Disney Dreamlight Valley: Burying The Eel Quest

Our guide is about Burying The Eel in Maui’s quest line where you need to get a coconut from burying the eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Story Highlights
  • Burying The Eel quest is one of the quests in Maui's quest line in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • The quest will require you to craft a Fishing Trap using Softwood and Worms.
  • After catching the eel you will be able to bury it in order to get a Coconut Tree for Maui.

There are plenty of quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley to keep you on the hook. Dreamers will have to complete these quests in order to progress in the main campaign. One of these quests is Burying The Eel quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

The “Burying The Eel” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley involves catching an eel, burying it in the ground, and growing a coconut tree from it. Here are the steps to complete this quest:

Initiate the Quest:

    • To start this quest, you must first invite Maui, the powerful Demigod, into your Valley.
    • Progress in Maui’s questline called “A Worthy Feast Of A Demigod,” and he will provide you with details about the “Burying The Eel” quest.
      Burying The Eel Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
      Burying The Eel Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Crafting the Fishing Trap:

    • The quest requires you to catch an eel using a fishing trap. To make the fishing trap, you will need Softwood and some worms.
      finding worms in Burying The Eel Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
      Finding worms
    • Softwood is readily available in the game, while worms can be a bit harder to find.

Set Up the Fishing Trap:

    • Once you have gathered the necessary materials, set up a fishing trap. It’s recommended to place the trap near the fishing dock for the maximum fish yield, which can be found near Dazzle Beach.
      Burying The Eel Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
      Fishing Trap

Talk to Maui:

    • Speak to Maui again after setting up the fishing trap to progress in the quest.
      talking to Goofy in Burying The Eel Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
      Talking to Goofy

Catch the Eel:

    • Use the fishing trap and bait to catch an eel. Once you’ve caught it, bring the eel to Maui.
      fishing in Burying The Eel Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
      Fishing for eels

Bury the Eel:

    • Head to the beach area and bury the eel in the ground.
      getting the eels
      Getting the eels

Tend to the Crop:

    • The quest involves growing a coconut tree from where you buried the eel. Take care of the crop until it transforms into a coconut tree.

Harvest the Coconut:

    • Once the coconut tree has fully grown, harvest a coconut from it.

Return to Maui:

    • Bring the harvested coconut back to Maui to complete the quest.
      giving coconut to Maui
      Giving coconut to Maui

This concludes our detailed guide on Burying The Eel quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After completing our guide, you will be able to complete the quest easily and build your friendship level with Maui.

You also be also able to grow a coconut tree so that you can have an abundant supply of cooking it for your recipes in the game. Leave any queries you have in the comment section below. 

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