Callisto Protocol: How To Get Schematics Assault Rifle 

Learn how to get your hands on the assault rifle and what upgrades are offered to max it out!

Callisto Protocol offers a total of 7 weapons to the players, one of which is the assault rifle schematics, it is amongst the ranged weapons that players can access. Learning how to get Assault Rifle in Callisto Protocol does not come easy as it is an optional schematic, and can be missable if players don’t explore around! 

Key Highlights

  • The Assault Rifle Schematics is one of the 7 weapons that players are able to access during their playthrough of the game! 
  • The best way to get your hands on the rifle will be by making your way over to The Slums and head towards the Midtown. 
  • Players are also able to find the weapon at the end of chapter 7 as well as in chapter 8
  • The main benefit of having the rifle will be that you will have a different option for a weapon during combat
  • The weapon is not attainable through story content but rather through exploring!

Assault Rifle Location

Before anything else, players need to know that they will have to have progressed quite deep into the game. The rifle is easily missable, and it will not be obtained through the main storyline, rather players need to explore around when they get to a specific location to get their hands on the assault rifle schematics

The weapon will be accessible once you get to chapter 7 “Colony” in the game. When you’ve progressed enough in the storyline, you will be heading toward an area that is known as a slum, and it will contain loads of homes that will be run-down. 

Starting Of Slums 

Start Of Slums
Start Of Slums (Image Credits Exputer)

When you’re starting your search for the gun, you will be in a hallway that will be leading into the slum area. The hallway itself will be represented by black and grey colors, and it will have an extremely eerie atmosphere, preparing the player for the slums that they are about to head in. 

Start making your way through the hallway, and right in front of the player, there will be what appears to be lined metal that will be colored grey, and there will be a small square that will be cut out from it, which will indicate an entrance to the slums. 

Head towards the entrance, and there will be a small platform where you will have to first jump off, which will lead you further closer to the entrance. From there, you can then go ahead and press W and E to interact with the space and jump over the entrance to fully go into the slums

Into The Slums 

Once you’ve successfully made your way into the slums, there will be a completely different scenario in front of you. There will be buildings that will be run down, and there will be small buildings, and homes as well as tattered covers that will cover the rooftops of a few homes. 

Alongside that, there will be extreme dirt, and most of the homes will resemble container homes. Combining it with the abandoned space, the entire slum area gives the player a freaky feeling, with an almost eerie presence. 

When you first enter the slums, you will be present on a platform, and there will be a pole in front of the platform. Start making your way over to the edge of the platform, after which you can head a bit forward n order to jump off of it to get to the ground. 

On the slum that will be in front of you, there will be a small one that displays the word “elevator”, and right beside it, there is a pathway that will lead even deeper into the slums. 

When you jump onto the ground, move a bit towards the slum with the word on it, and then steer a bit to the left which will allow you to get a clear view of the pathway ahead of you. From there, start heading forth, and you will come across a slum with no door, as well as another slum that will be colored grey on your right that you want to cross ahead from. 

After you cross the slum that was towards your right, it will open up an even more open area that will showcase more slums that will be broken down. Turn right from the slum that you just crossed. 

When you do so, you will encounter the main entrance of the slum that was colored grey, and the entrance will be represented by a small wooden pathway on the ground, and there will be two wooden structures that will be a few feet ahead of the door

The two sticks will connect a tattered cloth from the actual rooftop of the slum to represent a small entrance, and to give coverage to anyone coming inside, and there will also be a small barrel that will be placed beside the wooden stick that was placed on the left side of the slum entrance. 

Midtown Area 

Midtown Area
Midtown Area (Image Credits Exputer)

From the place that we just described before, run through the main entrance area, and right in front of you, you will be able to encounter another slum. 

However, this slum will be represented by a cleaner look. There will be a small entrance in the front, and though there is no door, it looks like an official entrance. Right in front of the slum, there will be a long pole with a light on it that will be shining right towards the entrance of the slum, illuminating the slum even more. 

Towards the pole, there will be quite a few barrels, trash as well as random items present. Right towards the left of the entrance of the slum, there will be a ladder. Right beside the ladder, there will be a text written. 

The text will show the words “Midtown” that will be written in white and the letters will be written individually, going down one letter at a time beside the ladder. The inside of the slum will be empty, therefore there won’t be much to explore inside. 

Approach the ladder, and when you first interact with it, you will be able to start climbing up it. When you’re climbing up the ladder, you will be also able to take note of the signboard with a white arrow that will be pointed up. 

When you fully make your way up the ladder, you will be able to encounter a completely new area. 

Top Of Slum 

Top Of Slum
Top Of Slum (Image Credits Exputer)

When you climb up to the ladder, players will be greeted with an open rooftop. In front of you, there will be a longer pathway that will split the top of the slum and will introduce even more slums in the area in front of you. 

From the top of the main slum that you climbed from, you want to turn right around, and right in front of you, there will also be a small area where the slums will be split off, and the space will be leading straight down back to the ground. 

There will be ledges that will protect the people who once lived here from falling off, and the ledges will be placed right toward the edge of the higher platforms. When you move a few feet forward, there will also be a signboard that will showcase one of the slums being a general store

The signboards will all be pretty run-down, just like the slums are, and players will need to make their way over to the general store signboard, and from there, you can move a bit toward the right so that you can move across from the general store. 

When you do so, you will be able to see the entrance of the general store, and you will be able to head in as well. Go into the general store, and it will be empty, with zero lighting, and there will be nothing but an empty pathway leading even further into the now-broken-down store. 

Head to the very back of the store, and from there, you will be able to come across the outside of the store, which will be indicated by a teal color that will be painted on the walls that will be connected with the exit. 

Move a bit to the left, and when you head out, and pan your camera bit to the left, you will be able to take note of a sign that will be placed on the walls that will say “elevator”.head past the sign, and there will be another slum in front of you. 

Slum With Schematics 

Slum With Mechanics
Slum With Mechanics (Image Credits Exputer)

Players will be able to take note of a slum which will be colored white, and there will be a massive bloodshot towards the right wall of the slum. Players want to start making their way over to the slum. 

From there, steer a bit to the left, which will then lead you further into the slum, and it will appear to be a run-down bathroom of sorts. There will be three sinks that will be placed on the left end of the room. 

There will also be three mirrors that will be placed right above the sinks, and on a small shelf that will be placed in front of the mirror in the middle, players will be able to get their hands on the Assault Rifle Schematics


Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle (Image Credits Exputer)

Now that players know Callisto Protocol How To Get Assault Rifle when it comes to the upgrades for Assault Rifle there will be a total of 4 upgrades that players can access. 

  • High Capacity Magazine Upgrade: With this in hand, it will cost players a total of 500 credits to get the first upgrade for the assault rifle, and players will be able to have their overall ammo capacity enhanced for the rifle. 
  • Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade: Players will need to first get the high capacity upgrade if they want to get the second one, and it will essence enhance the overall damage output of the rifle, and it will cost players a total of 1500 credits, which makes it pretty pricey. 
  • Stability Upgrade: Players need to first have gotten the Magnum Rounds to upgrade if they want to get the third upgrade, and it will be even more pricey than the second one, therefor players will need to save up at least 4500 credits as the upgrade will decrease the overall weapon recoil. 
  • TK63 Homing Rounds: The third upgrade will be a necessity to get this one, and it will cut you back a total of 4500 credits as well, which makes maxing out the assault rifle a pretty hefty price. It will essentially grant players an alt-fire module for their weapon. 


Now, there will be a few pre-requisite chapters that players will have to play to make it to the slums, which we will quickly give you a surface run-through of. 

Chapter One 

For chapter one, players will have a pretty simple run-through. The only thing that players will need to do is to complete the objectives which have them check on special cargo and after doing so, make their way back to the cockpit. 

Chapter Two 

Moving into chapter two, players will have to first explore their cell, from where they will then have to find a way to escape and then cross a bridge to head over to the control room. From there, they will get an objective to open up Elia’s cell and then make their way back over to Elias. 

From there, you will need ot go find an elevator, from where you will have to then make your way through the Solitary, and then get past the security units somehow. From there, you will have to find the weapons lockup, then go to the watchtower, and then go past Captain Ferris. 

Chapter Three 

As for chapter three, the objectives will be a lot more detailed since the chapters are quite long. Players will have to locate Elias in security, from where they will be told to print out a weapon in the reforge area and then head out of security. 

They will then be told to get to the medical facility, and then find a guard’s corpse, and then head over to the medical facility once again, from where they will have to go to the back exit, and then go towards an elevator. They will then have to navigate through the basement and then get back with Elias. 

Players will then have to use the gondola to go to the SHU and restore power there. After that, the SHU control room will need to be located, from where players will have to activate the SHU controls, and then take the elevator down to the cells, free the inmate, and then go over to the Tram station and exit it. 

Chapter Four 

Heading on to chapter four, players will have to first follow the red pipe, which will be one of the first objectives, from where they will need to get code from the guard, and then you will have to drain tank six. 

From there, players will then have to head over to the Biodome, make their way over to the oxygen control room, and then get the code again. From there, a keycode will be required at the control pane, where you will have to go to the utility hatch, and then you will need to look for the fallen walkway. 

Chapter Five

To get through chapter five, you will have to first find Elias, after which players will be able to find shelter in the outpost area, from where you will need to keep heading through Hangar, and then go to help the trapped worker

From there, players will get an objective to go through the tunnels to get to the garage, from where they will be able to head to the control room. From there, you will have to find a certain keycode, unlock the security gate, and then explore the power station area. From there, the control room will need to be accessed, and you will have to find Dani and follow her. 

Chapter Six 

In chapter six, players will have to follow around Dani, from where they will eventually need to find the Power Tunnels keycard, which will be used to unlock the door that will lead you further into the power tunnels area itself. 

From here, you will need to locate the power reactor and then will need to head back to the transport platform, from where a small ride will be taken to head to Arcas. 

Chapter Seven 

Now, chapter seven will be the answer to knowing Callisto Protocol How To Get Assault Rifle, and when starting out, players will have to locate the Old Colon, from where an elevator keycard will be needed. 

From here, you will need to go find an elevator, and after that, you will need to find Dani in the rooftop area. 


And there we have it! A detailed walkthrough on how to get the Assault Rifle. If you end up missing the original location, you can also find the gun at the end of chapter 7, while also being able to get your hands on it in chapter 8 when you head inside Access Hall M150. 

If you are new to the game, then our Callisto Protocol walkthrough contains all the helpful guides to get you through the game. The PC version of the game had issues at launch but our best PC Settings guides offer in-game settings to run the game smoothly.  

And with that, we will wrap up our Callisto Protocol How To Get Assault Rifle guide! 

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