be shown to you at regular intervals. The structure will be positioned on the grid, and it will be up to you to merge it with a different structure that is a suitable fit.

After you have combined them, you will have formed a larger type of structure, which will expand further if you join it with a different structure of a similar sort and vice versa. It is expected that you will find it enjoyable to see the construction of new structures.

There is also in-game currency, which may be used to move things along more quickly. You may either pay an ever-increasing amount of money to purchase a structure or watch advertisements in order to get a freebie.

After doing this a number of times, you will eventually gain a level, which will allow you to expand the amount of land on that you can build. Merge Town rarely provides you with a worthwhile enough feeling of accomplishment to have you really want to continue for any further than the small period that you are tricked into believing that it may be entertaining.

Kaiju Attack

kaiju attack

The video game Kaiju Attack is a puzzle and merge-solving game in which the player chooses a place from anywhere in the globe that is under attack by one of a variety of gigantic monsters. There is a giant sea extraterrestrial beast creating mayhem, a big bear is destroying Taiwan, and a two-headed hydra is causing chaos in the United States.

Players must match three gameplay is how you engage in combat with these creatures in order to defeat them. You construct ever-more-powerful fortifications by combining tiles representing people, structures, and military vehicles like aircraft and tanks.

This allows you to whittle away at the monster’s health gauge. While it is going on, the creature you are now battling picks up a position on your matched board and damages tiles with every round.

There really are a few amusing findings to uncover when playing these repetitive battles, such as precisely how many times you can improve blocks by matching, as well as the special bonus powers that completely upgraded blocks provide.

These insights may be made while playing. The gear that may be unlocked provides more variation in the manner in which you engage in combat with the many monstrosities.

Regardless of the reality that there are unlocks and upgrades that may be obtained in Kaiju Attack, the game’s content can be experienced quite fast and on its whole. The issue with doing this is that it causes you to lose the element of surprise and freshness in the game, despite the fact that there is still a significant amount of it for you to play.

The problem with Kaiju Attack is that it has very little actual material and very sluggish pacing overall. The arrangement does not work at all for a match-three game since that type of game is built on the concept of recurrence.

Kaiju Attack can be a challenging or an easy game, but you will still find yourself addicted to playing it. This alone is enough reason we think Kaiju Attack is ranked higher in our list of the best merge games for Android and iOS users. 

Super Auto Pets

super auto pets

The objective of the video game Super Auto Pets is for gamers to assemble their personal squad of animal combatants capable of winning matches against other players’ squads. These creatures might include everything from flies and ants to whales and elephants.

They could even be a combination of the two. The only caveat is that a store with a restricted variety will restrict what you may add to your squad, so your options will be narrow overall. All the pet-loving people will not be able to resist playing this game, and it will be on their list of the best merge games forever! 

The fact that every animal in Super Auto Pets possesses its own unique powers, many of which are combinable with those of other animals, is one of the factors that contributes to the game’s appealing emphasis on teamwork.

Finding out what resources you currently possess and figuring out how to turn them into additional power, preferably while cutting costs, is an important step in creating a strong group.

This means that you might just invest as much currency as you possibly can on the acquisition of the most powerful individual animals; yet, doing just that typically does not reach as far as strategically availing use of efficiencies in order to establish a team that genuinely works effectively.

There are two different game types in Super Auto Pets. The option that appears to be the standard is called Arena, and it allows you to construct your animal squad whenever you like before dynamically pairing you with another person to compete against them.

In this mode, the objective is to win as many matches as achievable, avoiding losing so many hearts that you are forced to begin the mode over from the beginning.

The other is a far classic auto-chess option, in which you engage a pool of opponents and rotate in real-time matches with each of them until you discover one player who has averted defeats for a long enough period of time to emerge victorious.

There are no in-game purchases to be made, and there are no advertisements or money exchanges to contend with, so playing Super Auto Pets does not seem like a chore in any way.

Although I’m not usually a fan of MP games that charge players a fee to unlock supplementary game mechanics and levels of content, Super Auto Pets is a pretty enjoyable multiplayer game regardless.

Super Auto Pets is an MP merge game that is entertaining, humorous, and difficult, and it has the potential to be satisfying. Having said that, its dominant mode is focused around unpredictability, which makes it a game that is best appreciated when played in a relaxed manner.

Dawn Of Crafting

dawn of crafting

The Stone Age is brought to life in Dawn of Crafting mobile video game through a simplified simulation that places gamers in the position of a Homo sapien throughout that time period. Your primary objective is to create basic things and equipment that will not only assist you in surviving but that will also allow you to gain experience in creating and discover increasingly difficult ingredients as the game progresses.

The stone age theme rarely excites games, but when it does, it brings a cult following with it. I, for one, always prefer a video game with a pre-historic or dawn of the age theme, and that is why if I had to play a merge game, I’d definitely put Dawn of Crafting at the top of my the best merge games list. 

For example, at the beginning of the game, you have the skill to peel bananas to render them more palatable. However, once you have crafted a knife, you will be capable of slicing your skinned bananas into pieces that will replenish even more vitality when they are ingested.

These may be repurposed into a variety of additional equipment, storage, and perhaps the structural components for your very own town in the long run. There is a continuous route to advancement since everything that you are unable to create.

Dawn of Crafting conceals a remarkable amount of content behind its deceptively straightforward user interface. Additionally, there are a number of thoughtful design aspects that prevent the game’s length and branching crafting routes from becoming too daunting.

You can keep track of all the products you’ve learned to make, get suggestions about creations you haven’t discovered yet, and swiftly select a recipe to make the ingredients available with the help of a cookbook.

You may create many products simultaneously by adding extra more items into your synthesis, but if the process does not succeed, you run the risk of losing a number of the materials that you used. 

Players who found Dawn of Crafting in the earlier days of release were given the opportunity to observe the game’s advancement in its more daring incarnation, whereas the remainder of players is now given the opportunity to appreciate the game that was created as a result of the game’s consistent variations and an abundance of creative thinking.

Tower Swap

tower swap

Tower Swap is a really fascinating puzzle game from the past that blends the Tower Defense and Match 3 game types. The battleground will be laid out ahead of you in the form of a matrix lite, but every square will be stocked with a different type of material, such as stones, wood, treasure, iron, or ice blocks.

In order to obtain a chest that may include munitions, an anchor, additional movements, and a variety of other helpful benefits, gamers will be required to link together three different valuables. You can also strike a bargain with the devil in order to get a reinforced tower or another type of defensive construction in exchange for a set quantity of your life.

Because you only have a certain amount of movements available to you on each level, you need to plan ahead carefully in order to keep your castle safe. In order to better withstand the onslaught of the dragons, players will be required to assemble wooden planks to construct a mortar launcher, and they will need to construct sturdy ice barriers in order to impede the enemy’s progress and stop them from reaching your stronghold.

Heroic clashes against enormous, monstrous beasts that are ready to demolish the castle and steal all of the treasures from your empire can be found in the game. These dragons will fly at incredible speeds. Because of this, it is imperative that you position guns all over the perimeter in order to stop adversaries from penetrating your fortifications.

Tower Swap, which is very much like the other merging games we have discussed above, is by far the greatest option available to you in the list of the best merge games that you may play in 2022. There are a few drawbacks, one of which is that the gameplay may become very tedious.

Regardless of the circumstances, as soon as you begin playing Tower Swap, you will get addicted to the game due to the gameplay and the amount of enjoyment it provides to mobile game players.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the list of the best merge iOS and Android mobile games. Which is your favorite pick from our list? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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