10 BEST Thymesia Weapons

The fighting in Thymesia is the game’s primary selling point. Corvus is very nimble, drowning his foes in a shower of blades and dodging out of sight just in time to prevent them from executing a clean counterattack. With so many plague weapons in the game, we have listed the ten best Thymesia weapons you should keep an eye out for a while playing the game.

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In Thymesia, there is no stamina meter to manage in this setting; the only thing that can restrict the number of consecutive hits you can land with each strike is the size of a combo chain.

You will not only obtain and improve plague weapons, which are secondary attacks that imitate the armaments of your foes, but you will also collect a currency that is dropped by foes and then spend it to increase stats such as health and damage. It is the standard method for increasing your strength. 

These weapons provide you with potent powers that allow you to diversify your offensive strategies, such as large, hefty halberd hits or a knife that is both rapid and precise. Itis perhaps the most exciting aspect of the game.

That is particularly helpful for bosses and elite adversaries, both of whom often have a wide array of potent abilities available to them. When you take on the role of Corvus, the game’s protagonist, you have the special capability to take the corrupted abilities of your foes away from them and mold these into potent weapons for use in the game’s brutal and incredibly quickly close-quarters combat.

When facing harsh foes, it is important to use furious skills, parries at the right moment, and creative dodging to stand out victorious. Now let us discuss the best Thymesia plague weapons you should have in your arsenal.

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Halberd – plague weapons Thymesia

The Halberd is without a doubt the best Plague Weapon in Thymesia available very early, but it is also a very poor selection after you’ve access to more arsenal. When it comes to the versatility required in the fight, the halberd reigns supreme.

Halberd plague weapon is basically capable of doing anything. It inflicts significant damage, strikes the target multiple times, and has the potential to stun the opponent. After being upgraded, it grants a damage bonus, giving you a somewhat more powerful hit streak whenever you use it, and the effect also stacks.

In addition to that, the halberd has tremendous range, which enables the user to remain at a safe distance while still doing damage. It even has the ability to cut through foes, providing it with tremendous area-of-effect (AOE) capabilities.

The halberd is versatile and may be used in any build configuration you want in Thymesia. Furthermore, Reave would benefit greatly from selecting the option.

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Bow weapon

The bow weapon playstyle in Thymesia is suitable for ranged combat engagements and is extremely useful in taking down lots of health points of enemies by remaining at a distance from them. Of course, most of the combat in Thymesia encourages melee playstyle; however, the Bow weapon is something that does something unique here. 

The safe distance from enemies and dealing ranged damage makes a bow user deadly, and Corvus has the maximum chances of staying alive if you’re at a distance from foes. This reason alone makes the bow one of the best Thymesia weapons players can use. 


Scythe – plague weapons Thymesia

The Scythe is interesting weaponry to use. It has a rather sluggish connecting time with an opponent, and the damage it does isn’t particularly great, but it strikes over a large area, and it recovers your health whenever it makes a successful contact or hits an adversary.

The healing is also not to be overlooked in importance. If you’re using it against multiple foes at once, you may be able to reduce the number of health elixirs or potions you need to spend. You can pretty much make a mid to late-game health recovery build by using the Scythe weapon, and that is why we consider it the best weapon in Thymesia.

Its Extended Attack is quite good because it turns a simple swiping slash into a combination instead of just making one attack per button. In general, the Scythe is a very strong option, and it is quite simple to level up to its maximum potential after you have visited the Royal Garden since there are so many Scythe foes there.

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Charged Claw

charged claw

Charged Claw in Thymesia deals even more damage to enemy wounds so that this weapon can be used as your secondary. The playstyle here would be to deal with or weaken the enemy using your primary or main weapon, such as a greatsword or halberd, and when the enemy is vulnerable, you use the Charged Claw to unleash mayhem. 

The next best thing about the Charged Claw is that when you strike it or connect the hit with an enemy, you will prevent the enemy from healing. It is effective against tanky enemies or if you are fighting one-versus-one against a tough foe.

The inability to heal will surely give Corvus an upper hand in combat as you will block the enemy’s healing ability, making them susceptible to die sooner than expected. 

However, you must note that while you’re performing the Charged Claw weapon attack, Corvus will remain vulnerable. The attack animation easily takes at least 2 seconds before the attack is connected to the nearby enemy. That is why using the Charged Claw in a crowd of enemies will be an unwise decision. 


Shield – plague weapons Thymesia

Now the shield weapon is practically not an offensive plague weapon in Thymesia, but it still is a part of the plague arsenal in the game. That is why we are going to list a little less aggro Plague Weapons here in the list and move on from aggressive weaponry to something that offers protection.

If you effectively intercept an attack with the shield, then you will instantly negate the block and execute a strong shield smash. The shield gives you the ability to block almost any small to heavy strike in Thymesia properly.

It can be summed up like this; if you are unable to get the timing right on a strong blow, such as a leaping move of an enemy, then the Shield may cover up that vulnerability for you. Its Extended Attack is also quite good since it not only does much more damage but also helps the user effectively handle large crowds.

Considering the defensive playstyle the shield offers in Thymesia, you can pretty much make a build out of it, and that is also another reason we believe it is one of the best Thymesia weapons

Hand Axe

handaxe – plague weapons Thymesia

Another early game weapon that can have the perfect potential to be your go-to arsenal in Thymesia. The brute power of the hand axe can not be questioned as it rivals most weapons that you get during the mid to late game we have listed here in our best Thymesia weapons guide.

Still, for an early-game weapon, you can’t go wrong with using the Hand Axe for a couple of bosses. The hand axe is one of the best Plague Weapons that you’re going to get early on in the game, and it is also one of the earliest that you’re going to obtain.

The hand axe can be drawn quickly, causes a significant amount of damage to enemies, and has a reasonable skill cooldown that enables you to draw it out whenever you want. 

In addition to that, the hand axe has a terrific Extended Attack that really rocks out the attack style you connect to an enemy. You may choose to lower the amount of damage you do and throw your axe rather than splashing on some unfortunate enemy in Thymesia.

Because of its usefulness, the hand axe is without a doubt transformed into excellent picks that might be of assistance to you throughout your journey in Thymesia.


Greatsword – plague weapons Thymesia

The Greatsword is unrivaled when it comes to weapons that swing fast and hit. This equipment delivers exceptional damage output and efficiency, and it unleashes itself at a startlingly quick rate. It is as easy as doing a sweep that affects many enemies at once, followed by performing a leaping slam, and it is really rewarding to pull off successfully.

Additionally, its Extended Attack is a very powerful ability that, if used timely, can wreak havoc on enemies in Thymesia. The Extended Attack is a very powerful ability that, if used timely, can wreak havoc on enemies in Thymesia.

Considering the basic and extended attack pattern of the Greatsword in the game, we think it offers top-tier utility, and that is why we consider it one of the best Thymesia weapons right now.

The passive benefits that the greatsword offers, provided that the user has the appropriate attributes are, nevertheless, what give it its true value. By wielding this Plague Weapon in Thymesia, if you have the correct or optimal build that is tuned more towards the DPS side and supports the greatsword, you will find the best usage of the weapon in the game then. 

Furthermore, by wielding the greatsword, you may obtain not only Super Armor but also more than 60 percent damage reduction when using it. It grants you the ability to withstand any assault that may come your way in the game and deliver a hit that is very devastating in return.

Blood Blade

Blood Blade – plague weapons Thymesia

The Blood Blade is the Plague Weapon that we most often use as an additional option. It is excellent in every way. During the casting of this spell, your health takes a minor hit, but in exchange, all of your sabre strikes deal 25 additional damage.

It has the effect of nearly tripling the damage done by each sabre strike you make, and it should carry over for a considerable amount of time. In addition to that, every strike ultimately contributes to the accumulation of a cumulative boost.

After that, you may use your Extended Strike and utilize those stacks or boosts and then follow up with a devastating slash attack that grows in strength according to the number of stacks you have accumulated. The overpowering damage that the Sabre does from Blood Blade is so great that not enough tank enemies or bosses are able to withstand it for very long.

Fool’s Punch

Fool’s Punch – plague weapons Thymesia

Fool’s Punch is a strange weapon, and the only way to take advantage of it is to utilize it in a really particular build. This Plague Weapon deals with very minimal damage output in comparison to anything on our best Thymesia weapons list; however, all that does is enhance the level of destruction that your next strike with the Predator’s Claw causes by a massive portion.

It is the point at which players in Thymesia will begin to find the overall usage and purpose of Fool’s Punch fascinating. 

In addition to this, when the weapon is Extended, Predator’s Claw allows you to sequence the first strike into another blow, resulting in considerably more damage than it would do on its own. There is no other combination that does more damage than this one, but it is not easy to execute when you’re surrounded by all the chaos and enemies around you.

Blood Storm

Blood Storm – plague weapons Thymesia

Blood Storm is an especially Plague Weapon in Thymesia that we consider our personal favorite. Because of how well it works, there is no reason even to consider upgrading it. It is without a doubt the superior option at the level. After you put this in place, you should be set to go.

You will get 200 more health points from Blood Storm. It has almost the same amount of power as a Long Potion, or you can say its equivalent to it, but it requires a great deal of Energy to activate. So, fingers crossed for all energy-build-oriented playstyle players in Thymesia.

Since Corvus has a multitude of Energy Talents, you will be able to replenish all of your energy to its maximum level after each and every battle, making the investment worthwhile. It translates to the fact that you are able to regenerate yourself on each and every engagement at no cost and without the need to use any of your healing elixirs or potions in the process. 

When you include in the healing you get from Executions, you’ll find that you really can zip across whole zones without stopping to take a drink from your pouch. Blood Storm is Unquestionably remarkable, and that is why we have zero doubts about placing this weapon in the top-tier position of the best Thymesia weapons list.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the best Thymesia weapons or the best plague weapons in Thymesia. Which weapon is your favorite or go-to one so far in the game? Share your thoughts with us. Let us know more about it in the comments section below.

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