Callisto Protocol: How To Get Skunk Gun Schematics

Learn how you can get your hands on an overpowered weapon that is optional and is missable!

Callisto Protocol, with its range of limited weapons, has one or two weapons that players might end up missing if they are not careful while exploring through story stages. The same can be said for the Skunk Gun, and our Callisto Protocol How To Get Skunk Gun Schematics guide will showcase how you will be able to get your hands on it! 

Key Highlights: 

  • The Skunk Gun Schematics is an optional weapon that players will not be able to find through the main storyline but rather in a secret room. 
  • The main benefit of having the Skunk Gun is that players get a broken weapon that can assist them in combat! 
  • The best way to get your hands on the weapon will be by getting the gate fuse and going through the vent into the workshop!
  • While you do not have to get the Skunk Gun to progress through the main storyline, it is always better to have more weapon options!

Note: Spoilers from Chapter 3: Aftermath will be relayed in great detail. Proceed at your own risk.

Look For An Elevator Quest

Look For An Elevator
Look For An Elevator (Image Credits Exputer)
Getting A Bio-Data
Getting A Bio-Data (Image Credits Exputer)

First things first, the Skunk Gun Schematics can be found in chapter 3, Aftermath, and will be revealed to the player when they are about 2/3rds of the way through the main storyline. However, the gun itself is located in a secret room which is quite missable; therefore, we will cover everything there is to know. 

Once you get into the room where there are tons of bodies hanging from the ceiling, you will hear Elias telling you that he’s going to open up the maintenance elevator, and if you’ll be able to get up there, which will start the questline “Look for an elevator.” Beneath you, there will be a dead body that you can investigate by holding down E, which will reveal Officer Dachs Symmons’ audio log to you. 

From there, you want to start moving forward and shimming your way through the hoard of dead bodies. Start making your way down the stairs, which will autosave the game, and then you will be in a general area where there will be systems on lockdown. There is no way actually to get rid of the systems in the lockdown; therefore, you gotta proceed further. 

Way To The Elevator
Way To The Elevator (Image Credits Exputer)

Towards the right of the systems that have been on lockdown, players will be able to take note of a door that will have two yellow triangles facing opposite to each other. The door will be slightly open, which will indicate the player to go up to it to interact with it. Once you come close to the door, it will eventually let you shimmy through the narrow gap, and it will reveal the elevator entrance to you. 

Once Jacob makes his way through the gap, he will exclaim how the elevator is busted, and Elias will tell you that he will be able to drive it remotely. 

Elevator Malfunction 

Elevator Malfunction
Elevator Malfunction (Image Credits Exputer)

Players will then need to jump down onto the elevator platform after getting through the gap. From there, Elias will tell you that he will be able to lower you down quite easily and that there is nothing to worry about (there is, in fact, a lot to worry about). 

Within a split second after that, the elevator malfunctions, and the lights end up going out. Jacob exclaims that the brakes are starting to fail and they don’t look too good on the elevator, and Jacob will consistently tell Elias to stop the cab, but it won’t work. Elias will tell Jacob that the systems are no longer responding and that he will have to stop it manually. 

Jacob picks up a steel pipe from the ground and jams it into the brakes in a desperate attempt to stop the elevator from falling at high speeds, and the elevator eventually comes crashing down, causing Jacob to fall on his back. Elias will ask about Jacob, and he will respond, indicating that he’s alive. 

From there, Jacob will turn around, and Elias will ask him to reset the power so that he can easily figure out just why the system is starting to act up. He will also tell Jacob to get to the other elevator and that he is nearly there. 

Resetting The Power 

Once Jacob turns around the face of the other end of the elevator, which leads further into the basement, there will be blood covering every corner of the floor, and the ground will be laid with yellow paint. 

Move a few feet forward and then interact using W and E to get onto the higher platform, and in an instant, a mutant will jump out at you, and it will have a long neck, and it will start to bite at Jacob’s neck. Players will need to consistently mash E over and over again in order to cause Jacob to stab the mutant, which will eventually cause it to stop chomping at his neck and die out, and return back to its bag. 

Jacob will also get dragged by the mutant until you are able to kill it off, so payers need to be quick on the move to murder it as fast as possible before it eventually kills Jacob. Moving a few feet forward will allow players to examine the source of the mutant too. 

Players can also stomp on the sacks to prevent any further mutants from jumping out and attacking you out of nowhere. There will be a total of 3 others, two of them will be near the entrance of the elevator, and one will be behind the one that attacked you in the first place. 

From there, turn back around and start heading forward, which will showcase a wall with a large “D3 Basement” painted on it, which will indicate that you are going in the right direction. 

Find A Way Out Of The Basement 

Right when you get close to the basement wall, the next part of the questline will start, which will ask players to “find a way out of the basement,” which will essentially be the most tricky part, and there will be tons of hidden horrors awaiting you, so be on your guard at all times. 

D3 Area And Finding A Way
D3 Area And Finding A Way (Image Credits Exputer)

From there, the game will autosave, and you will want to start moving toward the wall where there is a D3 written. Move towards the fuse on the wall, which will say “blocked,” and players will most probably hear creatures groaning in the background. 

Credits Loot
Credits Loot (Image Credits Exputer)

From the main entrance, there will be a place where players will be able to turn left, but as soon as they do, an enemy will pop out of the vent, ready to murder them; however, it will be quite easy to take out. You can stomp on it in order for it to drop some valuable loo,t which will range from ammo, credits, or health. 

If you make your way back to the room which says “locked,.” There will be a dead body near the door, and towards the left on it, there will be a fusebox situated on the wall, which will say “fuse required.” 

Start making your way towards a small area where you can see that there is a platform that you can jump on. You will know it’s the right one since it will have blood splatter in front of the yellow paint on top of the platform. Interact with the platform, and you will be able to get on top of it. 

Once you hop on the platform, you will be instantly surrounded by tons of crates that will be stacked on top of each other, and some of the crates will be present to the left of the platform, and some will be stacked up against a wall. 

The second you move a few feet ahead to get to the middle of the platform, one of the other mutants will appear from a bag and start chomping on your neck once again. This time, however, it will also start pulling you toward itself, so make sure to kill it in time. 

Right beside the bag that the mutant emerged from, players will be able to take note of a grey canister which will indicate going further into the basement, and there will also be a flickering white torch. Apart from that, there will also be paint on the wall that will say “D4 Basement”, and once you reach the edge of the platform, you will want to hop down, which will then lead you further into D4. 

Heading Into D4 

Getting To D4
Getting To D4 (Image Credits Exputer)

Once you do so, there will be a small pathway that will lead to your left, and the D4 will be marked once again on a wall. Once you get closer to the left pathway and then turn right, another enemy appears from inside a vent which you will need to kill once again. At this point, if you are low on health, this might be a good time to pop a health injector

Turn right and keep heading forward, and players will notice that there will be metal shelves to the right side as well as storage boxes, but be sure to tread carefully, as it will be extremely dark. 

As you cross the metal shelves and then turn right again, there will be a giant fan with orange light emerging from behind it that will indicate yet another jumpscare. However, players can easily take it out without letting the mutations attack them by shooting the bag from which it emerges before it can launch itself at you. This is one of the easiest ways not to lose health

There will be a few grates that you can jump across from in order to get further into the basement, and at this point, the game will autosave again. 

From there, steer a bit to the right and go past the first storage box that you are able to come across, and start making your way even further, and go to the point where you can see another “D4 Basement” written on the wall and a few boxes that are on fire. 

Get close to the boxes that are on fire, and then take a left turn from the boxes to head deeper in. from there, another enemy will appear from inside a vent, but thesis time, players can use the GRP  to launch the enemy into the fans to rip it apart. Players can get another audio log as well as a chest that will be placed in front of the fan. 

From there, you want to turn back around, and then head a bit to the right, start heading forward, and then turn right again from the boxes that are placed on the ground. Get close to a platform that will say “caution,” and then you can jump onto the platform. When you get on the platform, make your way left, and there will be a fuse box on the wall that can grant you an extra health injector. 

Turn back around and start making your way ahead of the platform, which is where you will be able to hear quite a few enemies in front of you. However, they will be located on the lower platform, so you can attempt to crouch down and observe their movement patterns for a while in order to come up with a strategy plan to take them out. 

Get down onto the lower platforms and murder the enemies and make sure to stomp on them to get loot. 

Getting The Gate Fuse 

Gate Fuse
Gate Fuse (Image Credits Exputer)

Once you’ve managed to murder them, turn around, and head towards the door which says “locked” there will be a headless guard on the ground, and there will be an item which you will be able to interact with. The item will be a gate fuse which will be required to get into a secret room. 

Workshop Where GateFuse
Workshop Where GateFuse Is (Image Credits Exputer)

The room that was locked will say “Workshop D302,” and it will be the one that has the Skunk Gun Schematics. You will need to make your way back to the room, which had been locked with the fuse box on the wall, which required the gate fuse. Insert the gate fuse into the fuse box to get into the room. 

Vent To Skunk Gun
Vent To Skunk Gun (Image Credits Exputer)

Once you do, there will be a vent that will lead to the workshop room, and you will be able to pick up the skunk gun schematics that will be placed on a table. 

Skunk Gun Schematic
Skunk Gun Schematic (Image Credits Exputer)


And there we have it! We have officially covered a detailed walkthrough of how to get to the skunk gun, and with that, we will wrap up our Callisto Protocol How To Get Skunk Gun Schematics guide! 

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