10 BEST Splatoon 3 Special Weapons

Our Splatoon 3 best special weapons guide lists ten guns whose special abilities will allow you to turn the tide and win the competition.

Splatoon 3 lets players freely swap between their two primary guises at any time throughout the game and select some of the best weapons to ink & dominate opponents. Our Splatoon 3 best special weapons guide lists top-tier guns with special abilities.

Key Takeaways
  • There are three kinds of weapons that you can carry in Splatoon 3, one of them is known as Special Weapons.
  • These are very powerful and can only be used when your special gauge is full.
  • Some of the best Special weapons are Inkjet, Trizooka, Ink Storm, Wavebreaker, and Triple Instrike.
  • All of the special weapons have their own style of use and if used properly how it’s intended to be, they are the best.

What are the Special Weapons in Splatoon 3?

In addition to the primary weapon and the sub-weapon, each pair of weaponry also includes a weapon that is designated as the unique weapon. These weapons are intended to be very lethal and completely change the tide of battle. A player’s special gauge has to be full before they may use one, and they have a limited amount of time to make use of the ability once they do.

A one-of-a-kind effect is triggered whenever a player is armed with a special weapon. When a player activates a special weapon, their character will do a front flip, and the ink tank will be refilled.

After being triggered, the pace at which the special gauge is depleted at a faster rate is determined by the specific special weapon that is being used. The player will revive with a part of the remaining gauge filled if they were splatted before the gauge was totally exhausted.

Here are all the special weapons with their stats in Spaltoon 3: 

WeaponSplashDirect Hit
Crab Tank30.060.0
Booyah Bomb-102.0
Triple Inkstrike-100.0
Ink Storm--
Tenta Missiles30-50150.0
Wave Breaker- (Wave) 45 per wave
- (Device) 30 per second

Crab Tank

Crab Tank – special weapon Splatoon 3
TypeRapid Fire DamageSplash DamageDirect Hit DamageRolling DamageBase Duration
Special 323060408 sec

In Splatoon 3, players have access to a Special Weapon known as the Crab Tank. Keep reading to find out more about the Crab Tank, such as its effects and how to use it.

The greater inkpower of this scuttling tank will put your adversaries in a difficult position. Pressing ZR will cause rapid-fire rounds while pressing R will cause your cannon to discharge. You may defend yourself by switching into the mobile mode with the ZL button if an attacker attempts to assault its back, which is open to attack.

Continuous firing while in the Rapid Fire mode will significantly increase its rate of fire, beginning with a fire rate comparable to that of the.52 Gal and eventually reaching a rate of fire comparable to that of a Hydra Splatling at its maximum rate of fire.

The firing rate may be restored to its initial state by rolling, switching to the Cannon mode, or simply letting off of the ZR button at any time during continuous shooting. This will cause the rate to return to where it was before the continuous shooting was interrupted.

When there is very little time left, the Crab Tank will begin to light red, alerting the player that the special will soon no longer be available. After the duration of the special has passed, the crab tank will vanish, and the player will be able to move with almost no delay.


inkjet splatoon 3
TypeMin. Splash DamageSplash DamageDirect Hit DamageExhaust DamageBase Duration
Special 30501200.5 per frame7.5 sec

You are propelled into the air by a jet of ink, giving you the opportunity to engage in combat with your adversaries with the associated launcher. By hitting the B button, you may momentarily reach greater heights.

There are two components that make up the Inkjet: the jetpack and the pistol. The jetpack contains what seems to be plastic water or soda bottle filled with the user’s ink. This bottle is linked to what looks to be a huge gray tube and a metal apparatus.

This particular apparatus features two extra tubes, one on each side, one of which faces downward and the other of which faces right, and both of which exude ink that permits the user to float in the air.

After using this ability, the player will be able to move freely through the air and fire projectiles similar to those fired by a Blaster. In addition, the jet leaves a trail of ink behind it, which may splat other players as it comes out of the jet’s exhaust.

When the player is in the air, they have the option of transforming into either a squid or an octopus, which allows them to avoid being shot by snipers and confuse other players easily. In addition, players have the ability to hover, which gives them a momentary increase in height.

While it is continually shooting, the inkjet suffers a loss of mobility speed that is proportional to the strafing speed of the primary weapon.

Run Speed Up does lower the movement speed firing penalty for Inkjet users, even though they are technically flying rather than running; however, it does not boost movement speed while the user is not shooting, with the exception of when they are walking on grates.


Trizooka Inkjet – special weapon Splatoon 3
TypeSplash DamageDirect Hit DamageBase Duration
Special402208 sec

One discharge from the Trizooka will cause three large blobs of ink to be expelled in rapid succession. These blobs will then travel in an arch before hitting the ground. When they collide with a surface, such as a wall or the ground, the globs do not leave a trail of ink behind them; instead, they paint a medium-sized area. If you ask us, we consider Trizooka as a top-tier special weapon.

During the course of this ability, the player is allowed to morph into Swim Form at any time. It seems that the projectiles are able to pass through the enemies as well. Only three shots may be taken with the Trizooka before the player must switch back to their primary weapon.

The Trizooka features a design that is reminiscent of the Inkzooka, but it has a more steampunk-inspired industrial aesthetic. Additionally, some of the green and orange hues have been replaced with gray or the color of the user’s ink. When the Trizooka is fired, the three ink tank capsules that are linked to it are released one at a time in sequential order.

Booyah Bomb

Booyah Bomb – special weapon Splatoon 3
TypeSplash DamageBase DamageBase Duration
SpecialNone2.5 per frame9 sec

When this ability is used, the user will momentarily float in the air and ascend above the ground while also holding a bright ball of ink that will charge up during the course of their usage. This may be tossed to create an ink explosion after it has been charged, and the explosion will become bigger as it charges up.

The “Booyah!” signal, which may be used by the user and their teammates, can be used to charge up the assault more quickly. When teammates use this signal, it causes a little portion of their own unique gauge to be filled. When there is no signal present, the charge reaches its full strength after roughly 8.5 seconds.

If the user is the only one signaling, it can be cut down to roughly three seconds; if many players are participating, it can be cut down even more. Having the Special Power, Up equipped cuts down on the amount of time needed to charge the Booyah Bomb.

As soon as the user reaches the required height to execute the special ability, they are surrounded by a shield with limited durability, very much like Ink Armor. This barrier prevents damage until it either breaks or the special ability expires, whichever comes first.

Players have the ability to concentrate their force into an explosive ink ball and then hurl it at their foes. You may build up your strength more rapidly if you communicate with your team by sending and receiving “Booyahs.” The unique gauges of teammates who send Booyahs will be partially filled as a thank-you reward for their efforts.

In contrast to the Inkstrike and the Splashdown, the Booyah Bomb is not able to destroy or deflect incoming fire. Targets that are within the explosion may still be damaged by fire from the outside.


reefslider splatoon 3
TypeSplash DamageDirect Hit DamageOn Impact Damage

The Reefslider has a design that is based on a shark and has an appearance that is comparable to that of an inflatable pool toy. The shark has a number of scrapes all over its body, as well as a snout affixed to its face, and there are soda bottles fastened to the base of its tail.

When the device is engaged, a straight route will emerge that looks like a pair of jetski buoy obstacles. The players may move ahead by hopping on a shark-shaped float that is powered by ink. The float will detonate and do harm to you either when you reach the end of the route or when you click the ZR button.

When the feature is active, the user must first remove an inflated toy shark before a linear route can be seen. The user then mounts the toy shark and dashes down the straight course, slamming into enemies as they come into touch with them.

When it reaches the end of the trail, the toy shark freezes in position and unleashes a wave of ink that splats any adversaries who are within its range. A pre-emptive explosion may also be caused by deviating from the route that must be followed.

The Reefslider, in contrast to most other weapons that have a visible line of travel before shooting, cannot be targeted before firing; instead, it fires as soon as the Right Stick is pressed. In addition, the route taken and the area affected by the explosion are both visible to other players.

It’s possible that the motorbike slide from the classic anime movie Akira from 1988 was a reference in the special’s closing animation.

Triple Inkstrike

Triple Inkstrike – special weapon Splatoon 3
TypeSplash DamageMax DamageBase Damage

The overall appearance of the Triple Inkstrike is characterized by vibrant hues of green and orange, bearing visual similarities to Splatoon’s first Inkstrike and Splat weaponry. Triple Inkstrike has its uses and slight drawbacks, but overall, it is still on the list of Splatoon 3 best special weapons.

A missile launcher, three throwable beacons, and three missiles make up the Triple Inkstrike. Together, these components make up the weapon. The launcher is designed to seem like a multipurpose pencil box, complete with a drawer at the bottom for storing more throwable beacons and three “pencil holders” where the missiles are fired from. Each of these “pencil holders” can launch a missile.

The throwable beacons are designed to look like pencil sharpeners. They include a single hole along the equator where a pencil may be placed and a transparent red dome on the top half of the device, which is where the sharpener blade can be seen and where the shavings from the pencil can be stored.

Players have the ability to hurl and launch a guiding device with the R button, which will trigger an ink strike that generates a tornado to descend on that location from above. You have the ability to trigger up to three distinct ink tornadoes by deploying a maximum of three guiding devices.

The user quickly fires off three missiles into the air once the ability has been engaged. After that, the player has the ability to launch up to three beacons, each of which displays a landing marker indicating where each missile will come to rest.

The marking behaves in a manner similar to that of the Suction Bombs in that, upon impact, it adheres to both the ground and the walls. Then, each missile hits the location where each beacon landed, and upon contact, it generates a massive ink tornado that paints the ground and splats opponents caught in it.

Ink Storm

Ink Storm splatoon 3
TypeSplash DamageBase DurationBase DamageCost
SpecialNone8 seconds0.4 per frame180p

Players have the ability to toss a gadget that generates an ink rain cloud. The cloud of ink is slowly migrating in the direction that it was first thrown. The area of effect (AoE) special weapon known as Ink Storm generates a rain cloud of ink that slowly floats above the playing field and drops ink upon inkable non-vertical surfaces as well as opponents.

The Ink Storm provides the user with a big capsule that they are required to hold over their head when it is triggered. The aforementioned capsule is cylindrical in shape and has four metal fins that protrude out of it. Each of these fins has grips that change color to correspond with the user’s ink.

Additionally, the color of the main body of the capsule changes to match the color of the user’s ink, and the rear of the capsule has four metal attachments that stick out. After being hurled, the capsule will shatter into bits and send a cloud into the air that will take on the color of the user’s chosen ink when it collides with an object.

While it was raining ink onto the ground below it, the cloud moves in the direction that it was thrown in first. A ring in the color of the user’s ink surrounds the place where the ink lands to denote its location.

Tenta Missiles

Tenta MIssiles splatoon 3
TypeSplash far DamageSplash near DamageDirect Hit DamageCost

The overall display has the appearance of being more technical as a result of certain horizontal lines that move up and down along the edge of the screen and are colored to match the user’s ink. When an opposing player is not locked onto or targeted, they will show as two pairs of lines organized in a manner that is comparable to the reticle of a shooter.

A cross will show over the head of an enemy player once that person is locked onto or targeted. When a player from the other team is targeted with Tenta Missiles, the user’s ink color will appear in a ring around them, and inside that ring will be many miniature bottle icons. The amount of missiles that are aimed toward the other player determines the number of bottle icons that are generated.

When this ability is used, the player has the ability to target up to five adversaries with a big reticle and then launch a group of homing missiles in their direction.

While the user is aiming and shooting, a crosshair will remain on all locked-on targets on the user’s screen and will follow each target until all of the missiles have reached their destination. Another capability of Tenta Missiles is the ability to find and briefly track opponents.

Following the activation and firing of the special ability, all players will see markings that indicate where the missiles have landed. If missiles are aimed at a player, that player will see a circle with four, five, or ten arrows around their character.

The number of arrows corresponds to the number of missiles that are currently active. The quantity of missiles that are launched at each foe is determined by the total number of adversaries who have been targeted. If a player is selected as the target, ten projectiles will be sent in their direction. If more than one player has the target locked on to, each of those players will get four missiles.


Zipcaster splatoon 3
TypeSplash DamageDirect Impact DamageBase Damage
Special35-609512 sec

Players have the ability to turn into an ink-cloaked acrobat and sling their elastic arm in order to move quickly across the battlefield. You may aim with the R button and stay attached to walls. When using ZR, you may continue to use your primary weapon as you normally would. As soon as your ink runs out, your metamorphosis will come to a stop, and you will have to use your Super Jump ability to return to your original location.

When the Zipcaster is used, the user will get covered in ink of the same color as their team. In addition to that, it bestows upon the user either a “helmet” that resembles their octopus or squid shape or a “scarf” that resembles their tentacle, all of which are dependent on the species of the user. In this state, the person may also extend their arms out in front of them.

When this ability is employed, the player may extend their arms to grip onto walls that are quite a distance away, allowing them to go more swiftly to the desired location while also causing a tiny explosion when they make contact with the destination.

Although the player may still grapple with the Zipcaster and strike with their primary weapon, they are unable to utilize their secondary weapons. However, fighting with the main weapon depletes the special gauge more quickly than grappling with the Zipcaster.

When the player’s special gauge is empty, they will be teleported back to the location from whence the special was triggered, putting a stop to the special. The return place, much like the Inkjet, is openly accessible to all players.

Wave Breaker

wave breaker splatoon 3
TypeDevice DamageWave DamageBase Duration
Special30 per half sec45 per wave
  • Wave: 6 seconds
  • Track: 7 seconds

The Wave Breaker is a gadget in the shape of a conical ball that is similar to pop and catch game. The sphere is held in place inside the cone by an indentation, and it is linked to the cone via a wire. As soon as the sphere is hurled, it will immediately begin to roll back and forth, unleashing waves of black squids in a circular pattern.

Players have the ability to use a gadget that produces sonic waves in order to coax opponents who are hiding into the open. The waves spread out along the ground, leaving a mark on any adversaries they come into contact with and doing harm to them. Simply jumping over each wave will allow you to escape taking any harm.

The user of the special weapon will immediately hold the Wave Breaker over their head after activating the weapon’s special ability, at which point it may be hurled. After the apparatus has touched down, the sphere will begin to oscillate upwards and downwards, and with each oscillation, a shockwave will be generated that will radiate outward from the base of the cone.

The Wave Breaker will detonate a total of three shockwaves until it is eventually destroyed when it has completed its lifespan. At this time, it is uncertain whether or not the number of shockwaves may be enhanced by using the Special Power Up. When it makes contact with an opponent, the shockwave will do damage to them and mark them with black circling squids, similar to the Angle Shooter.

It is possible to dodge the shockwave by just hopping over it. In addition to this, the barrier that the Big Bubbler creates may be breached by the waves, and attackers can trigger the Wave Breaker’s early demise by causing damage to the cone.

Final Words

In the Splatoon series, special weapons are among the most potent types of weaponry. There are wide distinct varieties of special weapons, but when used properly, each one has the potential to alter the outcome of a conflict completely.

This brings us to the end of Splatoon 3 best special weapons guide. Which one is your go-to special gun in the game? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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