Callisto Protocol: How To Get Riot TK4 Shotgun  

Learn how to get the Riot shotgun in Callisto Protocol and all the different upgrades of the weapon.

Riot shotgun is one of the best weapons in Callisto Protocol that comes with many upgrades to make it even better. Players will be able to obtain the shotgun in Chapter 5 by helping Dani. It is a very powerful weapon that can help you secure a lot of kills at close range. 

Key Highlights

  • The riot gun is one of the most powerful weapons in the Callisto Protocol. 
  • The players will be able to obtain the Riot shotgun from Dani Nakamura, and it will be available in chapter five of the game. 
  • There are four different upgrades that you can get for Riot shotgun by spending Callisto credits. 
  • The shotgun is great for dealing damage at close ranges and clearing off swarms of enemies. 

How To Get The Riot TK4 Shotgun In Callisto Protocol

Before you can obtain the Riot shotgun, you will have to follow a series of steps and help Dani Nakamura. The TK4 Riot shotgun, better known as the Riot gun, is a powerful shotgun in the game.

How To Get The Riot Shotgun in Callisto Protocol
Riot Gun (Image Credits eXputer)

It was based on the UJC Modular Weapons Platform and was designed for Riot suppression. It was developed by Jann and Lobell, and you will be able to obtain it in Callisto Protocol in the 5th chapter of the game. 

In order to obtain the Riot shogun in Callisto Protocol, you have to follow the steps below. 

Starting The Lost Chapter 

In order to obtain the Riot gun, you need to start the 5th chapter of the game. At the end of the fourth chapter, players will spend most of their time wandering around the frozen wasteland of Callisto. The outside of black iron prison has also been affected by the Biophage Outbreak. The first step you need to do is to find Elias. 

Find Elias 

After the cutscene in the opening part ends, you will need to make your way across the storm. Players need to look out for a single Biophage waiting for players while circling around the storm. Elias will contact Jacob to help him out.

Unfortunately, by the time you actually reach out to help him, it is too late. Now, this is where Dani will show up. He will proceed to take a Core implant out of his body of Elias. Now, the players need to make their way toward the hangar.

Furthermore, the players need to look out for shelter nearby. The players can find shelter in a building located not far from here. The building will also have a Reforge Station in it. 

Making Way To The Hangar 

The next thing you need to do is keep moving toward the hangar. While exploring the area, make sure to keep an eye out for any frozen bodies nearby. This is because there are some Biophages among them that can attack players at any moment.

You can use your Stun Baton to kill them or even use your gun to finish them off quickly. Make your way across the broken bridge. You will reach an open space here that is full of explosives. Make sure to keep an eye out for them; otherwise, you will end up killing yourself.

There is also a worker here that will ask you for help. After helping out the trapped worker, there will be a lot of Biophages that will attack you in the game. You need to kill these Biophages while keeping an eye out for the splash damage that will come from the explosion. After successfully destroying all the Biophages you need to look for a door nearby. 

For indication, there will be a Biophage looking through the window here. You need to kill the Biophage and look for a body lying nearby. Take the Core implant out of his body, and you will be able to unlock a door here. 

Look For The Signs 

When you’re done in this area, you need to make your way to the ruined tunnels. These tunnels lie beyond the door, and there are a series of signs and messages written on the wall here that will help you reach your next destination.

After following all these signs successfully, the players will be able to make their way to the hangar. Therefore, if you feel like you are lost and need some help in navigation, follow these signs. The area you have now entered is a series of corridors.

Furthermore, you will also be coming face to face with a new kind of Biophages known as the Combustors. The worst part about these biophages is that they Explode when they get close enough to you.

However, they are pretty slow, so you don’t need to worry about them exactly. Just make sure that you shoot and kill them before they get too close to you. 

Helping Dani 

After that, you just need to head straight and look for a door with a label on it saying Garage Airlock N107.

Meeting Dani
Meeting Dani (Image Credits eXputer)

After that, players will soon enter a garage where Dani will be fighting several Biophages. You need to help Dani kill all the Biophages and make your way upstairs. There will be a cutscene where both of them will argue. In the end, they decide to put the differences aside, even if they are not friends, and try to get off Callisto together.

Tutorial on How To Get The Riot Shotgun in Callisto Protocol
Taking the gun from Dani (Image Credits eXputer)

This is when Dani will present you with that Riot shotgun. The best part about the shotgun starts it will help you clear the swarm of Biophages quite easily and is a way better weapon as compared to the skunk gun.  

All Upgrades Of The Riot Gun Weapon 

There are a total of four upgrades in Callisto Protocol that you will be able to unlock for the Riot gun by spending Callisto credits.

How To Get The Riot Shotgun in Callisto Protocol
Riot Gun Upgrades (Image Credits eXputer)

This upgrade will help you make your gun more powerful than before if you plan on using it as your main weapon for the rest of the game. Riot gun is definitely a great gun to invest in, and the following are the upgrades that you will be able to unlock for it in Callisto. 

Stability Upgrade 

By getting the Stability Upgrade for the Riot gun, you will be able to reconfigure the print of the gun. A Foregrip will be added to the Riot gun, and the recoil rate of your weapon will be reduced significantly. The stability upgrade will cost you 300 Callisto credits in Callisto Protocol. 

Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade 

After getting the Magnum Rounds Damage upgrade, you will be able to increase the damage potential of the Riot gun.

This upgrade will allow you to add extra propellant to every piece of ammunition you own of Riot gun, and it only costs 300 Callisto credits which is a pretty good investment. 

High Capacity Magazine Upgrade 

The high-capacity magazine upgrade for the Riot gun will allow you to change the magazine. Your magazine capacity will expand, and you will be able to accept high-capacity magazines for the Riot gun by getting the upgrade. The high-capacity magazine upgrade will cost you 900 Callisto credits in the game. 

Explosive Rounds Upgrade 

By getting the upgrade, you will be able to upgrade the projectile of your weapon. The weapon will allow you to level up the weapon projectile, which will explode on impact after a short duration of time.

The upgrade is the highest upgrade for a Riot gun and will allow you to inflict extra damage on your enemies. Any enemies within the blast radius of the Riot gun will automatically get extra damage as compared to the base damage that the Riot gun has to offer. The explosive rounds upgrade causes 2700 Callisto credits in the game. 

Uses Of Riot Gun 

Following are some factors to consider after obtaining a Riot gun and if it’s worth using as an end-game weapon or not. 

Can Help With Crowd Control 

The best part about the Riot gun is that the Explosive Rounds Upgrade that you will be getting for the weapon will allow you to get the advantage of crowd control. If you manage to purchase and unlock the explosive round upgrades in Callisto Protocol, then you will be expecting some high-power action from your Riot gun.

How To Get The Riot Shotgun in Callisto Protocol from Dani
Taking out swarms of Biophages (Image Credits eXputer)

The Alt fire that the Riot gun has to offer after the upgrade will help you take out swarms of enemies in no time. However, keep in mind that the upgrade will also use more ammo per shot.

This is the reason why you should only use The Alt Fire mode when you are in tough situations and are surrounded by hordes of enemies. Therefore, the Riot gun, if upgraded to explosive rounds upgrade, will allow you to steer clear of mobs of enemies in the game. 

Deals Massive Amount Of Damage At Close Ranges 

Since the Riot gun is actually a shotgun, you can expect a lot of powerful action from it, especially at close ranges. It naturally does great at close ranges and will allow you to defeat enemies when they get too close.

Riot Gun in action
Riot Gun in action (Image Credits eXputer)

You will be able to explore the heads of the Biophages in no time with the gun. However, the Riot gun should not be neglected and can be used as a primary weapon too. Furthermore, the gun is also recommended to use in major boss fights in Callisto Protocol as it is highly damaging. 

TK4 Shotgun Can Be Used To Dismember 

If you’re looking to get some easy dismembers, then the Riot gun is the one to go for. It will allow you to take out a limb or two quite easily, so you will be able to dismember with the Riot gun in a very convenient way. However, make sure not to waste too much ammo 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on how to get a Riot gun in Callisto Protocol and how to get it along with the different upgrades for it in the game.

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