BEST Pirate Games On PS5 [Top 18]

Get your sails down and yell ahoy matey while playing these best pirate games on PlayStation 5

Pirate video theme is something that most players enjoy. I mean, what is there to not appreciate? You get your crew on board, ready up cannons, rock the ship’s wheel, get your sails down and yell, Aye Aye, Matey!

Well, some of the best PS5 pirate games are surely much more than the rowdy pirate gesture that I’ve listed here. Having said that, we have curated a list of 18 pirate games that you should play today if you have a PlayStation 5 system around you. 

Key Takeaways
  • In the Pirate Genre you gather up your crew, use your Ship to go on different adventures, meet new people, and much more.
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4: This Fourth version of the Pirate Warrior Series is worth checking out because of the immensely interactive gameplay.
  • Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag: This game received the award for the Best Action Adventure Game. The game provides fighting scenarios that are done in the sea. Providing a plethora of other thrilling features to its players as well.
  • Return Of The Obra Dinn: The game is mainly focused on puzzle-solving in which your final goal is to construct a book having details of all 60 of the people that met their demise while traveling on Obra Dinn. 
  • Some of the other great Pirate games are:
    • Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition.
    • Greedfall: Gold Edition.
    • Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered.

We will update our list if that happens, and until then, these 18 games are the best in order to enjoy all loot and plunder pirate glory. 

Here is the complete summary of the best PlayStation 5 pirate games

GameAwardRelease DatePublisher
FlinthookApril 14, 2017Tribute Games
Pixel PiracyFebruary 16, 2016Re-Logic, 505 Games
King of Seas25 May, 2021Team17
Rebel GalaxyJanuary 5, 2016Double Damage Games
Rise of the Third Power10 Feb, 2022DANGEN Entertainment
Risen 3: Titan Lords Enhanced Edition21 August 2015Deep Silver
The Falconner: Warrior EditionBest Debut Game in 2021August 5, 2021Wired Productions
One Piece: Burning WorldMay 31, 2016Bandai Namco Entertainment
One Piece: World SeekerMarch 15, 2019Bandai Namco Entertainment
Battlewake10 Sep, 2019Survios
Port Royale 4September 25, 2020Kalypso Media
One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe EditionAugust 25, 2017Bandai Namco Games
Assassin’s Creed Rogue RemasterdNovember 11, 2014Ubisoft
Greedfall: Gold Edition
  1. Best RPG
  2. Best Message-Bearer Game
  3. Best Artistic Design
  4. Best Game Setting
June 30, 2021Focus Home Interactive
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Ultimate Edition
  1. Best Storytelling
  2. Best Role-Playing Game
  3. Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing
  4. Best Writing
January 28, 2020Versus Evil
Return of The Obra Din
  1. Best Art Direction
  2. Best Narrative
  3. Artistic Achievement
  4. Game Design
October 18, 2019Lucas Pope
Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag
  1. VGX Award for Best Action Adventure Game
  2. Game of the Year – 2013
  3. Best Writing
  4. Best New Character
  5. Best Game Design 
October 29, 2013Ubisoft
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4March 27, 2020Bandai Namco Entertainment

18. Flinthook

Our RankingBest Roguelike 2D Platformer 
Release DateApril 14, 2017
PublisherTribute Games
Gameplay TypeRogeulike

In Flinthook, you take on the role of a ghoulish space pirate who is racing across the galaxy in search of a source of nutrition. Pixelated visuals and procedurally generated levels give the game a rogue-lite feel, which is appropriate given its genre.

Both a basic cannon that fires plasma balls in any direction surrounding Captain Flinthook and a grappling anchor that may be utilized in any position is in Captain Flinthook’s arsenal. The basic gun fires plasma balls. In order for your companion to tell you where to find the ghost gems that are concealed in space shells, you will need to gather a particular quantity of ghost gems before you can feed him.

Flinthook’s strengths lie in its user-friendliness, especially in regard to its controls, as well as its fluidity and velocity. Although the game may be played with a controller in its entirety, both movement and aim are mapped to the left stick, and there does not seem to be any way to modify this mapping.

It didn’t take me long to become hooked on Flinthook, a video game with a solid pirate theme that has gameplay components that are simple to learn and fun to play.


  • The movement of your character is top-notch and it complements the platforming in a good manner.
  • Flinkhook features a ton of great bosses and mini-bosses that are in a huge variety.
  • In terms of visuals, Flinthook has charming pixel art that keeps you absorbed in the game.
  • One of the positive elements of Flinthook is the inclusion of a grappling hook mechanic which makes the gameplay more intriguing.
  • The online play is decent, providing you with plenty of daily and weekly challenges to finish.
  • The wide array of enemy types keeps things fresh and interesting in Flinthook.


  • The perk system can take some time to get used to as it is a bit intricate which can be irksome.
  • The environments lack depth and get repetitive after a while which can lead to a bland experience.
  • The roguelike design of Flinthook might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

17. Pixel Piracy

Pixel Piracy
Our RankingBest side-scrolling real-time strategy game
Release DateFebruary 16, 2016
PublisherRe-Logic, 505 Games
Gameplay TypeRTS

In Pixel Piracy, you take control of a little ship and act as the captain of your ship. A game with intriguing visuals and a far more fascinating premise is shown here. To achieve your goal of being the most infamous pirate in the world, you must first pillage the high seas and then vanquish four other infamous pirates.

The battle system accurately represents how simple most of the challenges in this game are. The combat consists of using two taps to order your crew and captain to attack the enemy and then crossing your fingers and hoping that everything goes well.

The fact that it is so absurdly simple is one of the things that detract from the overall experience of playing the game. Once you have created your pirate, the game begins on a little island with a bar, where you will search for the first member of your crew to join your ranks.

In the standard version of the game, if you wipe out your whole crew, there is no meaningful consequence; instead, you will just load back into the point in time before the most recent battle. Instead of engaging in dangerous battles for your life, you will be tasked with sinking a large number of ships in order to collect the money.

Playing the game Pixel Piracy may be a really trying experience at times. If the creators had put in more time and effort, this game’s implementation likely would have been a lot more satisfying. The visual appeal of the game is greatly enhanced by the game’s adoption of a fantastic graphic style.

This is by far the greatest aspect of the game that makes it an excellent contender in the list of Best PS5 Pirate Games guides. Despite its attractive appearance, however, this game’s in-game mechanics is a cesspool due to badly flawed mechanics.


  • The leveling system in Pixel Piracy is on top of the shelf as it is well-executed and enhances progression.
  • The RPG elements of Pixel Piracy are incredibly designed and welcoming for many players.
  • Pixel Piracy offers a good variety when it comes to customization options for your sailing ship.
  • The integration of a large inventory of items keeps the player intrigued throughout Pixel Piracy.


  • The combat system of Pixel Piracy is sorely lacking and is not compelling in any way which is lackluster.
  • The environments are lacking variety which can have a negative impact on the exploration element of the game.
  • Pixel Piracy has a clunky control system which is one of the major flaws of this game.
  • A poor UI interface makes navigating through menus really frustrating in Pixel Piracy.

16. King of Seas

King of Seas
Our RankingBest ARPG adventure game 
Release Date25 May 2021
Gameplay TypeARPG

King of Seas has an intriguing narrative that is sure to keep the majority of players engaged and interested over the whole of the game. The game is a top-down action role-playing game (RPG) about warships and magic in which you travel about to different ports, taking on tasks and pirating the commodities from other boats. The narrative is straightforward, and this quality is likely to be regarded as one of its strongest points.

It won’t take you long to get the hang of things despite the fact that there are a lot of different aspects of the gameplay that need your attention. You have to maintain command of your sails, and the way the wind is blowing will determine how quickly your ship moves.

The ship’s controls have a sense of heft and precision, yet they are not difficult to get the hang of at all. In principle, this is an intriguing dynamic to think about, and it adds some tactical flare to the conflict.

The ship-to-ship combat in King of Seas is really fantastic, and it’s easily one of the game’s highlights. You are not only a ship belonging to a non-player character who will appear on the screen for a few minutes before perishing. If you don’t have a repair kit, you can still have pleasure sailing cautiously to a port even if the wind blows your sails. In addition, as you make progress in the game, you will be able to unlock new talents.

The objective of the game is to vanquish adversaries, carry out tasks, and acquire riches. You will get some experience as a result of doing so as well. The AI behavior has been extremely well implemented, and it seems that they are eager to follow you around and chase after your rear.

King of Seas is a challenging game, and it works well for sinking ships and plundering whatever is left behind. It would have been good for King of Seas to have some type of voice-acting so that the figures could have been given a little bit more flair.


  • You can maneuver a total of five ships and all of them have unique roles in Kong of Seas.
  • King of Seas gives you the option to select different difficulties to your liking, making the game widely accessible to a large audience.
  • The sections where you have to defend ports are quite fun and keep you regaled in the game.
  • King of Seas does a great job of alluring you into the game through its enticing combat system.
  • The RPG facets are nicely implemented and offer a unique experience throughout King of Seas.


  • The grinding aspect of the game is heavily focused which can be a tedious process and may not be to everyone’s taste.
  • In order to progress, you have to constantly buy maps which can get quite repetitive and seems like a pointless money sink.
  • A ton of mechanics of the game are simply shallow and uninteresting which is disappointing.
  • Unpredictable tentacle attacks can cause a lot of frustration for some players in King of Seas.

15. Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy
Our RankingBest space trading & combat simulation video game
Release DateJanuary 5, 2016
PublisherDouble Damage Games
Gameplay TypeSimulation

In Rebel Galaxy, you play the role of an interplanetary rebel who is just trying to earn a profit on the outskirts of the known cosmos. In spite of the fact that there is a certain amount of tension with spacecraft firing at each other, there is no graphic content or bloodshed portrayed with these ship blasts.

The game gives you the freedom to choose how you want to navigate the challenges of life on the rim. So long as it entails the killing of human beings. In addition, the majority of your time in this game will be spent traveling across the galaxy in search of missions. At first, fighting is avoided as much as possible, but eventually, it becomes impossible to avoid.

The space warfare that can be engaged in and watched is fairly incredible, and your spacecraft handles more like a vessel than a spaceship would suggest it should. The conflicts escalate into chaotic but beautiful demonstrations of might. It is not an action game in the traditional sense; rather, you will investigate potential partnerships and choose what you believe to be the most effective way to proceed.

The game is a conventional massively multiplayer online game (MMO), with the exception that there is no one else to communicate to, and you cannot control how your spacecraft hovers according to your preferences. You go through space and time in real-time, actively increasing your speed to warp speed as you get closer to each destination. You have now reached the pinnacle of your expertise in the field of pirate space exploration.

Despite the fact that this PS5 video game with a pirate theme lacks in certain areas, the gameplay is impressive, the setting is endearing, and even if there isn’t as much complexity to the game’s systems as it would have you think, the whole experience is enjoyable.


  • The soundtrack is incredibly orchestrated and fits well with what the game is trying to illustrate.
  • A huge diversity of ships, equipment components, and weapons can be found in Rebel Galaxy.
  • You can upgrade your ships to make them more robust which can be useful in tough battles.
  • The exploration is top-notch and rewards you with unique items that you can utilize throughout the game.
  • The design of the ship is quite stunning and catchy and you can even paint your own designs on your ships.
  • Visually, Rebel Galaxy has a gorgeous art style with detailed environments and intriguing combat sequences.
  • Rebel Galaxy has beginner-friendly game mechanics, making the game widely accessible.


  • The story has some room for more development and is shallow as of now which is sub-par.
  • Rebel Galaxy features a ton of characters that are not fully utilized and feel wasted.
  • Mouse and keyboard controls are not the best as they are not responsive which might annoy some PC users.
  • On some occasions, the action gets a bit repetitive which can lead to a dull experience.
  • In order to progress the story, you have to grind a lot which can be time-consuming and vexing.

14. Rise Of The Third Power

Rise of the Third Power
Our RankingBest retro-themed, console-style roleplaying game
Release Date10 Feb, 2022
PublisherDANGEN Entertainment
Gameplay TypeRPG

The events in Rise of the Third Power are said to take place fifteen years after the events of the prior book, which was called Ara Fell. In spite of the fact that it is the most recent release from the developer, the game does not have the same amount of historical depth. In spite of this, it is an outstanding accomplishment that came about as a consequence of a team’s true devotion and hard work over the course of many years.

The game’s narrative should definitely be considered one of its strongest elements. Because it has exactly the proper amount of both humor and sorrow, it manages to retain your attention throughout. The political environment of Rin is modeled on that of Europe during the 1930s in this video game.

The conflict may have resulted in a period of quiet in the end, but the price of that peace was paid by the lives of numerous troops and civilians who were involved in the fighting.

The fights are a crucial aspect of the game, and every individual that joins your party has a specialty that may be used to its full potential depending on their previous experience. When you have more characters in the game and are able to conduct team attacks that cause huge damage, this aspect of the game will improve.

It is clear that a significant amount of thought was placed into the journey in order to ensure that each interaction and narrative rhythm organically with one another. Even in cases when the plot substance of the side quests isn’t very in-depth, they often lead you to locations that are off the usual path.


  • The storyline is on top of the shelf and very interesting as it is packed with a ton of twists.
  • Rise of the Third Power offers a vibrant cast of characters that have a decent amount of depth.
  • You can pet a plethora of cats and dogs throughout the game which will be welcoming for pet lovers.
  • A simple but effective battle system because all characters have a unique set of skills.
  • The music is catchy and hypes the player up during frenetic boss battles, which is quite unique.
  • The leveling system is nice as the game has a skill tree that you can use to upgrade your equipment.


  • Rise of the Third Power has a shared-level system in which all the party members level up at the same time.
  • Dubious font selection and the dialogue are not on par which might be a turnoff to some.
  • The backtracking is tedious as the traveling merchant can respawn adversaries in dungeons.
  • Rise of the Third Power has generic and artificial anime-style character art.
  • The lack of a mini-map and terrible lighting makes it a pain to navigate through dungeons.

13. Risen 3: Titan Lords – Enhanced Edition

Risen 3 Titan Lords Enhanced Edition
Our RankingBest action role-playing game
Release Date21 August 2015
PublisherDeep Silver
Gameplay TypeRPG

In the same vein as its two forerunners, Risen 3: Titan Lords is not the type of role-playing game that is normally judged to be worthwhile when certain objective measurements are taken into consideration. A feeling of epic adventure awaits you in Risen 3, which will motivate you to continue playing as you travel from island to island in an effort to reunite your body and your soul after you have died and been resurrected.

You change into a vibrant parrot and float to normally inaccessible terrain. Then, you teach a monkey to steal riches and grog from the treasure chests. Risen 3 is a massive open-world pirate RPG that has a setting that is entirely original.

It has a large number of foes to face off against, a variety of interesting locations to investigate, and fights including swords, guns, magic, and more. Players that are used to games like Fallout, Skyrim, and The Witcher 3 will find themselves completely at home here.

It is quite funny at times, looks fantastic, has an interesting premise, and a wonderful environment to explore all in one package. However, if you’re interested in Risen 3, I’m going to suppose that you already have some expectations of what the game will be like.

Risen 3 has the ability to completely engulf you, assuming that all of the driftwood doesn’t keep you tethered to the coast. Even if Risen 3: Titan Lords is hardly the most ambitious project ever undertaken by this company, the tendrils of this fantastical story continue to pull you in.

It all depends on how you see things. One that is founded on the developer’s track record of creating engaging, exhaustive, and uncomfortable role-playing games that, despite their flaws, nonetheless manage to draw you in and keep your attention.


  • Rise 3: Titan Lords is packed with a ton of content that you can tinker with all over the game.
  • The swordplay in Risen 3: Titan Lords is on point and intriguing, which will keep you regaled.
  • The exploration aspect is gigantic as the game provides you with a ton of quests and islands to explore.
  • Rise 3: Titan Lords has a strong narrative that will keep you occupied throughout the journey.
  • The magic options are greatly polished and add variety to the overall combat of the game.
  • The lively voice acting is well-executed and adds a level of authenticity to the characters.
  • Risen 3: Titan Lords has an engrossing and well-designed leveling system.


  • The game is riddled with a number of glitches which can mar the overall gameplay experience.
  • The character animations for dialogue are not very well-designed and are rather lackluster.
  • The boss battles are not fairly balanced, which makes it a pain to deal with them in the game.
  • Rise 3: Titan Lords does not have a challenging combat system, which can take away the fun element.

12. The Falconeer: Warrior Edition

The Falconeer Warrior Edition
Our RankingBest aerial combat pirate-theme game
AwardsBest Debut Game in 2021
Release DateAugust 5, 2021
PublisherWired Productions
Gameplay TypeAerial combat Single Player

You will be presented with a mix of main and side content to finish at the beginning of each chapter. The environment of the game is spread over a large ocean, quite similar to the setting of Zelda. The Falconeer: Warrior Edition is a mind-bogglingly incredible technological accomplishment, and its creator, Tomas Sala, is solely responsible for its creation. 

Things definitely seem amazing and full of beauty, with islands and crags coming from the water as you move closer to the area. The Falconeer is an open-world video game that is divided into four different segments. However, the vast majority of these objectives seem to have no connection whatsoever with one another. Controls in The Falconeer: Warrior Edition is quite easy to understand and use. 

The first part of the adventure eases you into things by teaching you the fundamentals of numerous combat mechanisms and how to control your enormous warbird. The combination of its engrossing setting and exciting gameplay results in a really remarkable adventure. In point of fact, it goes much beyond that and easily surpasses my expectations in that regard. 

The rules of the game may be summed up in a few short sentences. It is stunning to look at, plays well, sounds incredible, and offers a great deal of engaging narrative content in addition to a great deal of fascinating gameplay to keep you interested. Considering all these offerings, this title easily triumphs as the 10th Best PS5 Pirate Game to play on your next-gen console.


  • The aerial combat is quite thrilling and provides you with some frantic action, which makes it one of the highlights of the game.
  • The open world is expansive and brimming with a ton of compelling lore in The Falconeer.
  • A highly impeccable musical score enhances the overall mood and offers a riveting experience.
  • You can take on additional side quests as well other than the main story which is a nice touch.
  • The settings are on top of the shelf with a bit of piratic touch that is welcoming for many users.
  • The controls are fluid and responsive which enhances the overall flight experience.


  • The narrative is not that great as it is poorly written and seems undercooked in The Falconeer.
  • In the early sections of the game, the missions simply are simply not myriad which is sub-par.
  • The voice acting is inadequate and not captivating which can take away the immersion.
  • The Falconeer is haunted by some minor bugs and glitches which can mire the experience.
  • The gameplay is mostly escort missions which make the game feel repetitive after a while.

11. One Piece: Burning Blood

One Piece Burning Blood
Our RankingBEST One Piece Fighting game
Release DateMay 31, 2016
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment
Gameplay TypeFighting

One Piece: Burning Blood is a 3D fighting game that reimagines one of the most significant story arcs from the One Piece manga. The creators of One Piece: Burning Blood have a firm grasp on the elements that give the pirate lifestyle in the original source material its allure.

It’s stretching things to call this a fighting game when it really more closely resembles a brawler in its gameplay. It was effective, to a certain extent, in channeling that roguelike energy into its chaotic conflicts. The events of the first chapter take place immediately at the commencement of a futile effort at rescue by Luffy and the Whitebeard pirates.

Even if there isn’t a reliable reference book, I don’t think anyone will have any problem figuring out how the fight works. But as someone who has a significant investment in the pirate way of life depicted in the ongoing manga and anime series, I am astonished by how thick the crew on this expedition is. The first few rounds of the fight are a visual pleasure because of this technique.

In a nutshell, Ace, who was raised as Luffy’s biological brother, has been kidnapped by Marines and is scheduled to be killed in Marineford. Battles in Burning Blood are vibrant affairs in which players switch between different characters on their respective teams. The events of the Paramount War arc of the One Piece series are shown in the game’s main narrative mode, which is titled “Burning Blood.”


  • One Piece: Burning Blood is a love letter to the fans of the anime as it stays true to its source material.
  • A plethora of both online and offline content can be found in One Piece: Burning Blood.
  • In terms of visuals, the game has a cel-shaded look to it and is quite charming and eye candy for One Piece fans.
  • The plot has a decent amount of depth and focuses on the events of Marineford Arc which is arguably the best arc in the series.
  • The combat is enticing as the battle and support characters are varied along with unity moves.
  • Apart from the main story, you can also unlock some extras which will keep you occupied.


  • The story mode is relatively short as it is focused on only one arc, with plenty of overlappings.
  • Some of the fighters are quite better than others, which makes it frustrating to deal with them in several battles.
  • Players who are not a fan of classic anime might have a hard time understanding the plot.
  • The sudden difficulty spike on some occasions might not sit with many players in One Piece: Burning Blood.
  • The game is lacking sufficient combos and you can’t incorporate special moves into combos.

10. One Piece: World Seeker

One Piece World Seeker
Our RankingBest One Piece Action-adventure game
Release DateMarch 15, 2019
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment
Gameplay TypeAction-adventure

Even while One Piece: World Seeker is not an incredible game to any extent of the imagination, it may be a game that experienced fans of the anime can pick up and enjoy, and it most definitely has the foundation for a successor that may be a great deal more impressive.

However, as you may have anticipated, the game offers these concepts enough but never really implements them sufficiently to make for a pleasurable and, more crucially, entertaining gameplay. This prevents the whole experience from being both enjoyable and fun. 

Incredible music has been included in some of the most well-known and influential anime of all time.  One of the features of One Piece: World Seeker that I found to be very enjoyable was the opportunity to make custom playlists using the music from the game.

Even if the pace is slowed substantially by the ridiculous number of uninteresting sidequests, the main tale, which was created by Eiichiro Oda himself, introduces two new characters and a passable plot thread for Luffy and his crew to follow.

The unexpectedly compelling story in One Piece: World Seeker is easily the game’s standout feature. If you are ready to put up with the game’s tedious and uninteresting gameplay, it does tell a very good tale of Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat crew, but only if you play it through to the end.

The open world in One Piece: World Seeker is very simplistic in comparison to other titles in the same genre that has received more praise from critics, it is undeniably beautiful and enjoyable to explore. After just a handful of hours, the gameplay quickly becomes clumsy and boring due to the emphasis on combat. Regardless of the few drawbacks, this title is easily Best PS5 Pirate Game if you love the One Piece series of video games.


  • Very identical to the iconic One Piece anime and quite welcoming for the aficionados of the series.
  • In terms of graphics, One Piece: World Seeker is great as the attention to detail is fantastic.
  • The sound design is similar to that of the original anime and is very well-composed which many anime fans will admire.
  • The storyline is well-written and brand-new which is a breath of fresh air for long-term fans.
  • One Piece: World Seeker has a memorable cast of voice actors that bring the characters to life through their flawless voice acting.


  • The one-button combat system will eventually get duplicative which can lead to dull battles.
  • Despite the open world being detailed, it is extremely shallow and lacks variety in One Piece: World Seeker.
  • One Piece: World Seeker has some notoriously long loading screens that you have to sit through which can be a tedious process.
  • The pacing is flawed and the mission design is not diverse, leading to a repetitive game loop.
  • The stealth aspect of the game is pretty generic and the overall gameplay gets redundant.

9. Battlewake

Our RankingBest fantasy VR naval combat game 
Release Date10 Sep 2019
Gameplay TypeVR Naval Combat

The fact that no two Survios games are the same is shown by the development team’s most recent original title, Battlewake. Due to the fact that it has a sufficient amount of fantasy and magic, it is also not correct when seen from the point of view of naval strategy. In Battlewake, the horizon line is manipulated in conjunction with a concentration reduction that takes place whenever the action becomes very intense.

The fights are thrilling, the setting is breathtaking, and the people are interesting to follow. At the same time, you’ll be in charge of controlling your weaponry. In terms of virtual reality naval battle, Battlewake fulfills all of my expectations and more. Battlewake puts you in command of your very own pirate ship, as opposed to having you eliminate swarms of robots, drop funky beats, or experiment with futuristic parkour.

Turning the wheel will cause a change in your course, and if you need to make a sharp turn, you may pull on the anchors on the left or right side to make a rapid turn in either direction. Battlewake is a great experiment that came from the Survios laboratories, but unfortunately, it frequently gives the impression of being disoriented or lost at sea.


  • The game provides you with plenty of game modes to battle in that keep you entertained.
  • It features a co-op mode where you can duke it out with your friends and have a blast.
  • Battlewake supports online PvP mode as well which is quite impressive and engrossing.
  • The VR aspect of the game is top-notch and takes the immersion to another level.
  • The controls are uncomplicated and easy to grasp as they are well-mapped which makes the game a trick for casual gamers.
  • The gameplay is simple yet engaging at the same time, keeping you immersed in Battlewake.


  • The campaign mode is not that long and lacks variety as the missions are duplicative.
  • It makes you feel confused or lost on some occasions because of lackluster navigation.
  • The narrative is not memorable and is rather bland and predictable in Battlewake.
  • Enemies lack diversity in the campaign mode which can ultimately get dull as you progress.

8. Port Royale 4

Port Royale 4
Our RankingBest Naval warfare strategy game
Release Date September 25, 2020
PublisherKalypso Media
Gameplay TypeNaval warfare RTS

You have the option of attacking pirate ships, cargo ships, or warships, but they also have the option of attacking you while playing this game. You organize a small fleet of ships and begin making purchases of the items that are being produced in your village.

Port Royale 4 is a simulation game that focuses on the commerce and trade of the Caribbean during the 17th century. There is a significant amount of repetition, and if you set up a profitable trading route, the game will almost certainly repeat itself, but the focus of these games is not on continuous action.

Your country’s leader, the Viceroy, will provide you with vital improvements and ships to help advance your cause. Buying and selling items one at a time may be simple, but if you pursue this course of action, you will never become wealthy. However, in order to earn their favor, you will need to carry out duties and advance the development of your communities.

The expansive video game map includes the whole Caribbean region, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Florida, on the game’s northern edge, and Venezuela, on its southeastern edge, serve as geographic delimiters. If, on the other hand, you assault someone who is not a Pirate, you should be prepared for some kind of punishment since you are accountable to a Viceroy.

You will spend most of your time in this game scrolling over the game map in search of your towns and ships so that you may make a profit. I get the impression that many people will glance over this title since it seems to be too specialized or too difficult. But hey, in the end, you will fall in love with Port Royale, and it’d be easier in your list of the Best PS5 Pirate Games of 2023.


  • In terms of visuals, Port Royale 4 is utterly gorgeous with dazzling oceans and detailed environments along with ships.
  • The world is vast and the ability to build your own fleet is quite amazing in Port Royale 4.
  • The trading system is fun and easy to get used to, especially the trade-route system.
  • City building and collecting resources function nicely and merge with the trading facet of the game.
  • The immersion in Port Royale 4 is incredible thanks to the unique settings and great cinematics.
  • The assembly line-style gameplay provides a gratifying experience for the player.


  • Rather than being flexible, the campaign objective times can be very stiff, giving you little to no time to try other stuff.
  • The turn-based combat system feels unfit for a game of this caliber which is underwhelming.
  • Getting through the tutorial can be a tedious process as it is far-stretched which is pointless.
  • The combat system is poor and slow-paced which can take away the immersion.
  • Side aspects of the game are not fully utilized to keep the player’s undivided attention.

7. One Piece: Unlimited World Red – Deluxe Edition

One Piece Unlimited World Red
Our RankingBest One Piece Mange Action-Adventure Game
Release DateAugust 25, 2017
PublisherBandai Namco Games
Gameplay TypeAction-adventure

The gameplay in One Piece Unlimited World Red is straightforward but polished, and it features appealing anime-styled settings throughout. However, the game does quickly run out of ways to hide the fact that it is a monotonous fighting game, and this becomes increasingly obvious as the game progresses.

The flow of combat in this place is really enjoyable, and it won’t be long until you’re killing adversaries and progressing from one combination to the next. Although it is a rather straightforward action game, One Piece Unlimited World Red more than makes up for its lack of complexity with its endearing personality. The goal of Unlimited World Red is to keep you running as long as possible before the effects of battle weariness start to kick in.

It is able to convey the spirit of the One Piece series via its plot, narrative, and cast of characters while at the same time delivering a gaming experience that would be enjoyable even without the franchise’s name tied to it. The animation style of the program has been successfully adapted for use in a 3D environment.

The difficulty of the game is never very high; nevertheless, some tasks have particularly challenging objectives, and there is also an additional, more challenging quest that must be completed. The game exemplifies all of the qualities that should be present in a licensed game.

Because it tells a unique tale, die-hard fans of the manga or program will definitely be interested in playing it, which is absolutely something that helps.

However, there are a variety of characters to choose from, three different difficulty settings, a large number of optional quests, and a plethora of Battle Coliseum tasks to complete in Unlimited World Red, so there are plenty of opportunities to prolong the length of your gameplay. The narrative and cast of characters in Unlimited World Red are, for the most part, right on; nevertheless, the gameplay is where the game really shines.


  • The fan service is on point and the game lives up to its source material which will quickly draw diehard fans of One Piece into the game’s universe.
  • All of the character’s personalities are well-portrayed and match the original One Piece anime.
  • A plethora of objectives to accomplish will keep you busy and offer a sheer amount of fun.
  • One of the positive factors of the game is the intriguing battle coliseum mode which provides you with frenetic skirmishes.
  • The voice acting for the heroes and villains is on top of the shelf in One Piece Unlimited World.


  • Some of the minigames can get irritating rather than fun in One Piece: Unlimited World.
  • On some occasions, the camera can get clunky which makes navigating through tight areas a nuisance.
  • The gameplay is mediocre and the simple yet awkward combat system is not very engaging.
  • Visuals are not the best as the environments are erratic and the game is riddled with flat textures.
  • You have to grind a lot in older levels in order to restock which can be a boring process.

6. Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered
Our RankingBest Revenge-inspired Action Game
Release DateNovember 11, 2014
Gameplay TypeAction-adventure

If you are able to tolerate a revisit to the original AC concept of the brand, then you will find that the trip is well worth your time. Rogue’s narrative is, without a doubt, its most compelling feature.

The plot that began in Assassin’s Creed III and continued in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is concluded in Assassin’s Creed Rogue with the protagonist, Shay Patrick Cormac, making the shift from an Assassin to a Templar after being betrayed by a member of his own brotherhood.

Rogue was left to languish in the player pool of the previous generation while everyone else upgraded to newer consoles with more advanced visuals. The game is just as enjoyable today as it was when it was first released, despite the unimpressive visuals that are unfortunately present.

This is because the elements that contributed to the success of the game’s predecessor have been preserved. The presence of Assassin’s Creed Origins is most likely the obstacle that will prove to be the most difficult for Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered to overcome.

My own view is that it was unfortunate that Assassin’s Creed Rogue was released on the same day as its next-generation equivalent, Assassin’s Creed Unity. Only four years after the game’s first publication, Shay Patrick Cormac’s journey across the Atlantic seems quaint and out of date.

The remastered version provides the game with an additional chance to showcasing its strengths. Rogue’s failure to achieve its full potential as a commercial success may be attributed to a number of factors, including the game’s strong narrative and gameplay.

The most recent installment completely redesigned both the battle system and the open world, as well as the ways in which players may interact with the environment, despite the fact that the gameplay may have been satisfactory while in its heyday.


  • The ship battles are on top of the shelf and provide you with some intense action in Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered.
  • The game offers a unique take on the usual Assassin’s Creed formula, offering a breath of fresh air.
  • The narrative is striking and the characters are well-written and have a decent amount of depth.
  • Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered has distinct mission styles and gameplay mechanics.
  • The art style depicts a stunning winter setting that allures you to the game.
  • The stealth facet is top-notch and quite intriguing in Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered.


  • The design of cities in the game is probably the most worn out of all Assassin’s Creed games.
  • Even in the remastered version, the graphics are not that great which is disappointing.
  • The parkour and combat aspects of Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered have not aged well.
  • A bit too similar to Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and does not have its own identity.

5. Greedfall: Gold Edition

Greedfall Gold Edition
Our RankingBest action role-playing game with pirate theme
AwardsBest RPG, Best Message-Bearer Game, Best Artistic Design, Best Game Setting
Release DateJune 30, 2021
PublisherFocus Home Interactive
Gameplay Typeaction role-playing game

I believe that Greedfall is a good game for anyone who likes RPGs, but I am concerned that its flaws are too significant to be ignored. In my opinion, Greedfall is on the cusp of brilliance but misses the mark in far too many aspects to be considered really amazing.

It is filled with the game’s interpretation of a wide variety of fantasy creatures, clichés, and motifs, such as magic and the supernatural. Greedfall is, without a doubt, an ambitious project; yet, when it comes to fleshing out the other components of a well-made role-playing game, the game is too uneven to give it an easy recommendation.

The events of Greedfall take place on the island of Teer Fradee, a verdant location that is teeming with people, resources, and mysteries to uncover. The expansive environment of the game is supported by excellent writing, both in terms of how questlines progress and in terms of how certain important individuals contribute to those questlines.

GreedFall has aspirations of being a very popular game, but since it is not backed by a major publisher, many of its individual parts appear underdeveloped. These concepts are investigated in further depth inside the game; for example, the people of Teer Fradee are fragmented into a number of different clans and communities.

Even though almost all of its visual appeal is based on the Baroque period of history, the majority of Greedfall’s storytelling loops from European colonization stories. This makes for a captivating backdrop for a role-playing game, despite the fact that much of its style is based on the Baroque period of history.


  • The world-building aspect of Greedfall: Gold Edition is incredible and intriguing.
  • The storyline is very well-written with some of the best writing that handles delicate themes in a very good manner.
  • Greedfall: Gold Edition features a well-designed combat system that offers a compelling experience.
  • Your allies are very likable and engaging characters that make you feel attached to them.
  • The open world is detail-oriented and extremely beautiful which makes it worth exploring.


  • The performance has some polishing issues as it could have been a lot better.
  • The narrative is lacking depth and sometimes it depends too much on the comedy aspect which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Some of the classes are not fairly balanced in Greedfall: Gold Edition.
  • Greedfall: Gold Edition does not feel unique which can be underwhelming.

4. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition

Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire
Our RankingBest pirate themed RPG
AwardsBest Storytelling, Best Role-Playing Game, Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing, Best Writing
Release DateJanuary 28, 2020
PublisherVersus Evil
Gameplay Typerole-playing video game

Players get access to a ship, which gives them the ability to navigate the waters and engage in combat with other vessels while playing the game. The purely Dungeons & Dragons-inspired adventure experience of the original Pillars of Eternity game is, however, altered somewhat in the sequel.

Pillars of Eternity II is likewise excellent from a character development standpoint. Those who were hoping for something as snappy as The Outer Worlds, on the other hand, would be disappointed to discover something far slower but written with just as much care and strength.

Now it’s available for download on the PS5 with all of the downloadable content already included in the box. In the first game, the player and their allies went on quests all across the country. In Deadfire, however, there are also quests that take place at sea in addition to those that take place on land.

Fights may be waged ship to ship using a turn-based system, or you can board the other crew’s vessel and kill them the same way you do everyone else. The vessel is highly configurable, and you can employ new crew when you come across them; your crew will level up as you win more conflicts.

Even though their tales were concluded in the previous game, returning characters like Aloth and Eder continue to make progress in this one, irrespective of the fact that their arcs were completed in the previous game. Having said that, players will discover a magnificent role-playing game in Pillars of Eternity II provided they are ready to let the game progress at its own speed.


  • The main story is quite intriguing and provides the player with some remarkable moments.
  • Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire has a unique soundtrack that fits well with the atmosphere.
  • The combat is highly strategy-based and very enjoyable in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
  • The lore has a decent amount of depth and is quite engaging in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
  • One of the key highlights of this game is its in-depth side quest system, offering you with around 200 hours’ worth of gameplay.
  • Depending on your interactions with other characters, the ending will alter in the game.


  • Some technical hiccups such as lag and screen tearing can mire the experience for the player.
  • The controls are not the best and need some tweaking in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
  • Other than a number of main missions, the archipelago seems sluggish which is lackluster.

3. Return Of The Obra Dinn

Return of the Obra Dinn
Our RankingBest Pirate theme puzzle game
AwardsBest Art Direction, Best Narrative, Artistic Achievement, Game Design
Release DateOctober 18, 2019
PublisherLucas Pope
Gameplay Typeadventure and puzzle video game

In Return of the Obra Dinn, your final objective is to compile a book that details the names and demises of all 60 people who were traveling on the Obra Dinn. Your book provides you with a map of the ship, a manifest of names, and a drawing of each passenger, but you begin without any information to help you solve the mystery. Because it does not provide you with the solutions to your problems, Return of the Obra Dinn requires you to think deductively and logically.

It is quite unlikely that you have ever played anything just like it, and as a result, it may be difficult for you to get your brain around how it works at first. However, there is a good reason why it was nominated for a significant number of Game of the Year awards at the beginning of 2019.

The hoopla surrounding Return of the Obra Dinn is well justified, and then some. In addition to that, it has an original visual style and some charming tiny melodies, which are the real deal and make this title stand in the top three positions of our Best PS5 Pirate Games guide.

This is the perfect game for you if you’ve ever had the desire to experience what it’s like to think like a real-life detective. You are only an insurance adjuster whose duty it is to evaluate the level of damage sustained by a commercial vessel known as the Obra Dinn.


  • Return of the Obra Dinn has exceptionally gorgeous monochrome graphics with a unique visual style that keeps you engaged.
  • The detective plot is quite gripping and unfolds in a very distinctive way as you progress.
  • Return of the Obra Dinn offers a wide array of logic puzzles that test your skills to the core.
  • You can also switch to numerous filters in the game’s menu to reduce strain on your eyes.
  • The detective mechanics are on top of the shelf as they function really well, with a simple method for discovering and utilizing clues.


  • It can be very easy to miss some of the key pieces of the main story in Return of the Obra Dinn.
  • While being distinctive, the visual style can get very difficult to look at if you are planning to play the game for a long period of time.
  • Return of the Obra Dinn has barebones voice acting and accents which can be a turnoff.
  • In some situations, it can get extremely clumsy and incoherent to use the notebook.

2. Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag
Our RankingBest Action Adventure Pirate Game
AwardsVGX Award for Best Action Adventure Game, Game of the Year 2013, Best Writing, Best New Character, Best Game Design 
Release DateOctober 29, 2013
Gameplay TypeAction-adventure, stealth

This is the largest setting in the history of the series, a digital replica of the West Indies that comprises a wide variety of expanding colonies, Mayan ruins, and dangerous forests. It is also the most dangerous environment. As was the case with the games that came before it in the series, Black Flag is a simulation inside Abstergo simulation. The Black Flag universe is really one that boggles the mind.

Exciting contests of naval dominance are interspersed throughout the main plot, as well as the optional side objectives. These clashes take place at sea and include elements of strategic placement and powerful cannon fire. Because of the heavy focus that Black Flag focuses on in the naval battle, it is essential that your ship be constantly improved.

Black Flag’s new protagonist, Connor, is a charming, unapologetic pirate with ambition. The narrative of Connor is told by AC III’s granddad, Edward Kenway, who is also the protagonist of Black Flag. The core of the game consists of sailing from one dangerous location to another, taking you from the exotic climates of Havana to the anarchic pirate port of Nassau.

Black Flag does more than simply showcase a gorgeous setting; it also provides a plethora of incentives for players to go out into the globe and discover new things. Treasures unearthed in a desolate jungle may be utilized to swing the balance of power in a big naval battle against great Spanish vessels. This is just one example of the exciting and rewarding world that is shown to players in the Black Flag.

AC Black Flag is gold standard pirate-inspired title and easily number one the Best Pirate Game on PS5 for so many players to date.


  • The open world is ample and brimming with a ton of content in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag.
  • The main protagonist is a well-written character and is very likable by many fans of the series.
  • Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag has a compelling and interesting narrative that keeps you regaled.
  • Robust naval combat sequences and a vast sea to explore enhance the overall experience.
  • The side quests are nicely integrated and offer a nice diversion from the main story.
  • In terms of visuals, Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag is aesthetically pleasing for its time.


  • The core concept of gameplay mechanics is not that strong and intriguing.
  • The multiplayer aspect of Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag did not develop which is disappointing.
  • After a while, the main missions can get repetitive which can lead to a dull gameplay loop.
  • Although the side activities are available in plenty, they simply lack depth.
  • The visuals are not on par with modern games and feel somewhat dated.

1. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4
Our RankingBest Action Pirate theme Beat ’em up game
Release DateMarch 27, 2020
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment
Gameplay TypeAction-adventure Beat ’em up

The character models in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 are top-notch, and the game’s narrative cutscenes showcase each one’s impressive range of motion. After the group comes back together and travels to the new planet, the narrative campaign takes up where it left off in a hurry.

Playing One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is, in many ways, similar to playing a game in the Dynasty Warriors series. Those who haven’t seen the One Piece anime before should know that it centers on the adventures of Captain Monkey D.

If you appreciate stomping on hordes of foes while doing oddball comic maneuvers, then this is the place for you. The plot and characters are completely arbitrary, but they are quite intriguing and hold your attention really well.

Instead of using panels in the manga manner as they did in Pirate Warriors 3, the developer decided to go with 3D models for each and every scenario. The following sequences are some of the most exciting and memorable parts of the Pirate Warriors games that I have played.

Every mission puts you in the middle of a massive battleground, which may be anything from a sprawling city full of structures that can be leveled to a desolate wasteland teeming with foes for you to bash.

The gameplay is quite similar to those of previous games developed by Koei and published by Bandai Namco, such as Samurai and Dynasty Warriors. The effectiveness of the combinations during bouts was one of the aspects of the combat system that I liked the best.

Each and every task is memorable, and the game puts very little emphasis on filler content. You are always working your way towards a goal, and each stage of the journey leaves you wanting more.

You have a choice between the vast majority of the crew, with the exception of any characters from the plot that is essential for a specific assignment. What I discovered was a fantastic rendition of the exploits of the Straw Hat Pirates, which was coupled with an exhilarating, if rather monotonous, gaming experience.


  • The story mode is strong and packed with a ton of jaw-dropping moments in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4.
  • The soundtrack is top-notch and fits well with the theme of the game, keeping you immersed.
  • In terms of visuals, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is quite incredible and has a distinct look to it.
  • The game features an extensive cast of memorable characters that are equipped with some delightful abilities.
  • The combat system is well-designed and provides you with some fast and intense skirmishes.
  • The voice acting is on top of the shelf and keeps the nostalgia in check, which is welcoming for diehard fans of the classic anime.


  • On some occasions, the story is known to skip some notable moments from the classic anime.
  • A number of characters in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 are a tad too clumsy.
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is prone to long loading screens which can be an annoyance.

Wrap Up

That is all that we had to discuss the best PS5 pirate games to play in 2023. If you like our list consisting of pirate games that you have or plan to play on your console, then drop a comment on which one would be your first. Also, do you think AC Black Flag is the best pirate game of all time? I mean, I still think it is, but One Piece holds a special place in my heart. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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