Can I Play Stray On Mac? 3 Ways To Do It

A common question on Mac users' minds is "Can I play Stray on Mac?" and we're here to help with this comprehensive guide.

When it comes to playing Stray on Mac, the options are very few. That is because Stray was never originally made for Mac. The best way you can play it on Mac is via streaming. But there are a few other methods you can play it. Following are the four best ways you can play Stray on Mac.

Key Takeaways

Stray wasn’t intended to be played on a Mac so it isn’t exactly possible but there are still some methods to play it on Mac.

  1. Cloud Gaming:
    • Options: GeForce Now, Boosteroid
    • Availability: Boosteroid supports Stray, while GeForce Now may not have it yet.
  2. Parallel Desktop:
    • Description: Download Parallel Desktop software on Mac to run Windows OS and play Stray.
    • Advantage: Offers direct access to Windows OS for playing Stray.
  3. Dual Boot Systems:
    • Description: Run Mac OS and Windows OS simultaneously.
    • Requirements: Requires a strong Mac and considerable time and effort.
    • Complexity: Most complicated method among the options.

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GeForce Now

geforce for stray
Geforce Now

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service made by Nvidia. It allows your laptop, Mac, iOS, and even android to become powerful gaming PC rigs. Specific MacBook models like MacBook Pro that support macOS 10.13.2 can easily run GeForce Now.

There is a slight problem with using GeForce Now at the moment. It does not support Stray right now. Nvidia tries its best to provide the best gaming experience to everyone. Hence, we can assume that sooner or later, GeForce Now will support Stray on Mac. 

GeForce Now is the most reliable way of Cloud streaming services. So if you can wait for it to be available there, we suggest that you do. But there are other ways you can play it on Mac right now.

Parallel Desktops

parallel for stray
Parallel Desktops

Parallel Desktops is virtualization software designed for Mac, enabling the seamless operation of OS like Windows or Linux without rebooting. Compatible with Intel or Apple M1 Macs, it simplifies running Windows applications. Installation is straightforward: download Parallel Desktops and utilize Windows OS, facilitating access to programs like Steam for gaming, such as Stray. However, playing Stray on Mac requires a dedicated GPU to avoid crashes and black screen issues when running the game in Parallel.


boosteroid for stray

Boosteroid, akin to GeForce Now, offers cloud gaming services allowing browser-based gameplay without downloads or installations. Operating solely with a robust internet connection and compatible browser, it provides access to games like Stray without delay.

However, a stable internet speed of 15 MB/s or higher is essential for optimal performance. Cloud gaming’s drawback lies in its high internet speed demand, leading to laggy gameplay if not met. This consideration is crucial, especially for games like Stray requiring smooth platforming experiences.


This is probably the simplest way of playing Stray on Mac. But it is also the most time-consuming of them all.

To play Stray on Mac using Bootcamp:

  1. Setup Dual Boot: Bootcamp allows creating a dual boot system on Mac, enabling Windows installation alongside macOS.
  2. Reboot Requirement: Switching between operating systems requires constant system reboots, making the process time-consuming.
  3. System Requirements: Ensure your Mac has sufficient power to run both Stray and Windows effectively. A powerful system is necessary for smooth gameplay.
  4. Compatibility Issues: Newer Mac models may not support Bootcamp, limiting the ability to download Windows or other operating systems. This method works best with Macs featuring Intel processors or older models.
  5. Installation Steps: If your Mac is compatible, download Windows through Bootcamp and create a partition for it. Install Windows on the designated partition.
  6. Steam Installation: Once Windows is installed, download and install Steam, then enjoy playing Stray on your Mac.

Ensure compatibility and system requirements are met before attempting this method.


There you have it, that’s all the ways you can play Stray on Mac. Even though we advise you to play the game on a PC, if you don’t have one, this guide has covered you.

Stray is a great exploration and platforming game with many different puzzles and collectibles. In case you’re interested, here’s our guide on Stray Collectibles. Do tell us in the comments what you guys think about this guide. 

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