Fire Emblem Engage Celine: The Definitive Guide

Find out everything about Celine, the princess of Firene!

Celine is a recruitable character in Fire Emblem Engage, whose base class is Noble, just like Alfred. Today we’ll overview everything there is to know about Celine from her stats to her weapons and skills!

Key Takeaways
  • Celine is the first princess of Firene.
  • Celine is first seen and recruited in Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom.
  • Her stats focus on Health and Luck.
  • She can be allied with Celica and Sigurd for the best results.
  • Celine is voiced by Rachelle Heger and Akari Kito, cast members in Fire Emblem Engage.

Who Is Celine

Talking Celine
Celine Talking – [Image credit: eXputer]
Here’s a quick look at Celine’s character in Fire Emblem Engage:

Starting ClassNormal StatsGrowth StatsSkillsWeaponsSuggested EmblemsSome Recommended Gifts
NobleHP: 22
STR: 7
DEX: 9
SPD: 10
DEF: 5
RES: 7
LUCK: 11
BLD: 4
HP: 50%
STR: 35%
MAGIC: 25%
DEX: 30%
SPD: 45%
DEF: 30%
RES: 40%
LUCK: 50%
BLD: 5%
- Gentle Flower
- Holy Stance
- Echo
- Warp Ragnarok
- Sword
- Tome
- Celica
- Sigurd
- Micaiah
- Flower Wreath
- Antler Earrings
- Lovely Candle
- Spirit Gem
- Dragon Scripture
- Fairy Tale Book
- Tea Leaves

She is the first princess of Firene. Celine can use two weapons in her base class, which are Swords and Tomes. Her starting class is Noble which can be later changed to Vidame, which is best for her.

Players will first meet and recruit Celine in Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom in Fire Emblem Engage. She’ll join Alear’s team at the start of the battle. Personality-wise, Celine is an innocent and kind woman who tries to solve any dispute peacefully.

Best Class 

Celine’s base class is Noble Fire Emblem Engage, which you can later upgrade to Vidame. It is an advanced and exclusive class available only for Celine. An additional perk that Vidame adds is the ability to wield staff, which is primarily used to support allies.

To upgrade the class of any character, you would need a Master Seal in Fire Emblem Engage, which can be obtained through the shop in Somniel and costs about 2500 gold. Moreover, you even get Master Seal through progression in Chapters 7, 13, 16, and 17. After Chapter 18, you will unlock an infinite amount of Master Seal, meaning you can change any class of character you want.

Celine Stats

Just like every other character in Fire Emblem Engage, Celine also has base stats that primarily focus on Health and Luck.


Her growth stats are as follows:


Starting Weapons And Skills

Combat Celine
Celine in Combat – [Image credit: eXputer]
Celine has base weapons proficiency when she joins your team in Fire Emblem Engage. Moreover, she has a personal skill that provides a buff to other party members.

  • Gentle Flower: Allies within two spaces of you will heal an additional 50% when they use recovery items.
  • Weapon: Celine’s starting weapons are Swords and Tomes

Celine’s personal skill, Gentle Flower, and her stats growth make it possible for her to effectively perform as either a Magic damage dealer or a Physical damage dealer. However, this also means that she will not be particularly outstanding in either role.

Suggested Emblems

Emblem Celica and Celine
Celine with Emblem Celica – [Image credit: eXputer]
There are a lot of options to choose from. However, the followings are the best Emblems for Celine.

  • Celica: Just like Celine, she is also a princess. She joins the team mid-battle in the same chapter where Celine is recruited. She’s first used by Celine as an Emblem.
  • Sigurd: Although he appears in Chapter 2: Queen Lumera as Queen Lumera’s emblem, he can later be used by other party members in Chapter 4: Land in Bloom.
  • Micaiah: She becomes available in Chapter 6: Stolen Ring after defeating some enemies in the story. However, she’s first used by Yutaka, who joins your party in the same chapter.

Gifts For Celine

Fire Emblem Engage Gifting Celine
Gifting Celine in Fire Emblem Engage – [Image credit: eXputer]
By giving gifts, the support level is increased of characters in Fire Emblem Engage. It is an important factor to keep in mind whether the character likes the gift or not, as it can affect how the support level increases. Don’t worry; we have found out the gifts that you should and should not give to Celine.

Liked GiftsDisliked Gifts
Tea Leaves
Sharp Chisel
Fairy-Tale Book
Fancy Dagger
Poetry BookSpicy Seasonings
Dragon ScriptureHorse Manure
Elyos History
Strong Perfume
Quality Kerchief
Lentil Flower
Flower Wreath
Antler Earrings
Lovely Candle
Spirit Gem

Celine Voice Actors

Fire Emblem Engage has a lot of characters voiced by skilled Voice Actors. Here are the actors that have voiced Celine:

With that, we have covered everything you need to know about Celine in Fire Emblem Engage.


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