15 BEST COD Warzone Sniper Rifles [Season 3]

Warzone players get to enjoy new content with the release of a new season. Since the battle royale’s release, its developers have added a plethora of content through different updates. From new weapons to maps, we have seen it all. A new season also means changes to the game’s meta. And now that Season 3 has arrived, it’s time to take a look at some of the best snipers in Warzone Season 3 Pacific. Also, consider reading COD Warzone Season 3 patch notes.

Snipers in Warzone are my favorite. These weapons are designed to help you bag in kills from far away. The best part about Snipers is that their damage output is massive, and you can even take down your enemies with a single shot using them. Also, consider reading our Best Krig 6 Loadout in Warzone Season 3 

However, while there are many Snipers available in the game, not all of them are going to help you get the ultimate sniping experience. Having the right one in your hands will help you lead your team to victory, while the wrong one will only make you a burden on your teammates. Also, while you’re here, you might want to check out Warzone Rebirth Island bunker codes

What Are Sniper Rifles In Call Of Duty War Zone 

One of the most popular firearms used in the Call of Duty Warzone is a Sniper Rifle. They are the best weapons for long-distance targets and precision shooting. Sniper Rifles are one of the best weapons used for enemies at an extreme distance and provide accuracy, zoom, and high power to their users. Furthermore, they perform better than other weapons when shooting enemies at a distance.  

A great thing about Sniper Rifles is that they do not lose damage no matter how much the distance is between the weapon and the target enemy. The only drawback of sniper rifles in Call of Duty Warzone season 3 is that they are not the best option when shooting at a close range. The reason is that they have a long ADS time, minimal peripheral vision, and a very low hip-fire accuracy.  

Types Of Modes Of Sniper Rifle In Call Of Duty 

Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 come in different modes but are great at doing what they do best, that is shooting enemies hiding in a distance. There are Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles and Bolt Action Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty.

Also, you will also find Burst Fire Sniper Rifles in specific Call of Duty titles. Bolt Action Sniper Rifles can take down your enemy in one shot thanks to their high power. However, these Sniper Rifles are notorious for having a very low rate of fire and a high recoil rate. Thus, due to the cycling of the bolt between each shot, they might not be a very good choice.

The Burst Sniper Rifles and the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles are much more diverse and can have both high recoil and high power or low recoil and low power. Semi Automatic Sniper Rifles are good for players that rely on fast speed and accuracy. 

Best Sniper Rifles In Warzone Season 3 

Warzone’s meta is constantly changing, which is why a weapon never remains the best in the game for long. When Season 3 dropped, we saw so many changes to most of the Snipers in the game. The biggest change is that you can not kill your enemy with a single headshot unless you’re within a specific range.

Therefore, it is important to find out which ones have managed to climb the ranks so that you can pick up the right ranged weapons for your match. Today, we are going to list the best season 3 Sniper rifles in Warzone you should use.

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Keep in mind that the following list is based on our personal preferences. You might find some other weapons better than these ones, and that is totally okay. We also did a guide on the best Snipers in Cold War in case you want to check it out. 

R 1 Shadowhunter 

One of the best sniper rifles in the COD Warzone is undoubtedly the R1 Shadowhunter for Season 3. Even though the weapon initially came out in 2021, it is still regarded as the best sniper rifle of COD Warzone 2022. The powerful crossbow can take down the enemy in a single shot. 

best sniper R1
The R1 Shadowhunter

To unlock the weapon, you have to earn 3 One Shot and One Kill medals in 15 different matches using any of the weapons. Your weapon should have no attachment whatsoever. 


The first weapon I would like to mention on our list is the Rytec AMR. This is a decent Sniper that is not preferred by many, but its ability to fire rounds quickly can help you out in multiple scenarios. While this isn’t the kind of weapon you can expect to do wonders in combat, it is still a decent choice for times when you’re unable to find a better Sniper.

A big reason why it has lost its popularity in Season 3 is that it can no longer provide you the luxury to eliminate your target with a single shot to the head. But if you’re accurate with your shots, you can still take down your enemy quickly, thanks to its amazing fire rate. 

Best Snipers in Warzone

Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle

Next, we have the Gorneko Anti-Tank Rifle. Compared to most of the other Snipers in the game, the weapon is extremely slow and is not something you should be using during every match. The only thing which makes this weapon worth picking is its potential to take down the target with a single headshot.

You can even expect it to eliminate the target with a single shot to any body part, but that will happen rarely. Therefore, you should pick this weapon only if you are totally fine with its slow speed. 

Best Snipers in Warzone


The Dragunov is a decent Sniper that features a semi-automatic mechanism. The weapon has been found in the previous Call of Duty games as well and has remained a popular choice in them. The thing which I like about this weapon is its ability to fire quickly, something that can let you empty the entire magazine into your enemy’s body quickly.

However, this comes at the cost of a lack of damage, so choose the weapon only if you’re confident enough to land all of your shots accurately. Otherwise, you’ll be putting yourself at a disadvantage against your enemy.  


SP-R 208

The SP-R 208‘s bullet velocity is pretty amazing compared to other Snipers in our Warzone season 3 best Snipers list. Furthermore, it’s not that difficult to control as its handling is great. If you’re a fan of using the Kar98k, you’ll fall in love with this weapon; but don’t expect it to perform the same.

The SP-R 208 can also do a good amount of damage at multiple ranges, and you can transform it into a lethal weapon with the right attachments. Overall, it is one of the most accurate marksman rifles in the game, and we can expect it to become even better through future updates. 

Best Snipers in Warzone
SP-R 208


Compared to all the other semi-auto marksman rifles in Warzone Season 3, the SKS is absolutely amazing. The best part about this weapon is its low recoil, something which makes it a Sniper that new players can even use. The fire rate it offers is also higher than the other weapons in its class, so it is worth picking.

If you’re someone who can land his shots accurately, the SKS will reward you greatly. Even in Season 3, the weapon is shining, and there isn’t any reason for you not to give it a try. Also, if you’re currently facing issues with audio in the game, then you might want to read our Warzone best audio settings guide, as it can help you greatly. 



There are only a few Snipers in the game that can offer you massive power while working as a tactical rifle, and the M82 is one of them. It is a mixture of all Snipers available in the game, and this is what makes it so special. Its handling is great, its recoil is controllable, and you can expect it to perform well in multiple situations.

The weapon has, however, been affected by the Season 3 changes and you will now need to remain in the required range to eliminate your target with a single headshot. In other words, it is now more of an aggressive Sniper Rifle. 

Best Snipers in Warzone

LW3 Tundra

The only thing which has stopped the LW3 Tundra from making its way to the top five sections of our best Warzone Season 3 Sniper rifles is its bullet drop at extremely long distances. Otherwise, the LW3 Tundra has everything you need in a Sniper Rifle. Its bullet velocity is amazing and is better than most of the other Snipers you’ll find in Warzone. If you were someone who avoided picking up the weapon before, it won’t be wise to ditch it any longer.

This is because the weapon has benefited greatly from the Season 3 changes as the developers have improved its aim stability, thanks to which its accuracy has increased. Prior to Season 3, the LW3 Tundra was only meant for long-range combat, but it can be now trusted in other scenarios as well.  

Best Snipers in Warzone
LW3 Tundra

Swiss K31

The Swiss K31 is yet top-tier sniper rifle in COD Warzone season 3 that has been affected by in this Season. You will now need to remain in the required range if you want to eliminate your target with a single headshot using the weapon. While this may be a negative point for some players, it’s great for those who love to play aggressively.

Furthermore, its developers have also increased its ADS speed and aiming stability, and you’ll notice that it now performs somewhat similar to the Kar98k. Overall, it is an excellent weapon that can help you bag in a lot of kills; that is only if you’re accurate with your shots. 

Swiss K31
Swiss K31

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The AX-50

The AX-50 has been a favorite Sniper of many Warzone Season 3 players for many reasons. The only downsides attached to the weapon are its low bullet velocity and bullet drop. However, many players have managed to overcome this issue by increasing the weapon’s ADS speed through attachments.

The best part about the AX-50 is that it’s still going strong after Season 3 as its range has not been limited unlike some of the other Snipers in the game. You can still use it at any range and expect it to annihilate your target in a single headshot. Overall, the AX-50 is a powerful Sniper that is excellent for Rebirth Island.  

Best Snipers in Warzone
AX 50


The Kar98k has remained a popular weapon in Warzone since Season 4 of Modern Warfare. In fact, it was even considered the top-tier Sniper in Warzone Season 3 by many. After the latest season, its ranking has dropped a little, but it’s still one of the best-ranged weapons in the game. However, it will only work properly within 60 meters.

It means that the weapon is still pretty amazing for Rebirth Island, but if you’re planning to use it on Caldera, you’ll need to have a more aggressive approach toward taking down your enemies with this weapon. 

Best Snipers in Warzone

Pellington 703

Next, we have the Pellington 703. It is yet another Sniper on our list that is absolutely amazing and can help you take down your targets quickly. However, just like the weapon mentioned above, the weapon has also been transformed into an aggressive Sniper after the latest season.

For long-range, you can’t expect the Pellington 703 to eliminate your target with one shot to the head. But within 70 meters, you can expect it to do wonders. Therefore, this weapon is also perfect for both Rebirth Island and Caldera. 

Pellington 703
Pellington 703

3-Line Rifle

I’m going to be honest with you. I have been avoiding the 3-Line Rifle for so long because I was busy using the other Snipers. But after Season 3 was launched, I decided to give this weapon a try. To my surprise, it ended up being one of the smoothest Snipers in the entire game.

The weapon is extremely powerful and is not that difficult to control. The best part about the 3-Line Rifle is that it can one-shot your target from any range, which makes it a perfect choice for all maps. You don’t have to worry about being in a specific range to get the most out of the Sniper, as it will do the job from any range. Overall, the 3-Line Rifle is the best Vanguard Sniper for Warzone Season 3. 

Best Snipers in Warzone
3-Line Rifle


Arguably, we think if you never played with the HDR, you will never realize what the best Snipers in Warzone Season 3 feel like. It is because most players choose the Sniper over others because of its massive firepower, but this has overall balancing features attached to it.

Furthermore, another excellent thing about the HDR is that you can eliminate the weapon’s already low bullet drop with the right attachments, which can greatly help you in combat.

Just like the 3-Line Rifle, this one can also eliminate your enemy with a single headshot from any range. Therefore, it has no range limitations after Season 3. 

Best Snipers in Warzone

ZRG 20mm

Coming down to the best Sniper Rifle in Warzone Season 3 at the moment is the ZRG 20mm. The stats it offers are better than almost every other Sniper in the game, and it’s the kind of weapon you can trust in every situation. It was first added to Warzone in 2021 and has since been refined multiple times.

At the time of writing, the ZRG 20mm offers the highest bullet velocity among all Snipers in Warzone, which is enough for you to give this weapon a try. Its range is also amazing, and it is in fact the best long-range Sniper in Warzone Season 3. Furthermore, if you’re worried about its bullet drop, it’s pretty low as well.

Overall, the ZRG 20mm is the strongest Sniper in Warzone that can help you bag in kills with a single shot from almost any range. 

Warzone Best Sniper


These were some of the best-in-class snipers in Warzone Season 3. As you can see for yourself, Season 3 has made a lot of changes to the Snipers in the game, and the rankings have now changed. When the next season arrives, we’ll make sure to update the post if there are any new changes to any of these Snipers. 


What Sniper scopes don’t have glint in Warzone?

The Variable Zoom Scope has no glint in Warzone.

What is the strongest Sniper in Warzone?

The ZRG 20mm is the strongest Sniper in Warzone.

Which Sniper has the least bullet drop in Warzone?

The HDR Sniper has the least bullet drop in Warzone.

What Sniper has the fastest bullet velocity in Warzone?

The ZRG 20mm has the fastest bullet velocity in Warzone.

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