COD Modern Warfare 2: Best MX9 Loadouts 

Learn about the Best MX9 class setups and class load-outs for close range and mid range depending on your playstyle

With various amounts of guns and their diverse attachments, Modern Warfare 2 has made it difficult to choose between weapons. One of the best close and medium-range weapons that are being used by top players in the game is MX9. It has the power to unleash hell upon your opponent when in close quarters. We are going to tell you the best possible Modern Warfare 2 MX9 loadout builds and class setups that you could use in the game to beat your opponents in battles.

Key Highlights

  • MX9 is an SMG belonging to the AUG family and is one of the most versatile weapons in the game.
  • There are two loadouts that you can build, one is a close-ranged loadout, and the other is mid-ranged.
  • Using the first loadout, you focus on playing aggressively in the game with the help of its hip-fire accuracy.
  • The second loadout is used to hold off positions and camp your way to victory.
  • Both loadouts are an excellent choice of builds to further excel in Modern Warfare 2.

Best MX9 Class Setup

The MX9 class setup can be built in a bunch of ways since it has a lot of attachments that you can play with. Each one of the attachment slots has attachments that vary from one another. Whether it be Recoil or Hipfire accuracy, each attachment provides a specific benefit that can be used in-game. It can be really hard to choose between different attachments of the gun since there are so many.

You have to check out the unlocked attachments by yourself and see what attachments fit your weapon. That is the annoying part of Modern Warfare 2, researching via gameplay and comparing attachments. It can really be a drag recreating an MX9 loadout build every time just to make sure which one is the best. That is very our guide comes in, which helps you figure out the best MX9 class setup for your gameplay.

MX9 Loadout Build 1 

MX9 Build 1
COD Modern Warfare 2: MX9 Loadout Build 1 – [Image credit: eXputer]
As the MX9 is classified as an SMG, it is best in close-range combat situations where you can absolutely drill the opponent. Its incredible handling ability makes it the best possible gun to use in close-range combat. 

Its quick rate of fire and amazing stabilization is what helps bring the results to the table, making it one of the best guns in Modern Warfare 2. With our MX9 Loadout build, you won’t have to depend on your teammates to finish the opponent off. 


Attachments Of MX9 Close Ranged Build
COD Modern Warfare 2: Attachments Of MX9 Loadout 1 – [Image credit: eXputer]
As mentioned before, you have to be careful whilst picking the right attachments for The MX9 Loadout build is essential. The primary focus of the attachments is to make your weapons handling much better and its accuracy pinpoint. These attachments will help you overpower your enemy at close range with their hip-fire accuracy.


Well, since it is an SMG and a quick one at that so, you might think you need a lot of ammunition, but no. All you need is the 32-Round Mag to bag up a bunch of kills really quickly. It allows you to have great mobility and handling of the gun that will make you really agile and quick to best the enemy. It has a little drawback which is the ADS speed, but you can avoid that by hip firing. 

Rear Grip

For the rear grip, you should go for the Bruen Q900 Grip, which gives you that great sprint-to-fire speed. It can be utilized to go for the run and gun kills that are the hardest to do. It also gives you a little ADS speed which can now, in fact, counter the con that your magazine gave. The grip can help you get those accurate headshots in with a touch of increase in stability. 


Another attachment that is going to boost your mobility is the FTAC C11 RISER. The comb helps to increase the handling and mobility of your MX9 loadout build in Modern Warfare 2. It will make you run around the map and get you in those tough rush battles. There is a slight decrease in Recoil and Aim Walking Speed but it isn’t really noticeable, so you should not worry about that. 


For the stock, you are going to be using the Bruen STB 556 Stock. It provides you with an amazing increase in recoil, and we are talking about a big boost in recoil. That way it will make up for the recoil you lost in previous attachments. Though we are not looking for a midrange weapon, the stock allows you to have a fair chance in mid-range combats.


You will be going for the EXF Solarflare laser as the last attachment. It will give a huge boost in the sprint to fire speed and handling of the gun. The Laser will help you hit the shots at the target more accurately. In gloomy parts of the map, the flashlight will help you see the enemy clearly. The flashlight will be visible to the enemy, but that shouldn’t be concerning since you are rushing. 

Secondary Weapon 

You will be using the Overkill Perk with MX9 class setup, so you should pair it with something Robust. In that manner, you will be going for the Lachmann-556 AR Loadout, which packs quite a punch and is great for long to mid-range battles.

It can be used to engage multiple enemies at the moment. It will prove as an outstanding pair with the MX9 class setup. With the following attachments, you can make the rifle an absolute beast. 

You must use the Lach – 12, which significantly accelerates your movement and aim-down sight speed, for the barrel. You can dodge enemy fire while moving around in the barrel until you can find cover and retaliate. The best optic will be the Cronen Mini Red Dot. You can follow your movements and make accurate shots with the help of the Red Dot.

FSS Sharkfin 90 is the greatest Underbarrel that can be used for the weapon. The Underbarrel aids in long-range combat it stabilizes recoil and enhances aim. Increased precision offered by the barrel is a plus point that goes with it. 

You can go for the Lachmann TCG-10 as the rear grip. The recoil control of the rifle is restored. Speed and mobility will grow with this method. You must use the 40-Round Mag to get around the gun’s ammo capacity problem. You get more ammunition capacity with the 40 Round Mag without it giving you some disadvantage. 


The perks in the game are a great way to add realistic abilities into play which makes it more fun. Since your play will be to rush into opponents and massacre them. You will need the ultimate stealth-like perks at your side. These perks will be used to become somewhat of a ninja to run up to enemies and annihilate them. 

The base perks will include Overkill and Scavenger. You are allowed to carry two main weapons thanks to Overkill. It means instead of having a handgun as a secondary, you can now have Assault Rifles or Snipers at hand. You will be able to withdraw the powerful Assault Rifle Lachmann-556, to finish your enemy. 

The second base perk, Scavenger, is a kind of perk that you absolutely ought to employ because it enables you to constantly reload your arsenal while you’re on a battlefield and taking out foes. The catch is that you can only get the loot from the enemies you’ve killed specifically from their dead bodies. 

You can choose a healing factor ability which is Quick Fix to fill in those wounds your enemy left you. Once you kill your opponent, Quick Fix heals you. The game mechanics now allow you to heal yourself; however, it only kicks in after a period of time without taking any damage. In addition, it will heal you as you manage the tasks. 

For the bonus perk, Fast Hands is the most suitable perk option for the MX9 class setup. The main goals of Fast Hands are quick weapon reloads and quick weapon switching. As a result, it truly is a fantastic added benefit. It is specifically chosen for the games where you intend to keep racking up kills in close-range combat situations.

Your selection for the Ultimate Perk should be Ghost. You become invisible to heartbeat sensors, portable radars, and UAVs when using Ghost. The ability to surprise your opponents as they start to scout and look at their minimaps to discover your team makes it the best answer to opposition kill streak packages.


As mentioned earlier, our play is just to rush people and get them out as quickly as we can. For the game plan to be successful, you’ll also need the right attacking equipment. With the play at hand, the best optimal choice would be to go for the Flash Grenade and the Semtex combo. The flash grenade can mess with the opponent’s plan as they will be left blinded and confused.

It will leave them completely erratic, and they would start randomly firing at places in order to kill you. You use their confusion to your advantage and ambush them from behind. It makes them easily killable, and going from the back will help them stay away from their random fire. It is also used to make quick escapes when multiple enemies are rushing you at the same time. 

Semtex is one of if not the best pieces of equipment you could use in the MX9 class setup. It is basically a sticky grenade that could be thrown at the enemy. If stuck, the enemy gets killed right away, giving you the kill. It also has a large spread, so if there is a team camping at a certain location, all of them will be dealt with intense damage. 

Field Upgrade 

One can use field upgrades to enhance their gameplan ten folds. Using Dead Silence is the option when it comes to the MX9 class setup, as it is a stealth-based upgrade. It makes your steps go silent, making it so your opponent can’t hear them. 

It is the most powerful Field Upgrade for flanking and pushing adversaries. When combined with Ghost, your opponents won’t be able to anticipate your arrival.

MX9 Loadout Build 2

Modern Warfare 2 Best MX9 Loadout Build And Class Setup
COD Modern Warfare 2: Loadout Build 2 – [Image credit: eXputer]
As the previous loadout was more about close-range combat, the Modern Warfare 2 MX9 loadout build 2 differs from it. It is more of a middle-range assault rifle-like build that can conquer opponents from meters away. Some people consider SMGs to be powerful in just close-range combat, which is true. But that is where our MX9 class setup differs.

The way the gun is designed, it can easily counter assault rifles with its quick fire rate and recoil control. It can match up to elite ARs like the M4 assault rifle and give a run for their money. But that would require you to have certain attachments that make it into the beast. Well, that is where you get lucky cause we will be enlisting all the attachments needed to make it. 


MX9 Middle Ranged Attachments
COD Modern Warfare 2: Attachments Of Loadout 2 – [Image credit: eXputer]
The attachments that we are gonna use with the MX9 loadout build will primarily focus on beaming your opponents. Meaning you have to maintain your distance and use the recoil advantages that the attachments give to good use. You would have to maintain and hold up a position and fire up your enemies, and that requires the following attachments. 


You will be using a muzzle this time as compared to before because you need to have steady control over your MX9 to be pungent enough to kill your opponents. That is why you will be using the AVR-T90 Comp muzzle. It offers a significant reduction in horizontal and vertical recoil, which betters your chances against famous ARs like the M16 assault rifle. 


Another new attachment slot will be used, which is the barrel. You will be using the 16.5” STB Factory, which is a very lightweight option for the MX9 middle-ranged loadout. It is the very attachment that gives the SMG the AR touch. With the help of its chrome-lined bore, it helps reduce vertical recoil and increases bullet velocity. It makes the attachment slot a top priority. 


Since the gun doesn’t have many choices for magazine attachments, you will again be using the 32 Round Mag. It is true that for a middle-range weapon loadout, it will give you fewer bullets per clip. But you have to consider the fact that you cannot risk ADS Speed and Reload Quickness for more bullets. 


For a loadout like this, you definitely require an optic. Not one that zooms too much on the target and takes time to set up but a smaller, significantly quicker one. That is why you will attach the Slimline Pro optic. It provides an unobstructed view of your surroundings when aiming down sight with a precise sight picture. It will definitely improve the accuracy of the weapon.

Secondary Weapon 

You may think that a secondary weapon ain’t required in the MX9 class setup. But that isn’t the case because the MX9 mid-range loadout can fall short sometimes. Emphasis on the “sometimes” but yes, it can happen. It falls short at long ranges when you’re holding up a certain location which is basically your play here.

So to avoid that, you will be adding the best sniper in the game, which is the MCPR-300 that will cover the long-distance range. The weapon is as accurate as they come, but it can be a little hard to choose between the right attachments for it. That is why we will again provide you with the best attachments to go with it. 

To start with, you will need a stock. Attaching the FSS Merc Stock will improve your mobility, and it also significantly raises your crouch, sprint, and ADS speeds. It makes the best stock option for the sniper, especially when paired with the Cronen Cheetah Grip. The grip improves upon your ADS and sprint-to-fire speeds. 

The barrel is possibly the most crucial component of the loadout. Attaching 22″ OMX-456 increases hip fire accuracy, bullet velocity, recoil control, and damage range. The higher bullet velocity is supported with 300 Mag High-Velocity ammo. You should choose a five-round magazine since it improves the gun’s overall mobility and handling qualities.


You should opt for Scavenger and Battle-hardened as the base perks. Scavenger will assist you in maintaining your ammo supply when it starts to run low in a game where you spend some time sitting idle. Battle Hardened will also increase your odds of winning a fight if someone throws a Semtex or a similar grenade at you.

One of the best bonus perks ever is Focus. It has been meta got quite some time. Since you will be running a sniper as your secondary, the focus perk can prove to be really beneficial. 

If you wish to beam your opponent or are operating a sniper and need more breath duration, you should put it in your loadout.

The ideal choice for the ultimate perk slot for the MX9 class setup is Ghost. When trying to rack up kills and obtain the coveted MGB tactical nuke in-game, it will keep you off the radar when it comes to UAVs and other locating features of the game.


It can be a little tricky to think of the right equipment when you’re dealing with a class setup for MX9. There are a lot of camping and holding positions required for the MX9 midrange loadout to work. So to help us in those difficult camping situations, we can use equipment such as the Medical Syringe and Claymore. 

Since you do not have the quick fix perk to help regenerate your lost health, the medical syringe sure comes in handy. With its fast regenerative effects, you can easily come back to full health after an empairing battle. That is what makes the medical syringe the best viable option in the MX9 class setup. 

The Claymore is best used when you are in a fixed spot camping. You can change the game plan a little by baiting the enemies into your location, and upon arrival, they get Claymored! Another thing that you could do is to just camp and keep the claymore at the entrance so that if the opponent rushes you, he gets exploded. 

Field Upgrade 

Whilst holding a position, the Trophy System is the best possible field upgrade. It is because it deflects upcoming projectiles, such as grenades, and saves your position. It can be really advantageous to use it in the MX9 class setup. Most people do not understand the importance of a trophy system and underestimate it. 

How To Unlock MX9 

How To Unlock MX9 In MW2
COD Modern Warfare 2: The Aug Family – [Image credit: eXputer]
Now the aggravating part of Call Of Duty is unlocking guns. Which is just a long process that needs to be done by upgrading different weapons. It is an important part of every gun class in the game. But with the MX9, it is relatively easier to unlock when compared to other guns.

You are first introduced into the AUG family with the STB 556. It is a variant of MX9 and is unlocked at level 40. It is an easy-to-play gun that can be upgraded fast if given the right amount of time. You would have to upgrade the weapon up to the 13th level to unlock the MX9. It is a procedure that requires patience, so be ready to go through it.

It can be fun unlocking the gun since all you have to do is just play with the STB 556 until you get enough XP points to level it up. You can get the XP points by winning more and more games or killing lots of opponents. You could also put on XP boosters in order to boost up the process of upgrading by multiplying the amounts of XP you get. 

Also, you should keep in mind that you will have to unlock the majority of the attachments by the same process. Just focus on leveling up the gun as fast as you can in order to build the MX9 loadout. It looks like too many steps to get a single loadout but trust the process, and you will be rewarded. 

Pros And Cons Of MX9

Like all the other weapons in the game, The MX9 has both its benefits and drawbacks. Some might call MX9 an overpowered gun because of its ability to massacre opponents at close range. With some minor adjustments, it can become the ultimate midrange gun too. It makes it a very versatile option weapon for both beginners and veterans of the game. 

Some people even call it a poor waste of a gun slot since, in the beginning, the MX9 is just really bad and underpowered compared to other guns. But what they don’t see is when you give it a chance, it can be a great weapon to wield in battle. With the attachments added, MX9 is a top meta gun currently in the game right now which is also being used by mainstream players. 

A few drawbacks of the gun are the low fire rate and heavy recoil the gun has. That, too, can be changed though via the attachments we mentioned in both class setups. The recoil problem gets easily solved by attaching a muzzle and barrel. So you see, in a way, the advantages of the gun heavily weigh over the disadvantages, which is what makes the gun an impeccable choice.

Final Words 

All in all, the MX9 loadout build in Modern Warfare 2 is an amazing choice of a gun for classic and aggressive players. You could easily win multiplayer battles quickly with the assertive game plan provided above. Players with knowledge of COD guns cannot stay away from a loadout of this class. After knowing about each detail of the weapon, which loadout are you intrigued to build?


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