The Best MP5 Class Cold War: MP5 Loadout Guide [Season 6]

The MP5 SMG packs an incredible punch for close to medium combat (depending on the attachments). It allows the player to run faster and melt targets with the weapon’s faster RPM, ADS and reload time. However, creating the best MP5 class Cold War is quite necessary to keep winning the one-versus-one encounters. It is why for newcomers and returning players, we have curated this guide and gathered all the essential information to create the perfect class.

Key Takeaways
  • In order to unlock MP5, you just need to reach level 4 by playing multiplayer matches. If you want maximum efficiency out of MP5, you will have to grind out its level and max it out.
  • The best build of MP5 is:
    • Optic: Microflex LED.
    • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake.
    • Barrel: Reinforced Heavy.
    • Body: Steady Aim Laser.
    • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip.
  • The best wildcard for this build is Gunfighter Wildcard
  • The perks for this build are Flack Jacket, Scavenger, and Ninja.
  • You can also try using the following perks for different competitive advantages: Tactical Mask, Ghost, Assassin, and Gearhead.

Before beginning, here’s a quick summarized look at the Best MP5 Loadout for Cold War:

StatsBest BuildWildcardsPerksOther Perks You Can Use
Base = 32
Mag Size = 30
RPM = 854
Reload Time = 2.48
ADS Speed = 200ms
Optic = Microflex LED
Muzzle = Muzzle Brake
Barrel = Reinforced Heavy
Body = Steady Aim Laser
Underbarrel = Field Agent Grip
Mag =Rnd Speed Mag
Handle = Airborne Elastic Wrap
Stock = Raider Stock
GunfighterPerk 1 = Flak Jacket
Perk 2 = Scavenger
Perk 3 =Ninja
Tactical Mask

How To Unlock MP5 In Cold War

Before you can get your hands on the fantastic MP5, you must first unlock it. Now that Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone have synced their weapon’s progression getting the MP5 has become much easier. All you need to do is reach level 4 by playing multiplayer matches, and you will unlock the weapon in no time.

Additionally, for the best MP5 class Cold War Season 6 weapon, players must unlock all the attachments as well. It is because this SMG is not in perfect shape or is not at 100% efficiency while it is in stock form. So, to get the most out of this weapon, you need to grind a bit more and unlock the attachments that make this weapon a true power-house of melting opponents.

MP5 Weapon Stats

Base DamageMag SizeRPMReload TimeADS Speed
32-3330 Rounds8542.48200ms

The SMG comes with 32-33 base damage in its stock version with 30 rounds of magazine size. Moreover, the weapon has got an 854 RPM with 2.48 seconds reload time. Depending on the distance between the player and opponent, MP5 can nail down an opponent in 6-13 rounds as it has 200ms aim-down-the-sight (ADS). The best part is that while running with the base version, players get a 99% movement speed percentage, making this SMG a perfect arsenal for run and gun combat style.

The overall damage, handling, stability, magazine size, and other stats of the gun can be enhanced by equipping the best attachments (more about it later). So, for the best MP5 cold war attatchments, it is crucial that players slot in the right attachments and not use the stock version of this SMG if shredding the opponents is the key objective.

Best Attachments For MP5 In Season 6

Microflex LedMuzzle BrakeReinforced HeavySteady Aim LaserField Agent GripRnd Speed MagAirborne Elastic WrapRaider Stock

Now that you know how to unlock the weapon, its base/stock version stats, you must also know which attachments to equip for the best MP5 class. We have suggested eight attachments below to make this SMG outshine most weapons in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Optic: Microflex LED

For the optic attachments, players should go with the Microflex LED. This attachment enhances the overall vision while aiming down the sight and is much better than the regular iron sights. Moreover, it comes with a 1.25x magnification which is a tad bit better than iron sigh as well.

Muzzle: Muzzle Brake 

For the muzzle attachment, players should go with the “ Muzzle Brake 9”. It is because this attachment stabilizes the vertical recoil by giving a +4 control. Controlling the vertical recoil is an essential factor, especially when you are aiming the shots near the chest or head. You do not want the weapon to have high recoil and miss half the rounds. This almost makes it the mp5 loadout with no recoil.

Barrel: Reinforced HEavy

The “9.5″ Reinforced Heavy” is the perfect barrel to attach to the SMG. It can be unlocked at weapon level 21 and gives an 18 percent increase in damage range and 80 percent bullet velocity. However, it does penalize -4% sprinting speed and -20% aim walking speed. Regardless of the cons of using the attachment, the trade-off is totally worth it.

Body: Steady Aim Laser

For MP5 SMG’s body, players must go with a “Steady Aim Laser” attachment. This can be unlocked by reaching weapon level 5. The body attachment gives a 15 percent increase in hip fire accuracy and does not penalize other stats.

Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip

Selecting the right underbarrel affects the weapon’s handling and stability. So, for this attachment, we recommend going with the “Field Agent Grip”. It is because this attachment increases 6 percent vertical recoil control and 20 percent horizontal recoil control of MP5 SMG. However, it does reduces the shooting move speed by 30 percent. During our field test of Field Agent Grip, we realized the trade-off was worth it, and hence we suggest you go with this underbarrel instead of others for a run and gun gameplay style.

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Magazine: Rnd Speed Mag

MP5 SMG has such a high RPM, and 30 rounds in a magazine sometimes are just not enough to take out at least two opponents simultaneously. So, to counter this limited mag size problem, we recommend going with the “40 Rnd Speed Mag” magazine attachment. It is because the weapon increases 33 percent magazine ammo capacity, 25 percent reload speed, 33 percent overall, and starting ammo capacity.

However, there is a 20 percent aim down sights (ADS) penalty. So, considering the incredibly fast stock ADS of this SMG, using this magazine attachment has little effect on overall weapon consistency. Players can unlock this attachment by reaching weapon level 25.

Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap

For the handle of MP5 SMG, we highly recommend picking the “Airborne Elastic Wrap” attachment. It is because the weapon gets back the lost ADS after equipping the magazine we suggested above. So, in a way, this handle recovers the ADS. However, player’s sprint to fire and the shooting movement speed gets 15 and 10 percent penalty after equipping Airborne Elastic Wrap.   

Stock: Raider Stock

The “Raider Stock” is the last attachment you should slot into the weapon and create the best MP5 class Cold War. Unlike the other weapon attachments that unlock fairly early at the weapon’s level, this one becomes available after reaching weapon level 54. Moreover, since most of the attachments reduced the sprint to fire and the player’s movement speed, this one makes up for it.

Raider Stock increases 30 percent sprint to fire time and 40 percent aim walking movement speed.

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Best Perks & Wildcard For MP5 Class

For the sake of this MP5 SMG class, we equipped the Gunfighter Wildcard. It is because this wildcard allows the players to equip up to eight weapon attachments which can significantly change the overall dynamics of the weapon.

Best MP5 Class Loadout in Cold War
Gunfighter Wildcard For MP5 SMG Class

Moreover, the perfect MP5 SMG weapon class in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War does not exist if proper perks are not equipped alongside the weapon attachments. We have suggested the three perks that perfectly go with the MP5 weapon class.

Perk 1

For the Perk 1 slot, you must equip the “Flack Jacket” perk. It is because your character receives significantly less amount of damage while running with this perk. Whether it is a flaming combat bow, Molotov, grenades, or other explosives, your chances of survival increase multi-fold with this perk.

Best MP5 Class Loadout in Cold War
Flak Jacket Perk For MP5 SMG Class


In the perk 2 slot, players must go with the “Scavenger” perk. The gameplay style we are suggesting for the MP5 SMG class goes perfectly well with this perk as the character receives more from other fallen players.

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Best MP5 Class Loadout in Cold War
Scavenger Perk For MP5 SMG Class


Ninja” should be equipped in the Perk 3 slot. The Cold War MP5 Loadout is basically incomplete without this perk because it allows the player to move quietly and hear enemy’s footsteps much clearly. So, taking enemy’s by surprise becomes a tad bit easier after equipping the Ninja perk.

Best MP5 Class Loadout in Cold War
Ninja Perk For MP5 SMG Class

Tactical Mask

cod perks
Tactical Mask Perk For MP5 SMG Class

Tactical Mask is a classic Call of Duty Black Ops perk and with its return, it is just as strong as it was back then. It can literally be a game changer because it protects the player against flashbangs, and stun grenades. On top of all that it also provides complete immunity against gas. 


ghost full guide call of duty
Ghost Perk For MP5 SMG Class

Here we have another classic perk that has made its return in the latest game in the franchise. It is a situational perk like the previous one and comes in handy very often. It makes it so that you are undetectable from the enemy spy planes. You should highly consider putting this one in a slot if you are playing competitively. 


cod assassin perk guide
Assassin Perk For MP5 SMG Class

The Ghost perk we discussed earlier is a direct counter to this one. Enemies will appear on your map whenever they shoot and the enemies who have a killstreak going on will appear with a crosshair instead of the usual red dot. Killing these enemies will net the player extra points. 


Gearhead call of duty full guide
Gearhead Perk For MP5 SMG Class

Gearhead is a brand-new perk introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It is a straightforward perk as it reduces the cooldown for your field upgrades and also gives you an extra charge for said upgrades. It can come in some situations so do consider putting it in a slot. 

MP5 Playstyle In COD Cold War

Considering all the attachments and perks we have suggested here, run and gun is the only playstyle that goes perfectly with the MP5 SMG. Players must at least engage in close to mid-combat and avoid long ranges as there will be bullet spray due to less long-range accuracy. Moreover, always take on one-versus-one fights as the likelihood of emerging victorious is significantly more.

Immediately reload the magazine whenever the bullet count drops to below 15 rounds. Moreover, always prefer sprinting than walking down while aiming down the sight. It is because, due to attachments, the MP5 SMG will receive significantly more sprint to fire time. So make sure you utilize it frequently.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the best MP5 class Cold War. Have you been using this SMG again in Season 6 of the game? Did you find our guide helpful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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