Best Pelington Class Loadout In Cold War Season 6

It has been more than two weeks that season 6 of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has gone live, and since then, players have taken multiplayer lobbies by storm. Most players celebrated the return of SMGs and ARs meta in season 6; however, the sniper rifles are also not a step behind as well. We previously curated season 6 MP5 loadout and M16 class setup, highlighting the weapon attachments, secondary, wildcard, perks, and equipment. Our best Pelington class guide also aims to provide valuable information that is on par with what we have created before and continue to do so for the rest of season 6 in the game.

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How To Unlock Pelington In Cold War

Pelington is a base game sniper rifle that frequently appears in most of the story campaign missions. While playing multiplayer, the weapon unlocks when you reach level 4 in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. 

Base Stats

With base damage of 110, Pelington is a high damage and decent rate of fire sniper rifle that can one-shot enemies if the bullet lands above shoulders. At times, the shot can result in a hit marker as well, and that is why, on the stock version, Pelington is not a powerful sniper rifle in the game.

Moreover, the stock magazine houses only five sniper rounds, which can be extended up to nine rounds per magazine depending on the mag attachment type. For a bolt-action sniper rifle, Pelington comes with a 54 RPM (rounds per minute) and has 3.8 seconds reload time. Of course, the overall performance of Pelington, be it on paper on in the field, is not impressive as compared to other DLC sniper rifles. However, things take a turn when you equip attachments to Pelington. 

Best Pelington Loadout

Our Pelington class setup focuses on the quick scope playstyle so that players can have the versatility to move around at the same time can one-shot an enemy. Here is the list of attachments we think are the best for this kind of playstyle and loadout. 

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Barrel: 26.5’’ Tiger Team

When it comes to the most important attachment in creating the high damage Pelington loadout, the 26.5’’ Tiger Team barrel does not disappoint. This barrel attachment unlocks at weapon level 48, which can be a bit of a grind but considering the advantages it offers, it is worth investing more time. The attachment gives the weapon an increase of 13% fire rate, 14% reload speed, 20% damage, and 50% bullet velocity. All of these advantages come at the cost of -40% ammo capacity, -20% magazine ammo, and overall ammo carrying capacity.

Pelington season 6 loadout
Pelington Barrel Attachment

Regardless of the increase in bullet velocity and reload speed, it is the damage buff this attachment offers to the weapon that makes it a must-pick for the class setup. 

Body: Tiger Team Spotlight

Our Pelington class setup does not utilize any optics, and this is why to have a great reveal distance, the Tiger Team Spotlight body attachment is the perfect fit. By equipping this attachment to the sniper rifle, the weapon gets +40% reveal distance, which becomes a valuable increase in stat while gunning down enemies without scope. This attachment can be unlocked at weapon level 40. 

Pelington season 6 loadout
Pelington Body Attachment

Magazine: 7 Rnd

The magazine attachment 7 Rnd does not significantly increase the number of rounds and ammo carrying capacity for Pelington. This attachment unlocks at weapon level 8 and is by far the best magazine to go with. It is because after equipping the 7 Rnd, the weapon gets a +40% increase in magazine ammo, max starting ammo, and overall ammo carrying capacity. However, there is a slight trade-off of -28% reload speed, which is fine considering the large mag size and more ammo reduce the reliance on reloading the Pelington repeatedly.

Pelington season 6 loadout
Pelington Magazine Attachment

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Handle: Serpent Wrap

In order to quick scope at a much faster rate than the opponent, you must have a high ADS (aim down sight time). This is why the Serpent Wrap handle is a must-have attachment for quick scope Pelington class setup. Unlocking this attachment may take a lot of effort as it becomes accessible at weapon level 44. However, the pros of unlocking and slotting in this attachment to Pelington, outweigh the cons. For example, the attachment offers a +12% increase in aim down sight time and penalizes sprint to fire time by -7%. This is why you must grind and unlock this attachment for Pelington season 6 quick scope loadout.

Pelington season 6 loadout
Pelington Handle Attachment

Stock: Marathon Pad

Sprint to fire time is another important stat that you should increase by slotting the attachments to Pelington. The Marathon Pad stock is the perfect fit to increase sprint to fire by 30%, and it can be unlocked at weapon level 36. After equipping the attachment, the sniper rifle will also get a -15% hip-fire accuracy, which can be ignored since you will not be using Pelington to hip fire targets even at a close range. 

Pelington season 6 loadout
Pelington Stock Attachment

The Secondary Weapon Loadout

The secondary gun, while using with the Pelington loadout, is taken as a finisher weapon just in case the Pelington could not eliminate a target in a single shot. There are tons of weapon’s variety in the game, but for most parts, we keep recommending the Sunburst because of how consistent this secondary is, especially in dual wield stock.

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  • Muzzle: Sound Suppressor
  • Barrel: 7.2” Reinforced Heavy
  • Body: SWAT 5MW Laser Sight
  • Magazine: Salve 30 RND Fast Mag
  • Stock: Dual Wield

Best Perks & Wildcard For Pelington Loadout

Since we are going with the five weapon attachments only, that means we will need to rely on a total of six perks to receive the maximum passive bonus while fighting enemies in the field. This is why Perk Greed wildcard is the only option you should go with, as it allows you to equip six perks simultaneously.

Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask

Flak Jacket perk increases the overall survivability of your player while fighting against enemies throwing explosives, Molotov, or shooting combat bow flames only. This is by far the most picked perk in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War as it offers a tad bit better immunity against strong incoming attacks.

Pelington season 6 loadout
Flak Jacket Perk description

Besides explosive devices, the flashbang, stun grenade, and gas-based devices prove to be the second most lethal attacks while fighting enemies in multiplayer. In order to have a maximum amount of resistance against the mentioned threats, the Tactical Mask perk is by far the best pick in the bunch.

Pelington season 6 loadout
Tactical Mask Perk description

Scavenger and Gearhead

Unlike the SMGs and ARs, ammo in a sniper loadout is a crucial commodity, and depleting the reserves is not a good sign for the class setup. This is why to keep the ammo capacity high at all times, you must go with the Scavenger perk, as it allows you to receive ammo from fallen players.

Pelington season 6 loadout
Scavenger Perk Description

Moreover, the Gearhead perk is also another great passive bonus addition to the class setup. By picking up this perk from Perk tab 2, you will receive faster cooldowns on Field Upgrade and also can store up to two Field Upgrade charges while fighting enemies in the field. Since eliminating targets using the sniper is a tad bit difficult than SMGs and ARs, it makes sense to have more than one Field Upgrade for an added advantage.

Pelington season 6 loadout
Gearhead perk description

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Ninja and Ghost

Similar to the likeness of Flak Jacket, Ninja is another perk from Perk Tab 3 that is also the most favorite of many seasonal and pro-players in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Not only does your player move more quietly, but they also get resistance towards an enemy’s deployed Field Mic.

Pelington season 6 loadout
Ninja Perk Description

Moreover, besides picking up the Ninja perk, you should get the Ghost one as well. It allows your player to remain undetected by the enemy’s deployed Spy planes. Both of these perks are an excellent addition to the Pelington season 6 class setup as they offer the player more freedom to roam freely in the multiplayer maps.

Pelington season 6 loadout
Ghost Perk description

Best Equipment for Pelington Loadout


Stimshot has become an important part of most loadouts since the launch of season 6 in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. It is because many returning players have started playing as a run and gun or quick scope playstyle and stimshot allows you to regain the lost health quickly. This is why we recommend picking up Stimshot while using the Pelington class setup as well.

Pelington season 6 loadout
Stimshot Description


Tomahawk in multiplayer is unlocked at level 42 and is the best choice to go with while using the season 6 Pelington loadout. A direct hit on the head using Tomahawk can result in the instant death of an enemy player. Moreover, if while using the sniper rifle, the sniper round does not kill the opponent, you can finish the job by using the Tomahawk – a quick and clean kill.

Pelington season 6 loadout
Tomahawk description

Field Mic

Field Mic is an integral part of season 6 Pelington loadout as it highlights enemy sounds on your minimap, giving you an edge to predict an enemy’s movement from a distance. Subtle placement of Field Mic will be an effective tool in finding incoming threats and can be an excellent offensive and defensive tool in the field. So, make sure you pick this one up in Pelington season 6 loadout.

Pelington season 6 loadout
Field Mic description

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Pelington Season 6 Class Setup PlayStyle

The Pelington, since the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, has been a go-to sniper rifle for quick scoping. The trend has continued till this day, and our loadout also circles around playing with this gun as a run and gun quick scoping. The barrel attachment that we suggested increases the weapon’s damage by 20%, which means you will now land less hit markers and more direct kills whenever the sniper round hits the enemy’s chest, shoulders, or head. If you use Pelington without this 20% damage buff, you will notice the difference between killing fewer enemies and doing more of a hit marker damage.

The Pelington does not need an optics or muzzle, unlike the SMGs and AR loadouts that we previously suggested to have eight weapon attachments. That is why you will need more perk bonuses on your side in order to have maximum passive advantages in the field.

Moreover, creating this class setup is not just about attaching the proper attachments, picking up the right wildcard, perks, and equipment. To quick scope enemies one after another, you must also have to be a good aim while playing with a sniper rifle. It is because, without the skill or accuracy to snipe enemies without a scope, this class setup will be useless to you. So, you must first learn and master the art of using Pelington in the field without scope.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about best Pelington Class setup for season 6 in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Which sniper have you been using since the start of season 6? Let us know more about it in the comments section below.

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