Best Warzone ZRG 20mm Loadout [Season 3]

Warzone is Infinity Ward and Raven Software’s take on the battle royale genre and a quite successful one at that. One hundred and fifty players battle one another until the last man is standing. The game gets regularly updated, and a new battle pass drops each season. Season 3 of this game was released on 27th April 2022 and introduced new playstyles to Warzone. This guide will talk about the Best ZRG 20mm loadouts in Warzone. ZRG 20mm is the newly introduced sniper rifle in Warzone that is famous for its one-shots. Alongside the sniper, season 3 also brought with it the new MP40 and Krig 6.

NZ-41 is another weapon introduced in season 3, and you should check out our Best NZ41 Loadout Season 3 Warzone guide. You might want to read the Season 3 Patch notes to know about all the changes that happened. Season 3 introduced a lot of new weapons, and you can read our Best Weapons in Warzone Season 3 for more information.

The bunkers and vaults are very important to unlock all season 3 weapon customizations. You should know about all the Warzone Vaults’ Locations and Warzone Bunker Codes to get the loot. Also, sniper rifles are very important weapons in Warzone, so you must check out our guide entailing the Best Sniper Rifles in Warzone Season 3. Now let us go into detail about the loadouts of this sniper.

Warzone Season 3 ZRG 20mm Loadouts

loadout of zrg 20mm
Different ZRG 20mm Loadouts in COD Warzone

Making different loadouts is almost essential to the gameplay of warzone. It allows you to experiment with a wide variety of weapon customizations. Changing your playstyle depending upon your loadout is the key to grabbing that victory. The Muzzles, Barrels, Optics, Stocks, Magazines, Ammo Types, and Rear Grip are some of the weapon parts that can be interchanged. Warzone allows the players to create guns that work best for them.

Choosing the right weapon for your loadout is also just as important. Warzone offers a huge list of weapons, but not everything is at the top of this list. Everything comes with its pros and cons. The pros outnumber the cons for these top-of-the-line weapons.

Huge changes were introduced in Warzone with the season 3 update. Some of the meta weapons received downgrades. But most of the newly released weapons, including the ZRG 20mm, are very powerful and have become part of almost every player’s playstyle. You can also go through our Best AX50 Warzone Season 3 Loadout guide.

How To Get ZRG 20mm 

Unlocking ZRG 20mm in Warzone requires you to complete an in-game challenge. The player will have to earn two long-shot medals using snipers across 15 different matches. This task is not as hard as it sounds because the number of kills required per game is just two.

Find yourself a camping spot at the start of the game. Use the sniper to make long-shots whenever you spot an enemy. You can even switch back to your own guns after getting those two kills. 

Alternatively, you can also complete this challenge by using sniper rifles in COD Black Ops Cold War.

The Pros And Cons Of ZRG 20mm

Getting a one-shot kill on the head at any range is what makes the ZRG 20mm one of the best snipers in Warzone. Other snipers can perform a one-shot only when you are within range. Even the previous meta snipers, including the Vanguard Kar98k and Swiss K31, pale in comparison to its range.  

However, not everything about the ZRG 20mm is good. It has a slow fire rate and even slower reload speed. The pull-up time on its scope is also very slow. If one adapts to the laid-back playstyle of this weapon, then he can take full advantage of the one-shots of this sniper.

Two Best ZRG 20mm Warzone Season 3 Loadouts

There is a huge library of customizations when it comes to the ZRG 20mm sniper rife in COD Warzone. It makes for a brilliant primary weapon, and different perks can boost its potential even further beyond. The base stats of this weapon are as follows;

  • Rate of Fire: 27 RPM
  • Bullet Velocity: 925 m/s
  • Base Movement: 10.26 MPH
  • Sprint Movement: 15.26 MPH
  • ADS Movement: 2.75 MPH
  • Reload Time: 2.02 s
  • ADS Time: 650 ms

All these stats can be upgraded or changed based on customization. Here are some of the Best ZRG 20mm Loadouts in Warzone that will boost your gameplay and playstyle with this weapon. In order to learn about other loadouts, you might want to go through our COD Warzone NICKMERCS FFAR LOADOUT guide.

Loadout 1 ZRG 20mm Warzone

Our first loadout for this gun is based on maximizing the stealth component of the game. Large range and faster sprint times so you can stay out of your enemy’s sight as much as possible. A suppressor, so you remain undetected while firing those long-range one-shots. To top it all off, we will use the wrapping that allows us to boost our aim down sight time. The Loadout consists of;

  • Muzzle: Sound Moderator
  • Barrel: 39.3″ Rapid Fire
  • Laser: SWAT 5mw Laser Sight
  • Underbarrel: Patrol Grip
  • Magazine: 5 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Airborne Elastic Wrap
Loadout ZRG 20mm
Loadout 1 ZRG 20mm in COD Warzone

Benefits of This ZRG 20mm Loadout

This weapon loadout allows the player to control range. Make your opponents feel that they are never safe from this one-hit-kill sniper. The sound moderator suppresses any sound that this sniper creates. ZRG is predominantly a slow sniper, so we use the airborne elastic wrap and patrol grip to increase its speed.

The laser that we slapped on this weapon will also provide a speed boost. We use an upgraded 5-round magazine instead of the built-in 3-round mag, so we get more chances to hunt our opponents down. Depending upon your aim, you are guaranteed five possible kills every reload.

These customizations also enhance your sprint speed for when you need to make a run for it from your enemy’s attention.

Secondary Weapon For This Loadout

loadout 2
MP40 – COD Warzone

We recommend pairing the ZRG 20mm with the newly released MP40. It is an extremely powerful SMG. This weapon has been recently buffed in Season 3, which makes it even more viable. 

Loadout 1 Perks

The following perks are recommended for this loadout of ZRG 20mm;

  • Combat Scout
  • Cold-blooded
  • Overkill

These are basically your average competitive perks that work perfectly with every possible loadout. Overkill allows you to carry two primary weapons at the same time. Combat scout is useful to highlight enemies after you’ve dealt damage to them. Cold-blooded works antagonistically to combat scout and defends you against getting pinged yourself.

Loadout 1 Equipment

We recommend using a combination of Claymore and Heartbeat Sensor for this loadout. As you will be camping out most of your games, claymore will protect you from any unnoticed enemy attacks. It will explode when an opponent enters its triggering range.

The heartbeat sensor will allow you to check an area for enemies before you set up that area as your sniping spot.

Loadout 2 ZRG 20mm Warzone

Our first loadout was heavily stealth dependent. But this second loadout is for players looking for fast-paced kills with higher damage. Everything, including the Muzzles, Barrels, Optics, Stocks, Magazines, Ammo Types, and Rear Grip, is customized to increase your base damage and firepower. Faster sprint and aiming speeds will aid you further in those fast battles. The Loadout consists of;

  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Muzzle: Agency Moderator
  • Barrel: 39.3″ Rapid Fire
  • Body: Front Grip
  • Magazine: 5 RND
  • Rear Grip: Serpent Wrap
  • Stock: Raider Stock
Loadout zrg 20mm warzone
ZRG 20mm Loadout 2 in COD Warzone

Benefits of This ZRG 20mm Loadout 

The ZRG 20mm has a lot of idle aim. The scope during aim down sight moves around a lot and can become hard to control. Agency Moderator makes sure that the scope remains stable and helps the player to aim with more control during fast-paced battles. It also increases the bullet velocity.

Front Grip will reduce recoil on this sniper in Warzone, and it will become much easier to recenter your shots with better aim. Serpent Wrap will considerably increase your aim down sights speed, whereas Raider Stock gives a huge boost to your movement speed while aiming.

Additionally, perks can also be used to further boost your movement speed and stabilize your aim.

Secondary Weapon For This Loadout

warzone sykove pistol
Sykov Pistol COD Warzone

Sykov is probably the best secondary weapon that you can use for this loadout. It is crazy how good this weapon is even after all the nerf updates it has received. This gun is a quick and stable method to get rid of your enemies at point blanc range. Pair this up with your sniper, and you’ve got both long and short-range covered.

Loadout 2 Perks

Here are the three perks that you should put to use for this loadout in Warzone;

  • First Perk: Ghost
  • Second Perk: E.O.D
  • Third Perk: Restock

Ghost will help you to remain undetected while moving from almost every scouting item, including the radar drones and the heartbeat sensors.

E.O.D is another perk that is a must-have for your aggressive loadout in COD Warzone. It will increase your defense against fire damage and explosives. Explosives were already buffed in Warzone, so this perk has become even more viable than before.

Restock is going to cut off the recharging of your equipment by half. This is especially useful in situations when you are surrounded and need a quick escape from the enemy.

Loadout 2 Equipment

Proximity Mines and Stim are going to be your equipment for this ZRG 20mm loadout.

Proximity mines are very useful for players with a sniping build. You will get alerted of any and every enemy beforehand with the help of these mines. The mines also deal damage to your opponent, so you can quickly finish them with your sniper if you get the chance.

As a sniper, you might get ambushed by multiple enemies at once. Stim will give you an easier time in this situation by acting as a quick heal. In this manner, you can create a safe route for your escape.

That was all for our Best ZRG 20mm Loadouts in Warzone Guide. Hopefully, now you can create the best possible build with this sniper rifle. 

Call of Duty Warzone was initially released on March 10, 2020, on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It got released on the next-gen consoles later that year. This game has been a huge success for Activision and is played by players around the world. Let us know what you think about Season 3 of Warzone in the comment section below.

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