Multiversus Bugs Bunny: Combos, Perks & Guide

A complete guide explaining the famous Bugs Bunny in Multiversus, including moves, perks, and strategies

Bugs Bunny is one of, if not the most iconic, Warner Bros characters. He is one of the most famous Cartoon characters to exist. Appearing in many different adaptations of Loony Toons, and now he is in Multiversus as well. This guide is here to help you out with everything you need to know about Bugs Bunny in Multiversus. Also, do check out our MultiVersus BEST Characters.

Key Takeaways
  • Bugs Bunny is a popular cartoon character and the face of Looney Tunes, a grey and white rabbit with gloves and large feet.
  • Bugs is known for his insouciant attitude and clever personality, famous for his catchphrase “Ehh… What’s up Doc?“.
  • Bugs currently has only one costume, but leaks confirmed four other costumes, including Toon Squad and Maestro.
  • Bugs have a mage character in the game Multiversus and have a variety of attacks and combos, including using objects to fight and heal allies.
  • In the game, Bugs is considered overpowered and may be nerfed in future updates.

He uses his fists as a propeller to propel himself into the air and punch and kick enemies in mid-air, using his mallet to perform a powerful swing. Rabbit Kick, Pie Barrage, Swing Batta Batta! and Look Out Below! are some of his famous attacking moves.

Bugs Bunny Character Information

As mentioned before, Bugs Bunny is easily one of the most famous cartoon characters to ever exist. He is the face of Loony Toons at this point. He was just a character in an animated short named “Porky’s Hare Hunt“, at first. But after its success, Warner Bros decided to go ahead and make him a starring character in Loony Toons. 

Bugs is a grey and white rabbit. He has gloves on his hands and really big feet. Bugs is a very insouciant character. He always acts cool, not showing concern for anything. One of the reasons everyone loves him is that attitude itself. He just shakes off everything like it’s no one’s business. 

Bugs is a very clever character. That is why he is mostly shown as the one character being hunted. Because of his cleverness, he always slips out of the reach of anyone trying to hunt him down.

Bugs always enter an episode with arguably the most iconic catchphrase, “Ehh… What’s up Doc?”. This catchphrase is one that no one can forget. Furthermore, it’s just so casual you can use it anywhere.

Bugs has had his fair share of friends and foes over the years. One of his friends includes Daffy Duck. He acts as his friend and sometimes even plays the role of his foe. But they are pretty inseparable once they help each other out in trouble. Some might say they are best friends. 

Here are summarized stats of Bugs Bunny: 

Ground Attacks Ground Specials Air Attacks Air Specials Passive Ability Best Perks
– Whack-Y, Ain’t It?

– Why I Oughta! (Side Atk)

– Rabbit Kick (Up Atk)

– Pie Barrage! (Down Atk)

– A Safe Investment

– Ain’t I A Charmer? (Side Atk)

– Special Delive Rocket (Up Atk)

– Bunny Burrow (Down Atk)

– Helicopter Punch

– Flying Rabbit’s Foot (Side Atk)

– Swing Batta Batta! (Up Atk)

– Look Out Below! (Down Atk)

– Safe Painter

– Rocket Rider (Side Atk)

– Special Delive Rocket (Up Atk)

– Bun On The Run (Down Atk)

Dynamite, Doc? – Comin’ Through Doc

– Deadshot

– Make It Rain, Dog!

– Lingering Love

How To Play As Bugs Bunny In Multiversus

Bugs’ “Why I oughta” attack

Bugs Bunny in Multiversus is a mage character. He can summon objects during the fight to help him fight others in battle. He is easily considered one of the most overpowered characters. So much so that the developers have decided to go ahead and nerf him in the next episode.

But we doubt he will be any less powerful after the nerf. He will still be extremely powerful afterward as well. Before we move on, do check our Multiversus Rick and Morty guide.


As mentioned before, Bugs is a mage character. He is a very balanced character, but his ability to summon objects makes him overpowered. It makes him useful for offense, defense, and even utility. The following is the list of his attacks. 

  • Whack-y Ain’t It? (Ground): Bugs uses his mallet to perform a very powerful swing.
  • Why I Oughta (Ground): Bugs spins his fists and punches his opponents and breaks armor at the same time.
  • Rabbit Kick (Ground): As the name suggests, Bugs use a kick that can launch enemies into the air.
  • Pie Barrage! (Ground): You can throw a pie at enemies, which damages and slows them down. If you hit allies with it, it can heal them as well.
  • Helicopter Punch (Aerial): You use Bugs fists as a propeller which helps you stay in the air as well as hits enemies.
  • Flying Rabbit’s Foot (Aerial): Bugs perform a forward kick when in midair. 
  • Swing Batta Batta! (Aerial): Summon a baseball bat in the air and do a powerful swing. 
  • Look Out Below! (Aerial): The combo can be done in 2 ways. If you have a pie-equipped midair, throw it as a projectile. If you don’t, Bugs will perform a mallet swing. 


bugs safe
Bugs using his safe combo

Bugs has a very simple and effective set of combos. He is very useful both in the air and on the ground. His usefulness is shown if you can perform his combos well. Following is the list of all his combos.

  • A Safe Investment (Ground): The combo is considered one of the best Bugs combos. Bugs will drop a safe on enemies, which does high damage. It can also be broken. Once broken, you can get an item. 
  • Ain’t I A Charmer? (Ground): Bugs gives his enemies a blowing kiss and stuns them by doing so. The enemy is enraged, but the followed attack is a weakened one. 
  • Special Delive-Rocket (Ground and Aerial): Bugs launch a rocket that goes up. Afterward, it comes down and damages enemies. On the other hand, allies can grab onto the rocket. It allows them to travel the stage. 
  • Bunny Barrow (Ground): The combo which makes Bugs overpowered. Bugs make a hole in the stage. Entering the hole makes Bugs invincible. Jumping allows you to travel in the burrow. Bugs can attack enemies and enter the burrow again. Even allies can enter the burrow as well.
  • Safe Painter (Aerial): It is the same combo as Safe Investment. Bugs just paint and spawns the safe, which is faster than the ground safe spawning.
  • Rocket Rider (Aerial): Bugs launch a rocket upwards, which damages the enemies and acts as a platform for allies
  • Bun on the Run (Aerial): When in the air, Bugs will dive down and start to make a burrow making him invincible. 

Passive Ability

Like all other characters in the game, Bugs has a passive ability. “Dynamite, Doc?” is the name of this ability. The ability allows Bugs to summon a bag on the stage. This bag has items in it. When Bugs is crouched, he pulls an item out of the bag. He then launches the item to the closest ally. The ally can then use this item. 

Best Perks For Bugs

Bugs charm
Bugs Charmer combo

Bugs have various perks. Each perk is different and unique in its own way. Leveling up characters unlock the perks. But only a few can be considered the best. The following 4 are the best perks for Bugs in the game. Check out our other similar guides like Multiversus Taz and Jake Multiversus guides. 

Comin’ Through Doc

It is a very effective perk. You will use “Bunny Barrow” a lot. The perk allows you to do damage when Bugs leaves his burrow by making a shockwave. Not only Bugs, but if any of the allies leave the burrow, it also makes a shockwave. Meaning you can damage enemies while being invincible.


It is a perk that increases ranged attack damage. Because most of the Bugs’ attacks are ranged, it allows bugs to do quite a lot more damage. So, use this to make the most out of Bugs’ ranged attacks. 

Make It Rain, Dog!

It is a perk that actually increases the speed of the ranged attacks. So using will make Bugs ranged attacks faster as well. Using it with Deadshot makes damaging using Bugs very, very easy. 

Lingering Love

It is a perk specifically for “Ain’t I a Charmer”. The perk increases the duration of the “Ain’t I a Charmer” duration. This makes the enemies stunned for longer than before. Meaning you can damage them for even longer. 

Strategies And Tips For Bugs

bugs burrow
Bugs Bunny standing on his Bunny Burrow

Bugs Bunny in Multiversus is a very versatile character. Because of it, he can act as anything from a DPS to support. But his best use is as a damage dealer. His attacks hit very hard. And if you use the perks mentioned above, it’ll get even better. So if you want to use Bugs to his full potential, use him as a DPS. 

Using “Comin through Doc” is a necessity. It is a very good perk as it gives you more chances to inflict damage on your enemies. What makes this better is that because the allies can enter, they also damage the enemies. When in the burrow, you are completely invincible. The enemies can’t even touch you. 

Deadshot increases the damage of all ranged attacks. The perk is best suited for Bugs since Bugs uses a lot of ranged attacks. “Make it Rain, Dog!” makes it even better. Since now the projectiles in ranged attacks will be faster, you can attack even faster. The damage you deal per second will easily increase. Making it easier to deal with the enemies. 

Lingering Love makes trapping enemies easier. Once you use the “Ain’t I a Charmer” combo, you can go ahead and stun enemies. Lingering Love enhances the stun. In this time, you can do a lot of damage. Or an even better option is using your passive ability and getting items in that opening. This makes overall fighting easier.

Bugs Bunny Costumes

Bugs dressed up in his “Hollywood Bugs” costume.

At the moment, Bugs only has one costume available for use. There have been leaks of other costumes on the way, but we will have to wait for them to use in the game. Including the leaked costumes, there are 4 of them for Bugs at the moment.

  • Hollywood Bugs: The costume has Bugs dressed up in a pink robe, pink stained glasses, and a carrot in his hand. The costume originates from 1947 animated short called “A Hare Grows in Manhattan“. It is fairly easy to unlock as it only costs 1500 Gleamium to buy.
  • Brunhilde: The costume has Bugs dressed up in a Valkriye helmet with a pink skirt and a yellow and golden top. It also originates from a short called “What’s Opera Doc?”. Currently, the costume is unavailable. 
  • Maestro: Bugs is dressed up as an Opera Conductor. The costume originates from another short named “A Long-Haired Hare“. The costume is currently unavailable.
  • Toon Squad: The costume has Bugs dressed up as a basketball player from the iconic 90s “Space Jam“. Like the rest, the costume is currently unavailable. 


That is it for this guide. It explains how to use Bugs Bunny in Multiversus to its fullest extent. Do check out our other guides like Finn Multiversus or Multiversus Tom & Jerry. Do tell us in the comments what you think about this guide. 

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