Best Warzone Nikita AVT Loadout [Season 3]

Call of duty is loaded with state-of-the-art features. Warzone season 3 patch notes entail all the new changes and how the gameplay has improved significantly. Thus, you can enjoy weapons like STG44, UGR, and AMAX with new features. Also, new weapons with deadly loadouts and attachments are introduced. But, in this guide, we will explore the monstrous and best Nikita AVT loadout Warzone season 3.  

Nikita AVT is a deadly rifle that belongs to the Assault rifle category. Moreover,  It’s among the most potent and furious Assault rifles. It’s a lightweight weapon capable of inflicting lethal damage. Maneuvering is easy that allows you to move around and kill the opponents efficiently. 

This weapon is a specialist in close to medium ranges. Nikita AVG is a game-changer, and it can unleash a beast if you are surrounded by multiple hostiles. It does have a few pros and cons; however, demerits can be tackled with the correct loadout. Also, go through our 10 Best Warzone Season 3 Guns and Best Warzone ZRG 20mm Loadout Season 3 guides.    

Warzone Season 3 Nikita AVT Loadout

It’s the best Assault rifle in the arsenal. However, its best suited for close to medium-range combat. It can also deal with extraordinarily high DPS bursts on targets and inflict significant damage per second. Weapons recoil causes vertical zigzagging. But, the issue can be resolved with correct loadout. Meanwhile, explore other loadout guides like Best Warzone Season 3 NZ41 Loadout and Warzone Best AX50 Season 3 Loadout.

Nikita AVT requires a few attachments to enhance to capabilities. These attachments might result in higher accuracy and range. The loadout is more suitable for combats that require high mobility and firing power. Because it’s a lightweight weapon capable of firing deadly bursts.  

Pros And Cons Of Nikita AVT

It’s the best Nikita AVT loadout In Warzone season 3 because of the aptitude and lethal killing power in close to medium ranges. The light weight helps the player move fast, and overall mobility is very high. Ferocious burst and extraordinary firing power are dominant features of the rifle. Also, go through our guides like Best MP40 Loadouts in Warzone Season 3 and Best Krig 6 Loadout Warzone Season 3.

Furthermore, accuracy and range are improved with added attachments. It makes this loadout a virtual killing machine. However, its recoil is an issue. Accuracy is affected by the recoil, and there is a vertical zigzag movement, especially when firing bursts. The issue is addressed by adding attachments that significantly reduce the recoil.      

2 Best Nikita AVT Loadout In Warzone Season 3

If you are looking for the best Nikita AVT loadout, you are at the right place. Best loadout contains attachments, Perks, and equipment that boost this weapon’s aptitude and improve the limitations. Loadouts can be made in various ways.

But the best loadouts need to boost the specific traits precisely. So, without further delay, let’s move on to these loadouts. But before that, go through our guides like Best Warzone Season 3 H4 Blixen Loadout and 14 Best COD Warzone Season 3 Sniper Rifles.

Loadout 1 For Nikita AVT Warzone

Best Nikita AVT loadout Warzone season 3
Brutal killing Machine
  • Muzzle: Mercury Silencer
  • Barrel: Empress 613mm BFA
  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Stock: ZAC MS
  • Underbarrel: M1941 Hand Stop
  • Magazine: 7.62x54MMR 45 Round Mags
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Polymer Grip
  • Perk 1: Perfectionist
  • Perk 2: Fully Loaded

The best Nikita AVT loadout In Warzone season 3 improves the recoil issues and makes it more stable while firing. With increased stability, Nikita AVT is more accurate and capable of hunting targets with extreme precision. Moreover, the range is improved by the attachments.  

Mercury Silencer curbs recoil while keeping your shots silent. It also adds to the accuracy and increases a little bit of range. But, the most strong to improve the recoil limitation is barrel attachment. Empress 613mm BFA barrel is a perfect and practical attachment to control recoil and enhance the range.

ZAC MS stock provides extra accuracy and reduces ADS speed. To further boost the accuracy M1941 Hand Stop is of utmost importance. Also, the extended magazines contain 45 rounds, which lasts longer in combats. This means that extended magazines will go hand in hand with fire rate, and you won’t be bothered by frequent reloading.

The optic is whole to your choice, but we suggest Slate Reflector as it offers extra ADS speed and mobility. Furthermore, Polymer grips give you great control over your weapon and drastically boost recoil control. Also, the lengthened ammo reduces recoil and increases bullet velocity, resulting in more damage.  

Benefits Of Nikita AVT Loadout 1

It’s designed to improve recoil shortcomings, so its primary benefit is significant recoil control. With stability, you cant fire at decent ranges with pinpoint accuracy. Moreover, light weight makes it easier to maneuver and move around. To know more about loadout, go through our guides like Warzone Best Fara 83 Loadouts In Season 3 and five Best COD Warzone Season 3 Loadouts.

Silencer and barrel attachment plays a vital role in reducing recoil while improving accuracy and range. Lengthened magazines and extended ammo enhance your capabilities during combat, and you become a lethal threat to your opponents.

Also, the optic is a great attachment that boosts Mobility and ADS speed. The polymer grips also offer benefits in reducing recoil and providing much-needed accuracy. Now, let’s move on to the secondary weapon for the loadout.

Secondary Weapon For The Loadout

Best Nikita AVT loadout Warzone season 3
Long Range Assassin

A sniper rifle is most suited as a secondary weapon for Nikita AVT loadout. Kar98k is among the most mobile snipers, and it’s a viable option for the best Nikita AVT loadout. It’s listed as a Marksman rifle, but a one-shot headshot permits it to excel in the sniper class.

It has a swift ADS time that gives you an edge over opponents with other snipers because they are slower. With more mobility and faster aim, it can be a nightmare for opponents with snipers. Upgrade it with correct attachments, and you have a lethal sniper for your loadout.

Perks And Equipment For Loadout 1

  • Perk 1, Cold Blooded
  • Perk 2, Ghost
  • Perk 3, Amped
  • Claymore
  • Heartbeat Sensor

While using the Cold-blooded perk, you are invisible to enemies, and it’s less likely that you will be targeted. Even enemy thermal scopes can’t detect you. Similarly, the Ghost perk makes you even more invisible. While using it, you are undetectable by Heartbeat sensors, UAVs, and Radar Drones.

Amped perk allows you to swap between weapons instantly. Using it, you can swap weapons at once, and killing enemies becomes a piece of cake. For example, you are in a shootout, and the number of hostiles increases. Now you can swap to rocket launcher instantly and kill them all.

Heartbeat Sensor helps you locate your enemies on a small. You can locate enemies in vast areas without being visible to them. They won’t even notice, and you will know exactly where they are and their exact number.

Claymore is an explosive device that is deadly for aggressive players. When someone comes close to its effective range, it explodes, and its power is lethal. Claymore works exceptionally well for enemies who don’t focus and consider their surroundings.  

Loadout 2 For Nikita AVT Warzone

Best Nikita AVT loadout Warzone season 3
The Best Loadout
  • Muzzle: F8 Stabilizer
  • Barrel: Kovalevskaya 546mm Sniper
  • Optic: G16 2.5x
  • Stock: Zac Padded
  • Underbarrel: M3 Ready Grip
  • Magazine: 6.5 Sakura 60 Round Drums
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Polymer Grip

This loadout is mainly for medium and medium to long ranges. 6.5 Sakura 60 Round Drums is an extended magazine with a decent number of bullets that can boost the fire rate. Ammo is lengthened, which increases the bullet velocity and damage. However, recoil is reduced, and the range is improved.

Barrel attachment, Kovalevskaya 546mm Sniper, improves the accuracy and range to the optimum. Also, the recoil becomes more manageable, making the Nikita AVT loadout more steady.

F8 Stabilizer and Polymer grip are perfect additions to boost accuracy and recoil control. Whereas the M3 under-barrel grip bumps up movement, sprint-to-fire speed, and ADS enable this loadout to overcome barrel and stock limitations. Before going further, check out our guides like Warzone NICKMERCS FFAR Loadout and Warzone Bunker Codes.

Benefits Of Nikita AVT Loadout 2

The primary benefit of the best Nikita AVT loadout Warzone season 3 is the incredible range and significant damage at longer ranges. Nikita AVT is a blood-thirsty killing machine with attachments for medium to long ranges. Magazines are extended, allowing you to fire for a longer duration in combat.

 Also, ammo is extended, which results in increased bullet velocity and damage. A sniper barrel helps hit the target with pinpoint accuracy at a more extended range. Also, the barrel grants more control over recoil and makes the recoil more manageable. Furthermore, the rear and under-barrel grips provide more control on recoil and improve the overall stability of Nikita AVT.  

Secondary Weapon For This Loadout

Loadout Warzone
This Beast Can Kill An Entire Squad

The secondary weapon for the loadout is Bren, LMG. It’s a light machine gun capable of wiping the whole squad in no time. It can fire deadly rounds and have an exceptional fire rate. It’s a beast of a weapon and a destroyer of squads. Nothing can stand its life-taking rounds, and it can unleash the brutal force to inflict damage. Scope adds to the accuracy, and it can deal damage at long ranges.    

Perks And Equipment For Loadout 2

  • Cold Blooded
  • Ghost
  • Amped
  • Semtex
  • Heartbeat Sensor

Ghost perk enables you to stay undetected by enemy equipment. It’s terrifying to be located by the enemy without even knowing it. They will attack you from all sides, and you will die clueless. But this perk makes you invisible to Heart sensors, UAVs, and Radar drones. Also, check out our guide on Warzone Vault Locations In Season 6.

Similarly, the Cold-blooded perk enables you to go invisible to the enemies, and it’s unlikely that you will be spotted. Even thermal scopes cant detect you, and you can move around like an invisible threat. However, Amped perk is great for swapping weapons fastly.

A heartbeat sensor is a handy device that helps you locate enemies. With the loadout, you will be able to locate your enemies, but they won’t because you have a ghost perk. You have already beaten them, Don’t you think so?

Semtex is a grenade with destructive power. Its explosive power can be fatal for a large number of opponents. You can even stick this grenade to the enemy or their vehicles. Or you can stick it where your opponents will pass, and they will die without even noticing the threat.

Well, that’s all we have for the best Nikita AVT loadout In Warzone season 3 reloaded. We explained two unique loadouts for excellent recoil control and the other for an increased range. Furthermore, we explained the benefits and suggested a secondary weapon for each loadout. Congrats! Now, you know it all, and you can try these loadouts.

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