Crisis Core: How To Find & Defeat Behemoth King

Learn how to find Behemoth King and defeat him in Crisis Core Final Fantasi VII Reunion!

Behemoth King in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is an optional boss fight. You will face him in the final 10th chapter: Heroes.

Key Highlights

  • Behemoth King is an optional boss fight available in Chapter 10: Heroes.
  • Behemoth King is behind a gate that requires Iron Keys to be opened.
  • Players will have to make their way by collecting Goddess Keys to Iron Bars Key.
  • Behemoth King heals himself using Regen, which can be debuffed through Dispel Materia.

Behemoth King Location

Step By Step Guide To Locate Behemoth:

  1. Collect Iron Bars Keys: These keys are found in Prison #31 in Howling Fang. Make your way from the Cage of Binding to Howling Fang. Some gates will block your path, requiring Goddess Keys to unlock them.
    Goddess Keys Cage of Binding
    Location of Goddess Keys in Cage of Binding – [Image by eXputer]
  2. Obtain Goddess Keys: There are a total of 7 Goddess Keys, each acquired by defeating specific enemies in Cage of Binding and Howling Fang. Here’s where you can find them:
    • Goddess Base Key and Goddess Sacral Key: Defeat Nightmares.
    • Goddess Solar Key and Goddess Heart Key: Defeat Movers.
    • Goddess Throat Key: Defeat Death Machines.
    • Goddess Crown Key: Defeat Grosspanzers.
    • Goddess Wing Key: Obtained by defeating Behemoth King.
      Goddess Keys Howling Fang
      Location of Goddess Keys in Howling Fang – [Image by eXputer]
  3. Enemy Spawn Locations for Goddess Keys:
    • In Cage of Binding: Nightmares spawn for the first four keys.
    • In Howling Fang: Movers, Death Machines, and Grosspanzers spawn for the remaining keys.

Once you’ve collected all 7 Goddess Keys, proceed to Howling Fang and locate the cell containing the Iron Bars Keys. These keys will unlock the gate leading to Behemoth King’s location. Defeat Behemoth King to obtain the Goddess Wing Key.


Behemoth King Stats & Abilities

Final Fantasy VII Reunion Crisis Core Behemoth King
Behemoth King in Final Fantasy VII Reunion Crisis Core – [Image by eXputer]
Here are the stats & attacks of Behemoth King in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion:


  • Level: 41
  • Health: 118,780 (576,430 on Hard Difficulty)
  • MP: 321
  • ATK: 62
  • MAG: 52
  • VIT: 14
  • SPR: 11
  • LCK: 39
  • EXP: 3,280
  • Gil: 96
  • Resistance: None


  1. Double Tail Swipe: A counterattack used primarily by Behemoth King. The attack varies based on Zack’s position and distance.
  2. Heave: If Zack is at a distance or attempting to heal, Behemoth King may charge and execute a quick claw attack.
  3. Quake: An unavoidable Area-of-Effect (AoE) attack that inflicts damage. Increasing Zack’s SPR can mitigate its impact.
  4. Comet: Another unavoidable AoE attack, dealing damage to Zack.

Behemoth King also employs Regen, allowing him to regenerate over 7000 HP. However, players can negate this by using Dispel Materia or a Dispel Materia-infused blade hit to debuff Behemoth King and prevent the Regen buff from taking effect. Understanding these stats and attack patterns is crucial for devising an effective strategy to defeat Behemoth King.

Behemoth King Fight Strategy

Behemoth King Comet Attack
Behemoth King using Comet Attack – [Image by eXputer]
To effectively defeat Behemoth King, consider the following strategy:

  1. Initiate with Strong Attacks: Start the fight by using powerful materia such as Costly Punch or Graviga to reduce Behemoth King’s HP by nearly half. These can be obtained through Materia Fusion (Dash + Gravity) or purchased for 15000 Gil from Bone Village Commerce Shop.
  2. Dispel Materia: After weakening Behemoth King, use Dispel Materia to prevent its regeneration of over 7000 HP. For even more effectiveness, upgrade to Dispel Materia Blade (18 AP) to both debuff and damage Behemoth King.
  3. Dodge and Attack: Utilize dodging techniques to avoid Behemoth King’s Double Tail Swipe and Heave attacks. Focus on aggressive attacks while dodging its moves.
  4. Healing Materia: Equip healing materia like Cure or Regen to mitigate Behemoth King’s powerful attacks and sustain Zack’s health throughout the battle.
  5. Mitigate Comet Damage: Behemoth King’s Comet attack poses a significant threat. Increase Zack’s HP through Materia Fusion, particularly with HP Up, to withstand Comet attacks effectively. This strategy can help you survive the battle and emerge victorious against Behemoth King.

Wrap Up

The most challenging part there would be to collect all Goddess Keys. However, The Behemoth King fight will be easy if you are familiar with the Materia and have the right upgrades. Moreover, if you have unlocked Magic Pot, it will aid you by summoning magical entities and some unique items.

If you are a Trophy Collector and want to collect all trophies, we recommend you our guide on Mako Recovery Unit and Good Match For Aerith Trophy. That’s it for now on our guide to Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion Behemoth King boss fight, concluding its Location, Stats, Ability, and Fight Strategy.


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