Callisto Protocol: How To Get Heals [All Methods]

Learn Everything About How To Get Heals In Callisto Protocol

Learning how to get heals in Callisto Protocol will allow players to restore lost health and keep the combat rolling. Using Health Injector and Health Gel are the two ways of healing Jacob in the Callisto Protocol. 

Key Highlights

  • There are two ways to get Heals in Callisto Protocol; Health Injector and the Health Gel.
  • Health Injector restores a substantial amount of health, storable for later use but not abundant.
  • Health Gel is abundant but restores only 35% health; it can’t be stored for later use.
  • The protagonist’s health is displayed through the Core Implant in the neck, with the health bar indicating their condition.

Health Injector

Restoring Health With Health Injector
Restoring Health With Health Injector [Image Captured by us]
The health injector is a Viale of powerful medicinal fluid capable of healing any injury once injected into the bloodstream. Our protagonist Jacob Lee uses it on his neck to restore a significant amount of his health. 


 There are multiple advantages of using the Health Injector in the face of crises which are listed below,

  • It restores the significant amount of health of the player as compared to the Health Gel.
  • It is extremely effective, especially in the wake of boss fights, as health is needed the most there.
  • Unlike the Health Gel, it can be stored in the inventory, where you can utilize it later when you need it the most.


There are also multiple disadvantages of the Health Injector, which are listed below,

  • Vulnerability During Use: The Health Injector takes approximately 3-4 seconds to inject and restore health. During this time, you are vulnerable to attacks from Biophages or other enemies. If you take damage while using it, the injection process is interrupted, and you may not recover your health in time, potentially leading to death. It’s best to use it when not surrounded by multiple enemies.
  • High Cost: Health Injectors are relatively expensive, costing 500 Callisto Credits. These credits can also be used to upgrade your weapons for more effective damage against enemies. Therefore, using Health Injectors must be a strategic decision, considering the right time and place to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Rarity: Health Injectors are less common compared to Health Gel, making them harder to come by in the game world. This scarcity further emphasizes the need to use them wisely and efficiently.

Where To Get Them

Health Injectors are extremely helpful as they restore a significant amount of health as compared to the Health Gel. There are multiple locations where you can get your hand on a Health Injector though they are rare to find as compared to Health Gel.

First, they can be obtained from metallic chests sprinkled throughout the game. 

Health Injector Found In Chests
Health Injector Found In Chests [Image Captured by eXputer]
Secondly, you can find the Health Injectors on the mounted boxes on the wall. 

Health Injector Found In Mounted Boxes
Health Injector Found In Mounted Boxes [Image Captured by us]
Lastly, you can buy the Health Injectors for 500 Callisto Credits, to be precise, from printer stations. However, it is advisable to utilize your credits in the upgradation of the multiple weapons and conserve health through dodging and planned strategies.

Health Injector Purchased In Print Stations
Health Injector Purchased In Print Stations [Image Captured by us]

Health Gel

Biophage Corpse with Health Gel
Biophage Corpse with Health Gel [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
A gel-like substance used to restore players’ health by 35% is a Health Gel. It is abundant throughout the game and stores less amount of health compared to Health Injector.


The following are the advantages of the Health Gel,

  • Abundance: Health Gel is readily available throughout the game, providing a convenient option for boosting health when facing imminent enemy attacks.
  • Immediate Use: Players can use it instantly without the need to locate an enemy, making it a quick and accessible healing option.


The following are the disadvantages of Health Gel,

  1. Lower Restoration: Health Gel restores only 35% of health, which is less effective compared to the Health Injector, especially when facing heavy assaults from enemies.
  2. Full Health Limitation: Health Gel cannot be used if the player’s health is already full. To make the most of it, it’s advisable to eliminate nearby enemies before using the Gel or remember its location for later use.
  3. No Inventory Storage: Unlike the Health Injector, Health Gel cannot be stored in the inventory for later use, which can be limiting, especially during boss fights or when facing intense encounters with Biophages.

Where To Get Them  

You can obtain Health Gel in various ways throughout the game:

  1. Slaughtered Enemies: Health Gel can commonly be found on defeated enemies. You’ll often obtain it as loot when you defeat them.
  2. Biophage Corpses: To acquire Callisto credits or Health Gel, you must crush the corpse of the Biophage. The loot will spring out depending on your luck.
  3. Lockers, Chests, and Boxes: Health Gel can also be found in various containers like lockers, chests, and boxes scattered throughout the game.

When you come across an area with multiple targets and a Health Gel, prioritize eliminating the enemies first. You can’t use the Gel if your health is already full. Alternatively, you can remember the location of Health Gel pickups and return to them when needed to use them efficiently.

Health Mechanism

In the game, the protagonist, Jacob Lee, starts in a remote, prison-like facility on a moon’s surface known as the Black Iron Prison. Upon arrival, a team of operatives led by Dr. Catilyn Mahler implants a Core Implant into Jacob’s neck. This implant displays Jacob’s health bar on the back of his neck.

Here’s how the health mechanism works:

  1. Health Bar Display: Players can easily see Jacob’s health status by looking at the health bar on the back of his neck.
  2. Health Levels:
    • Bright Green: Full Health – No immediate concerns.
    • Yellow or Lightish Green: Medium Health – Caution, avoid heavy attacks.
    • Red: Low Health – Requires immediate restoration using Health Gel or Injector to prevent death.
  3. Suit Upgrade: By reaching the end of the game’s third chapter, Jacob acquires a new suit, which is also featured on the game’s cover. This suit significantly boosts Jacob’s health, allowing him to withstand heavy attacks better. Despite the new suit covering his entire body, players can still monitor his health using the bar on the back of his neck.

This health system adds depth to the gameplay by providing clear visual cues about Jacob’s health status and allowing players to strategize accordingly.

Core Plant Injected In Jacob Lee
Core Plant Injected In Jacob Lee [Image Captured by eXputer]
With this, we conclude our guide on how to get heals in the Callisto Protocol. While you are at it, make sure to check our detailed guide on the best weapons, the best weapon upgrades, how to get skunk gun schematics, and other Callisto Protocol tips & tricks.


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