Callisto Protocol Ending Walkthrough & Guide

Learn how Callisto's ending plays out and how players are able to beat the final boss fight too!

The Callisto Protocol Ending ends on a massive cliffhanger, and players can expect a boss fight to look forward to! The game has had various ups and downs regarding its gameplay aspects and how combat and movement work, but one thing that’s for sure is that it’s got a good story to it.

Note: Major spoilers ahead! Read at your own discretion.

Key Highlights

  • Callisto Protocol‘s ending has been played out by building up tension and anticipation for the player as the story progression continues. 
  • The ending doesn’t reveal the actual ending, but rather ends on a massive cliffhanger, opening the options for a possible DLC in the future. 
  • The best way to get the ending will be by progressing fully through the main storyline. 
  • The main benefit of getting to the end will be simply that you will be able to fight the final boss as well as finish the story (as far as it is concerned)!
  • The ending reveals a lot about the warden, Ferris, Dani, Jacob as well as Dr. Mahler and leaves a lot of questions unanswered too!

Meeting Duncan Cole 

Meeting Warden
Meeting Warden (Image Credits Exputer)

The entire storyline of Callisto is pretty twisted and interesting, and there is quite a big buildup to the ending where Jacob lives through a few of Dani’s memories (more explained at the end) and how it all plays out. 

After he tells Dani that he will find a cure for the infections, another cutscene appears after a bit where he enters a room where he can hear Duncan Cole being told that his methods are too rash and risky. The Warden says that the greater risk is failing to act, especially when, as he exclaims, “The Commanility” is now finally in their threshold. 

As Jacob tries to listen to whatever conversations are going on in the room, he loads up his weapon. However, the Warden ends up noticing Jacob, and he says that Jacob is, in fact, right on time and that him being the survivor, he “finally approaches.” Many voices in the background exclaim that he s the survivor, the Vir Solitarius

While in a moment of panic and anger, Jacob, with his loaded gun, runs up to the Warden and points the gun at him, and asks him where The Alpha is. After that, he is so angry that he is ready to make the Warden pay for whatever he did, and he also orders him to give him the Antidote since there is no way he will let Dani die out like this. 

The Warden then chuckles and says he’s been watching Jacob’s every move. He then doubts his loyalty to Jacob to Dani by saying that he is not as innocent as he claims to be, and he has proven that he will do quite literally anything needed to stay alive and that he will fend for himself no matter what. 

As soon as that is said, another chant in the background exclaims Jacob is the survivor and as Vir Solitarius once again. 

After that, Jacob will immediately retaliate with the fact that the Warden had been watching people as they died and that this mission of his was, in fact, “his protocol.” 

The Warden then tells him that Jacob is mistaken and that the Protocol isn’t about death at all. Rather, it heavily relates to life, essentially leading to his messed up belief about how there should be obstacles and that death is inevitable on the road to success. 

The closer the Warden gets to Jacob, the more Jacob points the gun at Warden in self-defense. The Warden then leads on by pointing at the rooftop and saying that humanity’s future lies elsewhere and that they were not destined to continue staying in space. 

He then goes on to say that humanity is being held back and that humans will have to continue to evolve if they want to be able to survive properly. And then, there is immediately an opening of the door where he says that there will be a final contest to see whether his evolution is worth surviving or regular humanity. 

The door opens to reveal Ferris once again, and it is quite evident that he will fight Jacob. Ferris talks to Jacob and addresses him as prisoner 521, he then goes on to say that he was shown his purpose with the help of the Warden, and at this moment, his mentality has clearly been overridden by the infection, and Ferris says that he will show Jacob the reality, and the boss fight ensues.

Final Boss Fight

Final Boss
Final Boss (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, when the boss fight first starts out, Ferris will immediately run up to you and will carry out a series of consecutive punches, which will range from left to right, and it will happen about 4 times in a sequence. At this point, the player can’t really attack him, and the only way out of this is to dodge the incoming punches. Otherwise, the damage taken will be absolutely brutal. 

After he carries out the punches, there will be a split moment where he ends up being a little bit vulnerable, and that’s when you can carry out a melee attack and hit him either on the head or on the body. 

After you do that, he will then instantly come running for you once again, but this time a sequence plays out where he grabs the player, pushes you back, and then he lifts up his foot and kick you to the ground. 

Ferris then continues on by saying a line that you’re gonna have to get past him to back it up. Once you get back up, immediately expect Ferris to lunge at you again. He will once again carry out the same sequences of alternating punches from left and right 3-4 times, and you can wait for him to finish his sequence before you can carry out a melee + gun combo on him. 

He will then say, “you think you can run from me?” At that point, you can take this moment to carry out another hit on him if need be. The actual sequence of punches continues once again, and he will then proceed to back up for a bit and signal you to approach him with his hands. 

He then runs up to you once again, blocks your attack, and instead pushes you into the ground, asking whether you are trying to run from what you’ve done. After that, he will kick you into the ground once again before you can safely get back up. 

Another sequence of punches is carried out before he holds you up and then exclaims that no one can save you now. He pushes you down and continues to say that he has beaten you as the player, that he has beaten everyone, that he is The Alpha and that he is the only one truly superior.

He then continues to struggle to speak, exclaims that he doesn’t know what’s happening to him, and this is when he starts to transform into a superior form. Players will be able to physically see Ferris’ body mutate, and he will rip through his clothes, and he will become an absolute abysmal monster. 

Alpha Ferris Form 

Alpha Ferris
Alpha Ferris (Image Credits Exputer)

Get ready for the second form of Ferris, where he will first say that there’s always a price to pay for everything, and then he will form a protective cocoon in front of his head. Players aiming to get done with the boss fight quickly should keep in mind that his head will be their weakest spot, so continue aiming for that. 

When the fight starts, watch out for the spitting projectiles that will be launched toward you by Ferris’ end. As he follows you, you can use your guns to carry out ranged shots at the cocoon that is protecting his head. 

As you continue to shoot at him, beware of even more projectiles that he will continue to shoot out at you, as they can hinder your movement and reduce your HP

There will also come the point where he will call upon crawling and exploding enemies. Players need to try their utmost best to take them out first since they will only continue to approach you and then explode in your face. Don’t try to attack them with melee attacks. 

As you are busy taking out the exploding enemies, Alpha Ferris comes running behind you and tries to carry out the same flinging motion that the first phase of Ferris did, and you will have to simply dodge it by moving to the side. 

If you get too close to him, he will continue to throw punch after punch at you, and the only thing that you can do is dodge and then use aimed shots at his cocoon to counterattack. Another projectile will spit out by him, and then he will end up rebuilding his cocoon in front of its face. 

More exploding enemies spawn out, and if you shoot them, make sure to take a second to quickly loot them since they will most likely drop riot gun, hand cannon, or any other gun ammo, which is crucial for the second phase. 

Towards the end of the fight, he will continue to spawn out enemies one after the other, and the entire cycle will keep repeating until the battle ends

Final Ending

Final Ending
Final Ending (Image Credits Exputer)

When you finally end up defeating Alpha Ferris, he will scream for a split second before falling down to the ground and lying against the table that was originally in the middle of the room. 

Jacob will then carefully get close to Ferris, and he will have a device in his hand, which will be required in order to extract the DNA from Ferris. He stabs the device into Ferris and extracts the DNA before moving back. 

The second he says, “Hold up Dani” and turns around, out comes Warden Duncan, and he says that Ferris was pretty weak and that he was imperfect. And he then points towards the sample that is in Jacob’s hand and says that it is the key to unlocking a long-lost dream

He then says that the sample belongs to him, and Jacob says that no, it doesn’t. Duncan, in his attempt to not lose, pleads to Jacob to return the sample to him, and he also says that there is an escape pod where he can leave the area from. 

The Warden then goes on to say that Jacob will be able to return to the life that he once used to have and that both of them will be able to get what they want, essentially meaning that the Warden believes that Jacob wants to leave everything and run from the hellhole, while the Warden wants to achieve perfection in his experiments

After that, the Warden asks Jacob what he wants before Dani approaches and says that she wants her sister back and curses at him while pointing a gun at him. After that, in the heat of the moment, players can see Dani shooting Duncan, only to find out that he is simply a hologram

Duncan moves back and says that it is a pretty good effort, but she should know by now that he will never lose, no matter what it takes. And before Duncan can take any more steps, Jacobs exclaims that this time Duncan does lose and then stabs the DNA into Dani. 

Duncan then says that whatever Jacob just did was an immense waste since he only did this to save a singular life. As Jacob picks up Dani to help her up on her feet, Duncan says that Jacob shouldn’t think that he has stopped and that the Protocol will continue being carried out to the next phase. 

He then says that as for Jacob’s fate, and then continues on to activate the self-destruct sequence, which essentially means that everything will end up being destroyed eventually. He then says a sarcastic goodbye to both of them before walking off. 

Attempt To Escape 

Attempt To Escape
Attempt To Escape (Image Credits Exputer)

As the sequence has been activated, Jacob points to Dani that the escape pods are not far away. And Dani will then start making her way up, and the player can follow her as well. You will then start running through a series f hallways and corridors where Jacob will continue to say Hurry, Almost there, just keep going!

In another room, Jacob will say that he is able to see the pods, and another cutscene ensues. As he approaches the pods, he ends up finding out that there is only one escape pod, and he instantly forces Dani into the escape pod without even thinking twice. 

In a moment of desperation, Dani tells Jacob that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. And Jacob tells her that he didn’t know what he was doing, but now he needs to stop running from the things that he has done. 

Dani seems confused and asks him what he’s saying, and Jacob simply says sorry for all that he’s done and caused Dani. He then says that he belongs here, in the destruction, and he then activates the escape pod, where Dani tells him not to do this. 

She continues asking Jacob to stop and not do this before the escape pods take off, and there is a plethora of smoke covering the room, and the escape pods take off. 

A voice in the back exclaims that the data transfer is complete, and Dani says that they both ended up learning a bit about each other. It turns out that at the moment, Dani never ended up realizing that Jacob had actually given Dani the evidence she needed in order to expose the entire thing that had happened. 

She then held up the evidence with the Larva sample in the tube and then went on to say that she hoped that Jacob was able to find peace

Meanwhile, back in Black Iron, we can see Jacob fighting off even more mutations, and as he is on the brink of death, we see a hologram appear and address Jacob. She says that there might end up being a way out after all, but she will need Jacob’s help before we see Ferris appear once again, and the screen goes to black, showcasing a cliffhanger to the Callisto Protocol Ending

Possible DLC 

Considering the fact that we never got answers as to how Jacob will escape, what happened to Duncan, and the fact that the last thing that the players see is Ferris appearing again, it can be made pretty clear that Callisto ends on a cliffhanger

This can be further made clear that the story is yet to end fully, and there will surely be some form of DLC that will provide further and give deeper insights into whatever happened with Black Iron and head even deeper into the entire lore of the game. 

Seeing Ferris appear in the abrupt ending, another thing that can be made pretty clear is that in the collaboration attempt that will happen between Dr. Mahler and Jacob to escape, Ferris will play a major role in the entire shenanigans that might ensue. 

Considering another factor that Jacob had originally been responsible for the death of Dani’s sister, as well as so many people on Europa, it can be hoped that the DLC might end up uncovering the truth of it all, and we might see whether Jacob ends up surviving after all or not. 

Buildup To Ending 

Buildup To Ending
Buildup To Ending (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s actually talk a bit about how the buildup to the Callisto Protocol Ending is showcased and how the lore plays out pretty impressively. There comes the point in chapter 8 where Jacob ends up being inside Danis’ memories and how he sees the truth of Europa. 

As the player is walking around, Jacob is grabbed onto by Max, and he is forced to look towards Dani. We see Dani fighting off an infected, and then she sees a woman lying on the ground while Max tells Jacob in the back, “This.. was our fault”. 

Dani grabs onto Lili, who is now very clearly dead, and in a moment of disbelief and grief, she rips off her mask and tells the dead body that she’s sorry, that she tried to protect her, but she couldn’t. 

This is when the realization hits Jacob that Europa was never a terrorist attack, but rather it was an entire coverup of whatever was planned to be tested in the Black Iron, and it is when Jacob realizes that when he transported the cargo, it wasn’t innocent, but it rather played an important part in the plan too, making him unintentionally a part of this

He is then told that he made the wrong choice and then presented with a question about how he is going to make it right. The memories end and Dani is getting even more strongly infected. Jacob tells her that he will come back when he has the cure. 


And there we have it! The entire boss fight, as well as the ending that is provided to players! And with that, we will wrap up our Callisto Protocol Ending guide! If you’re still progressing then read our Trapped worker guide and learn the fate of officer Wayne. Otherwise, if you just got the game then our Walkthrough and tips and tricks guide will get you started with useful content.    

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