Callisto Protocol Game Length: How Long To Beat

Learn everything there is to know about the Game Length of Callisto Protocol.

Callisto Protocol game length is around 14 hours for complete progression. This can vary depending on what difficulty you play the game on. The game is mainly stretched out to a total of Eight Chapters. Although, if you ignore all the side content and focus solely on the main story, then the game length will alter.

Key Highlights

  • Callisto Protocol is not lengthy; it will take about 12 hours to finish this game on your first playthrough.
  • The game length will differ depending on what difficulty the player opts for.
  • If you play on a higher difficulty, finishing the game would take much longer than expected.
  • If you are a slow-paced player and don’t like to rush things, then it might take you a few more hours to finish.
  • Callisto Protocol mainly features Eight Chapters that focus on the main story.  

How Long To Beat Callisto Protocol

Overall game length of Callisto Protocol
Main Story (Image Credit Copyrights: eXputer)

After the release of Callisto Protocol, players are eager to know about the total length of this game. It mainly focuses on story content since survivor-horror games tend to be shorter in length. However, sometimes enemies can be a little hard to deal with and may eat your hours away without your notice.

If you want to enjoy the main story and breathtaking cinematics of Callisto Protocol, it will take you no more than 12 hours to finish the game. However, if you are more of a slow-paced player who has a knack for searching every corner of the game for collectibles and finding out everything that The Callisto Protocol has to offer, then it might take you a few more hours to complete the game.

Something you should be mindful of is that if you are an experienced player and familiar with the game mechanics,, the time frame for Callisto Protocol may be divergent.

On the other hand, it could take longer for you to beat this game if you are having a hard time dealing with some enemies. As a result, you will end up dying many times, which will affect your overall playtime.

The time required to complete Callisto Protocol is quite similar to most triple-A titles that fall into the Survival-Horror Genre. There is quite a bit of exploration within the realm of this game. You can stroll around random hallways, which can often lead to new areas to explore. These areas will likely have rare and valuable items that can prove useful later in the game.

However, keep in mind that you will have to devote 14 hours to this game for thorough progression in Callisto Protocol. So, If you are a completionist who admires unlocking all the trophies and finding every possible weapon in the game, then it will take 14 hours or more to achieve 100 percent progression.

Difficulty Options In Callisto Protocol

In Callisto Protocol, players can choose between Three Difficulty Options. Generally, Callisto Protocol game length will be determined by choosing among these three difficulty options.

Estimated time to complete Callisto Protocol
Difficulty Modes (Image Captured by eXputer)

Minimum Security

The most unchallenging difficulty in Callisto Protocol. If you want to rush through the game with ease, then the minimum security is for you. You will do more damage to enemies in this mode. Enemies will be way less aggressive and easy to deal with. You will never run out of resources as they will always be available in abundance. Therefore, it will take you little to no time to complete the game.

Medium Security

If you are someone who wants to progress through the game but also likes to be fairly challenged at times, then medium security can be a good choice. Like any other game, this mode is the normal difficulty of Callisto Protocol. Enemies will do more damage, and fewer resources are available on this difficulty as compared to the minimum security difficulty. You can expect to spend a long time fending off enemies and searching for resources.

Maximum Security

The most gruesome difficulty in Callisto Protocol. The maximum security mode will test your skills to the core. Enemies are tougher than usual and harder to kill. You will have to be on the lookout for sudden attacks, as enemies will do twice the damage as opposed to they normally do in lower difficulties.

The availability of resources is inadequate. This mode will widen the length of Callisto Protocol and is befitting for only experienced players or those looking for a challenge.

Callisto Protocol Chapter List

Callisto Protocol is mainly spread out into a total of Eight Chapters which feature the main story. The length of all the chapters will vary depending on your play style and what difficulty you play the game. These chapters extend from 15 minutes to 2 hours and are mentioned below:

  • Cargo
  • Outbreak
  • Aftermath
  • Habitat
  • Lost
  • Below
  • Colony
  • Tower

Wrap Up

Callisto Protocol is a third-person survival horror game developed by Striking Studios. It spared no effort to recreate the formula that made its predecessor, Dead Space, such a great hit. It offers brutal close-quarters combat while maintaining the game’s horror element. Callisto Protocol takes great inspiration from Dead Space, which has carved out its own place within the survival-horror genre.

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