BEST Metro Games: Ranking All Titles

Our Best Metro games guide ranks all six AAA titles against each other & lists all the good & bad aspects of each game players should know.

The Metro video game series centers on a series of novels written by Dmitry Glukhovsky with the same name. The games take place in a post-apocalyptic version of the Moscow metro system, which is a refuge for the last members of the human race. Artyom, the central protagonist of the story, is the one who explores these tunnels in pursuit of other individuals who may exist outside this horrible place. That is why our Best Metro games guide lists and compares all major AAA post-apocalyptic titles against each other. 

The Metro video game series is widely regarded as one of the most successful instances of a post-apocalyptic survival tale in the annals of gaming’s long and illustrious history. The series is known for its thrilling plot, challenging objectives, and terrifying subterranean animals.

Here are our picks for Best Metro Games:

GameAwardRelease DateDeveloperPlatform
Metro ExodusNominated for Best Storytelling at Golden Joystick AwardsFebruary 15, 20194A GamesPlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna
Metro 2033-None-March 16, 20104A GamesNintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, Xbox 360, Linux, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, and macOS
Metro Exodus The Two Colonels-None-August 20, 2019Deep Silver, 4A GamesPlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows
Metro Last NightNominated for Best Shooter Game at the VGX Game Awards in 2013May 14, 20134A GamesNintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Google Stadia
Metro ReduxNominated for Best Visuals at the Global Game Awards in 2014August 26, 20144A GamesSteamOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia
Metro Exodus Sam Story-None-February 11, 20204A GamesPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia, Linux, and macOS

Before jumping further into the contents of our guide, read eXputer’s take on other best-titled articles:

1. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus gameplay

Beyond the gloomy, depressing tunnels and the contaminated ground of Moscow are the civilizations that arise from a nuclear holocaust, as well as the future regions that are livable for new life. Even while it is a smart shift of location that broadens the scope of the Metro series, it sometimes lacks the concentration that the series has become renowned for.

Nevertheless, the firefights and stealth give recognizable and great suspense, which is complemented by simplified survival mechanisms that are vital to combat terrible adversaries. Metro Exodus becomes into a trip that focuses more on the lasting connections and bonds that unite an earnest crew of survivors as a result of Artyom and his pals pressing a one-way train ticket in the hopes of finding brighter pastures.

In the first few hours of the episode, the returning protagonist Artyom is revealed to be adamantly convinced that there is human life outside of the metro. This gets him into a lot of difficulties, and it also brings to light the fact that there is some kind of broader conspiracy at play.

Your journey seems to be much too abrupt, and it does a bit of an injustice to the difficulties that were suffered in the previous games. However, the heat of the moment and the gut feelings of your friends help ease you into the idea of a year-long journey to wherever the railroads are connected.

As a result, Metro Exodus steers the franchise in an innovative new direction by devoting a few significant chapters to open environments in the style of a sandbox game, within which players are free to roam, investigate non-essential points of interest, and continue along the primary narrative path.

Exploration is not usually rewarded in and of itself since there are not many open places in the game, which makes it difficult to motivate players to go to distant locations. When you do this, you put yourself in a position where you’ll have to face mutants that will compel you to waste important resources for very little payoff. It doesn’t matter whether you’re navigating the slow rowboats of the Volga or the barren wastes of the Caspian; the experience isn’t very fun overall.

The steady movement of the Metro occasionally gives the impression that it was forced to operate in far greater places than it was designed for. You will reach the lush forest of the Taiga, which expertly takes you to and from wide regions and limited quarters at a tempered speed.

This happens when you make it to the other chapters of the game, which are a relief since they bring the game back under control.

Despite the inclusion of open areas, the gameplay in Exodus is quite similar to that of the other games in the series, and for the most part, it capitalizes on the qualities that have made the series so successful. When you are up against human foes, stages that have been meticulously designed achieve a balance between the flexibility of approach and the linear, targeted pathways to goals, so producing a smooth flow inside missions.

Even if some of the guards will have their backs turned to you in a comfortable position or make ridiculous motions while you are fighting them, the overall excitement of knowing that you may quickly kill or be killed will not go away.

Metro Exodus open world

Due to the fact that weapons shoot with impact and might be difficult to wield, you will seldom ever experience feelings of being unjustly disadvantaged or overpowered. You will need to scavenge various components, such as sights, scopes, barrels, and loading mechanisms, from the various enemy firearms in order to modify each kind of weaponry.

You have complete choice over the manner in which you wish to engage in combat, thanks to all of these weapon improvements. A janky Kalashnikov may be transformed into a lethal assault rifle thanks to the huge array of modification choices that are available.

Similarly, a dinky revolver can be transformed into a powerful long-range weapon. It is a pleasant mechanism that adds an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay of gunplay. You always have the option to modify items by utilizing the items in your bag, allowing you the flexibility to adjust to new circumstances as they appear.

However, the precise narrative strands that will be followed may alter, and Metro’s morality system will be making a comeback. This system will covertly judge your behavior without openly disclosing itself. The fact that it does not always drive you into a non-lethal strategy is something that should be emphasized.

At first appearance, Metro Exodus presents you with a wide-open, free, and perilous world that is unrestricted by tunnels; nevertheless, the larger scope of the story centers on what motivates you on a personal level and how far you are ready to go to preserve what is most important to you.

The wide sandboxes may not be the greatest inclusion, but the game still maintains the feeling of vulnerability and post-apocalyptic dread with effective weaponry employed in sophisticated combat and stealth settings. Additionally, the game has a variety of scenarios in which players may utilize stealth.

Exodus brings together a captivating gang of friends and family that you’ll want to accompany to the ends of the world. However, you may be disappointed that the prior games lacked the suspense and fascination that those games offered.


  • Despite the genre clichés, the world-building in Metro Exodus is excellent and the stories are compelling altogether.
  • The weapon customization and crafting system are solid in Metro Exodus.
  • Metro Exodus is simultaneously dazzling and captivating.
  • You feel more connected to the group and the voyage thanks to charming characters and genuine interactions in Metro Exodus.
  • Metro Exodus offers a satisfying single-player first-person campaign.


  • Even after encouraging stealth gameplay, Metro Exodus enforces frontal fights with extremely challenging bosses.
  • Open sandbox zones can be challenging to explore and a little barren in Metro Exodus.
  • Artyom doesn’t speak throughout gameplay; only during load screens in Metro Exodus.

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2. Metro 2033

Metro 2033

Underneath a frozen metropolis that was destroyed a very long time ago by the human race’s own weapons of annihilation, humanity clutches to existence. In filthy, congested stations, women compete for crumbs in the market, while elderly men lament the world they no longer have, and youngsters run about carelessly, unaware that there is a life beyond their pitiful existence below.

The boldest individuals travel out into the tunnels to barter, loot, and explore the furthest reaches of the man-made subterranean wilderness. The more stalwart spirits guard the entrances, keeping watch for the monstrous progeny of Armageddon.

This is the world of Metro 2033, where the dismal mood permeates every corner and has been carefully maintained to the point that the unrelenting darkness may begin to wear you down. Metro 2033 laid the foundation of amazing storytelling and an excellent post-apocalyptic setting, making it by far the Best Metro games released to date.

The presence of light, or the absence of it, contributes significantly to the compelling mood of Metro 2033. When you enter the warm light of an electric lamp, it will temporarily alleviate the tangible tension that has been building up.

However, if you glance down, you will see that there is a newly dismembered corpse at your feet. This can be a terrifying experience.

Although most of the action of the story takes place on the subway, you shouldn’t anticipate traveling through the same tunnels several times. There is a significant gap between a bandit village and an established military outpost, despite the fact that human outposts are pieced together from discarded materials and salvage.

You will find proof of the creatures’ ownership of some regions you go through, such as partially digested bodies and forebodingly tight dirt tunnels.

The vast majority of living creatures that you come across on your voyage are really unpleasant. In most parts of the Metro, winged monsters and quasi-yetis exhibit particularly territorial behavior and scampering; long-nosed animals are responsible for a significant number of attacks on people.

These monstrous beings are shown in vivid detail, and gazing down your sights into their bloodthirsty, gnashing faces will make you want to fire your weapon even more quickly.

Strong wartime weapons are hard to come by and fetch a high price, but ingenious postwar improvisations provide fascinating options. However, for every time that a monster swoons over feebly from a deadly revolver bullet, there are going to be numerous others that lash back from the implications of a headshot or wobble away from a thrilling shotgun blast. 

There are a few entertaining firearms, such as the pneumatic crossbow/revolver, and the action is typically robust enough to make fighting pleasant. In addition to the always delightful shotgun, which comes in two different forms, there are also a few more interesting guns.

Some of your most dangerous adversaries are members of your own species who are radicalized by ideology or driven to extremism by despair. When enemies are startled, they can unleash jumbled assaults that may demonstrate some fairly weird artificial intelligence.

However, for the most part, you will be facing skilled enemies who will actively want to put bullets in you. When a complete squad of adversaries has suddenly learned that you are entering their camp, it might cause significant delay, especially in firefights that are very hectic.

Even the most severe lurches pass away quite fast, allowing you to keep on fighting for your life despite the setbacks. Obviously, the severity of this varies on your system and the settings that you are now using.

Metro 2033 gameplay

It is made obvious early on why you are exploring both below and above ground, but the nebulous sense of urgency does not crystallize into a specific objective until a significant amount of gameplay has passed. Even if the story isn’t always consistent, Metro 2033 makes up for it by gradually revealing how deep and complex the world it takes place in is.

You will uncover hints that will widen and improve your knowledge everywhere you go, whether you are at a crowded station or a tunnel by yourself.

The Metro mythos may be better understood by listening in on a dialogue between enemies, and the bioluminescent vegetation in the game highlights issues about postnuclear life. Just by paying attention, you can pick up quite a bit of information, and by using this knowledge to make observations, you can construct a type of patchwork narrative that is driven by discoveries and finally leads to a fascinating conclusion.

The first-person shooter Metro 2033 has a good sense of pace and will probably take you more than ten hours to finish. It is peppered with dramatic and emotional moments, each of which has its own quirks and quirkiness despite the fact that they add to the overall effect.

You can be certain that the game scales well and provides great graphics regardless of the settings you choose, even if the amount of detail you see in the Metro and surface worlds depends on your computer hardware. Both of these worlds have incredible levels of detail.

Your whole experience is fueled by the pervasive atmosphere, which creates a dark and captivating universe that you feel driven to explore. The video game Metro 2033 is highly recommended to anybody looking for a game that will take them on a voyage into the murky future of man.


  • The world design and environment of Metro 2033 are on top of the shelf.
  • Metro 2033 boasts a remarkable cast of characters that complements the interesting plot of the campaign.
  • The voice acting does a fantastic job of breathing life into the engrossing characters of the game.
  • The main storyline is quite immersive and thrilling which will keep the player engaged throughout the journey.
  • Metro 20133 has extremely solid controls that are fluid and responsive.
  • In terms of visuals, Metro 2033 is spectacular and awe-inducing.
  • The inventive and diverse variety of weapons provides an incredible experience for the player.


  • Enemy AI is lackluster in Metro 2033.
  • The excessive use of obsolete quick-time events can be underwhelming for some players.
  • The checkpoint system is terrible in Metro 2033.
  • Gunplay can get uninteresting after a while which might be a deal killer in this game.
  • The pace of the game gets hindered infrequently during intense situations.

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3. Metro Exodus The Two Colonels

metro exodus two colonels gameplay

The Two Colonels is a stand-alone DLC chapter that may be played as either a prologue to the main tale of Metro Exodus or as a side story to accompany it. Col. Miller, the protagonist of “The Two Colonels,” follows in the footsteps of Col.

Khlebnikov, during his dying days, in a narrative device that is both ingenious and very successful. Khlebnikov and his son Kirill go to a New Year’s Eve party after Khlebnikov completes a mission. The party, which sadly turns out to be the last bastion of hope for Novosibirsk’s healthy community, is attended by Khlebnikov.

As the story of The Two Colonels progresses, Khlebnikov becomes involved in deadly conflict with both monsters and humans. As the people, who are eager for medication and assistance, revolt against the OSKOM, the plot deteriorates into a sad tale of a civil insurrection and a totalitarian takeover, erupting in scenes of depressingly realistic brutality.

It is safe to say that, amidst the return of some voice acting, The Two Colonels spotlights an excellent and moving story of responsibility versus a sense of morality. To describe any further would be to deliver too much away. It is a narrative about the line that separates man from soldier and about the tragic state of things that exists when helpless people who are dying somehow become The Enemy of the State.

Regardless matter how severe some sequences in The Two Colonels may be, it is hard to watch them without getting a creeping feeling that something bad is about to happen.

The Two Colonels is successful in creating an oddly resonant drama with its themes of civilians being asked or forced to give up everything under the flimsy promise of protection, refugee children being tormented into nasty enclosures, and the state is ultimately forced to separate those who Have and Those Who Do Not Have, among other themes.

The first significant portion of the downloadable content has players descending into the tunnels to clear out an infestation of slime and gigantic, deformed worms; yet, there is neither a sense of urgency nor the possibility of imminent danger in this section.

You will be attacked by worms on occasion, but for the vast majority of this section, you will be required to do nothing more than walk through corridors that are extremely linear, burn things that are attached to the walls with your flamethrower, and occasionally perform other tasks such as turning off valves or cranking your weapon.

metro exodus two colonels gameplay

Even the mechanics of exploring and crafting have been somewhat scaled down, which means that there is not much to do in this phase, and what there is to do is, to be quite honest, a little bit dull.

Things do start to speed up in the second half, resulting in a lot more events, although none of it takes forever enough to have any sort of impression on the audience. Because the shooting in The Two Colonels, much like the shooting in the base game, isn’t particularly good, the decision that a significant portion of the downloadable content (DLC) will focus more on action than on horror, despite the presence of claustrophobic environments, feels like an unfitting one.

It simply seems like a significant potential was squandered all around with the poor use of linear, subterranean areas. When it comes to narrating stories, The Two Colonels shines brightest. The actual tale that is given here is strong enough, though nothing particularly remarkable; what makes it so remarkable is the method that it is told.

A portion of Exodus is dedicated to a side tale called “The Two Colonels,” which also serves as a collection of flashbacks. This side story runs concurrently with that portion of the main plot. The mission of the colonel is to acquire some green thing for his sick daughter, so he ventures into the bowels of the Novosibirsk metro system with Kirill, a guy you’ll recognize from the basic game, offering assistance over the radio.

However, the majority of the downloadable content takes place in the past, and this fact serves only as a framing device for yet another narrative. Metro Exodus Tow Colonels tried to change the formula that was different from the base game, and as a result, it checked a few boxes and missed many. Regardless of the unique gameplay elements, we still consider this the third Best Metro game on our list.

The action in Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels is limited, but the game makes up for this by focusing heavily on the story, which is sure to captivate and even unnerve longtime fans of the Metro series.

This is despite the fact that the game’s intelligent plot is successful in drastically captivating the player. A quick excursion, to be sure, but one that is definitely worthwhile doing.


  • The main narrative is quite enticing and keeps the player immersed.
  • A brand-new and gripping atmosphere that is rich in detail gives you the classic Metro experience.
  • Visually, Metro Exodus The Two Colonels is a great-looking game.
  • The character development in this game is incredible and it will give you a deep insight into the character’s journey throughout the game.


  • For a Metro Game, it is very short which is disappointing.
  • The world is not that extensive and does not promote exploration.
  • The final battle does not fit well with the premise of Metro Exodus The Two Colonels.

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4. Metro Last Light

metro last light

Metro: Last Light is an extraordinarily well-crafted first-person adventure that fills your head with the regrets of time gone by and knows the anxiety and uncertainty that emerge from solitude and stillness. The game was developed by 4A Games and published by Microsoft Studios.

Metro 2033, the game that came before Last Light in the series, was the one that established the series’ preference for mysteries and otherworldly drama, but Last Light is in a league of its own.

In “Last Light,” you are transported back to Moscow, which has been ravaged by a nuclear war. In an effort to protect themselves from the harmful radiation and terrifying monsters that have taken over the surface, humanity has huddled together in the subterranean metro system.

It’s possible that the ending of Metro 2033 gave you the opportunity to make a significant decision, but it all depended on how you played the game.

The predicament that Artyom finds himself in lends an air of personal conflict to an otherwise tense and tensely emotional game. Your journey in Metro: Last Light will be peppered with terrifying and shocking events, as well as occult visions that will bring the past to life right in front of your own eyes.

The supernatural elements are intertwined with the fights that occur amongst the many subterranean groups, and the horrifying aspects of each component serve as two equally horrific sides of the same coin.

However, dread is not the only feeling that is evoked by Last Light. The last hours of the moving process enhance the emotional stakes and put your devotion to the test by compelling you to face the results of your own decisions, which in turn raises the emotional stakes.

Story sequences are captivating, and they often take place inside the game engine and from the first-person perspective. This keeps you emotionally engaged in the events that are happening in front of you.

It’s possible that the characters’ responses to one other may match your own ideas and feelings on the subject, such as when they make jokes and trash each other in response to one Ranger’s tedious soliloquies. The people that live underground have a lot of personalities and are quite diverse.

They walk around with intent, conversing at length with one another about the conflict, their families, and their feelings of love and passion. You might seek the company of prostitutes if you wish for a long lap dance if you are like the men who get stir crazy and seek the company of prostitutes.

On the irradiated surface, where you are searching for the last known Dark One, and in the depths below, where you are attempting to evade the wandering eyes of your foes, you will notice that the workmanship is exquisite. Last Light is not a fast-paced, action-packed shooter.

You are not tasked with killing hundreds of faceless troops without breaking a sweat, and in fact, the early hours of the mission are fairly low on action. This is not your goal.

On your trek over the surface, you will encounter a variety of dangerous monsters. Monsters that can travel between water and land, known as amphibious freaks, will attack you in groups of two or three at a time. As you try to avoid their slimy attacks, you need to keep a watchful eye out for the filthy pools that are all about you. If you happen to fall into one of these pools, a mutant that is hiding underneath it will pull you down and kill you.

Out of all of these amazing weaponry, the shotgun is the one that’s simplest to fall in love with. It has a loud report when it shoots and enables you to discharge many rounds at the same time, making it an excellent backup weapon if you are ready to approach close to these animals.

metro last light gameplay

Outside of the city itself, even a single breath might be considered a priceless commodity. You won’t survive without a gas mask, but masks contain filters that only last a certain amount of time before they need to be replaced.

Exploring your surroundings will lead you to uncover other filters, but this will take time, which means you will have to observe as the amount of healthy air you have access to gradually decreases.

Even while the air quality is better in the metro, the risks are still very much there. The tunnels will still include deformed monsters for you to fight, but the darkness will play a significant part this time. There is a species of monster that reacts defensively when it comes into contact with the beam of your flashlight.

Eventually, it will turn over onto its back, leaving itself open to attack from your firearm. Fighting many mutants at once turns into a rhythmic ballet in which you use your flashlight to maintain a safe space between yourself and the mutants’ pincers and fire your weapon just when it will do the most harm.

You will often discover such creatures in the darkest corridors, which are also the ones that you are not required to examine. Nevertheless, the allure of locations like these might be difficult to resist. You are enticed to enter the tunnels by the glow of mushrooms, the possibility of finding valuable ammunition, and the possibility of rescuing an innocent captive who is being held hostage by one of the hostile factions that also lurk in the tunnels.

You are not obligated to go head to head with human opponents in any way. You can gain an advantage by hiding in the darkness, which you can achieve by turning off lights or switching circuit breakers and then proceeding to sneak through enemy bases in order to avoid engaging in combat completely.

Depending on where and how you were sneaking around, firefights can be challenging for whoever is caught in the act. You may find yourself encircled, wishing you had installed a suppressor on your sniper rifle rather than grabbing everyone’s attention with a single shot.

The action in Metro: Last Light is not a nonstop onslaught of bullets and monsters. And when it eventually comes time to point your shotgun at deformed fiends, the payout is richer for the spooky calm that came before.

Last Light is considerably better than its predecessor, blending storyline, shooting, and stealth into a spectacular and seamless whole.


  • Metro Last Night has riveting visuals and a solid presentation.
  • The immense world settings and eerie atmosphere add to the horror element of the game.
  • The combat system is engrossing which gives you the freedom of planning your strategy for combat with the enemies.
  • Metro Last Light contains masses of replay value due to its immersive plot and the return of the survival horror element.


  • Dubious enemy AI can mar the experience of the player.
  • Several technical issues surface throughout Metro Last Light that might frustrate some players.
  • The boss fights are unimpressive and lack the originality that would draw the player’s interest.
  • Some portions of Metro Last Light still have polishing issues.
  • The odd inclusion of nudity might not sit with some players in Metro Last Light.

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5. Metro Redux

metro redux gameplay

Metro Redux is a combination of two gloomy video games, each of which is burdened by the gravity of a devastated Earth with little optimism to offer. Both experiences give you time to suffocate in the dry, radioactive air; time in which you just exist; time that causes you to question how the descendants of humankind’s nuclear mistake find the desire to continue living.

There is a greater sense of foreboding in the game Metro: Last Light, as well as in the revamped version of Metro 2033 when there is a deafening quiet than when there is the backfire of a shotgun.

Metro 2033 is the game that gets the most from this new version. It now has a freshly organized plot and a visual improvement that brings it near to the standard that was established by Metro: Last Light, which was released later. This makes it seem almost like a new game.

The Last Light may have caused your memories of 2033 to be tainted, which showcased significantly improved lighting and a more logical user interface; however, when viewed side-by-side, the original 2033 and the remastered version of the game are strikingly similar.

Take, for example, the very first second that you are exposed to the bitter cold of a Russian winter. In the original version of the game, the sensation of cold was conveyed in part by crystalline fractals that appeared on your gas mask.

In the Redux version of the game, a complete snowstorm is taking place, and the feeling is less of a breezy shiver and more of a searing bite. You can now see the corridor behind an explorer who has returned from an expedition rather than just a hazy sense of it before the enormous door opens.

metro redux combat

The character models are all new, and they have replaced the originals’ lifeless expressions with faces and bodies that have a considerably more realistic appearance but one that is still a little stilted.

It will be difficult to identify significant alterations to the game’s visual style in the Redux version of Metro: Last Light; this version serves as the benchmark for Metro 2033. The option to apply 2033’s more rigorous supply of gas masks and ammo is the more relevant distinction here; this addresses a shift in difficulty that the most ardent fans of the original game criticized.

Given that so many members of the Metro Redux production team contributed their skills to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, it should not come as a surprise that the game owes just as much to survival horror games as it does to shooters.

You spend the same amount of time, if not more, basking in the shadows as you do shooting a weapon, and even when there is the potential for violence, you may approach many scenarios in the manner of a cautious predator. The levels in Metro: Last Light are more organized than those in Metro 2033.

metro redux exploration

This allows the computer-controlled Nazis and Communists more room to spread out and flank the player. When seen up close, each shotgun reveals itself to be an essential instrument of savagery. Again, the fact that the new weaponry and advancements included in Metro: Last Light are playable in the Redux version of 2033 contributes to the overall impression that this collection is one continuous adventure.

When you are away from the combat, you will find that your fellow humans are more competent as conversationalists; they are worn out and, many times, smart. I am unable to comment on the accuracy of the Russian accents used in the show, but it fascinates me how many of the characters find ways to make fun of fate and poke fun at themselves.

You are often joined by others, both on the battlefield and away from it, and each of them speaks with remorse and a sort of morbid joy as if they had just drank a liter of vodka to drown their sorrows. This occurs both on the battlefield and away from it.

This collection focuses on a certain location. It is a site where one can hear the giggling of children who have passed away for very some time, as well as the screaming of airline passengers just before their deaths by burning. It is a location where you must dread both the horrible mutants who roam as well as humans; nonetheless, it is possible to find protection only with humankind.

If you have never played a Metro game so far, Metro Redux is one of the Best Metro games to kick start your journey in 2022.


  • The gunplay is inventive and engaging in Metro Redux prior to the previous games.
  • Some mechanical enhancements allow both of the games to be on an equal scale.
  • The games that are featured in Metro Redux provide an enticing experience due to some strong changes to the interface and graphics.
  • Excellent pacing in Metro Redux allows you to experience the tension just before the battle starts.
  • Robust weapons make you feel powerful enough to stand a chance in the bleak world of Metro Redux.
  • The spooky and unique environment adds to the survival horror element of the game.


  • Occasionally, the enemy AI can get very vulnerable which can be a drag in Metro Redux.
  • Several absurd and annoying story sequences are not liked by many veteran players.
  • There are still some refining issues even after the revamping of both games.

6. Metro Exodus Sam’s Story

metro exodus sam’s story

In many post-apocalyptic works of fiction, recurring themes include searching for a new home and coming to terms with the loss. The primary plotline of Metro Exodus does a good job at satisfying both of these criteria most of the time.

But what if you have found yourself to be an outsider in a foreign nation before the nuclear apocalypse ever started? This is the situation that Sam, the protagonist of Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story, discovers himself in. Sam’s Story is the name of the game. Sam is not of Russian descent, in contrast to the rest of his fellow Spartan Rangers.

To tell the truth, he does not even hail from the same country as us. The player discovers throughout Sam’s Story that, previous to the conflict, Sam served in the United States Marine Corps and was stationed at the American embassy.

During the whole of his stay in Russia, he has a constant desire to figure out how to go back to San Diego. His adventures lead him to Vladivostok, which is the location where the most recent downloadable content for Metro Exodus starts in earnest. The city of Vladivostok seems to have been spared a direct strike by any kind of nuclear weapon, which is a stroke of good fortune.

Despite this, it should not be assumed that the city is free from danger. Banditry is a profitable business, which is something that you probably already knew. In the city of Vladivostok, new species of monsters have made their home, and some of these creatures have quite fascinating interactions with the lighting effects in Metro Exodus. It is to Sam’s good fortune that the docks of the city house a nuclear submarine that is fully operational.

Sadly, Tom, a pre-war American armaments merchant who is absolutely not dodgy in any way, shape, or form, controls the submarine. Tom is the person in charge of the submarine. After some discussion, Sam and Tom come to the conclusion that they need to refuel the submarine.

This requires Sam to track down the third important character included in the downloadable content (the Captain) and persuade him to assist them. Even if these three don’t stand out as very original people, it’s cool that Sam, the character that the player controls, can really talk.

It’s true that some of the lines of conversation may be a little bit corny, but overall, it’s a far more enjoyable experience than if you had to play the game without any sound, even more so when one considers the fact that, outside of loading screens, Artyom is silent for the whole of Metro Exodus.

In spite of this, it is a bit strange how well the three characters get along with each other; in fact, it is nearly to the point where it looks as if large portions of the plot were omitted. Aside from that, Tom does not have a significant amount of character development during the whole of the DLC.

This wouldn’t usually be a big deal, but the finale hinges on whether you trust Tom or the Captain more, so it’s important to know which one you prefer. If one of your options weren’t a cardboard cutout, then the ultimate decision would unquestionably have more layers of complexity.

In terms of gameplay, Sam’s Story is comparable to a scaled-down version of Metro Exodus’s semi-open environment. Even though there is less environmental variety in Vladivostok due to the fact that it is a single city, the developers have not been inhibited in their ability to come up with inventive solutions.

Apartments that have been flooded, ruins that are riddled with landmines, and collapsed sewers are featured heavily. Radiation storms and fog are additional factors that contribute to the eerie atmosphere that may be found in specific locales.

If you desire extra resources and weapon attachments, you may explore the game’s side quests, which are similar to the main game in that there are quite a number of them. The locations that may be played in are, however, far less than one would anticipate.

Metro Exodus Sam’s Story gameplay

This is, however, mostly inconsequential because of the vertical structure of certain places and the reduced amount of time spent traveling between them. Sam’s Story is a sequel to Metro Exodus in more ways than one and serves as a direct continuation of that game.

Even though the people could be different and the environment might be different, and even though the weaponry might be brand new and wonderful, the essence of each of these experiences is the same. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Sam’s Story is a downloadable content add-on.

The addition of a few game mechanisms that are peculiar and unequivocally hostile to players is something that comes as a surprise. The Universal Detector is going to be by far the most vexatious of all, so prepare yourself. At the beginning of the downloadable content, Sam acquires various new weapons and armor.

The aforementioned Universal Detector is one piece of the new equipment that has been acquired. It’s essentially a metal detector that you can wear on your wrist, and it’s fantastic for exploring since it can help you determine the location of hidden weapon components and landmines.

The only drawback is that since it has such a wide operating range, it continuously beeps. It is the same as carrying a lifeless smoke detector on your arm whenever you are in any kind of proximity to a structure.

The universe of Metro has been expanded in a fantastic way with Sam’s Story. Although there are certain segments that are quite linear, this does not really bring down the quality of the game as a whole. Fights against respectable “bosses” are included in the game, which is definitely a plus.

The fact that there are two unique and separate endings to the tale also makes the idea highly fascinating. From a writing point of view, the mental repercussions of Sam being away from a home that may not exist anymore could have certainly been developed further. However, the plot as a whole works quite well without any changes.

It goes without saying that Sam’s Story is not flawless; yet, it maintains the quality delivered by the main game in a nice small package without losing too much on the gameplay time.


  • Fantastic weather effects complement the already incredible visuals of Metro Exodus Sam’s Story.
  • The addition of new weapons that are diverse in variety keeps the player regaled throughout the game.
  • The gameplay of Metro Exodus Sam’s Story provides a great blend of open world and linearity.
  • A great protagonist who has a decent amount of depth and fits extremely well in the plot.


  • The checkpoint system is lackluster, especially when exploring the open world it can be an annoyance for many players.
  • Metro Exodus Sam’s Story suffers from poor writing and a bland narrative.
  • Realistic landmines can be a pain to deal with sometimes.
  • Cringy dialogues on some events can be irritating in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story.


The fictitious universe described in Glukhovsky’s first book serves as the backdrop for each and every one of the Metro narratives. Although it only detailed his personal image of a post-apocalyptic Moscow, the events in the novels that are part of the expanded universe take place in a broad range of locations throughout all the Metro series of video game worlds.

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