Top 20 BEST Telltale Games Of All Time

Telltale Games has been one of the most influential story based videogame developer. Through their career they have made many games. Our list covers the very best games they have done.

Telltale Games is easily one of the most influential story-focused videogame developers. Their works are widely loved and they have made games on all kinds of famous franchises. Our list will entail 20 of the best Telltale games ever made.

The developer first gained popularity with their The Walking Dead story-based choice-making episodic adventure. They mainly develop single-player games. Gamers all around the world loved the game and wanted to see more from the developer.

In addition, Telltale’s games were making something new and fresh. The Walking Dead even inspired many games. Most of the games where you see a father-daughter dynamic that was inspired by Telltale’s The Walking Dead came out back in 2012.

What came as a piece of very shocking and dreadful news for fans was when Telltale Games went bankrupt and had to shut down in 2018. This happened due to some of their games despite being great not selling nearly as well as anticipated.

However, as we are sure you must be well aware by now that Telltale Games is back in business. They are working on the highly anticipated Wolf Among Us 2. Fans of the developer have wanted the sequel to their original classic game for a very long time.

Telltale Games were quite well known even before their massive mainstream success in 2012. We will of course be mentioning some of their old work in our list too. Multiple games from the same franchise will surely appear.

Best Telltale Games of All Time 

Now let us begin our list and start mentioning the best games made by Telltale. You are sure to find some experiences here that you will never forget and would want to experience all over again. 

We have carefully picked the very best titles. If you are a fan of the developer we are pretty certain your favorite game will make it into the list. Let’s get right into it.

Game of Thrones

Game of thrones story based game
Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones

Now that is a name that is unknown to very few people. Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV series ever made. After Telltale’s success with The Walking Dead, they received another massive license and now it was Game of Thrones.

Depending on who you ask Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones is either an underrated good game or a very mediocre one. It has the same choice-based system that is present in all the other best Telltale Games released around its timeframe.

Game of Thrones deviates from the regular Telltale Games formula of having 5 episodes. Instead, the game takes place over the span of 6 episodes. Of course similar to other Telltale Games the choices that the players make affect what happens in subsequent episodes.

In addition, what is also very different from other Telltale titles is that now you have 5 playable characters instead of 1 or 2. All of which are trying their best to save their families after being on the losing side of the war.

The game still was enjoyed by plenty of gamers and that is the reason why a sequel was in the talks. The sequel was put on hold in 2017 and then eventually got canceled when Telltale Games closed in 2018.

While there are certainly better options when it comes to which Telltale game to play Game of Thrones is certainly worth trying out. Like we mentioned people do like so you never know you might end up liking it as well. It still made our best Telltale games list even if it is at the bottom. 

The Walking Dead Michonne

Walking dead TV show videogame
Cover of The Walking Dead Michonne

Telltale’s The Walking Dead series has no relation or connection to the TV series. It takes place in the same world as The Walking Dead comics do. Now the TV show does have the same characters from the comics but has their personalities and development altered.

Michonne is one of the most popular characters in the TV show. Fans were delighted to see that they would be able to shape and alter her story by going through it in a Telltale game. While the game didn’t turn out as good as fans had hoped it’s still very decent. 

Furthermore, unlike most of the best Telltale games, The Walking Dead: Michonne has 3 episodes instead of 5. Now, these are indeed few but fans consider the second episode to be some of the best in Telltale’s series.

The main purpose of the game was to provide further character development for Michonne who fans had grown to like a lot very quickly. In that task, the game surely succeeded it is just that it felt half-baked compared to Telltale’s other titles. 

The Walking Dead: Michonne was released back in 2016 and it took place during the events of Michonne’s departure from the TV show. Michonne alongside Glenn is one of the only two characters that showed up in Telltale’s games.

If you are a fan of Telltale’s The Walking Dead you will enjoy the game. Even if you are coming from the TV series the game will satisfy you. 

Bone The Great Cow Race

The Great Cow Race GAme cover Bone
Characters of Bone The Great Cow Race

Now here is a game on our list that is a sequel. Its prequel Bone: Out From The Bonewile was released back in 2005. It didn’t make our list but you can certainly check it out before this one.

Just like other games that were created by Telltale, it has entertaining and enjoyable writing. Similar to their The Walking Dead franchise, Bone: The Great Cow Race is also based upon a comic book series.

In addition, the comics were released way back in 1996 and they share the same name as the game. Bone: The Great Cow Race is a very faithful adaptation. As faithful as a videogame adaption of a comic book series can be.

The gameplay has the player controlling the three Bone cousins. It feels straight up like a graphic novel or visual novel. The main thing that carries it isn’t its gameplay but it is its entertaining writing. 

Moreover, the only main negative about the game is its short length which can be a turn-off for a lot of gamers. You can finish it in 3 hours on average. That playtime feels especially extra short when compared to almost every other game released in its timeframe. 

Bone: The Great Cow Race is still worth checking out though. Whether it be as a piece of Telltale history or as a regular good short entertaining game, the quality over quantity approach it goes for is what has made it appear on our list.

400 Days The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 400 Days Expansion Date
Photo Showcasing The Characters of The Walking Dead 400 Days

Now here is a game on our list that is more of an expansion story DLC. It was released separately and it was written as the sixth episode of Telltale’s original The Walking Dead.

The story focuses on 5 protagonists one of which returns in The Walking Dead Season Two. It gives a different point of the view on the apocalypse. 400 Days shows the players how other people aside from their characters are suffering from the apocalypse.

Furthermore, it is titled “400 Days” because it focuses on a single location where survivors come and leave. It starts from the first day of the apocalypse until the 400th one. 

If you are a fan of Telltale’s The Walking Dead or you are somebody who is now getting into the franchise 400 Days is worth checking out. It is a great DLC story and adds a lot to the overall worldbuilding of The Walking Dead. 

Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy

Guardians of the galaxy telltale story game
The Guardians of the Galaxy from Telltale Games

Telltale is no stranger to getting big licenses and they did receive another massive one from Marvel. The game is based on Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy comic book series which takes the reader on an epic adventure throughout the entire galaxy.

Guardians of The Galaxy has nowadays become a quite popular property thanks to the success of its films. Telltale Games released their version back in 2017. It started with an excellent opening that had the fans hooked. 

The game has 5 episodes. As mentioned earlier the opening episode is stellar. It had fans hyped to see more. Telltale’s Guardians of The Galaxy was mainly praised for its great immersive voice acting and fast-paced story. 

Moreover, the main criticism it received was that it followed the exact same formula that other Telltale Games did. Gamers were expecting that they would switch some things up. 

The other and the main disappointing thing was the game’s ending episode. It felt extremely lackluster when compared to the rest of the game. Fans of the movies, comics, and even those that had loved the game thus far were disappointed with the final episode.

Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy is still a very enjoyable game. The voice acting and story carry the experience. It is nothing special and is exactly like your everyday Telltale games but it is certainly worth checking out.

Back to the Future The Game

Back to the Future Game Cover Wallpaper
A recreation of the film’s cover in Back to the Future: The Game

With this game, Telltale Games was working on an adaption of one of the most loved and cherished pieces of media ever. Back to the Future trilogy is widely loved by millions of people around the globe.

It is the original popular time travel adventure story. The movies have an extremely memorable journey. Back to the Future: The game was adapting the first film of the trilogy. That film is considered by many to be the best time travel story.

Furthermore, the insane amount of love the franchise gets from fans is the reason why Telltale Games were extra careful when developing the game. They were doing online surveys to see if the fans were satisfied.

Back to the Future: The game successfully adapted most of the charm of the films with accurate and faithful writing. What made the adaption so accurate was also the fact that the co-writer of the trilogy Bob Gale was working on the game as a writer.

The game was released episodically so fans had to wait before they could continue the story. Telltale Games was obviously very passionate about the IP. They wanted to make sure that they made a truly faithful game.

In addition, all of the dedication paid off. Back to the Future: The game is a very enjoyable product. The passion and care are very evident in the final product.

Sam & Max Save The World

Sam and Max Save the World Wallpaper
Telltale’s Sam & Max: Save The World

Telltale Games has developed multiple games that were adapted from comic books. Sam & Max: Save The World is another one of those games. It was originally released as an exclusive to PC back in 2006.

The game was developed by Telltale Games and some former developers of LucasArts. You can see the LucasArts charm all over the game, in its writing, style, and all the other aspects.

Moreover, Sam & Max: Save The World stayed very faithful to the comics. The visual style perfectly captured the charm of the comics’ and the game was very faithfully written. Its gameplay mainly revolves around solving puzzles and talking to people.

The puzzles are of course fun but challenging. Some would even consider them hard. The writing alongside being faithful is very enjoyable as one would expect from Telltale Games and former LucasArts developers.

In addition, Sam & Max: Save The World is a pretty lengthy game. It takes place over the span of 6 episodes. We are sure that you would enjoy the adventures of the duo. It is an easy recommendation for anybody who loves the charm of classic LucasArts games.

All of these aspects make Sam & Max: Save The World a very memorable game for people who played it back in the day. Also, all of these aspects are the reason why the game made it into our list. Do give it a shot if you are looking for a unique fun well written game.

Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures

Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventure videogame cover
Promotional image for Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures

Here comes another Telltale videogame based on a movie.  Wallace & Gromit franchise was a fun time for many due to its wholesome adventures and British humor. The story follows an inventor and his dog that is almost as expressive as Scooby Doo. 

Another aspect of the franchise that fans adored was its animation. It used clay animation and all of it looked very charming and unique. The animators poured their love and passion into the project and crafted very expressive animations. 

In addition, the clay-like animation style was something Telltale Games knew they had to replicate. It was one of the most recognizable traits of the original franchise. Telltale Games did it with flying colors. It looked extremely close to the originals and fans were delighted. 

Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures turned out to be a passionate enjoyable game. The game consists of 4 episodes. Through these episodes, players will be controlling both Wallace and Gromit. 

The game was not developed by Telltale Games alone. For it, they partnered up with Aardman Animation. They needed to do that to properly develop the game’s characters and animations. The voice actor for Wallace is replaced but the change is almost seamless. 

It is certainly a very well-done game. Fans of the original franchise will love it. If you can get a hold of it give it a shot. 

Sam & Max Beyond Time And Space

Sam & Max Sequel game
Official Cover for Sam & Max: Beyond Time And Space

And the duo returns to grab another spot on our list. Sam & Max: Beyond Time And Space was released after Sam & Max: Save The World. It is a great sequel and improves on a lot of aspects of its predecessor.

Both the games run on the same engine but Sam & Max: Beyond Time And Space has obvious improvements such as smoother animations and more interactions with the NPCs and the world.

The game follows the most common Telltale episode count. It takes place over the span of 5 episodes. All of these are filled with charming interactions and encounters. Each episode improves upon the quality of the one that came before it.

In addition, Sam & Max: Beyond Time And Space was mainly praised for its story. There were pretty much no boring or out-of-place moments in the campaign. If you loved the previous entry there is literally no reason to not play this one. 

We personally loved the game’s charming story and had a blast. That is why we will wholeheartedly recommend you to check it out. It is easily one of the best Telltales games. The extra interactions add a lot to the immersion and the captivity of the story.

Batman The Telltale Series

Telltale Batman Games
Telltale’s Batman Game

When we think of a Batman game the ones that come to mind are Rocksteady’s third-person brawlers. Before Rocksteady started making Batman games most superhero games, in general, were pretty mediocre or rough around the edges.

Telltale Games tried their hand at making a story-based choice-focused Batman game. Depending on who you ask they either succeeded or failed miserably. One thing is for sure though Telltale gave us a spin on Batman that we had never seen before in games.

In addition, Batman The Telltale Series came out in 2016 on pretty much all the platforms, even on Nintendo Switch and Mobile Devices. The game features 5 episodes. Just like the regular Telltale Games formula all the choices you make alter things in the story.

The game actually introduced a new feature to the repetitive Telltale formula. It was more of an assistance feature rather than a significant gameplay one. The feature was called Crowd Play it allowed players to get help by seeing what choices other players made. 

Furthermore, Batman The Telltale Series is one of the very few Telltale games with multiple branching paths. That means now your choices actually matter a lot more than they did in other games and they significantly impact the story.

Most fans really enjoyed Telltale’s take on Batman. Some people thought the game felt uninteresting. We certainly had a very fun time with it and will easily recommend it to Telltale fans or Batman fans. 

CSI Deadly Intent

CSI Deadly Intent wallpaper official cover
The official cover of CSI: Deadly Intent

Here comes another Telltale title that is based on an extremely well-known and loved IP. What is an awesome cool fact about CSI: Deadly Intent is that all of the actors from the show reprised their roles in the game. 

Telltale’s CSI: Deadly Intent came out around the time the show was into its ninth season. The game featured a massive cast of characters. So Telltale Games had to make sure to balance all of them out. This was obviously no small task but they mostly succeeded. 

In addition, the game consists of 5 episodes they are referred to as cases this time around. Also, the game was not published by Telltale Games. Instead, the publishing was handled by Ubisoft

Telltale Games developed the game and worked hard to make it as faithful and good as possible. While Ubisoft provided them with the things necessary and then published the title. Both of the companies worked well together and the development wasn’t hindered whatsoever.

It is a vastly different game from what we have come to experience from Telltale Games and yet it feels very familiar. It made our list because it is something very unique and well made. There are gamers out there who would have a blast with CSI: Deadly Intent.

Batman The Enemy Within

Batman Telltale Sequel Game
The Official Cover for Batman: The Enemy Within

Here is the direct sequel to Telltale’s Batman: The Telltale Series. Similar to its predecessor it was released on every platform. That includes mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. It is a great sequel and improves upon almost everything. 

The main thing that draws people’s attention to the game. Which was also the main selling point was how much different their version of the Joker was. He was a very complex character and the game took time to thoroughly develop him. 

In addition, now with the recent Joker film, a lot of people have seen a sympathetic humanized version of the Joker. Telltale Games did it first and they did not change the backstory of the character much and kept the core of the character intact.

Batman: The Enemy Within is honestly one of the most unique and emotional Batman stories we have seen outside of the comics. Telltale’s version really adds a lot to the characters and develops them beyond their usual selves. 

It is a Batman game so of course, you will be playing as both Bruce Wayne and his vigilante alter ego The Dark Knight Batman. If you love Batman then you must give the game a shot. It easily makes our best Telltale games list.

Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People

Strong Bad's videogame cover
Promotional Image for Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People

Yes, that is a weird and long name for a videogame. Also yes it is another Telltale Games TV show adaptation. Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People is based on a web series called Homestar Runner

The game is mainly focused on comedy just like its source material. It focuses on bizarre comedy and relies on shock value and things of similar nature. Just like Telltale’s other licensed games, it is a very faithful product.

Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People follows the common Telltale Games five-episode storyline. All the episodes weren’t released at the same time though. People had to wait for other episodes to come out similar to Back To The Future: The Game.

In addition, what was good is that they didn’t have to wait a long time. The game was completely between August and December 2008. That is a significantly shorter timeframe for episode releases when compared to other Telltale games.

If you are the type of gamer who likes to be surprised with entertaining writing. Then Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People is certainly going to be your kind of game. Give it a shot it made our list because of how bizarre and entertaining it is.

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The Walking Dead A New Frontier 

The Walking Dead Season 3 Wallpaper
Cover photo of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Now we have another Telltale The Walking Dead game. The franchise consists of some of Telltale’s best works to date. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is a very divisive edition. It is chronologically the third season of Telltale’s story.

Some players loved that they introduced a new protagonist and a completely new cast of characters. While others hated the forced romance that was present in the game. A lot of players reasonably so were creeped out by the sister-in-law romance that was in the game.

Moreover, some gamers just found the entire cast of characters to be underwhelming compared to the cast of previous seasons. We personally enjoyed the game and think that it has some awesome moments that compensate for the low points.

The game has 5 episodes and in all of these, you control the new protagonist, Javier Garcia who we think is a suitable temporary replacement for Clementine. The story focuses on him and his family, how they are surviving the apocalypse and what are their plans.

Furthermore, even though Clementine isn’t the protagonist of the game she is present for most of the game. So if you are just here to see her story progress it definitely does.

The player’s choices still matter and it follows the same old Telltale Games formulae. It is a Telltale The Walking Dead game through and through. The game also features some of the most crucial moments in Clementine’s life.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier has great pacing and things kick off really fast. The players will be making pivotal choices in no time. If you haven’t played it yet, give it a shot it is certainly worth checking out.

The Walking Dead Season Two

The walking dead season 2 clementine wallpaper
Cover of the Game Showing Clementine Surrounded By Zombies

Some players would argue that there should not have been a sequel to Telltale’s The Walking Dead. They in their own right are correct but we do have multiple sequels and they are all decent. The Walking Dead: Season Two starts off extremely strong.

From the get-go, The Walking Dead: Season Two introduces the player to a lot of new characters. All of these characters seem very unique with their own personal struggles. The players are free to pick some really serious and antagonizing dialogue options. 

In addition, you can truly turn little Clementine into a selfish person. The player can straight up refuse to help characters who are about to die or blackmail people. It feels like a very worthy sequel to the first game and it is until the third episode.

The game just like every other game in Telltale’s The Walking Dead franchise contains 5 episodes. The first 2 episodes are excellent and have a great emotional impact. After the third episode, the game goes downhill. 

It takes the control away from the player and starts killing characters at random with no way to save them. So if you grew attached to some character there is no way to save them. 

This aspect of Telltale’s games is something gamers have always hated and it is present very prominently in The Walking Dead Season Two. Despite all that it is a good game and a good sequel which is why it made it into our best Telltale games list.

Tales of Monkey Island

Tales of the Monkey Island wallpaper long awaited sequel
The Cover Photo of Telltale’s Tales of Monkey Island

Tales of Monkey Island is a game developed by Telltale Games from a license provided by LucasArts. It is the fifth installment in the Monkey Island franchise. Fans of the franchise waited a long time for the game as it came out after nearly a decade. 

LucasArts oversaw the development because they wanted to make sure that the essence of the franchise was present in the latest installment. After all these years we would say Telltale Games succeeded in making a great sequel.

The game is divided into 5 chapters all of which faithfully add to the Monkey Island franchise. It is a wonderful experience from start to finish. If you just got into the franchise don’t miss out on this amazing edition. 

In addition, what also probably added to the success of Tales of Monkey Island was that Dave Grossman directed it. For those who don’t know he is the guy who worked on the first two games in the franchise.

It is a point-and-click game that was a dying genre by the time Tales of Monkey Island came out. It revived the entire genre. Because of all of these impressive things that it achieves Tales of Monkey Island is certainly one of the best Telltale games.

The Walking Dead The Final Season

Walking Dead Telltale Games Final Season
Cover Photo of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Mirroring the Cover of The Original Game

The Walking Dead: The Final Season perfectly concludes Clementine’s story and with that brings an end to Telltale’s The Walking Dead franchise. It starts off strong and it ends strong. Player choices truly and completely matter here.

Fans were delighted to see that Telltale Games gave their favorite characters a great farewell. Most of the new characters that were introduced in the game are also very likable and charming. 

It reintroduces an old character who has been missing since the first game. They tie it all together really nicely and give a pretty happy ending depending on how you play the game. You can of course aim for the worst possible outcome. 

Moreover, the game turns Clementine into somewhat of a badass and mature character. She is now playing the role of the caretaker that Lee played for her in the original. Everything wraps up nicely and it feels like the right time to end the franchise rather than milking it for no reason.

The story follows Clementine and AJ on their way to find some supplies for themselves. They end up finding something way more important and priceless, a home. 

Then everything goes horribly wrong and Clementine has to fix it all while trying her best to save the people around her. It really is a story that is mainly focused on character relations and how in a cruel post-apocalyptic world you can still find kind people.

Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us Season 1 cover Bigby Wolf
Offical Cover of The Wolf Among Us Featuring Bigby Wolf

Everyone wants to see their childhood characters in a somewhat mature and mysterious setting. Wolf Among Us does exactly that by bringing fairy tale characters into a realistic world. These fairy tale creatures are living among humans and are trying their best to fit in.

Then suddenly everything goes wrong when a human is murdered. The protagonist of the story Sheriff Bigby Wolf knows that they will blame his kind for the human’s death. That starts off the story with the player trying to find what happened and who did it.

In addition, just like most of the games on our list Wolf Among Us takes place over the span of five episodes. All of these end in a very suspenseful moment that makes the player continue playing as soon as possible. 

It is a very thrilling ride from start to finish. During the adventures, you run into many familiar characters and almost all of them have been gratifyingly implemented into this world.  The ending is very special and it will have some players very shocked.

The game ends on a cliffhanger. Don’t worry it is a good kind of cliffhanger, not the one which leaves the story incomplete but the one that makes you want a sequel. 

The Wolf Among Us is an awesome murder mystery game with amazing characters and impactful choices. We absolutely love the game and highly recommend it to everybody. It is easily one of the best Telltale games and even one of the best games period. 

The Walking Dead Season One

Walking Dead Season 1
Telltale’s 2012 The Walking Dead Season One

You knew when you started reading that it will make the list. The Walking Dead season 1 came out back in 2012. It is the game that made Telltale Games a household name. It is considered one of the best story-based games of all time and has received the most awards in 2012.

The Walking Dead season one is one of the original games that popularised the father-daughter dynamic that we see in many games nowadays. Lee is an incredible protagonist who is surrounded by other awesome characters that all feel unique.

In addition, all the characters in the game feel human. They all have been scarred by the apocalypse in different ways. Some of them have even lost the will to live. You go through so many locations and meet many different characters. Some good and some evil.

Lee and Clementine’s relationship is the highlight of the game. The care that Lee shows towards Clementine is very admirable. He literally treats her like she is his own daughter. Lee tries his very best to keep the group together he serves as an excellent leader.

The zombie game genre had gone very bland so you really needed to create something extraordinary to stand out. Telltale Games managed to make the best ps4 zombie game that we had played in years.

Moreover, some players even think that people should just play The Walking Dead season one and ignore the rest. That is just how good it is. It is easily one of the best Telltale games if not the very best. This is the game that made Telltale Games famous and mainstream.

Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands cover photo wallpaper
Rhys and Fiona on the Cover of Tales from the Borderlands

Now we arrive at the best Telltale game in our opinion. Tales from the Borderlands is easily the best Borderlands story. It is filled with incredible humor, lovable characters, and a great story bundled with an awesome soundtrack.

Don’t let the Borderlands name scare you away from this incredible game. It was completely developed by Telltale Games. They did the writing, picked the music, and everything else. Chronologically it takes place after Borderlands 2.

The game follows two protagonists Rhys and Fiona. Both of these are extremely charming and the voice acting for both is really well done. You literally won’t find a single bad-written character in the entire game or even a single bad line of dialogue.

There are wholesome references everywhere and the story literally never gets boring. It has 5 episodes and all of these just keep getting better and better. The chemistry between the characters is also great. 

In addition, the opening sequences of each episode are extremely well directed backed up with some fitting music. It really feels like you are playing through a passionate product. The player’s choices matter and depending on what you do even the ending changes.

It was a delight to see Rhys return in Borderlands 3 as he has become one of our favorite protagonists very quickly. Tales from the Borderlands is an incredible game, one of the best story games out there, and also one of the best games in general.

Tales from the Borderlands was delisted from storefronts but thankfully it is back again and you can buy it and jump in straight away. It is an easy recommendation. Check it out as soon as you can. Handsome Jack is still as awesome as ever if not better.


And with that our list comes to a close. We have gone through all the major Telltale Games franchises. We hope your favorite Telltale game made it into our list.

Telltale Games has had us hyped with their announcement for The Wolf Among Us 2. Here’s to hoping that it will be just as brilliant as the original. While you wait for it consider trying some of the games from our list that you haven’t played before.

What do you think about Telltale games? Do you enjoy them or do you hate that the choices don’t carry much impact? What is your favorite Telltale game? Are you hyped for The Wolf Among Us 2? Let us know all about your thoughts in the comments section below.

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