15 Best Wrestlers In WWE 2K23 [Detailed Comparison]

Skill is not the problem when these overpowered wrestlers in WWE 2K23 are smacking down!

WWE 2K23 has a huge catalog of wrestlers, but the top brass consists of only a few superstars, and their overall rating actually ranks them in the game, for the most part, except in a few cases. This time around, we have new rankings for the strongest fighters as compared to last year’s WWE game additionally.

Comparison Table And Best WWE 2k23 Wrestlers: 

WWE 2K23 features a roster of 246 wrestlers, with 129 available from the start. Here are my top picks:

WreslersWeight ClassOverall RatingSignature moveFinisher move
Roman ReignsHeavyweight99.0Superman Punch, Guillotine ChokeSpear/Superman Punch Combo
Brock LesnarHeavyweight97.0Suplex City, Brock LockF-5, Kimura Lock
“Stone Cold” Steve AustinHeavyweight96.03:16 Thesz Press, Corner Trapped Knee LiftStone Cold Stunner
Becky LynchCruiserweight96.0Dis-Arm-Her, Molly Go-RoundManhandle Slam
The RockHeavyweight96.0Spinebuster, SharpshooterPeople's Elbow, Rock Bottom
UndertakerHeavyweight95.0Chokeslam, The Last RideTombstone Piledrive, Hell's Lock
Bianca BelairCruiserweight95.0Glam Slam, Standard Shooting StarKOD(Kiss of Death), 450 Splash
John CenaHeavyweight94.0Five Knucke ShuffleAttitude Adjustment
Charlotte FlairCruiserweight94.0Moonsault Feint, SpearNatural Selection, Figure 8 Leglock
Hulk HoganHeavyweight94.0Big Boot, Big HugLeg Drop
Randy OrtonHeavyweight93.0Spike DDTRKO
Trish StratusCruiserweight93.0Chick Kick, Middle Rope BulldogStratusfaction
Bobby LashleyHeavyweight92.0Dominator, Yokosuka CutterThe Hurt Lock, Spear
Seth RollinsLight Heavyweight92.0Frog Splash, The PedigreeCurb Stomp
Cody RhodesLight Heavyweight91.0Cody Cutter, VeteranbreakerCross Rhodes
Important: Not all wrestlers on this list are unlocked from the start, as some are locked behind a paywall and others behind its MyRise mode

Roman Reigns

wwe 2k23 best wrestlers
Roman Reigns In WWE 2K23 (Image Captured by Us)

Roman Reigns is the best wrestler in the game, and that comes with no surprise since he has the highest overall rating. His overall rating is probably the highest that any superstar has achieved in a WWE 2K game. 

  • Overall Rating: An impressive 99, the highest ever in WWE 2K games.
  • Popularity: Roman Reigns is the most popular superstar in WWE.
  • Move-Set: His moves include Powerbombs, Suplexes, Enzu Lariat, Neckbreakers, Clotheslines, Shoulder Tackles, Headbutts, and more.
  • Signature Moves: He has a “Superman Punch” that deals critical head damage and a Guillotine Choke submission hold.
  • Finishers: Roman’s finishers are a standard spear and a devastating Spear/Superman Punch combo, perfect for a stunned opponent in the ring’s corner.

Brock Lesnar

wwe 2k23 best wrestlers
Brock Lesnar In WWE 2K23 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Block Lesnar is our next best superstar that you can main in WWE 2K23, and he has the second-highest overall rating in the game. Brock is known as a beast in WWE, and the same can be said for him in the game.

  • Overall Rating: Impressive with a rating of 97.
  • Move-Set: His moves include various suplexes like German Suplex, Suplex Toss, Snap Suplex, Butterfly Suplex, Belly-to-Belly Suplex, Backdrop Suplex, Half and Half Suplex, as well as clotheslines, sleeper slams, powerbombs, backbreakers, toss-ins, and punches.
  • Signature Moves: “Suplex City” lets him deliver three consecutive German suplexes, while “Brock Lock” is his submission hold.
  • Finishers: His iconic “F-5” involves holding opponents on his shoulders and spinning them before slamming them onto the mat. The “Kimura Lock” is a devastating submission hold targeting an opponent’s hands. Brock Lesnar is a force to be reckoned with.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

character in game
Steve Austin In WWE 2K23

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is a legendary figure in WWE 2K23:

  • Personality: Known for his short-tempered and brash style, Austin’s anti-hero persona made him an iconic superstar of the Attitude Era.
  • Signature Moves: His arsenal includes Body Punch, Double Axe Handle Combo, Gut Kick & Forearm Smash, Jawbreaker, Sidewalk Slam, Inverted Atomic Drop, Texas Piledriver, Gutwrench Suplex, DDT, Bulldog, Headlock Punch, Powerslam, Single Knee Gutbuster, Small Package Hold, Outlaw Stomp, Haymaker, Big Boot, and more.
  • Class and Rating: Austin is a Legend Class wrestler with an impressive overall rating of 96.
  • Signature Moves: He has two signature moves, the “3:16 Thesz Press,” where he pummels a running opponent with punches, and the “Corner Trapped Knee Lift” for stunned opponents at the ring’s corner.
  • Iconic Finisher: The “Stone Cold Stunner” is Austin’s legendary finisher, a facelock jawbreaker that delivers a devastating blow to the opponent.

Becky Lynch

wwe 2k23 best wrestlers
Becky Lynch In WWE 2K23 (Image by eXputer)

Becky Lynch, also known as “The Man,” is highest rated female superstar in WWE 2K23 and has the third-highest overall rating in the game. She holds the record for the longest reign of the WWE RAW Title, and it clearly shows in her skillset.

  • Overall Rating: Impressive at 96, ranking as the third-highest in the game.
  • Move-Set: Includes uppercuts, a variety of suplexes, various DDTs, clotheslines, Electric Chair Drop, powerbombs, and more.
  • Signature Moves: “Dis-Arm-Her” (submission hold) and “Molly Go-Round” (top rope somersault).
  • Finisher: The “Manhandle Slam,” a variation of The Rock’s Rock Bottom. Becky Lynch dominates in WWE 2K23.

The Rock

character in game
The Rock In WWE 2K23 (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Next on our list is People’s Champion “The Rock,” who is not also a terrific wrestler but brings an electrifying energy to every match he partakes in.

Like his personality, Rock has an electrifying move-set that includes dropkicks, clothesline, facebusters, gut punches, gut busters, belly-to-belly, People’s Punch, Russian Leg Sweep, Inverted Atomic Drop, Forearm Smash, Seven-Star Lariat, High Knee Smash, and many more.

  • The Rock’s overall rating ties with Becky Lynch’s as he also sits at an overall rating of 96.
  • The Rock has two signature moves, one of which is a “Spinebuster,” and the other is a submission hold called Sharpshooter, in which he holds both of the opponent’s legs in his hands, flips him over, and leans back on him.
  • He uses two finishers to knock out his opponents, People’s Elbow and Rock Bottom. People’s Elbow can be performed while the opponent is down on the ground, while Rock Bottom is activated while the opponent is standing.


character in game
The Undertaker In WWE 2K23 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The Dead Man needs no introduction, as his legacy and legendary WrestleMania streak speak for itself. Undertaker has always been held in high regard in WWE 2K franchise, and the latest entry in the series is no different.

His move-set helps him live up to his name as it includes a range of various attacks, including Undertaker Punch, Big Boot, Uppercut, Gut Punch, and Old School. Elevated Wrist lock, DDT, clothesline, Shin Breaker, Neck Breaker, Sidewalk Slam, powerbomb, Atomic Drop, and many more.

  • The Undertaker joins our list at number 6 with an overall rating of 95.
  • The Phenom has two signature attacks, Chokeslam and The Last Ride, which is a more powerful version of a standard powerbomb.
  • Undertaker has two finishers to send his opponents to their graves. One is the iconic Tombstone Piledriver, in which he grabs his opponent, turns them around, and goes into a kneeling position. 
  • The other is Hell’s Lock, which is a submission hold; Undertaker can execute on a downed opponent.

Bianca Belair

wwe 2k23 best wrestlers
Blanca Belair In WWE 2K23 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Bianca Belair uses a powerhouse fighting style against her opponents and calls herself “the EST of WWE,” which describes her as the strongest, fastest, quickest, toughest, and roughest.

As mentioned above, Bianca doesn’t hold back against her opponent. She flexes her physique with powerful attacks that include Forearm Smash, Gourdbuster, power slams, gutbusters, Gorilla Press/Moonsault Combo, suplexes, Hair Whip, spear, backbreaker, dropkick, and more.

  • Her moves include Forearm Smash, Gourdbuster, power slams, gutbusters, and more.
  • She has an overall rating of 95, the second-highest among female superstars.
  • Signature moves: “Glam Slam” and “Standard Shooting Star.”
  • Finishers: “KOD (Kiss of Death)” and “450 Splash.” Bianca Belair brings strength and style to the game.

John Cena

character in game
John Cena In WWE 2K23 (Image Captured by Us)

There is no wrestler in WWE who can provide more entertaining matches than John Cena; from the way he riles up the crowd to his absolutely monstrous athletic abilities, John Cena is a force to be reckoned with. While John Cena has a lot of variants in 2K23, including an ultimate variant called Super Cena (who has a perfect rating of 100) for our ranking, we will stick to his standard variant.

John Cena is a versatile fighter, and his athletic range is visible in his move-set, which includes Belly -to-Belly, DDT, Hurricanrana, suplexes, powerbomb, Emerald Flowsion, Michinoku Driver, facebusters, Running Crossbody, Thesz Press, clotheslines, Electric Chair Drop, Neckbreaker, Pop-Up Cutter, Avalanche Shove, a wide variety of punches including is iconic Cenation Punch.

  • While his other variants from his prime are rated much higher, the standard variant of John Cena is also no joke and sits on an impressive overall rating of 94.
  • His signature attacks include a Five Knuckle Shuffle, where John delivers charming Elbow Drop to a downed opponent, and the other is the submission hold called STF Lock.
  • John only has one finisher, “Attitude Adjustment,” where he picks up opponents of any size on his shoulders and flips them in a horizontal direction.
  • However, there are also many other variants of Attitude Adjustment available in the game, like Catching AA, Double AA, and Avalanche AA, to name a few.

Charlotte Flair

wwe 2k23 best wrestlers
Charlotte Flair In WWE 2K23 (Image credit: eXputer)

“The Queen” Charlotte Flair is a 14-time women’s champion and has risen against insurmountable odds on many occasions. Her stand-up and dominant attitude is reflected both in her fighting style and move-set.

  • Moves: Her repertoire includes Knife Edge Chop, Forearm Smash, Big Boot, Lost in the Woods, Showstopper, Fallaway Slam, Chop Block, Charlotte’s Web, Neckbreaker, Running Knee Strike, Neck Crank, Running Swanton, and more.
  • Overall Rating: Charlotte Flair boasts an impressive overall rating of 94.
  • Signature Moves: She has two signature attacks, “Moonsault Feint” and “Spear.” The Moonsault Feint can only be executed on stunned opponents at the ring’s corner, while the Spear can be used against standing opponents at any time.
  • Finishers: Charlotte’s finishers are the “Natural Selection,” a Forward Somersault Cutter, and the “Figure 8 Leglock,” a bridged version of her father’s iconic submission hold, the Figure 4 Leglock. 

Hulk Hogan

wwe 2k23 best wrestlers
Hulk Hogan In WWE 2K23 (Image Captured by Us)

Hulk Hogan is one of the toughest wrestlers ever to grace the WWE, and his absolutely monstrous physique speaks for itself. Throughout his career, Hogan has earned many championships and has taken down even the most ferocious superstars.

Hogan’s move-set is comprised of a wide array of punches, uppercuts, hooks, slams, suplexes, grips, squeezes, drops, facebusters, 10 Count Turnbuckle Smash, clotheslines, Biel Throw, chokes, headbutts, elbow strikes, and more.

  • Hulk Hogan is a powerhouse and holds an overall rating of 94 in WWE 2K23.
  • He has two signature attacks, one of which is a Big Boot to the face, and the other is a submission hold called the “Bear Hug,” where Hogan tightly hugs his opponent and squeezes in until the other guy either gives up or passes out.
  • Hulk Hogan’s iconic finisher is a Leg Drop, where Hogan first slams his opponent onto the mat and then unleashes a running Leg Drop upon his adversaries.

Randy Orton

WWE 2K23 best wrestlers
Randy Orton In WWE 2K23 (Image Captured by eXputer)

“The Viper” Randy Orton is one the most versatile athletes in the business. He has a wide array of unpredictable moves under his belt, and his athletic prowess isn’t toned down in the game at all.

Viper’s wide array of move-sets includes Orton Punch, Knuckle Part, Dropkick, Short-Arm Clothesline, Snap Suplex, uppercuts, Russian Leg Sweep, Neckbreaker, Fallaway Slam, DDT, Backbreaker, Clothsline, Powerbomb, Knee Drop, Mounted Punches, Big Boot, 10 Count Punches, Snake Eyes, Decapitator, and Orton Thesz Press.

  • Moves: Orton’s move-set includes Orton Punch, Dropkick, Neckbreaker, DDT, Powerbomb, and more.
  • Overall Rating: He has an overall rating of 93.
  • Signature Move: The “Spike DDT” from the middle rope and an alternate signature kick attack on crawling opponents.
  • Finishers: The iconic “RKO” and a running knee to the face on a downed opponent near the ring’s corner. Randy Orton is a versatile wrestler in the game.

Trish Stratus

character in game
Trish Stratus In WWE 2K23 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Often hailed as the greatest female WWE Superstar, this WWE Hall of Famer is a Legend Class female superstar in WWE 2K23 and is seven times WWE Women’s Champion.

  • Moveset: Includes High Left Kick, Forearm Smash, Hair Pull Mat Slam, and more.
  • Overall Rating: A solid 93, among the top-rated female stars.
  • Signature Moves: “Chick Kick” and “Middle Rope Bulldog.”
  • Finisher: “Stratusfaction,” a modified Bulldog using the top rope for added impact. Trish Stratus is a legend in the game.

Bobby Lashley

wwe 2k23 best wrestlers
Bobby Lashley In WWE 2K23 (Image by eXputer)

Lashley expertise in mixed martial arts and professional wrestling brings new energy to the ring in the form of moves that combine the best of both worlds.

  • Moves: Forearm Smash, Big Boot, Clothesline, Gourdbuster, One Handed Spinebuster, and more.
  • Overall Rating: Impressive at 92, placing him among the top wrestlers.
  • Signature Moves: “Dominator” and “Yokosuka Cutter.”
  • Finishers: “The Hurt Lock” (submission) and a powerful “Spear.” Bobby Lashley is a formidable force in the game.

Seth Rollins

character in game
Seth Rollins In WWE 2K23 (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

“The Architect of the Shield” Seth Rollins’s athletic skills, slams, and finishers are just as cunning and charming as his personality. Rollins’s move-set in 2K23 is comprised of the many technical attacks he has used throughout the years as a WWE Superstar.

  • Moveset: Featuring Sole Kick, Sling Blade, Visionary Forearm, Arm Breaker, School Boy Super Kick, Revolution Knee, and more.
  • Overall Rating: Seth Rollins holds a strong rating of 92.
  • Signature Moves: His signature attacks are the “Frog Splash” from the top rope and “The Pedigree.”
  • Finishers: Rollins’ primary finisher is the devastating “Curb Stomp,” known for its lethal impact. He also has a deadlier variation called “Springboard Blackout” for stunned opponents at the ring’s corner. 

Cody Rhodes

wwe 2k23 best wrestlers
Cody Rhodes In WWE 2K23 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The American Dream” Cody Rhodes’s return to WWE has been nothing short of spectacular, and the new persona and energy he brought made him an instant fan favorite. This new version of Cody Rhodes is present in the latest installment of the WWE 2K franchise, and his current version is Cody Rhodes’s highest-rated version.

Some of his best attacks are Throat Thurst, Bionic Elbow Dark Matter, Final Cut, Alabama Slam, Running Forearm Smash, Springboard Roundhouse, Rope Hung Flatliner, Hip Toss, Hell Hook Stretch, Ripcord Lariat, and Drop Down Overhead Kick.

  • Cody Rhodes joins our list of best wrestlers in WWE 2K23 as the last entry and has an overall rating of 91.
  • Rhodes’s current version is the best he has ever been, and likewise, his moveset has also been updated in the game to fit the current meta.
  • Akin to many other wrestlers on this list, Cody also has two signature attacks: Cody Cutter and Veteranbreaker.
  • Cody Rhodes uses Cross Rhodes as his primary finisher, where he grabs his opponent under his forearm and then spins horizontally, delivering a devastating facebuster.

My Choice For The Best Wrestler In WWE 2K23

The real differentiating factor in WWE 2K23 is each wrestler’s power number, and Roman Reigns has the highest in the history of the franchise at a staggering 99, making him an easy recommendation. This number indicates the damage dealt by the wrestler. In addition to that, his entire moveset is faithfully recreated in the latest entry. You can unleash Roman’s Spear without any charge; however, his corner ring finisher that transitions from Superman Punch to Spear is a sight to behold.


WWE 2K games are a dream come true for wrestling fans, and 2K23 is probably one of the best games that we’ve seen in the series. It brings back so many superstars to play as, and things get even more fun in the multiplayer mode of the game. Nevertheless, pulling off the finishers and signature moves of your favorite WWE superstars is what the game is all about.

This concludes our guide on the Best Wrestlers out of the huge roster of Superstars in WWE 2K23. We have included the 15 best characters that you can main in the game. We hope that the guide was helpful for you in choosing your next wrestler. Let us know what you think about WWE 2K23 in the comments below!


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