BEST Xbox Series X RPGs [Top 25]

Microsoft's console has now been out for about 2 years. There are a lot of awesome RPGs you can play on the system. Our list focuses on the very best Xbox Series X RPGs that you can play right now.

Xbox Series X has been out for quite some time now. There are many games on the system, and Microsoft’s stellar Xbox Game Pass ensures you never run out of them. Today we will list the best Xbox Series X RPGs. 

Role-Playing Games have always been one of the most popular gaming genres, if not the most popular. These games take a lot of effort to make, and they teleport the player to very immersive worlds. 

Moreover, you can choose to do whatever you want; most of the time, you even get to create your own character. RPGs are extremely memorable due to the diverse and deep characters with who you go on an epic adventure.

Back in the day, Square and Enix were the kings of the genre. They made so many magical worlds filled with lovable characters. Developers like Bioware took inspiration and made their own incredible RPGs, and we will cover them all. These games will include titles that were released recently, and we will also be adding games that are playable due to the console’s excellent backward compatibility. 

The console has a lot of RPGs on it, but we will be choosing the absolute best that you must play if you own an Xbox Series X. Throughout history, Xbox has been known to have some of the greatest games of the genre on their platform.

We can only hope that the Xbox Series X will also gain RPGs like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Fable in the upcoming years.

25. Wasteland 3

The new game from classic RPG Fallout developers Wasteland
The cover photo for Wasteland 3
Our Ranking25th
AwardsNominated for the Best Role Playing Game of the Year 2020 at The Game Awards
Release DateAugust 28, 2020 
Developer And PublisherInXile Entertainment
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG & Survival Game

We are starting our list strong with Wasteland 3. If you love RPGs with great dialogue that significantly impacts your story then look no further. Wasteland 3 is an awesome RPG that mixes up elements from XCOM and Fallout and gives a great unique game.

Similar To Fallout & XCOM

It is absolutely more Fallout than it is XCOM. This makes sense since most of the team that worked on Wasteland 3 is comprised of people who made the original Fallout games. There are a lot of similarities between the games the most common one being, of course, the wasteland setting.

A Love Letter To Classic RPG Fans

There is a lot of stuff to enjoy here, especially for people who love classic RPGs and the freedom of choice and multiple paths that those games offered. The game also hooks you early on and is very addictive, so there is almost no reason why you shouldn’t play it.

In addition, if you are looking for something that has Fallout levels of writing, then play the game as soon as possible. It is stellar and portrays the sufferings of a wasteland expertly. We highly recommend the game and are excited to see what the developers make next.

24. Soul Hackers 2

SH2 by Atlus SEGA
The promotional image for Soul Hackers 2
Our Ranking24th
AwardsNo awards as of yet
Release DateAugust 25, 2022
Developer And PublisherAtlus and SEGA
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

Atlus has been singlehandedly carrying the entire JRPG scene for years. They are most well-known for their incredible Persona series. Soul Hackers 2 is their latest gift to the genre. It is filled with the developer’s charm through and through. 

Characters That Standout 

The highlight of the game is, no doubt, its characters. They are what makes the story extra enjoyable. All of them are diverse and have proper personalities and character growth. Atlus has never been bad at writing realistic humane characters, and this game is no exception.

The developers also went hard here and they hold nothing back when it comes to character deaths. We won’t spoil anything for you but just know that it isn’t going to be a completely happy ending like most JRPGs. 

Simple & Fun Gameplay

There is a lot to the gameplay as well. You can build your team, consume food for buffs, do fusion and level up demons, earn money quickly and level up fast and take part in a very well-made combat system. Use MP to do awesome moves which you will be familiar with if you have played the other Shin Megami Tensei games.

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Dungeons Are A Bit Underwhelming

Moreover, most people dislike Soul Hackers 2 because of the dungeons. Having bad dungeons is unheard of in a Shin Megami Tensei title. We have reviewed Soul Hackers 2 and can confirm that the dungeons make the game feel soulless. 

Still, other than the dungeons, everything else is great. So if you are just here for the characters and the story, then you will be satisfied. 

The console hasn’t been out for that long. That is why Soul Hackers 2 is placed alongside some of the best RPGs on Xbox Series X. We recommend that you play the game while you wait for the Persona games to come out on the console.

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23. Dragon Quest XI

The latest installment in the Dragon Quest franchise
Our Ranking23rd
AwardsPlaystations Platinum Prize and also a 40/40 Rating from Famitsu
Release DateJuly 29, 2017
Developer And PublisherSquare Enix
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

The latest installment in the Dragon Quest franchise hasn’t disappointed the fans. It did everything that the fans wanted it to do while also giving us one of the most detailed and diverse open worlds to date.

Brilliant Open World With Many Beautiful & Unique Locations

The open world is the highlight of the game. There is just so much insane detail in it. You can go into any house and they all look different and feel like they belong to different individuals. It adds so much to the world’s immersion.

There is just so much fun to be had here just by simply taking a closer look at any new area. It feels like the first time when you play an open-world game and everything feels so new and cool. The developers perfectly nailed the open-world variety in the game which is a very hard thing to do nowadays.

Akira Toriyama’s Art Style Shines Through 

The entire cast of the game is very good. Akira Toriyama’s legendary art style shines through and all of these characters have great writing to back up their appealing looks. You can interact with them and deepen your bonds. 

Moreover, most of the interactions with these characters are platonic and they highly develop each of these characters. There is however the option to romance some of the female party members if the player wants to do so it is mostly well written and adorable.

Unparalleled World Building

The world-building is excellent as is expected from Dragon Quest. All the locations you visit are unique and eye-catching. No matter where you go the game’s beautiful visuals make every area eye pleasing. The visuals look like they belong to a modern-day anime film. 

Dragon Quest 11’s combat is your regular JRPG turn-based combat but with many good additions. You will have fun and it won’t get repetitive for most of your playtime. All of the party members are also very fun to use and explore. 

22. Dying Light 2 Stay Human

DL2 Techland game guides
The aesthetically pleasing cover of Dying Light 2
Our Ranking22nd 
AwardsHasn’t won any as of yet
Release DateFebruary 4, 2022
Developer And PublisherTechland
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG & Zombie Game

Techland had received massive support from the fans due to their dedication to consistently providing content for the original Dying Light so many years after its release. People were hyped for the long-awaited sequel and had hoped Techland had learned from their past experience. 

Many Cool Things To Unlock

Dying Light 2: Stay Human for the most part is a good game. What it does extra well is the grind. There is a lot to unlock here and people will lose themselves in this world just like they do in other RPG worlds. Most of these weapons are fun to use and even unique.

The player can go and look for secret weapons that are also completely unique especially when it comes to their visual design. Finding these is also fun as it should be in a game focused on exploration and grinding. 

The Choices Impact Your Journey

The story is definitely the weakest part of Dying Light 2: Stay Human. It feels very lackluster and generic. There isn’t anything going on here that will excite you or take you off guard if you have been paying even the least bit of attention.

Furthermore, the story does have RPG elements, what that means is that the story will change depending on the choices you make and whose side you take. 

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The Parkour & Gameplay Are Perfected

The combat and gameplay are where the game shines the most. You can farm money and buy the best weapons, transversal is never boring thanks to the revamped parkour system, you can open safes with codes and find rare loot, and you can also find a paraglider and ride it across the city, there is just so much to do in the game.

In addition, weapons can break as they did in the previous game. Once they do you will have to repair the weapons. To increase the weapon’s durability or to add a special effect to it you can mod that weapon. When you level up you unlock some of the best skills that help you reach your goal faster.

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21. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

AC Odyssey ubisoft game
Kassandra from Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey
Our Ranking21st
AwardsGot multiple nominations at The Game Awards 2018
Release DateOctober 2, 2018
Developer And PublisherUbisoft
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG & Stealth Game

With Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Ubisoft tried their best to do something new with the Assassin’s Creed franchise. We would say for the most part they succeeded but some really questionable decisions do make the game significantly less enjoyable.

Extreme Amount Of Content To Enjoy

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is filled with content. Even after the game’s initial release, Ubisoft kept supporting it with new content. They even gave us very long and enjoyable story DLCs that further progressed Kassandra’s journey. 

The only thing that sucks about all of this is that it can come to a halt due to the game’s abhorrent grind system, which we will discuss in detail after a while. If you loved the game then there was just so much for you to enjoy here. It is one of the best RPGs on Xbox Series X mainly due to its content.

Mixes The Best From Multiple Other Games In The Franchise

It takes you on an awesome adventure and mixes up multiple good things from various Assassin’s Creed games. Which does make it feel even more like one of the best in the franchise.

In addition, you have the awesome sailing from Assassin’s Creed IV and the action from the other games. Exploration always rewards you with armor and weapons which look very different from one another.

The game has a lot of enjoyable story sections. Kassandra, the canonical protagonist of the game is the far better one too. She also appears in the next game’s DLC. She is very likable and has a great design that fits very well into the time period.

What’s very off-putting is that the game has an unreasonable amount of grind. You can skip that if you use the microtransactions that give you more XP. That is just as bad as it sounds. 

Moreover, what’s worse is that your progression completely halts when you are under-leveled. It isn’t that the enemies are stronger the game simply doesn’t let you start the next mission.

It is not placed so higher on our list because it is better than the previous games because it isn’t. The game is here because it does something new and unique for a series that was getting really stale. 

20. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 new next gen RPG game
Promotional image for Cyberpunk 2077
Our Ranking20th
AwardsSteam‘s 2017 Outstanding Story-Rich Game of the Year Award
Release DateDecember 10, 2020
Developer And PublisherCD Projekt Red
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

2 years after its release Cyberpunk 2077 has finally become stable and perfectly playable. There was no game back in 2020 that matched the hype of Cyberpunk 2077, the game broke a pre-order record and sold millions. 

What came as a shock to everybody was how unplayable the game was. People were expecting some bugs but CD Projekt Red rushed the game and it was unplayable, especially for people on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Incredibly High Quality Side Quests

Another thing that sets Cyberpunk 2077 apart from most other games released these days is the quality of its side quests.  You honestly won’t be able to tell a difference between most of the side quests in the game and the main ones.

There is just so much thought and care put into these side quests which they call side jobs in the game. We honestly think that most of the side quests in Cyberpunk 2077 were better than the story and lore for every single game that was released in 2020. If you are going to play the game then don’t skip any of the side quests. 

Memorable & Unique Story 

The story is the highlight. It is very well written and paced. There are some questionable paths that it leads to which aren’t very fun or exciting but for the most part, it is very well done. You will love interacting with the characters and the world.

In addition, all of these characters feel like their own person and their relationship with you depends on your attitude towards them. It is a very good RPG that was overshadowed by its destructive launch.

Now is the perfect time to jump into Cyberpunk 2077 and explore its glorious world. The game looks and runs great on the Xbox Series X and there is a lot of content for you to enjoy.

19. NieR Automata 

Platinum Games Square Enix RPG NieR: Automata
An in-game screenshot from NieR: Automata
Our Ranking19th
AwardsThe Game Awards 2017 for Best Music & Score
Release DateFebruary 23, 2017
Developer And PublisherPlatinum Games and Square Enix
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG & Action Game

By now you must be familiar with NieR: Automata. It gained extreme mainstream popularity due to its appealing world and cool characters. 2B has become what Chun Li and Lara Croft were back in the day. People really like her cool and slick design. 

The gameplay is something that is divisive. You will either love it or hate it. This is surprising considering that the game was made by Platinum Games and these guys aside from Capcom make the best combat in the gaming industry.

A Magical & Soothing Soundtrack

Trust us when we say that there is nothing that even comes close to the soundtrack of NieR: Automata. It is the most calming soothing soundtrack we have ever gotten out of anything. The NieR franchise has always been known for great music and brilliant storytelling but this one took it took a whole other level. 

What’s extra impressive is how well it goes with the game and its themes. It never feels out of place during any scene and is always immersing the player whenever it plays.

A Story That Will Make You Weap Like No Other

One thing that everybody loves is the story. It does something completely unique with the post-apocalyptic setting and drops the player into a barren and magical world. Without spoiling much, the story will have many emotional and shocking moments. You will figure out everything as you go. 

Moreover, the game does some phenomenal environmental storytelling as well. It helps that both the lead characters are likable and every other character you meet stands out. The brilliant soundtrack is just awesome and relaxing and makes the adventure even better.

The franchise has now become mainstream and people are always excited to see what it brings next. We do consider NieR: Automata one of the best RPGs on the Xbox Series X. 

18. Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come RPG
The awesome-looking cover for Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Our Ranking18th
AwardsKristalova Lupa Award for Project of the Year
Release DateFebruary 13, 2018
Developer And PublisherWarhorse Studios
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is another awesome Indie RPG. It is very similar to The Witcher series as far as the feel of the game is concerned. There is a lot of content on offer here and most of it is very much a good time.

A Medieval Cruel Setting

You will be dropped into the medieval time period and will have to do everything to survive. Throughout your adventure, you will encounter many characters and go on various awesome quests. Most of the side quests are also fun and include good writing and choices. 

Unique Addictive Combat System

You will either love the combat system or hate it. It is very unique and can get addictive as well but it does have a lot of jank to it and that can turn a lot of people away. There are also some minor bugs that rarely occur. 

The combat of the game is off-putting to a lot of gamers. Other than that most people liked the diversity in dialogue choices and the story is also a very fun ride from start to finish. We recommend you check the game out if you like medieval RPGs. 

17. Borderlands 3

BL3 All Characters guide
All four Vault Hunters from Borderlands 3
Our Ranking17th
Awards2019 Golden Joystick Award for Best Multiplayer Game. Titanium Award for Best Action Game. The Game Awards 2019 for Best Action Adventure Game
Release DateSeptember 13, 2019
Developer And PublisherGearbox and 2K
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG & Looter Shooter

Borderlands fans waited a very long time to get the sequel finally. When it arrived most of it was well done. Borderlands 3 had a very hard task, it had to follow up Borderlands 2 which was already considered one of the greatest games ever.

A Lot Of Quality Looter Shooter Content

For the most part, we would say that Gearbox succeeded. The game has a lot of content and it encourages you to replay it multiple times. You simply won’t be able to experience all the content in a single playthrough. There is a lot of fun to be had here in each subsequent playthrough. 

The game having literally billions of weapons also makes sure that the player never gets the same weapon. Even if you get a weapon that feels similar it will have some changes applied to it that make it different. The legendaries return of course and they are still just as fun to grind for.

Four Vault Hunters With Major Replayability

Furthermore, this time around there are 4 Vault Hunters. Gearbox has confirmed that there won’t be any DLC Vault Hunters which has some fans upset but we honestly don’t need them. Moze, FL4K, Amara, and Zane are the 4 Vault Hunters of Borderlands 3.

All of these have very diverse and big skill trees. The player can get creative with these and make up their own awesome builds. Trust us when we say that every single combination feels different. It also makes sure that you don’t get bored doing another run with the same Hunter.

For an RPG the story matters a lot. That is what sucks about Borderlands 3, the story is abysmal but the fantastic gameplay and content make up for it in our opinion.

16. Yakuza Like A Dragon

Yakuza LAD Turn based Yakuza game
Promotional image for Yakuza: Like A Dragon
Our Ranking16th
AwardsJapan Game Awards for Excellence In The Future Division at the Tokyo Game Show 2019
Release DateJanuary 16, 2020
Developer And PublisherRGG Studios and SEGA 
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

What we have here is the latest installment in the Yakuza franchise. For the first time, the developers of the game decided to revamp the combat system completely. Yakuza has always had beat-em-up brawler-like combat but now it’s turn-based. 

Changed The Series Forever

A lot of fans were upset with the change in combat. Many loved the original style and wanted the developers to improve on it. We think that the new one is also very good and the developers have done an excellent job because it doesn’t feel out of place here.

Moreover, most of the special moves are completely realistic and even the ones that don’t feel just like your average Yakuza goofiness. So there is no reason to be upset with the changes unless you just dislike turn-based combat.

Enjoyable Story With A Brilliant New Protagonist

Moreover, the story is also very good. The first half can drag a lot and even become boring and repetitive but the second half is great and is also very well performed. The voice acting in the final sequences is honestly Oscar-worthy.

We really enjoyed our time with the game and loved the new protagonist, Kasuga Ichiban. We can’t wait to see what he and his friends go through in the sequel. Yakuza: Like A Dragon absolutely deserves to be among the best Xbox Series X RPGs. 

15. Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy the game
The main characters of the game
Our Ranking15th
AwardsThe Game Awards for Best Narrative in 2021
Release DateOctober 25, 2021
Developer And PublisherEidos Montreal and Square Enix
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

Back when Square Enix unveiled Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, most people were skeptical. Their concern was warranted as we had all seen how much of a disaster Marvel’s Avengers was.

Choices Shape Your Story & Where It Takes You

Thankfully the game turned out to be great. There is a lot of content on offer here, and thanks to it being an awesome role-playing game, there is a lot of replayability here. You will be making choices throughout the story that affects everything. 

Furthermore, speaking of the story, it is undoubtedly the best thing about the game. For us, that is what kept us playing, as the gameplay admittedly is still very stale and repetitive. There is just so much charm to the characters, and the humor is also on point.

Story & Characters That Far Outclass Their Movie Counterparts

If you even remotely liked the Guardians Of The Galaxy films, then you will have a blast here. We believe that the game’s story does the comics justice and is also better than the films in every way.

It is among the best story-based Xbox Series X games. There is just a lot of variety and charm here. All of the characters are instantly likable and very well written, the comedy almost never makes you cringe it is all great.

14. Dark Souls 3

DS3 Fromsoftware
The artistic cover photo of Dark Souls 3
Our Ranking14th
AwardsSatellite Award for Outstanding Platformer and Action Adventure Game
Release DateMarch 24, 2016
Developer And PublisherFromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment
Gameplay TypeMarch 24, 2016

Dark Souls is the franchise that even if you haven’t played you’ve heard of it in detail. It is the franchise that skyrocketed From Software’s reputation by making them extremely popular and mainstream. Nowadays, thanks to Bandai Namco’s help they are objectively one of the best and most reliable developers out there.

Unmatched Immersive Exploration 

There is a lot to do in the game. The main appeal of the franchise is the awesome bosses and exploration. Some people just want to feel completely immersed and lost in a cruel virtual world. Dark Souls 3 does that better than any entry in the series aside from maybe the original. 

Moreover, the game’s combat might not be for everybody which is why it’s placed low on our list. Dark Souls 3 is for people who love challenging games and are willing to spend multiple hours overcoming challenges.

Captivating Lore For Almost Everything That You Discover

While the gameplay is awesome, the story is also fun. The gameplay doesn’t have a cinematic story experience but if you find the world intriguing the lore certainly is great. Do give it a shot it is easily a part of the best Xbox Series X RPGs in our opinion.

13. Fallout 4 

Fallout 4 <a class=
Bethesda RPG” width=”1065″ height=”966″> Power armor on the cover photo of Fallout 4
Our Ranking13th
AwardsD.I.C.E. Award for Game of the Year. BAFTA Games Award for Best Game.
Release DateNovember 10, 2015
Developer And PublisherBethesda
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

Fallout 4 isn’t a masterclass in storytelling and characterization like Fallout 2 or Fallout: New Vegas but it has its own charm which is why it made our list. Fallout 4 took a long time to come out and you can see the love that went into it by noticing the insane details in the open world.

Lackluster Story With Brilliant Companions

When the game came out it received a lot of backlash from veteran fans because of its weak and lackluster writing. We agree that the writing is weak and lacks diversity in the dialogue options. The choices you make during the story won’t impact it in any massive ways.

One thing that almost everybody who has played the game agrees on is that the companions are awesome. They are all very well written and a lot are also instantly likable. Our favorite is the badass Noir detective Nick Valentine. In our opinion, the companions are just as good as any other companions in the other games. 

One Of The Most Detailed Open Worlds

All of this is a bummer but as we said earlier the open world is the highlight. While wandering the wasteland you will encounter many awesome creatures and discover eye catches locales. Almost everything is interactable and no matter where you go you will find something fun.

The players are also encouraged to scrap every useless material they encounter and collect anything that they can carry. Scraping items getting you all sorts of material that you can use to build structures and security measures for your based and non-hostile areas. 

Furthermore, if you love the franchise don’t worry there is more of it on our list so continue reading. If you want an immersive open-world RPG with a lot of stuff to do then you can’t go wrong with Fallout 4. It is one of the best Fallout games in our opinion.


12. Elden Ring

ER 2022 one of the best Xbox Series X RPGs
Promotional image for Elden Ring
Our Ranking12th
AwardsWon The Game Award for The Most Anticipated Game twice in a row
Release DateFebruary 25, 2022
Developer And PublisherFromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

Elden Ring is the most popular game so far this year. It is the best contender for the game of the year awards so far and is an incredible game through and through. The game is filled with quality content and for the most part, doesn’t feel repetitive. 

Lived Up To The Hype

When Elden Ring was announced the hype was through the roof. Everybody was expecting it to be one of the greatest games of all time. That was mainly due to the fact that the game was From Software was just going completely open world instead of locking their players down.

It is perhaps the only extra-hyped game in recent memory that has lived up to the expectations. There are so many games that were just rushed and released as buggy messes. We are thankful to Bandai Namco and their dedication to fully supporting FromSoftware. 

Added A Horse & A Jump Button

Now you can go anywhere you want with the help of your horse and the ability to jump. What’s great about that is no matter where you go you will certainly find something intriguing. The game is filled with boss encounters or secret items. Getting to areas is also fun for the most part as you don’t often slip and fall. 

In previous FromSoftware games, transversal was always tedious and very janky. Elden Ring is pretty much Dark Souls 4 with a different name and we are glad to see that it improves on almost everything that needed improving from the Dark Souls games.

Moreover, it is one of the best open-world RPGs out there and also has a very diverse and enjoyable combat system. We highly recommend you check it out as it is for sure considered the best RPG on Xbox Series X by many.


11. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Farming game and romance sim
Promotional image for Stardew Valley
Our Ranking11th
AwardsBest Independent Game at The Game Awards 2016, Breakthrough Award at the Golden Joystick Awards 2016, and Best Debut Game at the Developers Choice Awards 
Release DateFebruary 26, 2016
Developer And PublisherEric Barone 
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG & Farming Sim

Stardew Valley is one of the original awesome indie games on Steam. It came out at a time when excellent indie games were still rare. People loved everything about the game and it got new content regularly and became one of the best games period. 

Build A Farm Like No Other 

The gameplay revolves around you, the player, building up their farm. You will need to grow crops and sell them within the required time limit and you will be asked to do other multiple tasks as well. 

There is free roam in the game like in other regular role-playing games. That free roam aspect is where the RPG part of the game comes into play. You can visit the entire area you are living in and interact with people.

Build Deep Bonds With Well Written Characters

In addition, the game has a bond system where you can form relationships with other characters and even marry. It is similar to how the affection system works in dating sims. A lot of people enjoy this aspect as most of the characters in the game are great.

All of these individuals have completely unique personalities and goals. The writing quality for the NPCs is on par with triple-A games. 

To top it all off the game also looks stellar. A farming game can get dull if the stuff you are growing doesn’t please your eye. Thankfully Stardew Valley has some of the most pixel graphics ever. It is certainly an enjoyable role-playing game on the Xbox Series X.

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10. Tales of Arise

TOA Bandai NAmco latest Tales game best Xbox Series X RPGs
An In-game screenshot of Tales of Arise
Our Ranking10th
AwardsThe Game Award for the Best Role Playing Game in 2021
Release DateSeptember 9, 2021
Developer And PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

Tales of Arise is the latest installment of Bandai Namco’s well-known and loved Tales series. It is a JRPG filled with charming characters and addictive gameplay. Bandai Namco has always made sure that the franchise doesn’t get stale and so far they have been successful. 

Simple But Effective Story With Memorable Characters

If you love Persona then you will love the Tales franchise. You will go on an adventure with complexly written characters and will try your best to overcome evil. The story is much simpler than Persona 5’s but it still has a lot of memorable characters with cool designs.

The art style is also beautiful and it helps add to the story by making environmental storytelling extra effective. There is a lot to love here as a fan of the sub-genre. 

New & Evolved JRPG Combat

Most people who don’t play JRPGs just don’t like the turn-based combat system. Tales of Arise expertly mixes turn-based and real-time combat. So it is honestly an excellent entryway to get into JRPGs for people who are turned off by the slow tactical combat.

The excellent world and its characters earn it a spot among the very best RPGs on the Xbox Series X. It being more accessible to regular RPG fans is the cherry on top. So if you have never gotten into JRPGs then this right here could be the best entryway. 

9. Undertale

Undertale RPG game story based
The cover photo of Undertale
Our Ranking9th 
AwardsWon the Audience Award and the Independent Games Festival in 2016 and many others over the years
Release DateSeptember 15, 2015
Developer And PublisherToby Fox
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

Undertale is a role-playing game that even attracted people who weren’t into the genre. It is a very fun and charming indie game filled with many memorable moments and characters. 

One Of A Kind Gameplay

Furthermore, the gameplay is very barebones and there isn’t much to it. It is your basic JRPG combat but isn’t complex at all. A lot of the battles in the game even focus more on dialogue instead of the actual action and that makes it stand out from all the other games. 

Some Of The Most Genius & Enjoyable Writing Ever

Speaking of dialogue, Undertale has one of the greatest and most enjoyable writing in a videogame ever. It is filled with hilarious jokes and some awesome moments that will keep you smiling. 

The game simply never loses the charm when it comes to its writing. All of the characters constantly mess with the world around you and the game in creative and quirky ways. The stellar writing also makes the game extra replayable. 

Undertale is one of the most unique experiences in gaming and we highly recommend it. It completely deserves its spot on our best Xbox Series X role-playing games list. 

8. Hades

Hades indie game best Xbox Series X RPGs
Promotional image for Hades
Our Ranking8th
AwardsBAFTA Game Awards for Artistic Achievement, Performer In A Supporting Role, Narrative, and Game Design. The Game Award for Best Independent Game and Best Action Game. Hugo Award for Best Video Game and lastly Nebula Award for Game Writing.
Release DateDecember 6, 2018
Developer And PublisherSupergiant Games
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer Roguelike RPG

Hades is another proof that Indie games can be just as good as triple-A ones. It is an excellent experience through and through. The game hooks the player from the second you start it. It has eye-catching beautifully lit graphics.

Brilliant Art Direction & Aesthetics

The aesthetic feels like watching a high-budget anime and it suits the setting of the game perfectly. The portrayal of almost all of the characters from the original mythology is very faithful. That is something that we rarely see and it is appreciated. 

If you love rogue-like RPG games then Hades might just become your favorite. It is absolutely stellar in that regard. It is very much replayable and extremely addictive too. 

Gameplay Variety & Replayability

The sheer enemy variety, infernal arms/weapon variety, and the RNG system make sure that once you start you don’t stop for a couple of hours. It is like a drug but doesn’t ruin your life and genuinely makes you happy.

Hades’ gameplay keeps people playing for tons of hours and multiple endings motivate extra playthroughs for people who are just here for the narrative and characters. 

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7. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Skyrim best Xbox Series X RPGs edition
Cover photo for the Anniversary Edition
Our Ranking7th
AwardsThe original The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most awarded games of all time with over 200 game of the year awards to its name
Release DateNovember 11, 2021
Developer And PublisherBethesda
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

By now almost everybody knows about Skyrim. It is one of the greatest games of all. Skyrim has over 200 games of the year awards and over 30 million copies sold worldwide. The hype before the game’s release was literally through the roofs and Besthesda delivered. 

The Stuff That Is Special About The Anniversary Edition

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim regularly gets updates. These add more content to the game and help keep it fresh while fans wait for the sequel. The Skyrim Anniversary Edition is the latest version of the game. Some people hate that they keep releasing the game but we assure you this edition is worth it.

Moreover, this new edition is a pretty content-filled one. Bethesda has added new enemies, weapons, quests, player houses, and many more things that are certainly very appealing to gamers who regularly play this classic RPG.

Many Charming Mods To Enjoy

To top it all off Bethesda added many Creation Club DLCs here. If you have by some chance never played the original this right here is the perfect way to get into it. It is one of the greatest games of all time and yes also one of the best Xbox Series X RPGs. 

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6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3 RPG Masterpiece openworld best Xbox Series X RPGs
Geralt & Yennefer from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Our Ranking6th
AwardsOne of the most awarded games of all time with over 250 game of the year awards from various publications
Release DateMay 18, 2015
Developer And PublisherCD Projekt Red
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

While Cyberpunk 2077 might have given CD Projekt Red a bad name for a while. But, The Witcher franchise, especially the third game, is proof that they are one of the best in the industry when it comes to making RPGs. 

A Game That Is Incredible In Almost Every Aspect

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is undoubtedly one of the best Xbox Series X RPGs. It has everything, good combat, breathtaking visuals, and an incredible story that does spectacular world-building and introduces many lovable characters. 

Moreover, there is also a lot of replayability here mainly due to how widely different the story can be depending on your choices. It is exactly how a role-playing game should be. Even though the protagonist has a personality you can alter it to your liking. 

Great Variety Of High Quality Quests

The game is filled with many awesome quests that take you through various locations in its excellent open world. Even the majority of side quests are as good as the main ones. 

What’s extra awesome is that once you end the game if you still want more it has two incredible expansions. Both of these expansions are just as good as the base game and they perfectly fit in. The Witcher 3 is undoubtedly one of the best Xbox Series X RPGs. 


5. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

ME legendary edition all DLCS best Xbox Series X RPGs
The cover photo of the game featuring some of the main characters
Our Ranking5th
AwardsAll of these games have earned loads of game of the year awards over the years. Mass Effect 2 is the most awarded and praised entry of the trilogy.
Release DateMay 14, 2021
Developer And PublisherBioware and EA
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG & Third Person Shooter

Bioware’s Mass Effect trilogy is their most well-known and critically praised franchise. It started off very strong with the original game and, all things considered, ended really well too. Mass Effect 3’s very controversial ending came out of nowhere and made no sense.

The Best Collection For Your Buck

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is just all three games remastered and bundled up with all their respective DLCs. There is a lot of replayability here, and even the choices you make in the first game severely impact what happens in the last one. 

People can argue that these games should’ve gotten a better remaster treatment because of how legendary they are, but we do believe what we have here is a very good remaster.

Furthermore, out of the three games, the original Mass Effect is the one that needed the most polish. The shooting hadn’t aged well and was very unenjoyable, especially when compared to its sequels. 

Enhances The Legendary Trilogy In Many Ways

Thankfully, the shooting has been updated alongside the visuals. It doesn’t sound that different, but it certainly is much smoother and more accessible to newcomers. If we’re being honest, it got most of the needed treatment.

Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 have both aged gracefully. Their visuals were updated and everything else didn’t need changing as it was already absolutely incredible. These three are some of the greatest games of all time, and the collection is totally worth playing.

4. Planescape Torment

Classic RPG planescape
The cover photo for Planescape: Torment
Our Ranking4th
AwardsIt earned a Quantum Leap award after being ranked at the very top only behind Fallout
Release DateDecember 12, 1999
Developer And PublisherBlack Isle Studios and Interplay Entertainment
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer RPG

What we have here is a hidden gem of the genre. It was developed by Black Isle Studios which was one of the biggest names in the industry back then. They are also responsible for the Fallout franchise which needs no introduction. 

An RPG With A Big Legacy

Planescape: Torment is arguably the best work of the development team. It is still inspiring great RPGs to this day. The best example of that is the phenomenal Disco Elysium. It offers so many paths that the player can take when progressing through its awesome narrative. 

Furthermore, it has complete freedom of choice and the player can almost do everything they won’t and it won’t end the game or spoil the fun in any way. 

A Blast From The Past

The only thing that hasn’t aged that well is the visuals. Everything else holds up quite well. The story and the freedom of choice are just unmatched. It is one of the most different and replayable experiences you will ever have in gaming.

Thanks to the Xbox Series X’s backward replayability you can play Planescape: Torment whenever you want. Trust us and give it a shot, it is going to be an experience you won’t forget.

3. Disco Elysium The Final Cut

Disco Elysium Best Xbox Series X RPGs
The cover photo of Disco Elysium: The Final Cut
Our Ranking3rd
AwardsThe Game Awards for Best Narrative, Best Role Playing Game, Best Debut Indie Game & Best Independent Game. BAFTA Games Award for Narrative, Debut Game, & Music
Release DateOctober 15, 2019
Developer And PublisherZA/UM and Humble Bundle
Gameplay TypeSingleplayer Story Focussed RPG

The recently released Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is a massive free update to the original storytelling masterpiece. It adds a lot of stuff to the original game which was already one of the best world-building immersive stories. 

Brilliantly Written & Well Voiced Characters

What truly makes The Final Cut the definitive way to play Disco Elysium is that it is completely voice-acted. Every single line of dialogue is now fully voiced. What is crazy is that the update was completely free. All of these voice actors are very dedicated and talented. 

Yes, you heard that right an indie developer didn’t charge you for such an awesome update. If you have never played Disco Elysium do give it a shot. Now is the best time to jump in as you won’t have to read much because everything is voice-acted.

Moreover, now while the game is a masterpiece, it might not be for everyone. Most of the game is just walking and talking. There is literally no action here and all of the gameplay is focused on dialogue and world-building. 

A One Of A Kind Experience

But that is what RPGs are about they are mainly about role-playing hence the name. Disco Elysium immerses you like no other game. There are just too many aspects at play here that immerse the player. 

Furthermore, ranging from the brilliant soothing soundtrack and then the awesome and well-acted voices of every character. You will find yourself lost in Disco Elysium’s world in almost no time. The game offers a lot of replayability as well due to its brilliant choices and how much they shape everything around you.

Every single interaction with an NPC is great and the soothing music fits the art direction and the themes of the game perfectly. There is just nothing like it out there. It is very well written and also very entertaining despite it not having any action in it.

2. Dragon Age Origins

The official cover photo for the game
Our Ranking2nd
AwardsVGX Award for Best RPG and Best PC Game
Release DateNovember 3, 2009
Developer And PublisherBioware and EA
Gameplay TypeSingle-player RPG

Bioware made its name well known in the gaming industry with some of the best role-playing games ever. While they are mostly known for their iconic Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age: Origins is perhaps their greatest work. 

While Mass Effect lets you go on an insanely well throughout the adventure that perfectly spans over three games. Dragon Age: Origins is better than all of them. The scope of the game is massive and somehow Bioware successfully nails literally everything. 

Some Of The Best Companions In Gaming

Every single party member is amazing. They all stand out from each other and never feel like clones. All of them serve great purpose throughout the main story and have their own goals and dreams. 

The player can interact with them to learn more about them. Bioware really outdid themselves with the companions here. As all of them feel more human than ever and have extra depth to them.

Multiple Endings With Multiple Diverse Paths

The main story has multiple endings during its epilogue all of which require specific means to get. There is just so much that can shape your journey. The game is so replayable that your story will matter throughout the entire game just depending on which class and background you picked. 

Star Wars: Knight Of The Old Republic Combat System Refined 

Furthermore, before you jump in we would like to inform you that combat might not be for everyone. It is like the combat system of Star Wars: The Knights Of The Old Republic but heavily improved.

Every class plays out differently and like we said before they even impact the story in major ways. Dragon Age: Origins is, without a doubt, considered the best open-world Xbox Series X RPG by many veteran gamers.

1. Fallout New Vegas

Fallout 3.5 best Xbox Series X RPGs
Promotional image for Fallout: New Vegas
Our Ranking1st
AwardsGolden Joystick Award for RPG of the year 2011
Release DateOctober 19, 2010
Developer And PublisherObsidian Entertainment and Bethesda
Gameplay TypeSingle-player RPG

What we have here is perhaps the greatest written RPG of all time. Fallout: New Vegas is the fourth entry in the Fallout franchise. The franchise has always been known for its stellar world-building and engaging quests.

Every Choice Matters & You Can Literally Do Whatever You Want

Through your adventures on the wasteland in New Vegas, Nevada you will encounter many incredibly engaging characters. Every single choice in the game matters and will have consequences. 

Furthermore, Fallout: New Vegas is one of the extremely few games where you quite literally can do whatever you want. There is so much to experience here that even players who have spent even thousands of hours return to find more. 

The game would’ve been flawless but sadly it was rushed. So there are a few minor bugs nothing extraordinary. The main problem is the crashes that happen once in a while. Other than that Fallout: Vegas has aged gracefully. 

In addition, some quality of life features like sprint being missing can also be frustrating at first but you will get used to that in no time. The shooting feels a bit stiff but through exploration, some really spectacular weaponry can be found. 

The Best Dialogue & Writing In A Modern RPG

The dialogue and the choices are great and they add extreme levels of replayability to the game. It is unbelievable how Obsidian Entertainment pulled off one of the greatest games of all time in such a short time period. 

The DLCs are all also very well written and fit in with the game’s setting well, with the exception of one DLC which is mainly just comedic relief. Fallout: New Vegas’ DLCs have some of the very best characters and stories in the genre. They are honestly just as well-written as anything you can find in the base game.

You can jump into the game through the console’s awesome backward compatibility and the game more than earns its spot among the very best role-playing games that Xbox Series X has to offer.


And that brings our list to an end. We hope you had fun reading through it. You are sure to find a game here where you would spend countless hours. We worked hard in making our best Xbox Series X RPGs list.

All of these are experiences you will wish you could forget and play all over again. We had a lot of fun ranking all of these games for you. The console is still in its very early years. You will get to play many more awesome RPGs soon. We cannot wait to play the Fable remake. 

What do you think about our list? Did your favorite make it? What game can you spend countless hours in? Are role-playing games your favorite genre? What is your favorite RPG of all time? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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