Callisto Protocol: How To Get Riot TK4 Shotgun  

Learn how to get the Riot shotgun in Callisto Protocol and all the different upgrades of the weapon.

Riot shotgun is one of the best weapons in Callisto Protocol that comes with many upgrades to make it even better. Players will be able to obtain the shotgun in Chapter 5 by helping Dani. It is a very powerful weapon that can help you secure a lot of kills at close range. 

Key Highlights

  • The riot gun is one of the most powerful weapons in the Callisto Protocol. 
  • The players will be able to obtain the Riot shotgun from Dani Nakamura, and it will be available in chapter five of the game. 
  • There are four different upgrades that you can get for Riot shotgun by spending Callisto credits. 
  • The shotgun is great for dealing damage at close ranges and clearing off swarms of enemies. 

How To Get The Riot TK4 Shotgun In Callisto Protocol

How To Get The Riot Shotgun in Callisto Protocol
Riot Gun (Image Credits eXputer)

To obtain the Riot TK4 shotgun in Callisto Protocol, follow these steps:

  1. Start The Lost Chapter: Begin the 5th chapter of the game after completing the 4th chapter.
  2. Find Elias: Cross the storm and watch out for Biophages. Elias will contact Jacob for help.
  3. Proceed to the Hangar: Make your way toward the hangar, but be cautious of frozen bodies with hidden Biophages.
  4. Help Trapped Worker: Assist a trapped worker and fend off attacking Biophages while avoiding explosives.
  5. Unlock a Door: Kill a Biophage looking through a window and obtain a Core implant to unlock a nearby door.
  6. Follow Signs: In the ruined tunnels, follow signs and messages on the walls to navigate to the hangar.
  7. Combat Combustors: Encounter Combustor Biophages in corridors, shoot and kill them before they explode.
  8. Help Dani: Reach the Garage Airlock N107 door and assist Dani in fighting Biophages.
    Meeting Dani
    Meeting Dani (Image Credits eXputer)
  9. Accept Riot Shotgun: After the conflict, Dani will give you the Riot shotgun, a powerful weapon for dealing with Biophages.
    Tutorial on How To Get The Riot Shotgun in Callisto Protocol
    Taking the gun from Dani (Image Credits eXputer)

All Upgrades Of The Riot Gun Weapon 

There are a total of four upgrades in Callisto Protocol that you will be able to unlock for the Riot gun by spending Callisto credits.

  1. Stability Upgrade (Cost: 300 Callisto credits): This upgrade adds a Foregrip to the Riot gun, significantly reducing its recoil rate, and making it more stable for accurate shots.
  2. Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade (Cost: 300 Callisto credits): Increases the damage potential of the Riot gun by adding extra propellant to each ammunition round, enhancing its firepower.
  3. High Capacity Magazine Upgrade (Cost: 900 Callisto credits): Expands the Riot gun’s magazine capacity, allowing it to accept high-capacity magazines for more rounds before reloading.
  4. Explosive Rounds Upgrade (Cost: 2700 Callisto credits): This is the highest-tier upgrade for the Riot gun. It enhances the weapon’s projectiles, causing them to explode on impact after a short duration. This upgrade inflicts extra damage on enemies within the blast radius, surpassing the base damage of the Riot gun.

These upgrades can make the Riot gun a formidable weapon choice in Callisto Protocol when fully customized to suit your playstyle.

How To Get The Riot Shotgun in Callisto Protocol
Riot Gun Upgrades (Image Credits eXputer)

Uses Of Riot Gun 

Following are some factors to consider after obtaining a Riot gun and whether it’s worth using as an end-game weapon or not. 

  1. Crowd Control: The Explosive Rounds Upgrade enables the Riot gun to excel at crowd control. Its Alt Fire mode can clear out swarms of enemies quickly, making it a potent choice for dealing with mobs. Be mindful that this mode consumes more ammunition per shot, so use it judiciously in challenging situations.
    How To Get The Riot Shotgun in Callisto Protocol from Dani
    Taking out swarms of Biophages (Image Credits eXputer)
  2. Close-Range Damage: As a shotgun, the Riot gun is highly effective at close ranges. It deals significant damage to enemies in close proximity, making it ideal for dispatching threats that get too close. It can also serve as a primary weapon and is recommended for use in major boss fights due to its high damage output.
    Riot Gun in action
    Riot Gun in action (Image Credits eXputer)
  3. Limb Dismemberment: The Riot gun is excellent for dismembering enemy limbs. It can easily remove limbs, providing a convenient way to incapacitate or kill enemies. However, it’s important to manage your ammunition wisely to avoid running out during critical moments.

In summary, the Riot gun is a versatile weapon capable of crowd control, close-range combat, and limb dismemberment, making it a valuable choice for various combat scenarios.

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on how to get a Riot gun in Callisto Protocol and how to get it along with the different upgrades for it in the game.

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