Callisto Protocol Trapped Worker: Can You Save Officer Wayne?

Learn Everything About How To Save The Trapped Worker In Callisto Protocol.

You cannot save the trapped worker in the Callisto Protocol. Despite all your efforts and desire to save him, You cannot do anything to pull him out of his sealed fate. His death is imminent and provides crucial intel in the shape of Data Bio Implant to advance further in the game. However, this death is hardest to bear in Callisto Protocol for us as we experience desperate human life clinging to the slightest hope in an apocalyptic world. 

Key Highlights

  • You cannot save the trapped worker in Callisto Protocol.
  • You will encounter the trapped worker in the fifth chapter of the game which is named Lost.
  • Human nature is beautifully portrayed by the developers here as the protagonist tries his best to protect Officer Wayne for vital information despite facing the constant threat of Biophages.
  • Similarly, the trapped worker offers to help his enemy in desperation to save his own life.

When Do You Encounter Trapped Worker

You will encounter the trapped worker after escaping the prison. While passing through the crumbling bridge, you will walk through the moon’s snowy surface, experiencing an extremely harsh and hostile environment. This will lead you to a wide area with lots of explosives and abandoned buildings where you encounter the trapped worker.

As we enter the area, the player soon hears the trapped worker calling for help behind a sealed door emitting a yellowish light. As you move closer, you get to know that the person calling for help is a worker in prison called Officer Wayne in Callisto Protocol. 

Trapped Worker Behind The Sealed Door
Trapped Worker Behind The Sealed Door [Image Captured by us]
The trapped worker promises to lead the player to the Snowcat garage where we might get the transportation we need. The offer is quite intriguing and the player starts looking for something which can get that door open. However, our hope is short-lived.

Immediately after looking for something to unlock the door, we are attacked by the Biophages– mutant humans who are infected by Biophages Pythogen. During the fight with these monstrosities, you can hear the screams of the trapped worker like something is tearing him apart. However, when the player rushes to the location of the sealed door, it is too late.

Fate Of The Worker

When you approach the door, one Biophage who was trapped with him has already killed the worker. Unfortunately for the worker, his fate is sealed, and we can do absolutely nothing to prevent his gruesome death. Even if the player does everything perfectly and has quickly rushed towards the sealed door, it will not be possible to reach it in time. The Biophage will kill him, and his death will be imminent.

When the worker dies, the player sees the trapped Biophage hitting the door, trying desperately to escape the area. Then the monster yanks the door open. You have no other choice except to kill him quickly. Once the Biophage is dead, you are allowed to explore the area.

Biophage Trapped Behind The Sealed Door
Biophage Trapped Behind The Sealed Door [Image Captured by eXputer]
Here players will find the Implant Bio on his corpse along with Health Injector placed on the wall. Thus the core implant will give access to the player to a nearby door that was locked during the whole process. It is needed to advance to the next part of the chapter in the game.

Implant Bio obtained from body of Trapped Worker
Implant Bio obtained from the body of Trapped Worker [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]

Trapped Worker’s Chapter

Now we know the fate of the trapped worker; hence you will be curious in which chapter the player will encounter the tragic character. For that, you have to play through the Callisto Protocol until you reach the fifth chapter, which is called Lost.

The chapter will take place immediately after our character Jacob and his companion Elias are attacked by Captain Ferris. Then both are thrown out of the airlock where, unfortunately, Elias couldn’t make it due to the damaged gear. Now, the player has to survive the cold and hostile environment of the moon on his own.

Then you have to pass through a damaged bridge. Eventually, you will reach a large area containing a great number of explosives and a few sealed buildings. Soon after, we hear the plea for help from a worker trapped inside an area behind the sealed door. In that area, we are ambushed by a large number of Biophages.

The Message

The story of a trapped worker is incorporated into Callisto Protocol to exhibit the empathetic human nature of protagonist Jacob. He desperately finds a way to help Officer Wayne to save him from his gruesome fate. He is also under the constant threat of being attacked by Biophages.

On the other hand, human desperation is shown in the form of Officer Wayne. He will do anything, even go against his own organization’s rules and regulations, to help the prisoner escape from the facility to save his own life. 

Writers want to give us a message that humanity does exist even in an apocalyptic world. Despite us humans always fighting each other for something, we will always come together for our common cause.

Another message delivered is of human selfish desires. Officer Wayne wanted to help Jacob even when he was the enemy to save his own life. Similarly, Jacob tries to help an officer to get access to Snowcat Garage despite knowing that his organization is the reason he’s trapped on the moon.

Wrap Up

Callisto Protocol is a survival horror game. It is developed by Glen Schofield, who had previously co-created the Dead Space series, considered the greatest survival horror video game series to ever release on any platform, and its remake is just around the corner.

The game is released across various platforms like Xbox, Playstation, and PC. With this, we conclude our guide on how to save trapped workers in the Callisto Protocol. While you are at it, make sure to check our detailed guide on the best weapons, the best weapon upgrades, how to get skunk gun schematics, and other Callisto Protocol tips & tricks.

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