32 BEST Sega CD Games Of All Time

Have a go at these legendary titles to try out on the iconic retro console

Plenty of titles happened to make landfall for the legendary retro console, but not all of them can be referred to as the best Sega CD games. The added component for the gaming system made extended performance a reality for the world, thereby providing developers with the flexibility they needed to create rip-roaring IPs on the fly.

However, in the case that you’ve just gotten ahold of Sega’s third front-running console in the ripe tech-forward age of 2022, you better steer clear of unworthy ports and flat-out nonsense Sega Genesis games. Therefore, lo and behold the best games on Sega CD that will make your time worth every penny.

Key Highlights
  • The old retro console Sega CD has many games that you can play.
  • If you have got a hold of Sega’s Third Front running the console in this day and age of gaming. It is to keep in mind to stay away from flat-out nonsense Sega Genesis games. 
  • That is why we are going to be listing down the 32 Best Sega CD games of All Time. Games like Snatcher, Sonic CD, Shining Force CD, Night Trap, and many others games.

Here is a quick look at all the Best Sega CD Games:

GameRelease DateDeveloperPlatform
SnatcherNovember 26, 1988KonamiTurboGrafx-16, MSX2, MSX, PC-8800 series, Sega Saturn, Playstation, and TurboGrafx-CD
Sonic CDSeptember 23, 1993SegaAndroid, PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, GameCube, iOS, Ouya, and Windows Phone
Shining Force CDJuly 21, 1994Camelot Software PlanningSega Genesis Mini and Sega Genesis
Popful MailDecember 20, 1991Nihon Falcom and Working DesignsNEC PC-8801, NEC PC-9801, Sega CD, Super Famicom, PC Engine CD, DoJa (mobile), and PC
Lunar: The Silver StarJune 26, 1992Game Arts and Studio AlexSega Genesis and Game Boy Advance
Night TrapOctober 15, 1992Digital Pictures3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Sega Genesis, DOS, MS-DOS, and Classic Mac OS
Dark WizardNovember 12, 1993SegaSega Genesis
Earthworm Jim: Special EditionOctober 1994Shiny EntertainmentGenesis, Super NES, Sega CD, Game Boy, Game Gear, Windows 95, MS-DOS, Master System, and Game Boy Advance
Final Fight CDNovember 25, 1989CapcomArcade, Super NES, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, X68000, Mega-CD, CPS Changer, Game Boy Advance, and Java ME
Road Avenger (Road Blaster)August 1985Data EastLaserActive, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Sharp X1, X68000, Sega Genesis, MSX, and Arcade game
Star Wars: Rebel AssaultNovember 1993LucasArts3DO Interactive Multiplayer, DOS, and Sega Genesis
Double SwitchMarch 24, 1994Digital PicturesSega CD, Saturn, PC, Mac OS, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch
The Secret Of Monkey IslandOctober 1990Lucasfilm GamesAmiga, Atari ST, FM Towns, Classic Mac OS, MS-DOS, Sega CD, iOS, PC, OS X, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360
Lunar: Eternal BlueDecember 22, 1994Game Arts and Studio Flex
Sega Genesis, PlayStation 3, Playstation, and Sega Saturn
Brutal: Paws of FuryOctober 1, 1994GameTekSuper Nintendo Entertainment System, 32X, DOS, Sega Genesis, MS-DOS, Amiga, and AmigaOS
Fatal Fury SpecialSeptember 16, 1993SNKArcade, Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo CD, FM Towns, Game Gear, PC Engine Arcade CD-ROM², Sega CD, Super NES, and X68000
VayOctober 22, 1993HertziPhone, iOS, and Sega Genesis
The Misadventures of FlinkMay 1994PsygnosisSega Genesis and AmigaOS
SlipheedDecember 5, 1986Game ArtsPC-8800 series, Sega Genesis, FM-7, Apple IIGS, TRS-80 Color Computer, DOS, MS-DOS, and Apple II
Sewer SharkOctober 15, 1992Digital Pictures3DO Interactive Multiplayer, and Sega Genesis
Sol-FeaceNovember 22, 1990Wolf TeamX68000 and Sega Genesis
Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark SideJune 6, 1995Sega InteractiveSega CD
Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-ArmJuly 30, 1993Human EntertainmentSega Genesis
Rise Of The Dragon1992Dynamix and Game Arts
Android, Sega Genesis, DOS, Amiga, Classic Mac OS, and AmigaOS
The Amazing Spider-Man Vs The Kingpin1993Technopop and Gray MatterSega Genesis, Game Gear, and Sega Mark III
Heart Of The Alien1994Interplay EntertainmentSega Genesis
Robo AlesteNovember 7, 1992CompileSega Genesis
BC Racers1994Core Design32X, DOS, 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Sega Genesis, and MS-DOS
Keio Flying SquadronAugust 6, 1993Victor EntertainmentSega CD
Prize Fighter1993Digital PicturesSega Genesis
Flashback1992Delphine SoftwareAmiga, Acorn Archimedes, Mega Drive/Genesis, MS-DOS, NEC PC-9801, Super NES, Sega CD, FM Towns, 3DO, CD-i, Atari Jaguar, Mac OS, iOS, Symbian, Maemo, Dreamcast, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One
Powermonger1990Bullfrog ProductionsAmiga, Atari ST, NEC PC-9801, Sharp X68000, MS-DOS, Sega Genesis, FM Towns, SNES, Macintosh, and Sega CD

Best Sega CD Games 

The following is our hand-picked list of all those Sega CD games that succeeded in making the cut. Do read until the end to explore all of your options in this due regard.

1. Snatcher

best sega cd games
  • Genre: Graphic Adventure, Science Fiction, Cinematic Experience
  • Release Date: November 26, 1988
  • Developer: Konami 

There’s a reason Snatcher is selling for more than $1,500 on Amazon at the moment. As ridiculous as that sounds, it’s woefully true. Being one of the best Sega CD games of all time comes at a cost, and this time, that cost just might be too much for you to bear. 

Classified as a cyberpunk-style graphical venture, Snatcher is more an experience than a video game on its own. In fact, the category it’s classified in is “Graphic Adventure” where the images you see in-game will continue to remain static throughout the gameplay with little to no animation.

As simple and uninteresting as that sounds, players truly had another thing coming their way. Back in the era of Sega Genesis, simplicity prevailed, and Snatcher was the Picasso of the craft. Despite the linear storyline and absence of any true action, the visual novel came out to turn heads all around 360°, though not too literally. 

Snatcher features one of the most engaging and gore-filled plotlines ever, making it a real treat to witness as a Sega Genesis console owner. The overall setting and the whole environment that the title creates for the player on the other end is nothing but amazingly put together. 

Hideo Kojima—the man, the legend—found inspiration for Snatcher in popular sci-fi films of that time. A few of those include The Terminator, Pulp Fiction, Blade Runner, and other like-minded movies of the famous era. If you can get your hands on the title, don’t waste another moment not playing it.


  • Hideo Kojima helped with the development of Snatcher, as the game shows Hideo Kojima’s key traits that many fans of the Metal Gear series will enjoy. 
  • The visual design of Snatcher is incredibly remarkable.
  • Snatcher features a lot of backstory for the game at the beginning.
  • The story of Snatcher is breathtakingly well-written.


  • The gameplay can feel a bit restricted in Snatcher since it is not much you can do except use the on-screen UI to interact with some characters. 
  • While the environments in Snatcher are detailed very well, they are not very reciprocal, as a lot of them remain unchanging with little to no interactive elements to them. 

2. Sonic CD 

best games for sega cd
Sonic CD
  • Genre: Side-Scroller, Platformer
  • Release Date: September 23, 1993
  • Developer: Sega

If perhaps anything it’s Sonic that represents the brand that Sega is today. No other best selling Sega CD games come close to the bar that Sonic CD raised for the platform to strive toward. The title was an instant hit upon its release and managed to garner universal acclaim from all around the globe. 

Everything from the visual quality, soundtrack, and music down to the most minute details was curated to perfection and back. The spread of flamboyant colors, adrenaline-fueled gameplay, and commendable antagonist(s) made Sonic CD an utterly enjoyable venture with exceptionally minimal pitfalls. 

The plotline is centered on Sonic—our beloved hedgehog—making it his duty stopping Doctor Robotnik from conquering the in-game world. It’s up to the protagonist to utilize all given powers to seize an opportunity and put his vicious enemy out of order. A rollercoaster of emotions bar none is what best describes Sonic CD’s gameplay.

Speaking of which, you’ll be able to use an array of different abilities of Sonic to knock down enemies and go past certain levels. The best part is that the game’s platforming system never gets repetitive, even if you play for multiple hours straight. There was just something magical about the golden era of gaming. 

If you’ve managed to get your hands on a Sega Genesis infused with Sega CD, do yourself a favor and pick up Sonic CD, otherwise known as Sonic the Hedgehog CD. There just isn’t any better way of killing time and letting loose other than watching your favorite protagonist bolt across stages blazingly.


  • The gameplay in Sonic CD is incredibly satisfying.
  • There are some very rewarding mechanics in the levels that do a great job of keeping you engaged. 
  • Sonic CD is one of the most nostalgic games to ever exist.
  • The visual design of Sonic CD is executed perfectly, with some incredibly unique and genius designs for the environments and a very distinct visual aesthetic. 
  • Sonic CD has a very recognizable sound design, with some of the most satisfying sound effects you can hear. 


  • Even with the increased storage thanks to Sega CD, there was nothing new and intuitive that was brought in the Sonic games. 
  • The graphics look much like their predecessors on the Sega Genesis console. 
  • The time stones might not be worth collecting because they only show you a different cutscene at the end of the game and nothing more. 

3. Shining Force CD

best sega mega cd games
Shining Force CD
  • Genre: Strategy, Role-Playing
  • Release Date: 21 July, 1994
  • Developer: Sonic! Software Planning

Shining Force CD came out exclusively for Sega CD back in the late 1990s, offering a taste of terrific RPG-style gameplay with a blend of strategy sprinkled in between. Over the years and two and a half decades later, the game has amassed no less than a vibrant following to its name. 

Moreover, Shining Force CD is one of the best Sega CD games of all time released for the then-cutting-edge platform. The title actually hails from the popular Shining Force Gaiden franchise and is a collective put-together of those games, fully optimized to harness the sheer capability of the CD-ROM accessory. 

The IP itself comprises four Books, or chapters—if you may—that can be played from scratch or even skipped to the parts you desire. However, two unlock the latter two Books, and you will need to finish the first duo. This will set you up for some nice story-based progression, exactly how the developers intend the players to experience it.

The gameplay of the action RPG, as iterated earlier, is a combination of typical role-playing elements and turn-based strategy combat. You go from one point to the next, battling enemies step-by-step, upgrading your character, and saving your progress in the midst of the chaos. It’s definitely something fun to consider playing.


  • The story in Shining Force CD is great and features a total of 4 chapters, which are all incredibly well-written. 
  • The graphics have made a significant improvement in Shining Force CD.
  • Shining Force CD features improved environments and character designs.
  • The UI in Shining Force CD has been made much easier to understand.
  • There are many new characters introduced in Shining Force CD. 


  • Shining Force CD has removed a lot of the Towns that you could go in exploring. 
  • Shining Force CD has an incredibly linear storyline, it does not move in any other ways and is scripted heavily, with no alternate plotlines or endings. 
  • While the third book of Shining Force CD is very well-written, many players believe it to be way too short. 

4. Popful Mail

best games sega cd
Popful Mail
  • Genre: 2D Platformer
  • Release Date: December 20, 1991
  • Developer: Nihon Falcom, Working Designs

Popful Mail defined the word “fun” back in the glory days of the Mega CD. It was a default release for PC Engine but was eventually launched for Genesis, too, though only with the requisite Sega CD compatibility. The gameplay of the IP is fairly bare-bones, but that’s not how the potential of titles was measured back then. 

You could run, jump, slash your enemies, engage in dialogue with other NPCs (Non-Player Characters), and even kick open treasure chests to embrace the several RPG elements Popful Mail has been developed with. However, you won’t be able to enhance the attributes of your characters in the game, so bear that in mind. 

Another noteworthy part about the Sega CD port of Popful Mail is improved visual element quality that comes together to deliver a memorable gameplay experience. The title is definitely hailed as one of the best RPG Sega CD games that prominently became a hot-selling game upon the release of the Mega CD port.


  • The humor in Popful Mail is phenomenal and is considered to be far ahead of its time. 
  • The characters in Popful Mail are all incredibly likable.
  • Popful Mail has some incredibly dynamic cutscenes.
  • Popful Mail features some amazing voice acting that is very rare to see in a classic game.  
  • Popful Mail allows you to play with 3 unique characters, each with its own unique skills and special abilities.


  • There was not a lot of thought put into designing the bosses in Popful Mail.
  • The controls in Popful Mail are not the best.
  • There is little to no variety when it comes to the attacks that the bosses in Popful Mail have.

5. Lunar: The Silver Star 

best sega mega cd games
Lunar: The Silver Star
  • Genre: RPG
  • Release Date: June 26, 1992
  • Developer: Game Arts, Studio Alex

The next entry on the list is a tad bit special, amassing newfound success shortly upon its release due to not one but a plethora of reasons. We mean to say, this one had it all: Visuals, gameplay, storytelling—you name it. The developers focused on the audio part of the title, too, making the sound auditorily stunning. 

The popular RPG of its time boasted big figures in terms of sales, right to the point where it became the best-selling Sega CD game after the aforementioned Sonic CD. There was even an English variant of the game that came out one year after the original launch. 

Everything from the full-blown sound quality down to the last trivial features of the RPG made this next-level edition of Lunar: The Silver Star one of the best games on Sega CD to date. You’ll encounter enemies during your ventures as you embark on a country-spanning adventure in-game.

To battle your foes, you’ll indulge in turn-based combat, similar to Shining Force CD, although with considerable differences. For starters, this first iteration in the Lunar franchise gives you the option to flee the battlefield and avoid combat altogether. However, in moments of boss fights, the only way forward will be plain engagement.


  • The characters in Lunar: The Silver Star have some amazing character designs and a very distinct look that is reminiscent of the 80s anime aesthetic. 
  • The dialogue in Lunar: The Silver Star is incredibly well-written and stands out from a lot of the other RPGs. 
  • There is a good amount of strategy involved in the gameplay of Lunar: The Silver Star.
  • You do not need to grind at all in Lunar: The Silver Star.
  • Lunar: The Silver Star is very easy to pick up and play for most casual players.


  • Some of the plot points in Lunar: The Silver Star feel a bit stereotypical.
  • Lunar: The Silver Star can spoil a lot of the major plot twists, which can ruin the overall impact of a relatively weak story that is carried by its characters.
  • The UI in Lunar: The Silver Star looks a bit unsatisfying and feels awkward to navigate.

6. Night Trap 

best sega cd fmv games
Night Trap
  • Genre: Interactive Film, FMV
  • Release Date: October 15, 1992
  • Developer: Digital Pictures

If you think you’ve had enough of the tip-top Sega CD games out there, wait until you try out the diverse offerings of Night Trap. We’re pretty sure you’re going to be spellbound by the way this one plays out. Night Trap isn’t your average Joe when it boils down to the gameplay. 

Paving the way for a new technological breakthrough to manifest, the game in question falls in the category of “Interactive Film,” which is where live actors and real motion pictures are used to develop an IP. In Night Trap, you’ll witness movie-like action sequences with you being in control of everything significant. 

Although the reception of the paradigm-shifter was fairly hum-drum, some critics referred to it as one of the most entertaining games ever. There’s a high level of replayability value that Night Trap boasts. You actually need to beat the title multiple times in order to get everything out of it. 

Smooth gameplay, life-like graphics, and a new concept to tinker with make the title one of the best Sega CD FMV games of all time. In the case that you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a copy in 2022, don’t hesitate to give it a shot.


  • Night Trap features real people acting out scenarios as if it were a movie featuring real actors.
  • In the gameplay of Night Trap, you have to monitor 8 rooms constantly and take out the vampires, which can create a very unique gameplay experience when combined with the FMV aspect of the game.
  • The UI in Night Trap is very easy to understand and has a certain 90s aesthetic to it.


  • Night Trap can be unnecessarily difficult for a lot of the players, as your goal is to trap every single vampire in a single room.
  • Night Trap does not look the best because the frame rate is inconsistent and the video quality is horrible.
  • The overall game design of Night Trap fails to hold up.

7. Dark Wizard

best sega cd game
Dark Wizard
  • Genre: Tactical RPG
  • Release Date: November 12, 1993
  • Developer: Sega

Dark Wizard on the Mega CD was nothing but a class apart. Where the usual roster for Sega Genesis, accompanied by the CD-ROM add-on, faltered and declined, this tactical RPG soared in the skies and stole all the spotlight. It’s easily one of the best games Sega CD has to offer.  

The developers of the game made sure Dark Wizard would turn out to be a breath of fresh air in a miasma where other B-grade games were ruining the name of the revamped console. What made the RPG great was the standard of depth it created for itself, packing unreal value and innumerable hours of fun-filled content.

Apart from the mainline story, side quests are a big part of Dark Wizard, and there just isn’t any filler material added in to make the game appear substantial. No. Instead, it seems that real work was put into curating the title to near perfection, as every mission, character, enemy, and battle felt as if it was pumped full of life.


  • The art style in Dark Wizard is amazing because it features an art style that looks close to an anime that was created in the 90s.
  • Dark Wizard features some of the most diverse character designs of its time.
  • There are various animated cutscenes spread throughout Dark Wizard, which are incredible to see.
  • The UI in Dark Wizard is great, as a lot of the crucial things are very easily accessible from the menu, like buying weapons, saving the game, or even using some attacks.
  • The menu of Dark Wizard is simple enough to understand, very quickly, for a lot of new players.


  • While the music in Dark Wizard can be good to some players, there is still a huge lack of variety in the soundtracks of the game.
  • Many times the same tracks are played over and over again, which gets incredibly repetitive.
  • The battles can be incredibly frustrating to sit through because they can sometimes be painfully simple.

8. Earthworm Jim: Special Edition

the best Sega CD game
Earthworm Jim: Special Edition
  • Genre: Platformer, Run and Gun
  • Release Date: October 1994
  • Developer: Shiny Entertainment

Furthering the list is Earthworm Jim—a highly unique side-scrolling platformer that managed to amass quite the reputation for itself in its time. To this day, the run and gun title in question is one of the highest-rated Sega CD games of all time. Quite evidently, all the praise, compliments, and awards didn’t come without their due reason.

Before we get into the most prominent highlights of the 2D platformer, let us cast a lens on how the title actually plays out. The story starts out with a measly worm who happens to stumble upon a supernaturally-powered suit that lands from the skies above. It’s only from there on out that Jim the worm’s life switches up drastically.

The unusual attire makes the helminth acquire human-like capabilities, such as running, jumping, and, of course, shooting. Now, Jim, the special worm, must either negate or shoot down everyone seeking his demise and intending to steal the suit back. There’s even a neat surprise at the end of the game that players are met with.

Earthworm Jim was released in 1994 on a multitude of consoles, including the likes of Super NES, Game Boy, and Game Gear. However, soon after the original launch, a new variant coined Earthworm Jim: Special Edition made landfall for the widely famous Sega Genesis CD-ROM add-on—Sega CD.


  • The graphics in Earthworm Jim: Special Edition are incredible and can look decent even in this modern age.
  • There are constant animations moving things around in the background naturally, which helps keep the world feeling real.
  • While Earthworm Jim: Special Edition introduces some very unique and original ideas in the gameplay.
  • The level design in Earthworm Jim: Special Edition is executed flawlessly and the levels do not get repetitive.
  • The sound design of Earthworm Jim: Special Edition does a great job of complementing the graphics in giving you a very immersive gameplay experience.


  • There can be a lot of long loading times present in Earthworm Jim: Special Edition.
  • There is a severe lack of a save feature in Earthworm Jim: Special Edition, as you are not able to save your progress through the levels a lot of the time.
  • The controls of Earthworm Jim: Special Edition can be very inconsistent a lot of the time since there can randomly be a delay in you pressing the button, and the input actually registering in the game.

9. Final Fight CD

Final Fight CD
Final Fight CD
  • Genre: Beat Em Up’, Platformer, Side-Scroller, 2D
  • Release Date: November 25, 1989
  • Developer: Capcom

The next tip-top game to ever grace the platform of Sega CD is Final Fight CD, a best-selling arcade game that made rounds all across the world at the time of its release. This game had it all: Music, action, combat, visuals—you name it. The funny part is that Final Fight was never intended to be born in the first place.

When the developers first started out with the title, they actually wanted to create the next iteration in the 1987-released Street Fighter series. However, Capcom had another thing coming when they realized how beat-em’-ups were doing commercially at that time. 

Harboring a picture-perfect formula with all the necessary elements to make one titan of a game, Capcom transitioned the initial development to suit this combat-oriented genre and thus arrived Final Fight CD to the forefront of the gaming industry. 

In addition to the default launch of the title, the world-renowned side-scrolled was ported to multiple other consoles, including Mega CD. The adjustment had its pros and cons, but the game still managed to come out on top as one of the best fighting Sega CD games of all time.


  • The best part about Final Fight CD is the visual design.
  • The animation used in the gameplay of Final Fight CD features some spectacularly animated kicks, dynamic special moves, and satisfying throw animations.
  • The CD version of Final Fight is very similar to the arcade release of the game.
  • Final Fight CD added a local multiplayer mode where you and another friend can engage in combat.
  • The music in Final Fight CD is incredible, as it is also unchanged from the game’s arcade release.


  • The voice acting in Final Fight CD is terrible and inconsistent at the same time.
  • While the majority of the things remain unchanged in Final Fight CD from the arcade release, the biggest and the worst change was the censorship.
  • The great visual design of Final Fight CD is ruined by a bunch of graphical glitches that can happen randomly. 

10. Road Avenger (Road Blaster)

best sega cd games ranked
Road Avenger
  • Genre: Vehicle Combat, Laserdisc FMV
  • Release Date: August 1985
  • Developer: Data East

The tenth spot on the list is a class apart, featuring an emotionally telling storyline with appreciable gameplay and visual mechanics. Road Avenger, also called Road Blaster, is an arcade-oriented game where the player is in control of the steering wheel of their vehicle, assisted by automatic acceleration.

While the original release occurring in Japan was known as Road Blaster, the Sega CD variant of the game happening to release outside the Land of the Rising Sun was coined Road Avenger, which, in our opinion, is a more fitting name for the title. 

From what we can gather, the protagonist of the game is on a tale of revenge. Some ill-willed motorcycle club killed off the wife of our hero while also injuring him beyond temporary recovery. As soon as the character gets back on his feet, he sets out to kill everyone who assaulted his family. 

The rest is nothing but exhilarating fun as you take control of a heavily modded vehicle and steer clear of dangers on the road, quite literallyRoad Avenger is just one of the best Sega CD FMV games of all time that you’ll be purchasing—no sweat.


  • Road Avenger is one of the most masculine video games you could play.
  • The animation in Road Avenger was done by Toei Animation in the 80s.
  • The character designs in Road Avenger are incredible.
  • Road Avenger features constant gameplay while the animations are being played.
  • Road Avenger has one of the most epic intro songs ever created in gaming history called “On the Road”.


  • While the animation and art style of Road Avenger is one of the best even to this day, the sandy effect that many classic FMV games suffer from also stays in Road Avenger.
  • Road Avenger suffers from a lot of censorship on the console version.

11. Star Wars: Rebel Assault 

best sega cd shooting games
Star Wars: Rebel Assault
  • Genre: Rail Shooter
  • Release Date: November 1993
  • Developer: LucasArts

Anyone who’s been remotely keeping up with the best television franchises of all time knows the icon that Star Wars is today. Back when the series was still making strides in achieving its status, LucasArts managed to cover a game based on it called Star Wars: Rebel Assault for several consoles, including Mega CD.

The title features a variety of different game modes with varying controls. In some phases, you’re made to shoot your enemies in a limited time frame, whereas, in others, you will have to both dodge and shoot at your foes, thereby defeating them. 

The visuals of Rebel Assault have already been rendered prior to the playable parts of the title. You’ll actually be witnessing digitized cinematography on top of audio tracks from the Star Wars series itself. If you happen to be a fan, you have to try what is otherwise one of the best Sega CD shooting FMV games out there.


  • Even for its time, the graphics in Star Wars: Rebel Assault were some of the best.
  • The visual design and presentation of the game help complement the graphics while creating an incredibly immersive experience.
  • The intro you get when you first launch Star Wars: Rebel Assault is incredibly thrilling.
  • If you love Star Wars then this game will be perfect for you.
  • You get to fight Stormtroopers and ride a speeder bike through Endor, which is incredibly fun.
  • The cutscenes in Star Wars: Rebel Assault are incredible, as it features FMV, which is executed very well.


  • Star Wars: Rebel Assault is an incredibly hard game, with no easier difficulty options that can make the game very frustrating to play for some players.
  • Many players believe that there is a lack of gameplay in Star Wars: Rebel Assault.
  • The little gameplay you get in Star Wars: Rebel Assault is very linear and the path you fly on or walk on is very strictly scripted.

12. Double Switch

Double Switch
Double Switch
  • Genre: Adventure, FMV, Single-Player
  • Release Date: March 24, 1994
  • Developer: Digital Pictures

It’s an FMV game galore in here with the best Sega CD games in the business. The next entry in line happening just to make a list is Double Switch, taking players on an adventure of a lifetime with its surreal gameplay and enticing plotline. It has been shot in real motion. Thus, the gameplay has been outlined accordingly just as well.

Boasting the likes of Corey Haim, the objective of the game is simple enough. You can refer to yourself as an on-hire detective who has to prevent a series of murders just by arming and placing traps in a large building complex called Edward Arms

It’s up to the hero character to be diligent about the intruders and protect the tenants from getting killed off sooner or later. However, halfway across the title, you begin to realize that the real threat isn’t outside the doors, but it’s actually what roams within the complex building.


  • Double Switch is an FMV game and the FMV aspects of the game have been executed pretty decently.
  • You can now play Double Switch on modern consoles very comfortably, without needing to use or entirely buy an old-school console.
  • The story of Double Switch can be incredibly fun, with a bunch of cheesy comedies that can be very entertaining.
  • The recognizable celebrities acting in Double Switch can be a delight to see for players that are fans of these celebrities.
  • The music in Double Switch is great and adds to the wacky atmosphere of the game.


  • There is a huge learning curve for the gameplay in Double Switch, which can turn away a lot of the players.
  • Double Switch seems to get repetitive very quickly.
  • You are likely to run into a lot of different kinds of bugs and glitches while playing Double Switch.
  • Double Switch is an incredibly short game with very little content.
  • It might not be worth it to buy Double Switch due to it selling at a staggering 48$, despite being very short.

13. The Secret Of Monkey Island

the best Sega CD games
The Secret of Monkey Island
  • Genre: Point and Click, 2D Adventure
  • Release Date: October 1990
  • Developer: Lucasfilm Games

Let’s cast a lens on an entirely different genre of the best Sega CD games around. Don’t let the name fool you: The Secret of Monkey Island is a no-nonsense adventure game with quite the captivating standard of fictional storytelling. You’re Guybrush Threepwood, a young gun who seeks to become a pirate. 

As you reach a novel place known called Melee Island, you set out to fulfill your life-long desire of becoming a pirate. However, the inhabitants of this land are not so hospitable. You will have to go through a series of trials in order to come out on top. One of the tests revolves around defeating an already established swordmaster. 

Another one will have you finding and digging up treasures while the final trial is all about getting your hands dirty and embracing the act of stealing, that too from a high-profile figure of the island. However, things do not stay that way at all. 

As you go about Melee Island, you can’t help but discover the tales of a legendary pirate called LeChuck and how the lad is still roaming about the premises. The moment you finish off the prerequisites of becoming a pirate, LeChuck manifests out of thin air, snatching the governor Elaine Marley and retreating to Monkey Island.


  • The Secret of Monkey Island is an incredibly funny game, with some very witty and genuinely hilarious jokes present in the game.
  • The characters of the game are incredibly well-written, which makes the interactions much more immersive.
  • The Secret of Monkey island makes it incredibly easy to get into for new players.
  • The UI makes it very easy to traverse the menus of the game while feeling satisfying.
  • There are some very fun and intuitive puzzles in The Secret of Monkey Island.
  • The soundtracks of the game add to the witty humor and are very memorable.


  • You cannot skip the dialogue in The Secret of Monkey Island, which might be a bit frustrating.
  • The gameplay can be a bit inconsistent sometimes and fails to respond in crucial places of the game.
  • The hint system for the puzzles does not always work, which can be a bit inconvenient if you are stuck.

14. Lunar: Eternal Blue 

best selling sega cd games
Lunar: Eternal Blue
  • Genre: RPG
  • Release Date: December 22, 1994
  • Developer: Game Arts, Studio Flex

Lunar: Eternal Blue had quite the admiration going for it back in the days of its launch. The title at hand is the successor of the aforementioned Lunar: The Silver Star, and rightfully so. It practically improves upon most aspects of the original title in the series, boosting the quality of the voice acting and several other facets.

More importantly, Lunar: Eternal Blue made the Sega CD feel purposeful, utilizing most of the, if not all, hardware of the CD-ROM accessory and providing more options to the player in terms of playability. By all means, it’s easily one of the best Sega CD games out there that you shouldn’t genuinely sleep on.


  • The English translators have done a great job of translating Lunar: Eternal Blue.
  • The characters in Lunar: Eternal Blue are written very well.
  • Each character in the game has a distinct personality.
  • The narrative in Lunar: Eternal Blue is executed perfectly and does a great job of keeping players engaged.
  • The humor of Lunar: Eternal Blue does not feel forced and is genuinely funny.


  • The dialogue does not flow very well in Lunar: Eternal Blue and can feel a bit unnatural sometimes.
  • It might be a bit hard to feel bad for a few characters in some of the emotional moments of Lunar: Eternal Blue.
  • There is a lack of a dash button in Lunar: Eternal Blue, which can be a bit frustrating.

15. Brutal: Paws of Fury 

best sega cd games of all time
Brutal: Paws of Fury
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Release Date: October 1, 1994
  • Developer: GameTek

Brutal: Paws of Fury is a solid take on what would happen if animals became sentient enough to feel the blow of Monday mornings. Behold a tournament-style fighting game for the Sega CD, where you take charge of a variety of different characters ranging from bunnies and cheetahs to coyotes and crocodiles. 

The gameplay of the title is fun, and you can actually land a bevy of different combos to up the ante. The tournament in the in-game world takes place every four years or so, bringing in animal fighters from all corners of the globe. The winner of the bout gets to fight an overgrown llama with an itchy punch knuckle.


  • Brutal: Paws of Fury is a fully fledged-out 2D fighting game.
  • It can be incredibly rewarding to master and execute difficult combos.
  • Brutal: Paws of Fury features very interesting and important information at the end of every match for you to analyze and learn from.
  • The Sega CD version of Brutal: Paws of Fury features a completely new character.


  • Some of the animations on the moves look very awkward, which can make the gameplay worse.
  • The characters do not have any special moves, which is a bit disappointing.
  • There is a weird password system instead of a save feature in Brutal: Paws of Fury.

16. Fatal Fury Special 

best games sega cd
Fatal Fury Special
  • Genre: 2D Fighting
  • Release Date: 16 September 1993
  • Developer: SNK

If you ever grow tired of smashing in heads with Final Fight, perhaps lean in on a fresher breath of air and try out Fatal Fury Special. This 2D brawler made sure it was Christmas time when a squad of friends got together to work out their differences in-game. 

The word “Special” added to the title of the game isn’t a gimmick. This one actually sports a swath of added features, such as a combo mechanic where you can chain your attacks together and deliver devastating blows one after the other. Definitely a must-try on your Mega CD console in case you’ve still got it lying around.


  • You can play Fatal Fury Special on a Nintendo Switch and experience the nostalgia of playing the game in an arcade.
  • Fatal Fury Special received a huge increase in the character roster compared to its predecessor.
  • You can play as the bosses in Fatal Fury Special, which was not possible before.
  • The gameplay mechanics of Fatal Fury Special are incredibly deep, like many other fighting games.
  • The graphics in Fatal Fury Special are top-notch for their time and have a very distinct aesthetic.
  • The animation for the moves in Fatal Fury Special is amazing and adds to the thrill of the fight.


  • Many casual players might be not fans of the deep learning curve and moves that are hard to execute.
  • There are some major balancing issues in Fatal Fury Special, with some characters being too overpowered.
  • If you do not have a friend to play Fatal Fury Special against, then it might not be worth buying the game.
  • Other than nostalgia, you have little to no reason to play Fatal Fury Special, as it does not stand out.

17. Vay 

best sega CD games
  • Genre: RPG
  • Release Date: October 22, 1993
  • Developer: Hertz

Vay isn’t your typical RPG. Well, to put it literally, it’s a JRPG which stands for Japanese Role-Playing Game but in terms of its dark, twisted storyline and overall arbitrary gameplay, what we have here is a cut above the rest best Sega CD games.

Embark on a mission to save your loved ones from getting mercilessly killed and make a home for yourself on an alien planet called Vay. It’s up to the hero character to take down a monstrous squadron of robots and evil machines, ultimately restoring balance to the planet and making sure peace prevails.


  • The premise of Vay is incredibly unique and makes for an interestingly engaging dynamic.
  • The intro of Vay does a great job of quickly explaining the narrative and getting you started with the game.
  • Vay features a beautiful pixel visual design, which adds to the aesthetic of the game.
  • Vay allows you to save your game anywhere you want, which is incredibly advantageous.
  • The progression system in the game is incredibly intuitive and feels very naturally satisfying.
  • The early parts of Vay feel very engaging and build upon the game very well.


  • The music in Vay is incredibly inconsistent, with some tracks being great and others being mediocre.
  • There is a severe lack of variety in the soundtracks of Vay, as a lot of them are played over and over again in different towns.
  • The boss battles of Vay boil down to just being about healing items, and whoever runs out of them first, loses.
  • The sound design of Vay is one of the worst because there are barely any sound effects for anything.

18. The Misadventures of Flink 

 best sega cd games of all time
The Misadventures of Flink
  • Genre: Single-Player, Platformer 
  • Release Date: 1994
  • Developer: Psygnosis

The Misadventures of Flink, or simply Flink, is a side-scrolling platformer that has you dealing with a mysterious storyline filled with twists, turns, and a ton of challenges. While the title does have glaring flaws, the pros outclass the cons when it truly boils down to it. 

Action-stuffed gameplay, powerful magical spells, sorcery, and through-and-through visual quality all pave the way to a stellar user experience with Flink. The colors and the overall sharpness have appealed to the masses with many referring to it as one of the most adorable Sega CD games in the business.


  • The graphics in The Misadventures of Flink look phenomenal even for its time, and they manage to hold up in this modern age.
  • The Misadventures of Flink has a very distinct art style with a unique aesthetic, which is incredibly memorable.
  • There are some incredible details in the background that are complemented by the amazing art style.
  • When you defeat a boss in The Misadventures of Flink, the whole landscape changes and feels fresh.
  • The character design of the bosses looks incredibly creepy, which adds to the intimidation of the boss.
  • Some very interesting eastern eggs are hidden throughout The Misadventures of Flink.


  • The story in The Misadventures of Flink is a bit generic and there is not much of it, which is a bit disappointing.
  • You can learn a lot of different spells in The Misadventures of Flink but they are not that useful.
  • While there are up to 62 levels in the game, they can get incredibly repetitive.
  • The AI for the bosses in The Misadventures of Flink is not designed very well, as most of them repeat the same moves over and over again.

19. Slipheed

best games sega cd
  • Genre: Third-Person Shooter
  • Release Date: December 5, 1986
  • Developer: Game Arts

Slipheed is a highly addictive space shooter with an engaging storyline. You commandeer a small fleet of ships that do not happen to get hacked, luckily in a planet-wide data breach. It’s as if the weight of the whole world rests on your shoulders as you make efforts to dig out the real culprit and do away with them for the better.

The third-person shooter is highly regarded as a game that’s easy to learn but hard to get the hang of. However, the gameplay of the title will make you keep coming back to it, not to mention the catchy music and retro graphics. It is, indeed, one of the best Sega CD games to have in your backlog on the Genesis console.


  • The graphics of Silpheed were a marvel to witness for its time, as it used polygon textures for the visuals.
  • The huge asteroids exploding and enormous fleets of enemies clashing with your own fleet make for an incredibly thrilling gameplay experience.
  • The sound design of Silpheed is incredible, with realistic explosion sounds that add to the thrill.
  • Silpheed’s shooting controls are incredibly satisfying and feel pretty responsive.
  • The gameplay in Silpheed feels rewarding, as you have to shoot and dodge at the same time.
  • Silpheed is very easy to buy these days because you can find it virtually anywhere, for as low as 5 dollars.


  • Silpheed does not have the best music, as it does not fit the thrilling shooting and sounds a bit awkward.
  • The camera is Silpheed is not the best and makes it almost impossible to make precise movements.
  • The difficulty level of Silpheed feels almost unforgiving and the enemies make a lot of cheap shots.
  • Everything in Silpheed might feel overly uncomplicated, which can be a bit of a disappointment.

20. Sewer Shark 

Sewer Shark
Sewer Shark
  • Genre: Interactive Rail Shooter 
  • Release Date: October 15, 1992
  • Developer: Digital Pictures

The next noteworthy Sega CD game is one that pertains to the category of “rail shooting.” This is a genre of video game titles where you only control the steering wheel and let everything else happen by itself. In the context of Sewer Shark, you control an aircraft that has a finite source of energy. 

Your sole purpose is to get to the mission objective through tumultuous sewers while cutting down incoming threats. Some of the most common enemies in-game include bats, a dismal combination of alligators and rats, and even substantial scorpions. You have to maneuver your way to the end to win the bout.


  • Sewer Shark uses the interactive film aspects perfectly and blends them in to make a great gameplay experience.
  • The gameplay mechanics of Sewer Shark are very simple to understand.
  • Sewer Shark follows a great fundamental game design that is executed perfectly.
  • The start of Sewer Shark feels simple and easy enough for new players to understand, but then it gets harder once you understand the basic formula of the game.


  • The story of Sewer Shark is not the best and feels uninteresting most of the time.
  • Sewer Shark does not do a good job of keeping players engaged throughout the narrative.
  • You have to closely read the manual of Sewer Shark while focusing a lot during the intro to understand the narrative, which is very unintuitive.
  • Sewer Shark is an unbelievably short game, with some players being able to finish it in under 15 minutes.
  • The graphics of Sewer Shark do not look the best and have a very sandy look to them.

21 Sol-Feace

best sega mega cd games
  • Genre: Horizontal Shoot-Em-Up
  • Release Date: November 22, 1990
  • Developer: Wolf Team

Sol-Feace has remained an underrated title throughout its lifetime, but make no mistake in acknowledging its flat-out brilliant quality. Old-school gamers who have a knack for simplistic IPs are definitely going to admire the title for everything it does right. The genre in which it falls is called “Horizontally Scrolling Shooter.”

Pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll still take a deep dive into it. It’s an IP where you control your aircraft as it moves from top to bottom, thereby featuring horizontal movement. Moreover, it automatically shoots out projectiles, so all you’ll be doing is steering it in the right plane. Titularly, the name of the ship you’re using is Sol-Feace. 

It is a fast-paced shooter that has happened to earn the title of one of the best Sega CD games of all time. Critics did what they normally do and that is critique the title to a fair extent, but to a casual user who’s just looking to spend some fun time, Sol-Feace is well worth the purchase.


  • You can never die for good in Sol-Feace as the power-up options are always there to back you up.
  • The bosses in Sol-Feace are pretty decent and have some very unique aspects that make them stand out.
  • The voice acting in Sol-Feace is great and the voice actors do a great job of bringing out the character’s personalities.
  • Sol-Feaces sometimes features animated cutscenes, which are executed very well and are a delight to witness.
  • The soundtracks in Sol-Feace are top-notch and incredibly upbeat, which makes them memorable.


  • There is not a lot of variety in the weapons you can pick in Sol-Feace, which can be a big disappointment.
  • The design of the environments and some of the enemies look very uninspired.
  • The overall pacing of Sol-Feace gets incredibly inconsistent and takes away a lot of the fun from the game.

22. Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side

Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side
Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side
  • Genre: Single-Player, Fighting
  • Release Date: June 6, 1995
  • Developer: Sega Interactive

We’ve had some pretty great fighting games on this list of the best Sega CD games, but there’s one more that deserves a spot. Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side belongs to the unique catalog of 2D fighting games the same way we have Final Fight and Fatal Fury.

It features a generous roster of different fighters, new and improved finishing moves as opposed to its predecessor, and better visuals too. The game is exclusive to Sega CD and hasn’t been ported to other platforms. If you can find it somewhere to purchase, the game will be well worth the venture.


  • Challenge from the Dark Side improves a lot of the aspects of the original game and makes it a lot more fun.
  • All of the characters in Challenge from the Dark Side have their own unique moves that make them stand out.
  • There is a decently high skill ceiling in the game.
  • It can feel incredibly satisfying and rewarding to master Challenge from the Dark Side.
  • There are loads of unique multiplayer modes you can play, like a tournament format, round-robin, or a simple 1v1 match.


  • Some casual players might not appreciate the difficulty of Challenge from the Dark Side.
  • Some of the new characters that you can unlock do not have the best character designs, which is a big disappointment.
  • Challenge from the Dark Side suffers from major balancing issues.

23. Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-Arm

Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-Arm
Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-Arm
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Release Date: July 30, 1993
  • Developer: Human Entertainment

Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-Arm is a distinct shoot-em’-up-style IP where you roam the in-game world as a giant mecha space ship slash robot that can transform to and fro on the fly. Your aim is to protect your homeland from vile intruders looking to destroy and take over your planet of residence.

It’s set in the year 2192 when humankind has advanced to a notable extent. Space colonies exist and the extra-terrestrial are no less than the Karens walking among us. The title measures up to a world of fun, especially when you’re into single-player shooting games released exclusively for the Mega CD add-on for the Sega Genesis console.


  • Android Assault features very easy to understand gameplay mechanics.
  • The basic game design of a scrolling shooter is executed perfectly in Android Assault.
  • There are a lot of different ways you can upgrade your ammo and weapons in Android Assault.
  • Android Assault is an overall very addictive game, leaving you to always want more.
  • Android Assault utilized the Sega CD console’s full potential when it came to the graphics.


  • A lot of the elements in Android Assault did not have the best translations, leaving you with an unauthentic experience.
  • There is not a lot of voice acting in Android Assault.
  • Android Assault does not have any unique thing that can make it stand out or feel special.

24. Rise Of The Dragon

best games sega cd
Rise of the Dragon
  • Genre: Action-Adventure, Time-Based Strategy
  • Release Date: 1992
  • Developer: Dynamix, Game Arts

Rise of the Dragon is definitely one of the most quirky constituents of the overall best Sega CD games. It allows players to live a gameplay experience like no other where you have to watch out for the amount of time remaining during every bout to win the session. The story-based action of the title is definitely an amusing experience.

The Sega CD version of Rise of the Dragon was unique in sporting voiceovers from different actors. On the contrary, other ports of the title, such as DOS, Amiga, and Mac were exempt from this sort of functionality. The game is not recommended for immature audiences though since there’s a fair bit of partial nudity and profanity in there.


  • Rise of the Dragon features hand-drawn art, which sets it apart from other games.
  • Rise of the Dragon was one of the most cinematic video games of its time.
  • There is a huge nostalgia factor involved in Rise of the Dragon.
  • The overall atmosphere of Rise of the Dragon is amazing and truly feels immersive.
  • The soundtrack is exceptional and does a great job of adding to the atmosphere.


  • There are some very interesting visual bugs spread throughout Rise of the Dragon, which can interrupt your gameplay.
  • Some of the puzzles can completely end the game if you finish them, which can be a bit frustrating.
  • Some action sequences in Rise of the Dragon can break the game entirely.

25. The Amazing Spider-Man Vs The Kingpin

The Amazing Spider-Man vs the Kingpin
The Amazing Spider-Man vs the Kingpin
  • Genre: Single-Player, Action
  • Release Date: 1993
  • Developer: Technopop, Gray Matter

Next up, we have our favorite webhead making a list by being featured in one of the best Sega Mega CD games. The Amazing Spider-Man vs the Kingpin is a tale of love where one of Spidey’s most vicious villains of all time is hot on the web slinger’s tale. However, it’s not Spider-Man that Kingpin is after; it’s his love.

Anyone remotely connected with the franchise of Spider-Man knows MJ is Spider-Man’s girlfriend and villains often get to her first before luring in the wall-crawler. The Sega CD port of the title is much more advanced, featuring its very own original soundtrack, refined gameplay, and even extra stages to enjoy.


  • Spider-Man vs The Kingpin greatly improved upon the original game and offers you a much better gameplay experience.
  • The platforming aspects of Spider-Man vs The Kingpin are incredibly satisfying and designed very well.
  • The graphics look very appealing for their time and have a very distinct aesthetic to them.
  • The controls of Spider-Man vs The Kingpin are very easy to learn while feeling incredibly fluid and responsive.
  • The soundtrack in Spider-Man vs The Kingpin is very fitting and stays memorable due to its exciting tone.


  • The gameplay in Spider-Man vs The Kingpin is heavily scripted and feels very restrictive due to its linear nature.
  • The voice acting sounds very strange in Spider-Man vs The Kingpin due to some very odd cuts and editing.
  • You might not have any reason to play Spider-Man vs The Kingpin other than nostalgia.

26. Heart Of The Alien

Heart of the Alien
Heart of the Alien
  • Genre: 2D Platformer
  • Release Date: 1994
  • Developer: Interplay Entertainment

The Heart of the Alien is a direct sequel to Another World—another popular platformer that saw a release for current-gen consoles too such as Xbox One. The game stays continuous of the storyline of its predecessor and actually picks up right where Another World finishes off the plot.

The title differs specially in the respect that it takes up the capacity of Sega CD’s CD-ROM accessory and leaves players with a resounding experience. Every minute detail ranging from the soundtrack and challenges to the overall difficulty and level design feels fresh and rejuvenating to relish in the Hearth of the Alien.


  • Heart of the Alien is an incredible sequel to Another World, as it improved many aspects of the original.
  • The visual design of Heart of the Alien is designed very creatively and is incredibly unique.
  • Heart of the Alien is a direct sequel to Another World so the plot engages you right from the start.
  • Heart of the Alien introduces a wide variety of new abilities for you to use.
  • The atmosphere in Heart of the Alien is incredibly immersive.


  • The difficulty of Heart of the Alien is exceptionally unforgiving, which can get incredibly frustrating.
  • You can die at any time and anywhere in Heart of the Alien, as many environmental traps can get you.
  • The gameplay of Heart of the Alien does not bring anything new to the table and feels a bit unoriginal.
  • The controls can feel very awkward a lot of the time and make the gameplay unsatisfying.

27. Robo Aleste 

Robo Aleste
Robo Aleste
  • Genre: Vertical Shooter
  • Release Date: November 7, 1992 
  • Developer: Compile

Comparing the title directly to the aforementioned Sol-Feace, Robo Aleste is a vertical shooter where your ship scrolls along the X-axis and lets you steer it, avoid obstacles, and defeat incoming enemies.

Although the overall concept is nothing too ethereal, the sheer inclusion of power-ups and other abilities make Robo Aleste’s gameplay too fun to pass up.

You pilot a mecha-type ship called Aleste and take on the rebellious lords of Japan who mean nothing but destruction for the glorious country. Being a patriot with a tool of death, you won’t be letting that happen anytime soon.


  • Robo Aleste features a very interesting and fascinating narrative based on the Sengoku era of Japan.
  • Robo Aleste features some incredible designs for the Robots that Mecha fans are bound to love.
  • The character designs in Robo Aleste are great and resemble the 90s anime aesthetic.
  • Robot Aleste takes place in the same universe as the notorious game MUSHA, which many fans of MUSHA will enjoy.


  • The Mechas in Robo Aleste are not very versatile and can be a bit clunky to operate.
  • Despite setting the game on easy difficulty, you might find yourself still struggling, which can be very frustrating.
  • The difficulty in Robo Aleste is incredibly inconsistent, with some parts feeling like a breeze while others feel very unforgiving.
  • While the narrative is interesting, the overall story can feel like it has too much unnecessary information.

28. BC Racers 

BC Racers
BC Racers
  • Genre: Racing
  • Release Date: 1994
  • Developer: Core Design

You weren’t expecting a graphical adventure game with BC Racers, were you? The title at hand is (not) surprisingly a racing game mixed with elements dating back to primordial times back when cavemen, dinosaurs, and everything of the like persevered.

However, you’re not some ordinary happy-go-lucky guy racing with wits at their end. You’re Millstone Rockafella with a bombshell in the sidecar of your bike, inviting other players to race you on a variety of courses and tracks. It’s definitely a fun way to switch up conventional racing with a touch of something novel.


  • There is a wide variety of riders you can pick from in BC Racers.
  • There are different difficulty options for both players looking for a challenge or a more casual gameplay experience.
  • There is a very unique and interesting gameplay mechanic in BC Racers that make it stand out from other racing games.
  • The overall look of the tracks in BC Racers can change depending on the difficulty you pick.


  • The racing in BC Racers is potentially the worst racing gameplay you can ever experience in a racing game.
  • The frame rate of BC Racers is incredibly inconsistent and makes the game feel awful.
  • BC Racers has some of the most unresponsive controls, as they fail to respond more than half the time.
  • BC Racers has a very generic and unoriginal track design that does not feel immersive at all.

29. Keio Flying Squadron 

Keio Flying Squadron 
Keio Flying Squadron
  • Genre: 2D Platformer, Side-Scroller
  • Release Date: August 6, 1993
  • Developer: Victor Entertainment

Keio Flying Squadron is an exceptionally fantastic Sega CD game that came out exclusively for the latter. No other platform has the privilege of having it ported over, so you’ll truly need to own a Mega CD-equipped Sega Genesis to experience what is otherwise one of the most enjoyable side-scrolling shooters in the business.

You’re Rami Nana-Hikari, the bearer of a special key that unlocks doors to untold secrets. However, not long after the game kicks off, you end up losing the object due to your own carelessness. You must get the key item back using your dragon Spot and other, mini-sized accomplices.


  • Keio Flying Squadron has a very interesting and unique visual design.
  • The voice acting in Keio Flying Squadron is incredible and it gives a lot more personality to the characters.
  • The music in the stages of Keio Flying Squadron is amazing and keeps you immersed in the game.
  • Keio Flying Squadron features an awesome sound design for its time.
  • Keio Flying Squadron uses some strangely unique methods to keep you engaged in the game.
  • The graphics of Keio Flying Squadron have a lot of personality in them.


  • There might be a lot of fanservice in Keio Flying Squadron that an average player might not be expecting.
  • Unfortunately, Keio Flying Squadron costs an absurd amount of money to buy in this day.
  • There is nothing unique in the gameplay of Keio Flying Squadron that could set it apart.

30. Prize Fighter

Prize Fighter
Prize Fighter
  • Genre: Boxing
  • Release Date: 1993
  • Developer: Digital Pictures

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in this terrific sports-centric IP for the Sega CD, coming across as no less than a challenge for even the most seasoned players out there. The game was met with mediocre reception upon launch with some publication magazines praising it for its high-quality, intensive matches.

As the protagonist of the game, you can punch and dodge to overcome your opponents. A total of four different figures fight you in Prize Fighter, but all of them are deep-dyed trials. You’ll need to put in a considerable amount of time and effort to recognize their fighting patterns and deliver the ultimate counter blow.


  • Prize Fighter is played in a first-person perspective from start to finish, which is a very unique take on a boxing game.
  • Prize Fighter adds real-life actors into the mix due to its FMV aspects, which is very interesting to look at.
  • There is a training mode available in Prize Fighter that lets you polish your skills.
  • Every opponent you face in Prize Fighter has a different playstyle, which helps keep fights feeling fresh.
  • Prize Fighter does a great job of emotionally attaching you to its characters and building a connection.


  • The boxing in Prize Fighter can be incredibly frustrating for a lot of the players.
  • The footage in Prize Fighter is entirely black and white, which is incredibly strange.
  • Prize Fighter has black bars to make up for the low resolution, which look horrible, especially in this day.
  • You have to read the manual of Prize Fighter to understand the fight mechanics.
  • The music and the sound design in Prize Fighter are horrible, as the sound feels distorted and weird to listen to.

31. Flashback

best games on sega cd
  • Genre: 2D Platformer
  • Release Date: 1992
  • Developer: Delphine Software

Flashback isn’t the brightest of the most famous Sega CD games, but it still deserves a spot on this list for its cinematic action and rip-roaring gameplay. Not only is the movement of the title enticing enough to keep you hooked to the platform, but the story deserves similar praise too for all that it does correctly.

The hero character—Conrad—is an official government agent who accidentally discovers the presence of aliens living and breathing among society. As he begins to warn the authorities of the incident, he soon finds himself taken away and wiped from his recollections. From there on out, Conrad transitions into beast mode and starts sending every alien he sees straight to hell, making every player enjoy the sequence.


  • If you are a fan of retro games, then Flashback is a must-play game for you.
  • Flashback explored a very unique narrative for its time and the narrative still does a good job.
  • Flashback is a very easily accessible game for a lot of players.


  • The controls in Flashback are incredibly awkward to use.
  • The voice acting in the game is horrible and does not have any personality in it and feels very bland.

32. Powermonger

best games sega cd
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Release Date: 1990
  • Developer: Bullfrog Productions

As for the final entry on the list, we’ve got Powermonger to top things off for us. This game has had many critics praising it for everything that it got right, including its 3D visual quality although with relatively restricted controls over the map and even elements of realism that seemed to be dispersed throughout the game environment.

We would urge you to give it a shot no matter if it happens to be the final entry on this list. The level of detail introduced in the strategy simulator is too appreciable to pass up just like that. Lastly, the Sega CD version of Powermonger does more justice to the overall slow-time strategy gameplay where you act as the controller of a farmland including all its inhabitants.


  • Powermonger is an incredibly complicated game with a lot of deep mechanics and lore.
  • You can put 100s of hours in Powermonger, as it is a very long game with a lot of content.
  • There are many complicated recruiting rules and mechanics in Powermonger.
  • Some features in Powermonger can save a lot of your time, like the ability to automatically supply weapons to your army.
  • Powermonger has a lot of details, every single irrelevant NPC and character has a name and a history.


  • Most of the gameplay is just about attacking armies and building up your own army, which might be too shallow for some players.
  • The battles in Powermonger do not have much to them, you simply win if you have more troops.
  • Upgrading your weapons in Powermonger is a very tedious process and it gets boring quickly.

The Rundown

Classic consoles such as Sega Saturn, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn Nintendo DS, and many others took people’s breath away in their respective times, allowing them to bask in their now-ancient marvel, and providing the utmost standard for home console video gaming. 

To talk about Sega Genesis in specific, the 16-bit successor to the Master System—Sega’s revisited variant of the original Sega Mark III—first came out to the industry in 1988. As the years went by, the console went on to expand its range and had released in other parts of the world, such as North America, Korea, Brazil, and more regions. 

Ever since then, the console has left behind a legacy more or less, being ranked as one of the best video game systems of all time. One of the strongest selling points of Genesis was its controller, quite similar to how PlayStation 5’s DualSense is making rounds across the spectrum now. 

All in all, Sega CD made the console a whole lot better not just by improving its base capability, but by allowing developers to make games exclusive to the add-on. These titles went on to utilize the full potential of the CD-ROM, especially the best Sega CD games that did nothing but deliver one blast of an experience. 

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