Crisis Core Reunion: How To Make Flower Wagons For Aerith

Learn everything you need to know about creating flower wagons for Aerith.

Zack can craft three flower wagons in Crisis Core Reunion for Aerith. These wagons are made by completing various missions and attaining items from the open world. 

Key Highlights

  • In Chapter 7 of the story, Zack can create 3 flower wagons for Aerith In Crisis Core.
  • The first one is required for the story, while the other two are optional.
  • The first Flower Wagon is crafted by gathering a bunch of materials in the area marked by the game.
  • Finding all Wutai spies and clearing the mission series 1-2, 2-1, and 7-1 will allow you to craft the Nice Flower Wagon.
  • The Cool Flower Wagon can be crafted by clearing the squats mini-game found inside the SOLDIER training room.

Flower Wagons In Crisis Core Reunion

Our hero Zack Fair promises to aid Aerith Gainsborough in her flower-selling endeavors by promising to make her a flower wagon. In Chapter 7 of Crisis Core Reunion, Zack can make good on his promise to Aerith by crafting her 3 different flower wagons

The first flower wagon is required to progress the story, but the second and third ones are completely optional. You can do all of them if you are looking for a completionist playthrough.

Keep in mind if you talk to Kunsel and progress the story after creating the first wagon, you will be unable to create the other wagons. In addition, all side content will be locked, so make sure you are satisfied with your progression.

crisis core reunion flower wagon
Menu Detailing Flower Wagons | Image Credit: eXputer

Story Flower Wagon

This is the first flower wagon you will have to make for Aerith. It is required to continue the story. The materials for this flower wagon are very easy to find.

crisis core reunion story flower wagon
The Story Flower Wagon | Picture By eXputer

Used Tools 

There will be a few gold-hue objects on the ground outside Aerith’s church. One of those objects is the Used Tools. 

Old Lumber

Follow the quest marker to the market area of the slums. You will find the old lumber at a bunch of wooden planks close to the Item World shop. Interacting with the item initiates a dialogue sequence with an NPC looking to build a certain bar. Reply with the iconic name Seventh Heaven to progress further.

Worn Tires

Head in the direction of the quest marker towards the city area of Midgar. When you are past the area with the train, head down the stairs toward the fountain. Take a right and head into LOVELESS avenue.

Look for a man standing near a decently big vehicle and talk to him. Zack will proceed to explain his situation with Aerith to the man and attain the Worn Tires.

Interacting with the random NPCs in this area will unlock missions, so remember to talk to them.

How To Build A Wagon Instructions

To find the instructions on “How to build a Wagon,” head back to Aerith’s church. You will find a glowing item right in front of the church. Pick it up to attain the instructions on “How to build a Wagon”.

Cute Flower Wagon

The Cute Flower Wagon is a bit difficult and tedious to craft. You must clear some missions in order to attain the required items for the flower wagon.

crisis core reunion cute flower wagon
The “Cute Flower Wagon” | Image Copyright: eXputer

Craftsman Monthly

As we mentioned before, talking with an NPC called Shinra Captain in LOVELESS avenue will unlock mission 1-2-1 after he taunts you. Complete all six missions from mission 1-2-1 to 1-2-6. Interact with the Shinra Captain again in LOVELESS avenue to attain the Craftsman Monthly.

Mythril Tools

To attain the Mythril Tools, seek out the Shinra researcher in Shinra’s exhibit room to unlock mission 2-1-1. Complete all 6 missions from mission 2-1-1 to 2-1-6 to get the Mythril Tools. 

Walnut Wood

Walnut Wood is a bit difficult to attain as it requires you to find all Wutai Spies. You can check our detailed guide on all 6 Wutai Spies locations to make this process easier. Finding all 6 spies will reward you with the Walnut Wood.

Premium Tires

In the Shinra headquarters, talk to the 3rd Class SOLDIER in the briefing room to unlock mission 7-1-1. Finish all missions til 7-1-6 and talk with the 3rd Class SOLDIER to get the Premium Tires.

Cool Flower Wagon

The Cool Flower Wagon is a little easier to make than the Nice Flower Wagon. It involves Zack’s favorite hobby: squatting. Players have to do the squatting mini-game found on the SOLDIER floor inside the training room. Talk to the researcher to start the mini-game.

Crisis Core Reunion Cool Flower Wagon
The “Cool Flower Wagon” | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

This mini-game is based on timing your button press. Furthermore, you have to press the triangle button as soon as Zack gets into a squatting position. Keep in mind he will start squatting faster as the mini-game goes on so get the rhythm down quickly.

The 4 required materials can be unlocked by defeating 4 different opponents in the physical fitness test (squats).

crisis core reunion squat mini-game
The Squat Mini-Game | Screenshot By Us

Shinra Lunch Cart Specs

Defeating the Trooper in the squats mini-game will give you the Shinra Lunch Cart Specs.
Required Squats: 23

Shinra Ceramic

The Captain is your next challenge after beating the Trooper. Beating him will give you the Shinra Ceramic.
Required Squats: 30

Shinra Treads

After the Captain, you must beat the 3rd Class SOLDIER to attain the Shinra Treads.
Required Squats: 44

Shinra Solder

At the end of the mini-game, you have to beat the 2nd Class SOLDIER to get the Shinra Solder. This is the most challenging opponent in the mini-game.
Required Squats: 54


Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion is an enhanced version of the beloved Crisis Core on the PSP. Boasting better graphics, overhauled gameplay, and updated voice acting, it is a love letter to all final fantasy fans and a must-play for them.

With our guide on Aerith’s flower wagons in Crisis Core Reunion, You can fulfill your promise to Aerith as Zack and craft her the best flower wagons, making sure that Midgar is full of flowers and her wallet is full of money.

If you wish to be even nicer to Aerith, check out our guide on how to be a good match for Aerith.


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