Callisto Protocol Trapped Worker: Can You Save Officer Wayne?

Learn Everything About How To Save The Trapped Worker In Callisto Protocol.

You cannot save the trapped worker in the Callisto Protocol. Despite all your efforts and desire to save him, You cannot do anything to pull him out of his sealed fate. His death is imminent and provides crucial intel in the shape of Data Bio Implant to advance further in the game. However, this death is hardest to bear in Callisto Protocol for us as we experience desperate human life clinging to the slightest hope in an apocalyptic world. 

Key Highlights

  • You cannot save the trapped worker in Callisto Protocol.
  • You will encounter the trapped worker in the fifth chapter of the game which is named Lost.
  • Human nature is beautifully portrayed by the developers here as the protagonist tries his best to protect Officer Wayne for vital information despite facing the constant threat of Biophages.
  • Similarly, the trapped worker offers to help his enemy in desperation to save his own life.

When Do You Encounter Trapped Worker

You will encounter the trapped worker after escaping the prison. Here’s a detailed overview:

  1. Location: After passing through the crumbling bridge and navigating the hostile snowy environment of the moon, you’ll reach a wide area with explosives and abandoned buildings.
  2. Trapped Worker: Behind a sealed door emitting a yellowish light, you’ll hear the pleas for help from Officer Wayne, a worker in prison. He offers to lead you to the Snowcat garage for transportation.
    Trapped Worker Behind The Sealed Door
    Trapped Worker Behind The Sealed Door [Image Captured by us]
  3. Fate: Unfortunately, the player cannot prevent the worker’s gruesome death. As the player attempts to unlock the door, they are attacked by Biophages, mutant humans infected by Biophages Pythogen. Despite efforts to reach the trapped worker in time, the Biophage kills him.
    Biophage Trapped Behind The Sealed Door
    Biophage Trapped Behind The Sealed Door [Image Captured by eXputer]
  4. Outcome: After the Biophage’s death, players can explore the area. They find the Implant Bio on the worker’s corpse, which grants access to a nearby locked door needed to advance to the next part of the chapter.
  5. Chapter: The encounter with the trapped worker takes place in the fifth chapter, “Lost,” following the protagonist Jacob’s survival after being thrown out of an airlock and navigating the hostile moon environment alone.
Implant Bio obtained from body of Trapped Worker
Implant Bio obtained from the body of Trapped Worker [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
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