Crisis Core Reunion: How To Get Divine Slayer

Take a look at how to get Divine Slayer accessory in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion and complete relevant missions.

Divine Slayer is one of the best accessories in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, which can be unlocked later in the game. While Divine Slayer works mostly like the Genji Glove and Genji Armor, it can provide the players would 99999 health points. The players will also be able to increase their damage up to 99999. Therefore, Divine Slayer provides the players with maximum damage to deal with higher-level enemies further on in the game. 

Key Highlights
  • Divine Slayer is one of the best accessories in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion
  • The players will be able to obtain the accessory by defeating Minerva in the M9-6-6. 
  • However, in order to unlock missions 9-6-6, the players will have to complete a series of missions before it. 
  • Divine Slayer is a great accessory to have as it offers an increase in HP, MP, and ATK, along with the Auto Libra effect. 
  • The accessory will set the maximum damage and health to 99999. 

How To Get Divine Slayer 

Divine Slayer is an accessory that can be unlocked by completing a series of missions in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. 

The accessory will also require the players to fight one of the toughest bosses in the game called, Minerva.

Divine Slayer mission in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII
Complete mission 9-6-6 to get Divine Slayer-Screenshot by eXputer

Therefore obtaining the accessory is not an easy task and many players tend to get stuck when trying to obtain the Divine Slayer accessory. However, the effects that Divine Slayer provides make it one of the best items to have in your inventory in Crisis Core. 

Abilities Of Divine Slayer 

Following are some stars and abilities of Divine Slayer that make it one of the best accessories in the game. 

  • Break damage limit 
  • Auto Libra 
  • Break HP limit 
  • Break AP limit 
  • HP, AP, and MP will increase by 100 percent 
  • ATK, SPR, LCK and MAG by 50 

Below you will see in detail all the missions you will need to complete to obtain Divine Slayer. The missions will also require the players to fight with Minerva. 

Mission 9
Mission 9-Screenshot by eXputer

The Divine Slayer itself can be obtained specifically in Mission 9-6-6. The mission is called Reigning Deity, and in order to unlock the mission itself, you will have to complete a chain of missions in Crisis Core. The players will have to complete Mission 9, called the Great Cavern Of Wonders. 

Missions To Unlock The Accessory 

Below you will see what each of the missions holds and all the potential rewards in Crisis Core. Keep in mind that all the missions mentioned below are necessary to gain the Divine Slayer. 

M9-1 Invitation To The Underground 

M9-1 has a total of 6 missions to complete in the game.

How to get Divine Slayer in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII
Mission 9-1-1-Screenshot by eXputer
  1. Mission 9-1-1: Underground Caves – Fight enemies like Demon, Marlboro, and Mine. Reward: Aegis Armlet. Unlock by completing missions M8-5-6.
  2. Mission 9-1-2: Deeper Into The Caves – Investigate further and fight enemies like Hunting Hound, Dark Nation, and Sky Armor. Obtain Diamond Gloves, Thundaga Blade, and Fat Chocobo Feather. Unlock by completing M9-1-1.
  3. Mission 9-1-3: Marks Of An Intruder – Accessible after completing M9-1-2. Fight Dark Nation, G Baldor, and G Paladin. Rewards include Lightning Ring, Assault Twister, and Mountain Chocobo Armlet, with the final reward being the Rune Armlet.
  4. Mission 9-1-4: Genesis Interception – Deal with Genesis troops and collect items like Phoenix Down, Adamantite, Crystal Bracelet, and Shinra Beta. The finish reward is High Jump Materia.
  5. Mission 9-1-5: Genesis’ Threat – Fight Genesis troops and Sweeper, Spartan, and Paladin enemies. Receive Wall Materia.
  6. Mission 9-1-6: Genesis’ Threat – Fight Barrier Machine and Great Machine to obtain Dark Matter and Elixir.

M9-2 Stirrings 

  • Mission 9-2-1: Caves Revisited – Identify the party in the caves. Fight Wutai Soldier Wu, Vajradhara Kumbira, Vajradhara Kinnara, and Brahala. Reward: Poisoned Twister.
  • Mission 9-2-2: Gathering Wutai’s Forces – Fight both Genesis and Wutai forces to get Phoenix Down, Hypno Crown, and Hero Drink.
  • Mission 9-2-3: Continuing To The Caves – Deal with more Genesis forces, fight Hell Slasher, G Prowler, and G Equities, and get the Element Blade as a finish reward.
  • Mission 9-2-4: A New Path Discovered – Explore further down the cave, facing enemies like Killer Bee and Scissor Chitin. Rewards include the energy and items like the Crystal Bracelet and Adaman Bangle.
  • Mission 9-2-5 & 9-2-6: Lower Levels Exploration – Descend to lower levels and fight enemies like Killer Bee, Detonator, Jabberwock, and collect items like Death Twister, Gold Hairpin, Iron Fist, and SP Turbo.

M9-3 In Search Of What? 

  • Mission 9-3-1: Deathgaze Ambush – Fight enemies like Deathgaze and Mandrake to earn items like Lunar Harp and Adamantite. Finish reward: Hammer Punch.
  • Mission 9-3-2: Genesis Hunt – Fight G Intruder, Missile Machine, and Death Machine BIS. Reward: Protect Ring, poison blade, phoenix down, and crystal orb.
  • Mission 9-3-3: Deepening Dilemma – Face Advanced Head, Proto Cannon Head, and Red Saucer. Reward: Magical Punch.
  • Mission 9-3-4 to 9-3-6: Fight various enemies and collect different rewards, including items like Fire, Mythril, Gysahl Greens, and mission finish rewards like Elemental Strike, SP Barrier, and Protect Ring.
Fighting enemies
Fighting Iron Claw-Screenshot by eXputer

M9- 4 Realm Of Demons 

  • Mission 9-4-1: Genesis’s Ambition – Battle Crazy Sword and Stive Machine, obtain Assault Twister, Hero Drink, Tarot Cards, Dual Cast, and Kaiser Knuckles as the finish reward.
  • Mission 9-4-2: Genesis Passion – Fight G Peltast and G Fine, and collect Dark Matter, Rune Armlet, Headband, and Crystal Gloves.
  • Mission 9-4-3 to 9-4-6: Battle various enemies and collect rewards such as Royal Crown, Dark Agent, Precious Watch, Turbo Attack, Murderous Thrust, and finish rewards like Escort Guard and Flare.

M9-5 Unknown Energy 

Mission 9-5-1 to 9-5-6: Fight different enemies and collect rewards including Hero Drink, Osmoga, Phoenix Down, Fat Chocobo Feather, Mountain Chocobo Armlet, Brutal, and more.

Finding items
Collecting other useful items in your-Screenshot by eXputer

M9-6 Doors To Unknown 

  • Mission 9-6-1 to 9-6-2: Battle various enemies and collect rewards like Phoenix Down, Laurel Crown, Energy Materia, and others.
  • Mission 9-6-3 to 9-6-4: Fight different enemies and collect rewards such as Dark Matter, Brutal, Adamantite, Silver Armlet, Genji Glove, Gold Hairpin, Rebirth Flame, Axial Flare, and more.
  • Mission 9-6-5: Battle Goliath and troopers, and obtain Rune Armlet, Energy Suit, and SP Master Materia as a finish reward
How to access Divine Slayer in Crisis Core Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII
Getting Divine Slayer-Screenshot by eXputer

Wrap Up 

with this, we conclude our detailed guide on how to get Divine Slayer in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Don’t forget to check out our guide on how to access the cage of binding in Crisis Core. We have also curated detailed guides on stats and wonder bomb locations. While you are at it, make sure to check out our guide on hero drinks farming methods. 

Also, check out our detailed guide on how to get the brutal accessory which is another great accessory besides the Divine Slayer. 


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